"Luke, can you pass me the orange juice?" Sherry asks.


Luke, Sherry and Ken were getting ready for breakfast the next morning.

Emaline emerged from the top of the staircase, walking down.

The first thing that everybody noticed was her- Uh, well- neck area. It had bruised and was covering a larger portion of her neck.

"Wow, Emaline, what happened, got hit by a truck?" Luke snickers.

"Ha ha, very funny." She replied.

"Sweetie, do you want some makeup to cover that up?" Sherry asks.

"Yes please. If my mom sees it she'll think I got beat up or something."

"You did get beat up. With love!" Luke slapped his knee.

After Sherry and Emaline left for the bathroom to find some makeup, Ken spoke to Luke.

"You know, Luke, I'm very grateful of the fact that you approve and support me and your mom's relationship." Ken said.

"Thanks, Ken."

Ken teared up a bit.

Kate headed down the stairs, yawning as she just got up.

"Hey guys. Good morning." Kate yawned as she took a seat at the table.

"Hi Kate. Breakfast is ready!" Ken exclaimed as Kate took a piece of bacon.

Emaline and Sherry walked out of the bathroom and to the table.

"Hey babe." Emaline swung her arm over Kate and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Luke cringed. "Ok, it's settled. You two have officially ruined the word babe for me."

"So did you sleep well kiddos?" Ken asks, and they all nod.

"Good! You know, Emaline and Kate, I'm very glad that you two felt comfortable enough to talk to me last night."

"Wait, you know about them? I thought you were just being completely oblivious." Luke replied.

Ken snickered. "All right, all of you should get going to school." Ken and Sherry walk the kids out the door, with the two climbing into Ken's car.

Emaline plopped her lunch tray down on the lunch table, sitting next to Tyler and McQuaid, and across from Kate and Luke. It had been months since McQuaid walked in on her and Emaline's first kiss, and over that time he had gotten over his crush on the latter.

"Oh my god Emaline, what happened? Did you get beat up?" Tyler asked.

Emaline realized the makeup had rubbed off.

"Nah, Kate just gave her a hickey. It was pretty funny." Luke said.

"Luke you are such an- interesting person." Emaline cut herself off before she could say anything that she regretted (something that she was increasingly getting better and better at over the past few months).

"Oh yeah, how was your family dinner?" McQuaid asks.

"Pretty fun." Kate answers. "Except for the part with Luke being an annoying asshole."

"It's my pleasure." Luke replies.

"Oh, guys, did I tell you about my new awesome purchase?" Tyler asks.

"Behold, the Motorola StarTAC mobile phone! It practically fits in my pocket!" He exclaims.

"Whoa!" The group collectively gasps.

"So you can just whip it out of your pocket? And make a call?" McQuaid asks.