"Have fun at your friend's house Em! Make sure to take your pills, and don't forget to have fun!" Mrs. Addario yelled to Emaline as she walked out the door.

Emaline loved her mom, but she could be very overprotective at times.

"Have fun Emaline! I can't believe you have friends!" Her little brother, Jackson teased.

Emaline snickered, And closed the door.

When she pulled up in front of the Messner's house, she was already hyperventilating. Sure, she had met Mr. Messner before, but often those meetings involved detention. She wanted Ken to see her in a positive light when she and Kate were ready to go public. Sighing and climbing out of her cherry red car, she adjusted her shirt, took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

After a few agonizingly long seconds, she saw a figure approach the inside of the door, and before she knew it, Principal Ken Messner, and father of her girlfriend, was standing there, a surprised look plastered across his face.

It took Ken a second to process what was in front of his eyes.

'What is Emaline Addario doing at my front door?' He thought.

He then suddenly remembered that Kate had somewhat befriended Emaline over the summer.

"Oh, Um, Hello, Emaline..." he awkwardly said.

"Hello, Mr. Messner." Emaline replied with.

"Oh, call me Ken just for tonight."

"Ok?" God, I'm already screwing this up Emaline thought.

"Well, come in! Mi casa es tu casa!"

"My pleasure!" Emaline Smiled and walked inside, Thanking Ken for holding the door open for her.

"Kate, your friend is waiting down here!" He yelled up the staircase.

Kate hurried down the stairs, and when she saw Emaline, shared a smile that was given back.

"Hey Emaline."

"Hey Kate."

Luke and Sherry walked up to them from the kitchen.

"Hi! You're Emaline, aren't you? Kate talks a lot about you." Sherry exclaims as Ken nods and Emaline and Kate blush.

"Nice to meet you!" Emaline replies.

"Uhm, I think dinner is ready, so if all of you guys want to sit down." Luke asks, trying not to laugh at the tension.

Everybody takes a seat at the table. Ken and Sherry next to each other, Emaline and Kate next to each other and Luke next to Emaline and his mom.

After filling their plates with the food Luke and Kate had prepared, they started chatting.

"So, Emaline, how did you and Kate become friends?" Ken asks while poking at his food with his fork.

"Well, In the past I had done things to Kate that weren't the nicest, actually, pretty horrible, but over the trip to Dominguez Rocks I got to know how

good of a person she really is." Emaline gulped.

"That's sweet." Ken replied. "It's nice to know Kate helped you become a better person."

"Yeah, but I still am a pretty big douchebag."

Everybody laughed at that, including Emaline.

"Luke, tell everybody about your new girlfriend." Sherry changes the subject.

"Her name is Abby. I have math and English with her." Luke blushes.

"Aww." Emaline says.

"Emaline, do you have an eye for any boys at school right now?" Sherry asked.

Luke tried to muffle a snicker.

"No, not really. I have my eyes on other things besides boys." Emaline smiled at Kate. "I've been trying to get my grades up recently, and have been having a lot of fun over the summer interning at the theatre."

"Well that's great to hear!" Sherry responds.

They spend the next hour chatting about things like jobs, Ken and Sherry's relationship, and Emaline's college plans, to which she says she is going to take a gap year to focus on a job at the local theatre.

"Well, that was a great meal. How about we gather back around in a half hour or so for some games?" Ken says as he clears the table.

"Hey Dad, me and Emaline are going to go upstairs, if that's okay with you." Kate said.

"Of course! Just remember to come down at 10."

"Thanks." Kate replied, as she and Emaline walked up the stairs.

Luke, Ken and Sherry took a break from cleaning up the dishes and sat on the couch.

"That Emaline girl is a nice kid. I'm glad Kate is friends with her." Sherry said.

"I am too. But she has done some pretty rude stuff to Kate." Ken replied.

"Like what?" Sherry was confused.

"She wrote in big letters with a sharpie on Kate's locker, quote on quote "Dyke"."

"That's horrible!" Sherry cried.

"I know."

"Emaline has changed, though." Luke interrupts. "Sure, she's not quite yet the nicest person on the planet, but she really cares about her family and friends." "And Kate."