Chapter One

Lord Death looks over Death City as they rebuild it all after the battle with Ashura. Lord Death turns to Sid and Spirit with a sigh.

"It seems we need to release our weapon," Lord Death says.

"We have a weapon? Against Ashura?" Spirit asks.

"There is one weapon that I promised to only use if the Kishin was released. I hope that this weapon is still as helpful as the last time,"Lord Death says. He leads Sid and Spirit down towards the place Ashura was held, but stops at a blank wall with a bare, simple wooden door. The door ceeaks open and there is a blue light shining on glass just at the other end of the room. The three of them walk into the room to see that the glass holds a body of a sleeping woman with black hair and blue tips. Her skin is fair and she has a black gown. Next to her is another body, a man that looked like her twin.

"Who are they?" Sid asks.

"They are the weapon to fight against the Kishin," Lord Death says. He moves his hand and the glass lifts from the two bodies.

"How will they be able to help?" Spirit asks.

"You will see soon enough," Lord Death says calmly.

Kid walks up to the entrance of the DWMA with Liz and Patty behind him. He stops at the top of the stairs when he sees someone standing in front of the building with her arms crossed over her head and her long hair flows in the wind behind her. A man stands next to her facing Kid.

"Who are they?" Liz asks.

"Luna," the young man says to the lady next to him. The young lady turns and Kid gasps when he sees her blue eyes shining from under her hair. Her black and blue kimono flows a little in the wind as she moves her hair out of her face.

"She is pretty," Patty awes. The young lady smiles and waves to Kid.

"Hiya," the young woman says just like Lord Death.

"Who are you?" Kid asks.

"None of your business," the young man grumbles. The young lady climbs onto his back and wraps her arms around his neck.

"Leave them be, Shi-chan," the young lady giggles. The man sighs as he adjusts his sweater and pants before settling the woman on his back. "Come, Lord Death is awaiting us."

"How do you know my father?" Kid exclaims. The two strangers ignore him as they make their way to Lord Death's room to see he is there waiting for them.

"Hi hi," Lord Death says happily.

"Hiya," the young woman giggles. "So, why did you wake us up?"

"You know why," the young man holding her says. Kid glares at the strangers quietly, but Lord Death remains calm.

"Kid, allow me to introduce you to Luna and Ishida, the samurai twins," Lord Death says. Kid steps back a little at the names and tries not the panic.

"Your first twin weapons? I thought only Ashura was your last team member alive?" Kid asks.

"Of course not," Luna giggles. "Now, how can we help you?"

"He has been released and I need you to find a way to lure him out," Lord Death says calmly.

"You know that will not be easy, my lord," Ishida says bluntly.

"Shi-chan, be nice please," Luna giggles. She tilts her head to the side, letting her hair fall over her shoulders. "How do you want us to lure him out of he was only released a few weeks ago?"

"You know how," Lord Death says with a big thumbs up. Luna holds up two thumbs and her smile widens more.

"You got it," Luna says. Ishida carries her out of the room and Kid looks at the soul wavelength to see it is small.

"What are they going to do?" Kid asks softly.

"Ashura was paranoid of many things, except for one," Lord Death says.

"Father, what do they have to do with it?" Kid asks.

"Luna is the only one that can keep the madness from spreading, but we have to find a way to get Ashura out of hiding. I hope this works quickly," Lord Death says. Kid looks to see his father is still like a statue, not saying anything for a few minutes.

Luna stretches as she looks up at the moon and takes a deep breathe. Ishida lays out a sleeping bag for them while pulling out a few things for them to eat. Luna smiles as she stares at the stars, thinking of the last time she saw them. She was laying under them, pain running through her, listening to the fight between her master and the man she once loved.

"Luna," Ishida says, returning Luna to the present. "You were thinking abiut that day, weren't you?"

"No," Luna grumbles. She looks at her twin brother to see his black with grey tips os pulled back in a loose ponytail and he is only wearing a pair of black jeans and a black shirt. "What are you wearing?"

"Clothes," Ishida deadpans.

"Yes, I can see that you are wearing clothes. But I want to know why you are wearing the clothes that the people are wearing these days," Luna grumbles, as she climbs into her brother's lap. He rests his chin on the top of her head as he hands her food and watches her eat.

"We have to blend in for the time being," Ishida says softly. "I am sure Ashura has done the same."

"Don't," Luna grunbles. Ishida puts his arms around his siter when he feels her stiffen a little and he can feel the sadness forming in her heart.

"I am sorry," Ishida whispers. Luna leans her head back against him to look at the stars once more.

"I hope we get this done soon," Luna whispers. They have been on the move for a few weeks now, with no sighting or rumor of Ashura's whereabouts. They sit in silence for a few more minutes until they hear someone approach from their right side. The twins look to see that the person walking over is none other than Ashura, covered in his many layers of clothing. Luna scrambles to her feet, letting her long sleeves fall to the ground next to her kimono skirt. "You came."

"I had to see if what I felt was true. He kept you alive as well," Ashura says. The bandages covering his face are removed and Luna smiles when she sees the face she has not seen in centuries. "Why did he keep you alive?"

"Ashura, come home," Luna begs. She runs to hold him in her arms, trying to hide the tears in her eyes. "Please, stop this once more and come home."

"He will trap me again and I will never get to see you again," Ashura whispers. He wraps his arms around her tightly just moments before Ishida stands up. "What does master have to gain from sending you two out? Does he hope to make me come back for the sake of you two?"

"Onee-san, we did not want you to become like this to begin with. Come home with us and we will take care of you," Ishida says calmly. "Do it for Luna, not for me."

"Please come home," Luna begs once more. She looks up at Ashura, her tears falling down her face, and Ashura wipes them away for a moment.

"No, I cannot go back there," Ashura says plainly. Luna stiffens and then staggers backwards away from Ashura.

"Why?" Luna voice trembles once she gets the word past her lips.

"I will not be chained up once more and I will not let you look at me with your eyes like they are," Ashura says. Luna grips her chest as the tears stream down her face.

"It is because of what happened between us," Luna sobs. "I told you I am sorry and I would change what happened if I could go back in time. It was my fault after all."

"Luna," Ishida warns. Luna shakes her head and she looks at Ashura with a look of pain, hatred, love, and many other emotions.

"I am sorry that he died before we could hokd him. I am sorry," Luna screams. "I loved him just as much as you. I am sorry our baby died."

"Luna, stop," Ishida says. He pulls Luna towarss him, but she runs at Ashura. She beats his chest for a moment with screams and cries, but Ashura just takes it until she tires out. He holds her face in his hands, lifts her face to look at him, and gives a small smile.

"I do not blame you for our baby dying, Luna," Ashura says softly. "We can have another baby once I bring the world into total madness."

"No, come home with me and we can be a family again. Ashura, please," Luna begs and sobs once more. Ashura kisses her forehead before taking off, leaving Luna to fall to her feet as she screams out Ashura's name with tears still streaming down her face. Lord Death watches from his room in Death city and he sighs.

"It would seem that she was not able to persuade him this time, but I am sure he will be back for her really soon," Lord Death says quietly