The Lion,the Snake and the...Bumblebee? (working title.)

This is an idea I had a long, LONG time ago,(Right back when the 1st TRANSFORMERS film came out) and now having watched the BUMBLEBEE movie, it made me dig into my old story folder (all on paper, that's how long it's been!) and dust off the cobwebs. I know there are a few stories featuring this cross-over, but not with this trio? Eh, anyway... I do have a first chapter nearly ready and a rough idea where I'd like to go with it. If you have the time, please have a quick read and tell me what you think.


Draco grabbed the sleeve of Harry's robes, "What do you think you're doing?" He hissed, staring up at the gaint metal being in front of them. "Didn't you see that big weapon coming out of its arm,pointing right at us?"

"I did." Harry replied calmly. "And I also saw it put it away. If it wanted to hurt us it would have done so already." He pried Draco's fingers from his robes before slowly stepping forward. The gaint growled in warning looking between the small humans and then down to the little sticks in their hands. A painfull whine left it's throat and it stumbled back, laying a hand on its chest plate. "No. No, wait. Wait!" Harry quickly tucked his wand away and raise his,now empty, hands. "It's OK. Friends." The Gryffindor glanced over his shoulder. Draco still had his wand out, ready to attack. "Wand away, Malfoy."

"What? No way. Nuh-uh. No..." As the Slytherin stared up at the beast, into the glowing orbs of sapphire, the strangest thing happened. Draco felt a wave of calm wash over him and before he knew it his hand had lowered and his wand was safely away. "...way?" He blinked, "Huh? How'd it do that?"

Harry smirked at him, "Magic?" He offered, earning him a death glare. "OK. Maybe not." Harry turned back to the yellow being. "Hello." He said kindly. "I'm Harry." He tapped his chest, then jabbed a thumb over his shoulder. "And this is Draco."

"What are you doing?"

"It's called being nice, Malfoy." Harry looked up at the being. "Um...Do you have a name?"

Draco scoffed, "Eloquent as always,Potter."

"Shut it..." The rest of Harry's sentence was cut off by loud stomping footfalls coming their way. A loud hum made both Harry and Draco suck in a much needed breath, finding themsleves up close to the being. "Uh...Hi?"

The being crouched down to their level. It was silent and then both boys jumped in surprise hearing the steady crackling sound of a radio. Harry and Draco's mouths dropped opened in shock as the being spoke for the first time,

"My...Name is...Bumblebee."

So... should I continue?