Hello I'm back and now for the moment you've been waiting for. Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy it. Glad so many of you enjoyed the 'Boys' today we have some more guests, hope you like them.

Someone did point out that Ben could have called Verdona, while yes that is true. I need to remind you that she's more of an occasional character, otherwise she could show up and solve all of his problems. Then there would be no story.

Anyway please



In the middle of one hallway of the Watchtower a yellow portal opened up. Then Ben, who was still Ditto, Zatanna, Constantine, Butcher and Hughie came out of it.

Immediately alarms went off throughout the space station. "We need to take out the fuckin' camera's!" Butcher immediately pointed out.

"I got this." Zatanna stated before calling out a spell to shut off the camera's. It was only a temporary solution as no doubt Batman has other means of finding out where they were.

Hughie instantly pulled out a tablet and began typing a away. "Ok well good news uh your clone is trapped somewhere that direction along with your pet." Points straight ahead.

"Bad news?" Ditto asked.

"Fucking Supes are staring right at us." Butcher answered for him.

And sure enough Captain Marvel and Captain Atom were staring straight at them. "Hey Ben." Marvel greeted somewhat cheerfully, despite the awkwardness.

"Sup Marvel, mind moving over so I can break myself and Ship out?" Ditto asked hopefully while moving his hands to his left.

"Sorry but bats says you gotta stay, maybe he'll go easy if you guys give up." Marvel suggested.

"While that deal is appealing here's my counter offer." Constantine states before dramatically extending his hands forward with his palms showing and fingers pointed in the air. Two gold lines were shot and fired at Captain Marvel and Atom.

Then the lines wrapped around their wrists before connecting with eachother and a circle formed around the two. Marvel and Atom immediately tried break the line but that failed along with trying to get out of the circle.

"Sorry mates but the rules of a mystic bound battle are clear." Constantine told them. "One either has to yield or be destroyed before anyone can leave."

"Almost forgot." Constantine said, snapping his fingers. "The bloke who started it, i.e. me, can choose the area of battle, so ta ta." Snaps his fingers and both disappeared.

"Well that takes care of that." Zatanna commented, before all immediately started running down the halls. They soon entered a room that appeared to be for some type of storage.

Hughie then went to the door immediately started bypassing it's security systems. Butcher then turned back to the direction they came from and for a moment he swore he saw white eyes and a cape. "Batman." He grumbled to himself.

"Got it." Hughie stated as the door opened, and all started going in.

Ditto noticed that Butcher was still standing in his place, with a look of concentration. "Go find your fuckin' clone cunt, I hold off this piece of arse." He told them before smashing his crowbar into the controls shutting the door and jamming it.

He then turned back and saw Batman standing there, his cape covering his body from the neck down. His infamous Bat glare bearing down on the brit, who wasn't deterred one bit.

"Well well well." Butcher began as he began casually waltzing torward Batman. "If it ain't the dark cunt."

"Who are you?" Batman questioned.

"For the worlds best bloody detective you're fuckin slow as fuck." Butcher answered.

"Did he offer you, money?" Batman then questioned.

"Nope." Butcher replied, looking away slightly while shaking his head. "Just the chance to smash the fucking shit out of a few of you cunts."

"If I were any other official bloke I'd find some fancy way to tell you to fuck off. But I'd rather we just shut the fuck up and get this over with."

Batman then obliged by getting into a fighting stance. Butcher then took a swing with his crowbar only to have Batman duck. Butcher then kept up the swings only for all of them to be dodged.

"You really plan to take me down with a crowbar?" Batman asked with curiosity, he has faced enemies with much more advanced and sophisticated technology and had won.

"You're right." Billy replied with a smirk before dropping the crowbar on the ground. "I'd rathet rip you apart with me bare hands cunt." He added with glee.

"Rah!" Butcher shouted as he threw a punch only to be flipped over.

"Sloppy." Batman commented.

Butcher then got up and began throwing more punches only for them to be blocked or dodged. It was clear that Batman was just toying with him.

"You've been trained that much is clear, but you lack discipline and fight without thinking. I'd guess ex military, likely SAS or Royal Marine that was dishonorably discharged." Batman analyzed, before deflecting another punch and throwing one if his own at Butcher's face.

This stunned the brit who took a few steps back. Butcher smiled before wiping a bit of blood off his mouth. "You like mind games huh, let me give it a whirl."

Butcher and Batman then began engaging in close quarter combat, while both appeared to be even, Butcher was having to try alot harder to avoid or block Batman's hits.

Batman eventually puts one of Butchers arms behind his back and pushes him onto a wall. "You think you're so perfect, sitting on this fuckin' castle like you all are sent from god to save the world." Butcher says before throwing his head back into Batman's face.

This freed Butcher from the pin and he swung his arm as he spun around to face his opponent. The attack missed but Butcher threw another punch with his right hand only for it to be grabbed.

While stilling holding Butcher's arm Batman threw a punch to Butcher's face. It made contact but when Batman tried the same move again Butcher caught it with his free hand.

"But your little crusade started because you were sad bout losing your mommy and daddy." Butcher taunted, it became clear that he knew Batman was Bruce Wayne. "You were just an angry little cunt that wanted revenge."

Butcher then found himself flipped over, face first on the ground. "But someone got to the prick first and now you beat up other fuckers cause you didn't get to beat the one then offed your mommy and daddy."

Butcher was then lifted up and turned to face Batman. The brit gave a toothy smirk before saying. "And we both know you wanna do more then just put the cunts in jail a fuckin' cell."

For a fraction of a split second, batman wavered, because his opponent was right. He did want to more to than put people like Joker or Two Face behind bars.

Butcher used that tiny amount of time that Batman was distracted to punch him in the face. Batman was then stunned allowing Butcher to tackle him to a nearby wall before throwing him on the ground.

Butcher then proceeded to kick the Dark Knight before the dark knight rolled out of the way. Once he was up he threw a smoke pellet down.

"That trick won't work on me cunt." Butcher stated with a smirk before ducking to avoid a hit from behind by Batman. "I know all your party tricks." Butcher stated, but his success was short lived before he was hit several times by the bat and thrown several feet away.

"Knowing and beating are two different things." Batman stated as Butcher got up.

The former SAS still had a smile on his face. "Well we're both done now cunt." He said, before looking down.

Bruce followed his eyes before, they widened to see a grenade. Before he could do anything, the grenade unleashed a concussive blast. Both men were sent flying into a wall, being closer to it Batman was hit harder but his suit did have added protection. Nonetheless he was still rendered unconscious, at least for the moment.

Butcher was still awake, though barely. "Fuckin' worth it." He uttered in complete satisfaction, with a ridiculous goofy smile, before he passed out.

Earth, Miami, Florida at the same time

Things were taken a turn for the worse, as the Boys and Suicide squad were slowly being overwhelmed.

Skark King was still fighting, but has been recieving the brunt of the attacks so it was a matter of time before he fell. Especially when flash launched several electrical attacks after spinning around him and guiding it towards shark. Miraculously Shark King withstood this, but cried out in pain.

This was only stopped when Deadshot intervened. He paused in his long range engagement with Green Arrow, who seemed to never run out of arrows. Then after studying Flash's running patterns, he fired several rounds at where he thought he would run. Soon enough two rounds hit Barry's right leg causing him to fall and roll into a wall at over mach 2.

Deadshot then had to take evasive maneuvers to avoid shots fired by Green Arrow. But was soon incapacitated by Harley as she swung her hammer down. The hammer missed but it unleashed a knockout gas knocking him out. Harley also breathed it in, but having sniffed this before for kicks it was like Fabreze to her.

"Smells like home." She said to herself in content.

Kimiko was fighting both Wonder Woman and Hawkwomen. Using Hawkwomen's own mace against them she scored several hits before being sent flying into a wall via Black Canary's cry. Unfortunately the cry also hit Hawkwomen and Wonder Woman, but not to the same degree.

Nearby Frenchie was on the ground with several bruises on his face. He was still conscious enough to reach for his for his phone to press two buttons. The first sent a message, the second destroyed the phone and all it's data. He then passed out.

Captain Boomerang was then tossed next to Frenchie in the same condition. Hawkman then turned to John Stewart's fist fight with Mother's Milk. Both were at a standstill until M.M. was tackled by Hawkman allowing John's ring to go back to his owner.

Shark King then fell as well to due to exhaustion. He still kept uttering. "King Shark is a Shark."

Harley soon dropped her hammer and waved a small white flag. "Parlay!" She called out with no fear or nervousness. Soon all were taken into custody, except Deadshot.

Several seconds later

"Can't find him." Flash stated, finishing his search of nearby areas several times.

"I believe I have an idea." Wonder Woman stated, picking up the remnants of Frenchie's phone. While it wasn't a definite answer it was still possibly the only lead they might have.

"My cowboy got away!" Harley cheered, even though she was getting captured, she was glad her bew crush got away. Plus she knew why he left.


"Can you hurry the fuck up please!" Constantine urged as he was fighting back Zatara. "I'd rather not play these party games the whole time." He added, putting up a shield to one of Zatara's fire attacks.

"Almost there." Hughie stated, ignoring the commotion behind him. "Why couldn't you just teleport us right next to him of something?" He asked.

"Magic ain't always an exact science." Constantine stated, throwing a few fire balls. "I'm amazed we end up here, we could've ended up on the international space station, mars or you know a place with no oxygen."

"Nevermind." Hughie quickly replied.

After getting split up from Butcher Hughie and Constantine decided to get the trapped Ditto out. Zatanna and the non-trapped Ditto decided to try and free Ship.

Speaking of

Zatanna was blocking attacks from automatic turrets, while Ben was crawling on the ground. The turrets seemed to focus all their attention on stopping Zatanna, it made it easier for Ben get passed them. Then using a metal bat, that Zatanna conjured for him, he began knocking them out one by one.

"Only a few more doors." Ben reassured her, before they continued on.

Before they did though the doors ahead of them busted open. It was Ship in the form of an Iron Man suit. He only stayed this way for a second before collapsing into his regular form, exhaused.

"Ship shiiip." Ship stated, happy at seeing them. He had heard the commotion and mustering all the strength he had he broke himself out.

"It's so good to see you." Zatanna exclaimed giving him a hug. Once that was done Ship immediately made for Zatanna's bag to sleep.

"Glad to know where we stand." Ditto stated crossing his arms, feeling like chopped liver.

"He's tired, let it go." Zatanna replied.

Back with Constantine and Hughie

"Anytime now!" Constantine shouted as he met a very powerful attack by Zatara with one of his own. Normally he would do some of his witty banter, but Zatara was being scary silent.

"Got it." Hughie stated as the doors opened up to reveal the trapped Ditto.

"My rescue party has arrived." Ditto stated, not surprised. Hughie immediately rushed towards a consel and began trying to free him.

However the battle between Zatara and Constantine was still going on. Until Zatara was knocked out, via Ben's metal bat.

"Sorry mister Mr. Zatara/Daddy." Ditto and Zatanna said. Zatanna then casted a spell teleporting her father elsewhere.

"And got it." Hughie stated as freed the trapped Ditto.



Soon both began running to eachother, but in slow motion. Much to everyone's confusion.

"Fucking get on with!" Constantine shouted using magic ti push the two together. Ruining a beautiful moment. Once they were together, the Omnitrix tried to time out, but there was still Ditto.

"Why aren't you human, you're supposed to be human." Hughie stated.

"Relax a clone is still control the robot to fight Superman." Ditto explained.


The mech crashed into a construction site after being thrown by Superman. It quickly got up and glanced at two steamroller's before going over to them. It then ripped off the 2 twenty tonnes and clanged them together, like boxer. "Come on!" The mech shouted and soon Superman came at him.

Once he was close enough, the mech began swinging the rollers left and right. The mech then clapped the two, with Superman in between, shattering them.

A blue beam was then fired from the midsection of the robot. Sending Superman through the construction site and several buildings. The mech then saw several people with their phones out, either recording or livestreaming.

"Hey everyone welcome back to my live stream! Today we're fighting Superman." It said before flying up, but instead was tackled by Superman. Superman then began trying to rip the mech apart.

"Okay times up, my work is done." The mech stated, before firing another laser from it's chest to get Superman off.

"You're not going anywhere." Superman stated, as he quickly recovered in mid air.

"You're right cause I'm not even here." The mech stated, before two compartments opened up in the chest area. Each looked like a small ray gun of sorts, one was glowing red and the other green.

Before Superman could do anything the ray guns fired. Except it wasn't lasers it was beams of red sun and Kryptonite radiation. Immediately Superman fell to the ground, weakened by this combination.

"Combination of Kryptonite and Red Sun radiation." The mech explained. "Now you lose you powers and can't move, but you'll be fine once I stop firing."

"Only it will be after I run out of batteries, which will take a while." The mech continued.

"How?" Superman grunted.

"It took years and cost a fortune." The mech explained. "Luckily I used someone else's."

After a few seconds of silence Ditto spoke up. "Now you'll get a feel for what everyone else has to deal with every single day."

"You're own mortality."

Back at the secret LexCorp facility

As it turns out the Ditto that was involved in the kidnapping of Lex Luthor was still there piloting the robot like a game. With a series of screens and a control consol in the front.

"Well that was fun." Ditto stated before pressing a few more buttons. Then on all of the screens read, "Self Destruction sequence in 10:00."



"Time to go." Ben said before getting up and throwing out a playing card. Like the one that transported him and Zatanna in their earlier fight and eacape with the League.

Before he walked through the portal, Ben saw a laptop and grabbed them. "Souvenir." He said before walking to the portal, taking him to the tower of fate.


The mech was standing still as it poured the radiation on Superman. This kept Superman from moving and blocked out his abilities. Superman was now a siting duck with no idea how to get out.

Luckily he didn't have to wait long for a miracle. Captain Atom came down in between Superman and the mech and absorbed the radiation. Then fired an energy blast at the mech at full power.

With no one controlling the mech, it didn't respond and fell over. With that done Superman began recovering from the battle.

"You alright Superman?" Atom asked the man of steel.

"I'm fine." Superman replied, despite still feeling a little dizzy. "I thought you were gaurding the Watchtower just in case."

"We were attacked and Captain Marvel and I were sent away." Atom began to explain.


After Captain's Atom and Marvel disappeared from the Watchtower they reappeared in a dark space. It was just an open space, there was gravity since they were standing on the only thing they could see. A giant chessboard the size of a basketball court.

After trying to pull, blast, bite or SHAZAM the rope they concluded one needed to give in. But Atom was skeptical, since what happens after one yields? Do they go somewhere, stay here, perish, who knows?

Marvel then decided to call it. "I yield!" He stated loudly and with two golden flashes they were both gone.

Flashback over

"And I woke up in a Canadian Air Base, saw the news and rushed here." Atom finished explaining.

"Let's head back to the Watchtower." Superman stated.

"We need to take care of that first." Captain Atom said, gesturing towards the robot.

"Let's hurry." Superman added.

As both began making their way towards the robot it opened up. Both were put on high alert, especially when they saw a person begin to emerge.

"Get me out of this thing." Spoke Lex Luthor as he struggled to get out.

"Lex." Superman stated, then began to put some pieces together. "This was yours!" He accused.

"Of course it is." Lex admitted as he began peeling off the suit he was wearing. "But I wasn't controlling it, I was being controlled through this suit to control it by that Omnitrix." He grunted.

"And before you ask, the big suit isn't a property of Lex Corp." He added. "It's our design, but we never built it cause the military deemed it to expensive. And those red tape officials thought it unnecessary." He explained, totally lying.

"Then do you know where he might be?" Captain Atom asked. They can deal with Luthor later, right now they needed to find Ben's other half. (or third or fourth)

"Of course." Luthor answered. "Just outside the city there is-" He was cut off by the distant sound of an explosion. He then turned and saw his secret research facility up in smoke. "There was some secret underground complex." He corrected.

"Let's report to Batman." Captain Atom suggested.

"First we need to get rid of this." Superman reminded him, pointing to the fallen mech. "Unless you have any objections?" He asked Lex.

"Oh I am all for it, I have no use for that death machine." Luthor stated, lying once again.

Now where was Captain Marvel?


Billy Batson felt lile he was hit with an express train. He was hearing muffled accented voices while trying to open his eyes. Which was a mistake, as the bright light burned his retinas. It seemed as if the sun was rising or setting right on his eyes. He groaned.

"Oh he's waking up." An accented voice said said on relief.

"Crikey I was worried as hell."

"Is his mum around?"

"Let's see if he's okay, we may need to call an actual doctor."

Billy's eyes finally got adjusted and he was greeted with a wonderful sight. Four older beautiful girls wearing bikinis were crowding around him.

"Am I in heaven?" He asked with a goofy smile, earning some giggles.

"Well he seems right as rain." One girl said.

"What happened?" Billy asked sitting up.

"We were just taking a walkabout when we saw you taking a kip on the sand." A girl said.

"You must've taken an awful blow to your noggin." Another girl voiced in concern.

"Where's your mum, she must be off her rockers." He was asked.

"What was the last thing you remembered?" He was asked.

"I was with-" Bill cut himself off and instantly got up. "I gotta get back!" He almost shouted in urgency, before running off, baffling the girls a little.

He then came back and said. "I'll call you in a few years." Before winking in his attempt at flirting earning giggles from all the girls. He then left to find an isolated spot to "SHAZAM" his way out.


After rescuing the captured Ditto and bringing the two into one they were ready to leave. Until Constantine and Zatanna discovered that their magic suddenly became useless. Especially since it was working fine moments ago.

"Well this is a load of shite." Constantine gritted.

"Well I've would be disappointed in the universe if it didn't try to make things hard." Ditto shrugged, almost having no problem with this unfortunate turn.

"Wholey fucking fuck." Hughie gasped, thinking of how much shit they were in now.

"I have an out, but I need time before it gets worse." Constantine said.

"Too late." Ditto stated.

"It just got worse." Zatanna added, as they all looked at the entrance. Multiple League members were coming towards them.

Constantine then turned around so his back was facing away from everyone. Then he began praying. But for who? God or the Devil?

As the League entered Ditto began talking. "Well well well, it's like reading a book then going back to the beginning. That way when you read the end it's much better."

"You have nowhere to go, no options left it's over." Batman stated.

"I just wanna say, big fan you guys are awesome." Hughie spoke up, with a nervous smile and wave. "My mom actually used to make the best League customes growing up. She was scared of you guys at first but then well, she was ok I guess."

Batman then shot a glare at Hughie shutting him up instantly.

"Zatanna please listen to reason." Zatara tried to urge. Just before arriving he had placed a barrier around the room, preventing anyone from leaving via mystical means.

"Like you've been listening." Zatanna shot back. "This whole thing is absolutely ridiculous!"

"Enough. Minimal force, take them." Batman ordered, knowing they were stalling for something.

As their squabbling went on Constantine continued praying. "Where the fuck are ya, ya bastard."

Just as he said those words, time slowed almost to a standstill. Flash was the only one not effected by this, his speed allowing him to move at a regular persons pace when time slowed.

"What's going on?" He asked, usually this would seem to happen happen when he was using the Speed Force, but he wasn't.

"Sorry about this chap." Flash heard and before he knew it, he was knocked out. "But I owe Johnny boy a favor." The voice said.

It was a man wearing a fine Armani suit, with black hair and a scruffy beard. Many know him as the playboy party animal who owns a club in L.A. But he was the Devil, he was Lucifer Morningstar.

"Was that really necessary Luci?" A deep voice asked. The voice belonged to a bald African-American man who was built like a tank. This was Amenadiel, Lucifer's brother.

"Well brother, would you prefer he knew who we are?" Lucifer replied.

"I'd prefer not being here at all." Amenadiel answered. "How did I even agree to this in the first place?" The proclaimed Silver City's greatest warrior asked.

"Because." Lucifer started. "You owe me for saving a man from eternal damnation to try and kill me, the detective and her urchin." He countered with a smug grin.

"How will we get them out? I can't fly them all out of here, and you destroyed your wings." Amenadiel asked.

"There are escape pods brother, we just take them there, and leave before this mary band of fine gentlemen realize it." Lucifer explained before his eyes landed on Black Canary, Wonder Woman and Hawkwomen. "And even finer ladies."

Amenadiel then noticed Wonder Woman too. "Father will not pleased to know that we will also be messing with a princess of the Amazons." He spoke.

"Well we're not messing with her, we're helping some friends." Lucifer stated before picking up Constantine. "I'll take the scrawny one and Constantine, you take the girl and little alien and we'll meet at the furthest escape pod from here." He ordered before walking away at a leisurely pace to do just that.


The Angel and Devil made it to an escape pod and using their celestial strength pried the door open. Once they did they loaded Ditto, Zatanna, Constantine, Hughie and Butcher, once they freed them from some Bat shaped handcuffs.

"Now then dear brother, if you would." Lucifer requested and time resumed.

The took in, from their perspective, their brand new surroundings. "Holy shit!" Hughie gasped.

"Yes I know you were somewhere else and all that blah blah blah. But can you get a move on before they realize where we are." Lucifer ordered and Hughie got to work

"Who are these guys?" Zatanna asked.

"Got it." Hughie told them as the escape was launched, it's destination, earth.

"What's to stop them from just following us?" Ditto asked.

"This was just to take us out of Zatara's little no magic zone." Constantine said, before reciting a chant. Then all of them disappeared in a golden light. While the Justice League was left confused in the Watchtower.

Tower of Fate

The Seven individuals then appeared all over the place in the study of the Tower of Fate. They hit the ground relatively safe, save for the impact of falling on the floor from several feet.

"Uhhhhh..." Ditto groaned as he got up. "Let's not go on that ride again."

Butcher then starts laughing for no apparent reason.

"What's so funny luv?" Constantine asks, while rubbing his head.

"We're probably the only blokes in the entire fucking world that screwed with them in their own house." Butcher states then adds. "I fuckin got the drop on the Bat Cunt."

"Well I wouldn't call it funny." Hughie replied getting up. "Terrifying yes, funny not so much."

"Well this has been well but we must be going." Lucifer stated as he and Amenadiel began making their way towards an exit.

"Who are you guys?" Zatanna once again asked.

"Oh how terribly rude of me, Lucifer Morningstar pleasure is all yours." Lucifer introduced holding out his hand, in which she hesitantly shakes it. "And this is my brother Amenadiel." He adds.

"That's your brother?" Hughie asked.

"God as our witness." Amenadiel smiles, while Lucifer laughs.

"So you're the devil?" Ditto asked, with skepticism.

"Yes and brother is an angel, and I've retired from ruling Hell where I now run a nughtclub and also solve crimes with the Detective for the LAPD." Lucifer explains.

"What fuckin shit is this cunt on?" Butcher asked.

"Sadly I can't drunk as easily as you humans can, but I can get high just without any of the...messy consequences." Lucifer replied, then takes out a flask and takes a swig.

"Luci we must leave." Amenadiel reminded his brother.

"Patience brother." Lucifer replied then goes up to Constantine. "Because I'm curious as to why John Constantine wanted to use the favor I owed him to help escape the Justice League."

"Lucifer the less you know the better." Amenadiel countered. "You did his favor and you are no longer required to do anything else and risk getting wanted by the Justice League." He explained.

Lucifer's eyes then widened. "You're right brother I can be at risk with the League." He says turning to Amenadiel, who is confused. "And imagine how much more trouble I could be in if I aided them, oh what fun." He adds with glee.

"Lucifer!" Amenadiel stated with both annoyance and anger.

"Johny boy do us a favor." Lucifer requested.

"With pleasure, I hate all of his divine wisdom shite too." Constantine replied, before mustering up some strength to teleport the angel elsewhere in a flash.

"Now." Lucifer rubs his hands together. "What have you lot done to get on the Justice League's bad side?" He questioned.

"We'll tell you later but first." A new, but familiar voice spoke up. It was Ditto's remaining counter part. He had been in another part of the tower but heard a commotion going on. He concluded correctly that it was his allies.

Before anymore could be said the Omnitrix insignia's lit up red and both were being pulled to eachother. As soon as they were together the Omnitrix instantly timed out and finally Ben became human.

"Ben!" Zatanna cheered and ran over to give him a hug, which he reciprocated. The two then shared a kiss before hugging again.

"Well since things are all honky dory now shall we get a move on?" Butcher requested while getting up before adding. "Cause we gotta make up a fuckin' story to convince the olde bill to hand us over a French whore, a quite Asian and M.M. without causing too much of a fuss."

"Waller is already on it." Hughie told him while quickly looking at his phone.

"Well let me show you the door." Constantine said, before calling on a door for them.

"Good luck cunts." Butcher said as he began walking towards it.

"Thanks again for not letting me be killed or thrown in jail." Hughie stated more politely.

"Oi Ben." Butcher called out as he was by the door, gaining people's attention. "Thanks." He said, with full gratitude, before walking out with a shocked Hughie in tow.

"Now we just need to tie one last loose end." Ben stated.

"Time for a family reunion." Zatanna stated.


Deadshot was walking down the street in civilian attire. After getting a message from Frenchie to leave while everyone else was being overwhelmed he quickly hotwired a nearby car and drove. Then ditched the car and blended in with the civilian population so that the League wouldn't find him easily.

He expected to be picked up by Waller but was shocked when he heard from Ben that he had several hours to accomplish a new task. What the new task was he didn't know, all he got was a set of coordinates.

Which was a road by the side of a beach, it had a great view of the ocean and was by some food and ice cream trucks. He was curious as to why he was here.

"Daddy." Floyd heard and turned sharply to his left and saw his now 13 year old daughter. She had her backpack on indicating she was coming from school, which was strange since she went to school in Gotham. But right now he didn't care.

"Zoe I-" Floyd began to say but was then taken back as his daughter launched herself at him for hug. He reciprocated after getting over his initial shock.

"I missed you." His daughter said with tears in her eyes, refusing to let go. It had been over 2 years since they last saw eachother.

"I missed you too." He said.

Then his daughter let go and began hitting him with her fist repeatedly. "You (hit) said (hit) you (hit) would (hit) write (hit) while (hit) you were (hit) away!" She said explaining her hanger.

Naturally Floyd could have fought back, but he settled for just raising his arms to block it. "I did." He told her, which stopped the hitting.

He then pulled a few of the letters that were sent back to him. Zoe took a close look at the address and replied. "Mom moved us right after you went away." She explained causing his eyes to widen.

"Legally you should've been informed, otherwise it's a violation on the whole plea deal." Zoe added.

"We'll worry about that later, let's uh catch up." Floyd said. He really didn't want to do anything other then just spend time with his daughter. "Want a burger?" He asked, pointing to a truck behind him.

She eagerly nodded and they went over to order. They did the Deadshot realized he didn't bring any money. But Zoe surprised him by handing the guy a hundred dollar bill and telling him to keep the change. Once they got their food they sat down at a nearby table.

"So you gonna where you got the cash and all that stuff." Deadshot requested, now noticing that she was wearing designer clothes and had a chanel backpack.

"Mom's new Husband, bribes me to not tell her that he's cheating on her." She informed him taking a bit out of her burger then added. "While mom cheats on him with other rich guys while also relapsing and bribes me not to tell him."

"Double dipping I see." Floyd commented, almost impressed.

"College won't be worry anymore." Zoe told him, with a smile.

"How is your mom?" Floyd asked cautiously, knowing that was a sensitive topic.

"I really don't see her. I usually just catch her in the act." Zoe replied sadly, her mother may have issues but at the end of the day she's still her mom.

"Who's taking care of you then?" Floyd asked, sipping his soda.

"Mostly Rosa, the nanny. We have fun." She told him with an honest smile. This alleviated some worries for the hitman, he was glad that an adult was taking care of his child.

"Listen." Floyd began to say, shifting the topic. "I'm gonna have to leave soon, but I'm not sure how long, so I'm.."

"Dad." Zoe interrupted him. "I get it, I'll wait and when you're domr doing time I wanna live with you." She told him honestly then added. "But we have to take Rosa."

"No problem." Floyd replied with a smile.

The two then chatted aimlessly for the next several hours, about whatever topic. Unaware that they were being watched by Waller's men.

Task Force X prison

Harley, Boomerang and Shark King were quickly taken back into custody of Waller. As was Frenchie, Kimiko and Mother's Milk by Mallory.

As per Ben's bargin they got several new amenities. Harley got her espresso machine, a few books and a build-a-bear that looked like her.

Captain Boomerang and Shark King now shared a larger cell with a big TV. It had a mini fridge filled with beers, and the TV was showing Women's MMA fighting. "Nothing like watchin' a couple of sheila's fight while sipping a cold one." The Aussie spoke with satisfaction.

The channel was then changed to National Geographic where Shark week was playing. "Listen here you oversized guppy." Harkness began to say sternly but then saw giant teeth bearing at him. "I was just gonna ask you to record it is all." He whimpered.

"Oi cunts." Butcher spoke as he walked by the cells with the rest of the boys. "Benny boy thought you liked to see what's on Channel 10."

Shark King put that on and saw it was a live feed of Deadshot and his daughter. They were just talking and they got to see something for the firsr time. Floyd Lawton smiling.

Frenchie said something in French, Kimiko just looked while Hughie smiled.

Boomerang sniffed a little gaining some attention. "Boomie are you cryin'?" Harley asked, surprised by this.

"No." The Australian denied, quickly wiping the tear.

This was soon interrupted by Shark King, who started crying hysterically. He then grabbed Boomerang into a hug, that miraculously didn't crush him.

"Tissue." Harley offered hold a box of them, Hughie them and handed to Shark King's out streched hand.

"You bunch of sappy cunts." Butcher stated, being the only one not emotionally affected by the display.

"We're all mother fuckers with hearts." M.M. stated, then turned to Butcher. "Where as you are just a mother fucker." He added truthfully.


Batman now had to start from scratch to get Ben and Zatanna. He knew they likely retreated back to the Tower of Fate, but Zatara stated without a key no one could get inside. Unless they knew the right spell, which Zatara did, but soon realized the Tower rejected his entrance repeatedly.

What's even more concerning was how he acquired Waller's Suicide Squad and Luthor tech to cause a wide range of attacks to free his clone. Thankfully there were no fatalities, just property damages to be dealt with.

"What is going on?" Batman questioned to nobody else.

Tower of Fate

Ben and Zatanna had just finished recounting the events to Lucifer. Who did not comment what so ever and listened intently.

"Well you ankle biters I'm knackered do wake don't bother me." Constantine stated while walking away to find a spot to sleep. With all the magic he's used he needed a rest.

"Ta ta Johnny boy." Lucifer said with a wave. "Do let me know if require assistance under the sheets." He added with a mischievous smile.

"Not this time Luci not this time." Constantine replied.

"I'm just gonna ignore the mental pictures they gave me." Ben stated calmly.

"I'm gonna learn a spell to forget that instead." Zatanna replied.

"So how do we prove that you're innocent and the League fools?" The devil asked with a smile.

"Well we need to find who took the items." Zatanna stated.

"But which bad guy would have access to my aliens, an Omnitrix and all the brains to use what they stole?" Ben asked.

"And let's not forget what they could be building, and what it could be used for." Lucifer added, then had an idea. "Can't you just cast a spell to bring them here, or perhaps identify them?" He questioned.

"Surrrrre." Zatanna said with full sarcasm. "Then I can also bring world peace, end hunger and find the secret life." She added.

"We can do without the sarcasm please. A simple no would've sufficed." Lucifer replied.

"We need someone who knows the criminal underworld. But also someone who can talk, cause sooner or later the League will find a win or way to get us out." Ben stated.

"Riddler!" Lucifer stated with his eyes widening and an open mouth smile.

"Batmans C-lister?" Zatanna asked in confusion. Everyone knew that Riddler was a low level joke of a villian and that Batman out him in prison more times then people care to remember. So much so in fact the News almost neglects to report any of his crimes after a while.

"He came to me for a favor." Lucifer informed them, but he let out an annoyed sigh when he saw the confused looks on their faces. "The expression: Deal with the Devil."

"What did you get out of it?" Ben asked.

"Oh just a devilish IOU, that's how my favors work." Lucifer explained.

"What did he ask for?" Zatanna wondered.

"Let's see." Lucifer replied, needing a second to remember. "He asked me to help him with his new criminal start up." He informed them.

"So wait if I asked for like 100 million dollars you would just give it to me?" Ben asked.

"Of course." Lucifer replied. "And while I may ask for a favor in return it could be something from tying my shoe to assisting with a homicide."

"But the point is." Lucifer stated gettinf back on track. "Before I officially joined the LAPD he asked for funds to help aid his new criminal organization. It was only a small sum of 5 million dollars and he told me where he was gonna put it to use."

"Then it's settled, we go once Constantine is ready." Zatanna stated.

"Excellent!" Lucifer said cheerfully.

"Now remember." He began again gaining their attention once again. "While I do this out my own enjoyment, I will still require a favor when this is all over." He informed them.

"It's not something too uh wrong, for a lack of a better term?" Ben asked.

"I don't know yet. We'll just have to wait and see." Lucifer told them with a smile.

Unknown Location

The five screens of White appeares once more in a conference.

"This is quite the unexpected." One voice said with amusement.

"Indeed, it seems our new associate was brilliant in his endeavors."

"Please do not inform him of that. He already flaunts his mind like that of a badge of honor." A Woman agreed.

"How goes out project?" One asked. "Had Luthor compromised it?"

"The research is promising but our new associate refuses to help until he has completed his personal vendetta. Apparently it's beneath him. So it will take time."

"No matter." The leader spoke. "Soon the Justice League will see our Light."

Galvan B

Back at Azmuth's base Doctor Roquette was experimenting with a device, with assistance from Blukic and Driba.

"Now commencing test." Roquette said as she looked at a microscope of sorts. There was a slide filled with a green substance, Roquette then took an irrigation syringe and squirted a blue substance. This was nano-bots like that of the Fog, only when it made contact the blue substance was slowly destroyed upon contact.

"And failed?" Roquette said with a disappointment. She then went over to the other side of the room to gather more materials for another test.

"We've brought the requested materials ma'am." An excited Driba said, running with several small viles, appropriated to the size of a Galvan. He was followed by Blukic who had even more chemicals in his hands.

"I only asked for one." Roquette told them, remembering she had asked for one specific chemical. These two almost made her wish she was assassinated back in earth.

"Well we forgot which it was is why we brought all of these." Blukic told her, holding up the unlabled chemicals.

"Do you even know which ones you took?" The human scientist questioned, though she already had a hunch on what the answer was.

"No." Driba said with slight disappointment while slowing down on his to the contagion sample, then added. "But fear not, I told Blukic to write them down." He said with enthusiasm.

"No you didn't." Blukic replied.

"Yes I did."

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did!"

"No you didn't."

"Yes I did!"

The two then went at it again while Roquette went over to check something on a computer.

As the two galvans continued arguing they continued making their way towards the sample. Which was still in the process of destroying Roquette's nano bots that she injected.

The two Galvans eventually found themselves at another of Roquette's experiment, which was yielding similar results. But they were still arguing and they dropped the vials of chemicals onto the experiment.

"Uh oh." Both said in worry.

"You imbeciles!" Roquette stated, before going over to do damage control. "So help me if you-." Roquette began to say but was cut off by her own findings.

The few remaining nano-bots were now beating back the contagion. They were eventually destroyed, but this was the first of any type of breakthrough in their research.

The human then went over to communicate with Azmuth. "Azmuth me made a breakthrough!" She urgently told him.

With Azmuth

He had been doing similar work in his own laboratory when he recieved the call. He paused his work and replied. "Good work, I knew I made the right choice."

"You should be thanking Blukic and Driba." Roquette replied. "Their accident lead to it. And since it was an accident." Roquette said.

"It may be difficult to replicate." Azmuth added for her. "But regardless you should record and data you can and we will work on filling in the blanks." He advised.

"I'll be there shortly." He told her before beginning to make his way over to Roquette's lab.

As he began walking towards there and whispered. "At last some good news."

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