Chapter Four

Luna grips the bedpost as she tries not to scream from the pain and it makes Ashura stiffen some more. Ishida coos to Luna as he rubs her back, but she only begins to cry from the pain and frustration of what is to happen after the baby is born. Sid and Spirit run around trying to keep from seeing anything they shouldn't while Kid remains by the door to keep Ashura from running. Ashura sits Luna down in his lap on the bed, whispering in her ear in hopes that it calms her down. Luna cries harder as she reaches behind her to grab the nape of his neck, begging him to leave. Lord Death walks into the room and stands next to Kid.

"You should not be here to see this," Lord Death says.

"I do not trust him," Kid says. Luna screams out and it causes the room to shake from Ashura's power from being unable to help her through this. "He is going to cause the academy to collapse on us if he does not control himself."

"He has never harmed Luna or her brother and he never will. They are close and their bond is a very unique one," Lord Death says. Luna lets out a piercing scream and it is then Kid realises that something big is about to happen. "It is time."

"Time for what?" Kid panics. Ishida and Ashura moves Luna so she is facing away from them with her legs bent in the air. "She is having the baby right now?"

"I told you that you should not be here," Lord Death says calmly. Luna screams in between sobs as she pushes with Ishida coaching her, but Ashura remains silent. She is beyond exhausted at this moment and she begs for the pain to stop.

"This baby cannot come out! I cannot lose Ashura again!" Luna sobs.

"It is going to be okay, I am not going to leave you," Ashura whispers in her ear. Luna grabs hold of his arm tightly as the pain comes back and she goes back to pushing. Minutes later, a piercing cry of a baby echoes through the room and Ishida holds up a baby boy. "Look, we have a son. A healthy boy."

"He is here," Luna sniffles. She leans her head back and Ashura kisses her temple gently. But, the silence does not last for much longer because she is screaming from pain once more. Spirit takes the baby from Ishida to help Luna and a few minutes later another baby boy is born.

"It would seem we have twins on our hands once more," Lord Death says. Luna cries as she watches Spirit and Sid tend to the twins, her last connection to Ashura. She turns to bury her face into Ashura as she is shaking from her sobs become harder.

"I cannot lose you, please," Luna begs. She looks over to Lord Death and attempts to get off the bed, but falls to her knees with her kimono falling off one shoulder. "Master, please. Spare him. He cannot die."

"He will not die, he will just be put back into the bag of his skin with you, Ishida, and the children watching over him," Lord Death says calmly.

"I will not be put back into that bag," Ashura says firmly. He stands up at Luna's side and stares down Lord Death. "I want to be alive to see my sons grow up and it will not be in that bag of my own skin that I hate so much."

"You made a promise to father that you would accept your fate willingly," Kid exclaims. Luna staggers to her feet with Ishida right behind her. She holds onto Ashura tightly as she turns to him. Her hand goes to caress his face and she gives him a small smile.

"We will visit you often and I will tell the children hoe much you love them. You made a promise to master and you must fulfill it," Luna sniffles. Ashura pulls her close to kiss her forehead, but the moment his lips move from her skin, he disappears. Kid panics and runs over to Luna before she falls to her knees. She holds onto Kid as everyone else, except Ishida and Lord Death, run to search for Ashura.

"You need your rest," Kid says gently. Luna looks at her brother, nodding to each other before taking off. Lord Death walks over to the twins that are sleeping peacefully. Kid looks at the babies and his heart breaks a little to know that they will not have a father to teach them right from wrong.

"She knows what she must do to ensure Ashura never awakens," Lord Death says. "There is only one way to make him come willingly of the children are not."

"Father, why do you not plan to kill him?" Kid asks.

"Because I made a promise to Luna and Ishida to never let him die for the sake of Luna and her mental state. Her resistance and clarity is what keeps the brunt of the madness weak, but the moment her heart breaks at the loss of the man she took as her lover or her brother or even both will make her succumb to the madness herself " Lord Death says. Kid nods his head and then takes off to aid everyone to find Ishida and Ashura fighting intensely, not stopping for a moment. Ishida swings a large weapon, a katana, and Kid relaises that it Luna in weapon form. The twins trade off in forms and Ashura hesitates for a moment.

"You made a promise!" Luna screams. She makes a move, sending Ashura down to the ground. He cackles at the force Luna used and looks at her floating above him.

" How is she able to fight him in her current condition and have almost the same ability as father and the Kishin?" Kid grumbles. He mskes his way towards them, but Luna glares at him with fire in her eyes.

"He is mine," Luna smiles. "Let's go, Ishida."

"Are yout sure?" Ishida asks.

"Yes," Luna nods. She holds Ishida at her waist and takes a deep breathe.

"Soul Resonance!" they exclaim and they transform into a large samurai with the armor and many weapons. Effortlessly, Ashura attacks them and the twins are able to keep up for a long time. But Ashura manages to knock Luna down and she spits out blood. Ishida transform back just moments before Ashura makes his next attack and he grunts from the attack as it hits his back.

"Shi-chan," Luna whimpers. Ashura stares at the twins that are like family to them. He descends down to them and places a hand on Ishida. "Please. For us."

"Please," Luna begs while staring at Ishida's face as he smiled with blood trickling down the corner of his mouth. Ashura is plucked from them and they see Ashura disappear into Death City. Ishida falls onto Luna as she screams in frustration. Kid runs to help Luna, but she pushes Ishida off to chase after Ashura. Kid grabs Ishida and runs after her to see they are in the Death room.

"Luna," Ashura says when Luna blocks him from Lord Death.

"No! You promised me!" Luna screams. She falters to knees while holding onto Ashura's arm.

"Luna, it must be done," Lord Death says.

"Father, kill him!" Kid exclaims. Luna gets to her feet and glares at Lord Death. Ishida changes and forms in Luna's hands as a katana.

"You can have him over our dead bodies," Luna growls. Lord Death tilts his head to the side just before Luna attacks. Luna runs at Lord Death with a scream and she jabs Ishida at Lord Death's head, but he dodges each attack. Ishida changes shape to a gunbai when Lord death moves to attack and Ishida remains steady in luna's hands to block the attack. Within seconds, Luna shifts into a naginata allowing Ishida transform back to swing Luna around with ease. The quick blow to Lord Death makes them fly backwards and they stare at each other while hovering in the air.

"Luna, you know that he must accept his fate to die or be imprisoned once more," Lord Death says firmly and his old voice echos in the room. Luna's form staggers and she transforms back into human form before falling to the ground. Ashura catches her before she hits the ground and he holds her close to him.

"You are exhausted and you need your rest," Ashura says softly. Luna smiles softly as she reaches up to caress his face before her head falls back and she passes out. Ishida takes Luna from Ashura before Lord Death attacks once more. Kid helps Ishida put Luna in a safe place while the battle continues above them. Ishida watches the battle while Kid looks down at Luna with sadness and frustration coursing through his veins.