Endgame of Chaos


Growing Up ('The Last Problem')

Princess Twilight waved goodbye to her dear friends until they would meet next month. It had been a full day; not only had the Council of Friendship convened but Luster Dawn's journey had started. Twilight was happy and sad all at once—life kept moving forward, all good things came and went and changed. But in a way she was also excited; Luster Dawn's progress in a few years might mean that she could step down from the throne herself soon and pursue a new path in life: her own retirement.

Twilight sensed a familiar source of magic approaching, and in a flash Discord appeared—and behind him was a familiar statue of three villains. "You sent Luster Dawn to Ponyville, didn't you, Twilight Sparkle?"

Twilight smiled at her old friend and nodded. "Yes, Discord. It's time."

"And you're still planning to have her first big test be reforming these three, right?" Discord flew around the statue.

Twilight nodded. "I think a few decades in stone will have mellowed them. And Luster does like a challenge. Plus I know she'll have a certain chaotic safety net waiting in the wings in case things get bad."

"Only for her first few trials, I promise!" Discord grinned and held up his paw. He glanced at the statue again and raised an eyebrow. "This is a tall order though…are you sure?"

Twilight walked down from her throne, still smiling. "My first battle was against Nightmare Moon herself, Discord—a corrupted princess. Luster can handle these three in their state, especially with friends by her side."

Discord shrugged. "You're the head honcho." He flew over to her. "Now then, I just finished substituting at the School of Friendship while Starlight and Sunburst went off for a week to visit Flurry Heart—you know, my charming young protege who I have done an excellent job training in the fine art of being chaotic with pony magic." He held his head high.

"Yes, I know my niece, Discord," Twilight tried not to laugh.

"But…" Discord went on, eyes bright, "I hear tell that you want me to fill in here for you for a few days…and not at the School of Magic this time but on the throne. Could it be? Will I finally go down in history as an official—if only temporary—ruler of Equestria?"

"If you wouldn't mind," Twilight used her magic to remove her crown and turn it into a simple gold and silver checkerboard one which she placed on Discord's head. "With my plans for Luster Dawn moving forward now, I could use more than an afternoon with Sunset Shimmer to discuss our plans for the future." Twilight used her magic to pull aside a tapestry to reveal a mirror. She touched her horn to the mirror—it glowed and then Sunset appeared in the glass.

Some of the orange in her hair had faded to a peach color, but she was still Sunset, wearing orange pants, a white blouse, and a gold jacket. She had a book in hand. "Hey," she said from behind the glass, her look warm, "I got here first—finally I'm earlier than you for once."

Twilight laughed. "How did your book signing go?"

"For 'Tales of Equestria' Volume Three?" Sunset grinned. "The kids ate it up! I'm booked at a convention next weekend." She hesitated then asked, "How did things go with Luster?"

Twilight's gaze warmed. "She's going to Ponyville. It's starting."

Sunset's eyes glowed. "Great! Twilight, congratulations! Come on, we'll celebrate at dinner! I mean, if you got him to cover for you—"

"Hello!" Discord popped up right beside Twilight and waved, pointing to his crown. "Yes, I'm covering so you two can scamper off for a few days on two legs instead of four like all the cool kids. Have fun! Sunset, don't keep her out too late! And Twilight, don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

"Thank you, Discord." Twilight put a foreleg around him in a hug. He blinked but then rolled his eyes and hugged her back.

She pulled away and walked through the mirror.

Now on the other side, Sunset stood next to the current human version of Twilight—slightly taller than Sunset, a bit younger-looking, but with a touch of pale purple in her long hair at the temples. She wore a long purple dress and a pink sweater. They a tight hug and a warm look but then blushed and glanced away sheepishly when they remembered Discord was still watching them. They waved to the chaos master then walked away from the mirror on their side holding hands.

"So how's your world's Twilight doing?" Twilight asked

"Great!" Sunset smiled. "She just celebrated another anniversary as Canterlot High's Principal. And the rest of the girls are good too—they can't wait to see you."

"Have you told them yet that I'm planning to move here permanently in a few years?"

"I was tempted but I thought it'd be better coming from both of us. But we'll still visit Equestria for all the major pony holidays, right? And for zap apple jam season? I love that stuff."

"That's the plan. It'll be a nice way to retire." Twilight hugged a little closer to her, and Sunset squeezed her hand as the two ladies disappeared from view in the mirror.

Discord smiled at the sight of them then pulled the tapestry back over the mirror. He glanced around the throne room then snapped his fingers: the statue disappeared and a scroll appeared in the air. Discord wrote a note, then snapped it away. He plopped himself on the throne with a grin. "Three, two, one…"

In a burst of magic Celestia and Luna appeared with big smiles.

"Discord, you're not serious…" Celestia held back a laugh.

"No, no, look at the grin, Celestia—he is," Luna pointed out with a smirk.

Discord held his head high, making sure the light caught his little crown. "Oh, I'm sure Twilight just doesn't like to bother you two with these things in the midst of your retirement. But yes, I am indeed in charge of Equestria as the temporary Princess for the weekend while Twilight galavants off with her future little partner in crime and friendship and more. And you know what that means…"

"Discord," Celestia's look went a little dry, "is there any work you have to do first?"

"Not for the rest of the day," he assured with his eyes narrowed, "And that means—throne room Princess Party!" He snapped—the room was full of balloons and confetti and dust bunnies and cakes and horns that were playing themselves for music. He snapped up another scroll then sent it away. "And I just sent an invite to Cadance, so—"

In a burst of magic Flurry Heart appeared, pulling her mother by the foreleg. "Uncle Discord! We just got your invitation, and we're so excited! Princess Party!" She rushed over to Discord and pranced in place in front of him.

He flew around her and tousled her hair. "My Flurry Heart, always up for a party!" She laughed then used her magic to teleport and perch herself on his back. "Whoa!" Discord wavered a little—she wasn't a baby filly anymore—but he could still remain floating for a while with her up there. "Flurry Heart—think fast!" Discord created a cotton candy 'snowball' in his hands and tossed it high into the air. Flurry Heart flew up and shot a beam of her magic at it. The hit was perfect, and bits of cotton candy and drops of chocolate milk rained down for all to enjoy. "Excellent shot!" Discord clapped for her.

Flurry Heart flew up, catching some in her mouth, then swallowed and landed back in front of Discord. "Thank you, Uncle Discord! Yummy!" Then her eyes widened and her smile beamed. "Ooo, I like your crown!"

"I'll be sure to tell your Auntie Twilight!" Discord assured as he tilted the crown on his head.

Cadance laughed and came forward, brushing some of her hair (the yellow streak faded to a pale gold) behind her ear. "Flurry Heart was very excited to get your invitation, Discord, and so was I. Also, it's wonderful to see you. And you too, Celestia and Luna."

The three princesses shared a hug then pulled back.

"We'll all have to get together with Twilight one day too." They shared a node.

Then Discord teleported into the center of them, hugging them all close with Flurry Heart sitting on his shoulders. "Come on, everypony! Princess for the weekend Discord says Princess Party starts now! Conga line!" He snapped to arrange everyone. He was at the front of the line, Celestia held around his waist, Luna held around hers, then Cadance and finally Flurry Heart. They started to dance across the room.

At that point the throne room door opened: Spike stood there.

The conga line froze for a moment as Spike watched it with wide eyes. Then his look went dry and he grinned a little. "Twilight left already?"

"Yup," Discord replied.

"Princess Party?"


"Can a Royal Advisor get in on that?"


Discord snapped to make Spike appear behind Flurry Heart in the conga line, and the group danced the afternoon away.

No matter what threats had come against Equestria in all these years, everyone found their ways back to happiness, including Discord himself. He had been raised to be a monster but had grown into a friend. In the midst of a moment as chaotic and free and good as this one, Discord knew this was the ending he and the ones he loved deserved most of all. And he wished an ending like this one for any other creature whom it would help.


So here's my attempt to reconcile my previous chapters of this story with the series' ending, and I hope it was enjoyable ^^ I took a few liberties, but I tried to keep everything in line. I also really wanted to explore the 'father of monsters' mention from the season opener. I hope you enjoyed all of it!

I could see some negative reactions to the big reveal, but I was just impressed with the show for surprising me like that at the very end XD And then watching Discord try to talk his way out of it was hilarious. I'm really glad he had a major roll in the ending. And I'm glad to know the comics are planning to continue 'season 10' of the show. If you've never read the comics, they're worthwhile, and they have some more freedom regarding storylines. The Discord arcs are exceptionally good :)

Also, since I wasn't really shipping Discord with anyone in this story I couldn't resist putting in another ship. I'm having a lot of fun including some ships lately that I don't normally have a chance to write about ^_^

Thank you all for reading and for reviewing!