An uneven knock was tapped upon the door of Gilbert's study.

"Yes?" his voice came from within.

"Dad, Mother says it's 7 and that it's time to come out to play."

"Alright, Jem. I'll be out shortly."

Gilbert locked his notes into his desk drawer and opened the door to the study, walking into the front room. The big hearth was glowing and Anne was sitting with the boys on the sofa, her large belly being her main focal point.

Gilbert dropped down to all fours and said, "Alright now, get on!"

The boys crawled up on to their fathers back and he began to shuffle around the room as a horse. The rambunctious movement jostled Walter, causing him to wail out for his Mother. Anne bent down and scooped up the small boy, settling him on the sofa with small child's book. Jem scooched himself further up his fathers back in order to get a better grasp of the shirt within his fist. The gentle horse transformed into a bucking bronco and Jem squealed and giggled. Winded, the bronco collapsed before being prodded into a gentle wrestle match.

Several minutes later Anne stood and announced that it was time for bed. Both parents escorted the children up the stairs and into their room.