As Kate took her first step into Boring High after almost 3 months, she prepared herself. She took a deep breath, and lunged forward to her Dad's office.

She opened the foggy looking semi-clear glass door and darted her eyes straight at her dad.

"Kate! Are you excited for your first day of Junior year?" Principal Messner exclaimed.

"Yeah Dad, I think I am." Kate replied.

"That's great! Um, so the reason I called you in here was to ask if during the beginning of the year assembly you could maybe speak a little with your friends about your little alien movie. I think it was a great example of student creativity and I'd love to showcase it to the whole school."

"Umm, yeah, I'd love to!" Kate smiled.

"Great!" Principal Messner replied.

Kate got up and with her backpack in hand, started walking towards the door.

"Oh and kiddo, I forgot to tell you but social night was changed to tonight."


"Remember to bring a friend!"

Kate walked out the door, bumping into Luke who was then entering.

"Uh, hey Mr. Messner." Luke said awkwardly.

"Please, please, call me Ken." Mr. Messner asked.

"Um, ok, Ken. So, you called me in and said you wanted to talk about the movie?"

"Yes! I just stopped telling Kate about this. I was wondering if during the assembly today you could come onstage and talk with the rest of the crew about it?"

"Sure! I'd love to."

"Great!" Mr. Messner smiled.

"Oh and, before you leave Luke, can I talk to you about something?"

Luke froze in his chair. What does Mr. Messner want to talk about? Is he in trouble? Is Principal Messner breaking up with his mom? Luke snapped back to the moment after a couple of seconds of zoning out.


Mr. Messner squirmed in his chair before spitting out the question.

"So, now that your mom and I are getting pretty... serious, I just wanted to make sure that, you know,... that you don't have feelings for Kate anymore?"

Luke blushed heavily.

"God no!" Luke could tell that came out wrong.

"I mean, she's my friend, and I love her, but only in a platonic way. In fact, she's kinda more like a sister to me."

Principal Messner let out a faint smile.

"Well, thanks for telling me. You know, I really appreciate your friendship with Kate. She's never really had any close friends until you came along, and certainly no boyfriends. But she's getting to that age, where I think she'll find someone soon."

Luke gave him a confused look.

"Well, i have to go do some Principal stuff. See you at the assembly Luke!" Mr. Messner got up from his chair and exited his office.

"Does he not know about Emaline?" Luke muttered to himself.

As Kate walked up to Emaline's locker, she felt the same butterflies in her stomach as she did the night in the hotel.

"Hey Emaline." Kate had a big stupid grin on her face.

"Hey Kate." Emaline opened her locker door, And saw the face of her girlfriend. She couldn't help but smile.

"Are you excited for the first day of school?" Kate asked.

"Yeah, but the fact that the auditorium hasn't been fixed yet is pretty annoying. If only someone wouldn't have pulled the fire alarm." Emaline teased.

"Hey, in my defense I was in a stressful situation." Kate laughed, and Emaline giggled.

"I actually came over here to ask you something." Kate smiled.

"Ask away."

"So tonight my Dad, Luke, Sherry and I are having this thing called Social Night. We did it every year before my mom died." Both of their faces softened and frowned at the mention of Kate's mom.

"It's basically a night where we have our close friends over and just have a fun night together. This year my dad decided to keep it small, just the 4 of us. But he did say I could bring a friend. I know it's short notice, so I totally understand if you can't make it, but if you're up to it, will you be my quote on quote "Friend"?" Kate winked.

"I'd love to. And a wink, Kate Messner, scandalous!"

Kate laughed. "Great. See you at 8."

"And maybe you could stay the night?" Kate added on as Emaline's jaw dropped in mock disbelief.