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Hoping for a Law Degree

Chapter One

Sometimes Jeff Winger couldn't help but feel that he had seriously screwed up his life somewhere down the line. Maybe he had learned some lessons from his failures but as much as his friendships mattered to him, he always wondered what would have happened were he not to try to cheat the system and what if he had actually studied law and decided to try to do right with what legal studies could do.

It was really too late for regrets though. As much as he wanted things to be different, it was too late for anything to change and if he really believed otherwise, he was foolish. Jeff had decided to take a nap in his car before his next class and hadn't been focusing on what could happen – not that he would have predicted what happened next.

As he heard the sound of two kids yelling, he groggily sat up. He felt…weird. It was crazy but that sleep must have lasted longer than he had planned because he felt youthful and refreshed. As he sat up, he realized that his clothes weren't fitting as well as they usually did. Weird. He must have been asleep for a really long time for his muscle mass to decrease like that.

As Jeff tried to check the mirror to see if his hair was styled well enough, he paused. He didn't look like himself. No, he didn't look like his current self. Staring back at him from the mirror was a teenage Jeff Winger. An older teenager, eighteen or nineteen he was guessing, but still someone less than half his age.

Okay. This was definitely an excuse to cut class. People would expect it anyway, he could come up with numerous excuses. He just needed to go somewhere that made sense or at least made more sense than Greendale. Starting his car, Jeff drove to the first place that he could think of. He needed to talk this over with somebody.

Bars probably shouldn't open this early in the afternoon but Britta was hoping for any business she could get. She stared at the two usual drunks that frequented her bar and sighed. Tips were going to be slow but she couldn't think of what else to do. She was debating on whether or not to smoke a joint when she was distracted by a panicked and very familiar looking nineteen-year-old. At least, he looked nineteen but that was only two years away from twenty-one.

"Britta," Jeff said as he ran over to the bar.

"Fifty," Britta said as she looked around and Jeff stared at her. He had a lot of nicknames but Fifty wasn't one of them. "I mean, you want to drink right and unless you have a really good fake ID I can't let you be in here legally. So, fifty dollars."

Jeff stared at her, "No, this isn't abou-"

"Kid, I better be seeing some ID pretty soon. I mean, the rules might be lax but they're there," she said and Jeff sighed. At least he could kill two birds with one stone. He took out his wallet – same wallet he had had before – and slapped down his ID card which….had an updated picture and updated date of birth. He was seriously nineteen, how could he be nineteen?

Britta took the card and looked at it skeptically, she looked at him as she read the name and sighed. "So, I'm assuming Jeff Winger sold you this. I mean, the date is wrong unless you're after cigarettes and only he would have such an ego to use his own name as a fake," she laughed.

"That's not a fake card," Jeff tried to tell her and Britta continued to stare at it in disbelief. "Look, I was taking a nap in my car and I became…well I became this. I don't know what I have to tell you to persuade you. Maybe the fact that I met your ex Blade. Maybe the fact that we were in the same study group for years and some old bi-woman shot me with a dart gun or the way you said bagel. Maybe the intimate details of our love ma-"

Britta took hold of Jeff's collar and dragged him to the back before staring at him with wide eyes. "If this is a joke," she warned him. "No, knowing him it's a…"

"I'd be willing to give a DNA test," Jeff offered and Britta still studied him cautiously. "I am the Jeff Winger but I don't know how I became this," he told her and Britta looked him over again. Those were Jeff's clothes that were too big on him, that had been Jeff's wallet. This was impossible. A lot of strange things occurred around the Greendale campus and she could take a guess that it was cursed but this was more than curses. People didn't suddenly go back to a younger version of themselves."

"Okay," Britta said before pushing him down into a chair. "I'm still trying to wrap my head around this but sit there, sit right there," she said as she pointed to him and went back to the bar. Her eyes widened as she saw the dean there. How did he get here so quickly?

"He-Hey," she said with a soft gasp and heard the dean sigh.

"Briiiitta,"he said mournfully, "Have you seen Jeff? Rumors are that he didn't show up to class yet and I was hoping that he'd be here. I mean, I know this has happened before but I get worried when I don't know where he is."

Britta quickly looked at the back room but then turned back to the bald headed man. She needed to get a handle on this as soon as possible but she couldn't tell the dean of what had already happened. If the dean was obsessed with him as a middle aged man, who know what he'd do to the nineteen year old in the back room, especially since he really did look like a heartbreaker.

End of Chapter One

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