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Chapter 12.

The Ministry of Magic hadn't really changed since the last time he'd visisted. They'd gotten rid of the live owls, which he was thankful for, but the lifts still made his stomach churn uncomfortably.

Ignoring the look from the witch at the desk Emrys strolled forward, and with-out knocking, entered the office of the main man himself:

The current Minister of Magic.

"I...What the...Who are you? How dare you come barging in like this!"

Emrys's eyes flashed gold, "Gehaeftan." Thick ropes circled the Minister, who was staring at him with wide eyes. Emrys calmly took the seat opposite. "Now I have your attention Minister. We need to talk."

The Minister swallowed hard, "I don't know..."

Emrys held up a hand and he closed his mouth with a snap. "Tut,tut, Minister. Don't play dumb. I know about this law approving under-aged marriage, if it passes then you'll be putting, not just Mr Potter, but the whole of the Wizarding World in grave danger."

The Minister was shaking, "Please! You have to understand...I couldn't stop him..."

Emrys narrowed his eyes and leaned forward, "Onluc." Above the Minister's head a big shadowy cloud formed and two people could be seen in it. Emrys could make out the Minister, with his hat and cloak but the it was the other that gave him cause for concern. "So,he is back..." He frowned, "Voldemort."

The Minister wimpered, "Don't mention the name!"

"Oh shut up, you old fool!" The other wizard snapped, eyes blazing, " Thanks to you I've got ,not one, but two tyrants to stop!"

"What are you..."

Emrys stood, slapping his palms on the table. "You hear me now, Minister. You will cease the passing of this law. Give your word to me and I will give you safe passage."

The Minister nodded, "I do...I will. Anything you say. Just please..."

Emrys closed his eyes muttering under his breath. As the words flowed from his mouth the air around them grew hot and crackled with lighting. A final word and Emrys opened his eyes. A flash of gold and a thunder crack later he stood back with a small smile on his face. "It is done."

"What did you do?"

Emrys smirked, "A protection spell of the Old Religion. You are safe. For now." He sat back down."Now Minister..." a snap of his fingers and the ropes holding the Minister fell away. Another snap and two pieces of parchment and a quill appeared infront of the confused man. " You will write two letters. One to the Daily Prophet..."

"And the other?"

One last smirk, "The other...To Professor Dumbledore of Hogwarts."

The days leading up to the wedding went by fast. All too soon Christmas had come and gone. Soon it would be time to return to Hogwarts.

The night before the big day Harry was seated outside in a thick jumper sipping from a cup of hot chocolate when the backdoor opened and Ginny appeared. Taking a seat next to him she smiled sweetly holding up a small flask.

"Swiped it from Dad's stash. Give us your cup." She poured a tiny amount into Harry's mug, her smirk growing as he gulped it down. "So...All ready for tomorrow?"

Harry nodded, "Yeah...A shame that the others can't come." A sudden frown appeared on his face. " So when's the wedding happening?"

Ginny giggled, "Silly Harry. Don't you remember, it's all set for 11 o'clock in the morning." She got up brushing down her sweater. "I'm going to bed. You should too...after your drink!" She added quickly as Harry had put down the mug, still half full. With a shrug the raven-haired wizard gulped down the remainder of the chocolate, smiling at Ginny, who smiled back. "Ready?"


She led them back towards the house, "Oh Harry?"


Ginny turned to face him, "I wonder if you'll do me the tiniest favour." Harry frowned slightly, "It's nothing big, but..." She pointed to his jumper, where under it sat his necklace, "It doesn't really go with your new suit. If you give it to me I promise to give it back after the wedding. OK?"

Harry clasped the front of his jumper, "Uh...I don't know, Ginny..."

She battered her eyelashes, "Please? I'll give it back. I swear."

"You promise? Right after?"


He nodded, "OK." Reaching into his top, he pulled the chain revealing the charm. Ginny's eyes narrowed at it. "Here you go." Placing it into her hand, he curled her fingers around it. "There? Happy?"

She beamed at him, "Oh yes! Very happy." She pushed him into the doorway leading into the kitchen. Leaning forward she pecked him lightly on the lips."Now get a good night's sleep. Busy day tomorrow."

Harry's eyes were glassy, "Yeah...Busy day..."

As soon as he left Ginny left the back porch heading for Mr Weasleys sheds, going into the larger. Once away from prying eyes she dropped the necklace in disgust. "Ugh...such a cheap piece of tat." Kicking it under one of the crates she covered it with straw. "There! Now on-one will find it. Harry will forget all about Malfoy, and by tomorrow, he'll be all mine!"

She jumped suddenly hearing a loud, low growl from the shadows.


The growl came again. This time louder.

"I'm warning you," she said drawing out her wand, "I'm armed. Come on out! You don't scare me!"


"Knew it. Just the shadows." With a huff she pocketed her wand and headed back to the house.

From the shadows Emrys strolled forwards. He stopped at the small pile of straw, bent and retrieved the necklace. It warmed at his touch making him smile sadly. Beside him, covered by a large dust sheet, the rust-covered truck rumbled low in its throat once again. Emrys patted its side softly.

"Patience, my friend." Emrys cupped his hands by his mouth, making a soft bird call into the night. A second later the same brown bird from earlier landed on his shoulder. Emrys placed the chain of the necklace between its beak. "To Hogwarts, Giaus. Dumbledore is waiting. Be swift now."

The bird, Giaus, nodded his small head in understanding before flexing his wings and taking flight into the winter skies.

"The young witch might think she's won..." From the darkness he summond a battered spell book, the pages flipped to a very difficult and dangerous spell. One he hadn't used in so long, the last time was when he lost his best friend. With a sigh Emrys reached into his pocket and withdrew a vial of blue liquid. "But she hasn't met the real me...yet."

It was a clear but cold morning when the wedding day arrived, and instead of the large crowd that Mrs Weasley had promised, it was just her, Mr Weasley and a couple of unknown wizards claiming to be from the Ministry.

In the front yard was a small gazebo, charmed to be nice and toasty against the harsh winter chill, complete with pink and white flowers, white streamers and balloons. Harry was standing at the front of a small altar in a new suit waiting for Ginny. Sitting on top of the altar, on top of a blue cushion sat long silver ribbon.

Mrs Weasley kept glancing at her watch, "Oh dear, oh dear..."

"Someting wrong, Molly?"

She turned to face Emrys, now dress in smart red jacket, "The officiate from the Ministry is late. He should be here by now. Ginny and Arthur are waiting in the kitchen. Where can he be?"

Emrys gave her a small smile as he got up, "I'll see if I can find him." Molly nodded her thanks before turning back to the front and continued to look at her watch. Emrys slipped from his seat, went around the back of the house, away from prying eyes and close his own eyes summonding the old powers of the Ancients.

"Miht dagena, bepecce me. Adeaglie bisne gast min freondum ond min feondum."

Brushing down the front of his suit again Harry stopped in mid motion feeling a nigging sensation at the back of his head. Why was he here again? A quick look round and he spotted the far end of the tent where a light lunch had been set complete with cake. Oh yeah...His wedding...Wait...

"Ah! So you're the unlucky fellow." A croaky voice made him snap out of his daze. Standing in front of him stood an old wizard, leaning on a wooden staff. He was wearing a set of long red robes with golden stitching around the cuffs and bottom hem. His long white beard rivaled Dumbledores as did his clear blue eyes. "Well then!" He snapped impatiently, making everyone jump. " I have other, more important places to be, so let's get on with it."

"Excuse me." Piped up Mrs Weasley, making the old man sigh in annoyance. "Who are you? Are you the Officiate from the Ministry?"

He smacked his lips together before answering, "What sort of damn fool question is that? I'm here aren't I?" Mrs Weasley shrugged. "What-ever. Now where's the bride? Can't have a wedding without a bride. Unless..." He leaned closer to Harry, "...It's another groom we're waiting on?" Harry flushed and shook his head. "Shame..."

A moment later and the tent was filled with soft music and sobs from Mrs Weasley. Ginny appeared beside Harry dressed in a simple cream dress, her red hair in a single braid, adorned with flowers.

The eldery wizard cracked his knuckles, "Right then. This is a very simple hand-fasting ceremony. Stand facing each-other and hold hands." They did as instructed, the wizard took the ribbon and wrapped around their joint hands three times. "With this ribbon I, Dragoon the Great, join you Harry Potter and Ginerva Weasley. I will now bless this union with a sacred prayer."

From his robes he pulled out a bundle of herbs and flowers tied with the same sort of ribbon. Dragoon waved the plants over their joint hands muttering under his breath,"Ic haele thina throwunga. Draca haefth thin heort."

His eyes glowed a dull gold for a second and then he smiled whispering, "It is done." Unwrapping their hands.

Ginny smiled up at Harry, "I think this is the part where we kiss, Harry."

Harry stared at her and then he smiled and leaned forward.

While the guests clapped and cheered for the newly married couple, Dragoon blinked in disbelief.

He had failed?

Emrys's/ Dragoon's spells are taken from a Merlin website and as close as I could find to those on the show. If it's wrong...Sorry.

"Gehaeftan", Possible meaning 'Restrain'

"Onluc", Possible meaning 'Reveal'

"Miht dagena, bepecce me. Adeaglie bisne gast min freondum ond min feondum." Possible meaning 'Power of the days, conceal me. This spirit becomes torpid and callous to my friends and enemies.'

"Ic haele thina throwunga. Draca haefth thin heort" Possible meaning 'I cure your sufferings. Dragon holds your heart.'

If it's wrong...It's wrong. Stay safe.