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Summary: An OC finds himself plunged into the Naruto verse with gamer powers. Homesick and not knowing how much time he has there; he goes on to make his place in a new world, maybe have a little fun and probably grow a little more. Strong!OC, OC!Insert, Gamer!OC, Magnet-Release

Chapter 1 - The Cream-Colored Background

I remember staring at that empty space and that cream-colored background.

'Where am I?' Was the first thing I asked myself. Trapped in a monochromatic endless space was a novel experience alright, but not being able to interact with anything, not even myself, was downright horrible. I remember assuming it was one of those lucid nightmares / night terrors I got every once in a while.

Fear got a grip of me and cold sweat dripped down my back. A completely empty space. Void. I couldn't see my hands, couldn't hear anything and I couldn't move. All I could see was a freaking cream-colored infinity. Trying to run didn't take me anywhere, trying to scream didn't get me any answers.

When you can't wake up from a night terror, fear continues to fester your mind until you hyperventilate. You'll believe you've woken up only to realize you're still asleep, and the cycle will start again.

But I learned a long time ago the golden rule to escape a night terror, and it was rather simple: Calm down, relax and try to sleep. Yes, try to sleep while dreaming, Inception style. Only you don't go to a deeper dream within a dream, you wake up.

'That's all I have to do,' I assured myself, 'go to sleep on this dream and you'll wake up in your bed in the real world.'

I closed my eyes and calmed my breathing. Five seconds in, five seconds out. 'Just… wake up and take the goddamn pill.'

That's when it appeared, a light-gray square floating in front of me with big black bold letters.


'...This is NOT a nightmare.'

The thing about epileptic seizures is that they are not uncommon. Less than you might think, anyway. I'll always remember the first on I had: I unexpectedly woke up on a hospital bed with a headache, my whole body felt strained and I was confused as hell. I didn't even remember passing out in the first place. I was out for three days, doctors said.

A freakishly expensive pill a day, no driving or drinking for six months and a "beware of bright lights" was all I got from the rather surreal experience. And a small scar on the back of the head due to falling headfirst on the university's stone floors. But life went on. That life, that is.

Another funny thing about epileptic seizures: they can happen at night while sleeping. I do recall going to bed the night before all of this and… that's it, that's the last thing I remember from before.

So, that's the only explanation I had, a night seizure plunging me into a coma. Was that too much of a stretch?

Nevertheless, there I was staring at a freaking pop-up message floating in my range of vision. Was that what happened to all coma patients? A cream-colored emptiness with floating messages?

'Am I really in a coma? Can I believe the floating box?' I wondered. 'Why am I not freaking out again?'

A loud DING broke me from my musings and the floating text box changed to something I didn't expect:

Welcome to the game! You've been chosen to play while in a coma.

'Huh?' I squinted my eyes and blinked rapidly. A game? I got 'selected' to play a freaking game until I wake up? 'This doesn't make any sense.'

So there I was. The gray text box still floating in front a cream-colored background, a soft ominous hum was emitting from the box.

'Does this game wants me to somehow click a Yes button?' I sarcastically wondered.

With nothing else to do, I clicked. Not clicking per se, there was no button at all, but somehow just wanting to accept the message made it change.

Please input your game preferences and create an avatar.

Please select world:

[] Naruto

'Huh, Naruto?' I wondered, 'I get to play a Naruto game?'

'I read the manga, watched the first part of the anime show, even the last movies,' I thought, 'I was even reading some fanfiction on my daily commute.' Well, why the hell not, right? It's not like I had too many options anyway.

Choose a first name

'Hmmmm, a name?' I mused, 'Like NoobMaster69 or a real name? Could I get a random one?'

'Kioshi' was selected, meaning 'Silent'. Confirm?

'Yeah, well, why not.' I snorted. Of course it would be a Japanese name, context and all.

Then, things got a bit more interesting.

Last name will be given according to later selections.

Defaults settings have been implemented:

Name: Kioshi

Title: n/a
Gender: Male
Level 1 (0/100)

HP: 40/40
SP: 30/30
Chakra: 150/150
Chakra Control: 20%

STR: 2
DEX: 2
VIT: 2
INT: 7
WIS: 7
CHA: 7/10
Points: 0

Money: 0

'...Holy shit! An RPG?' I exclaimed. 'I got to play a Naruto RPG game? Oh, I am SO going to play.'

Select your traits. You have 3 points to spend. More will be available as the game progresses and you level up.

[] Civilian grown: The newbies. (0 points)
As a civilian, you don't have the same advantages as shinobi born.
25% slower Chakra growth. Adds 1 trait point. Incompatible with Descendant or Clan traits.

[] Taijutsu Oriented: The brick breakers. (1 point)
Increases Taijutsu and bukijutsu experience gain by 10%. 5% faster DEX and STR growth.

[] Ninjutsu Oriented: The chakra lovers. (1 point)
Increases Jutsu experience gain by 10%. 5% faster Chakra growth.

[] Genjutsu Oriented: The illusion and control lovers. (1 point)
Increases Genjutsu experience gain by 10%. 5% faster INT growth and +5 to starting Chakra Control percentage.

[] Medic Oriented: The "helping" hand. (1 point)
Increases Medical Jutsu experience gain by 10%. +5% to starting Chakra Control and 5% faster Chakra Control growth.

[] Fuinjutsu Oriented: The writing ones. (1 point)
Increases Fuinjutsu experience gain by 10%. +10% experience gain to INT.

[] Sarutobi Clan: The monkey like ones. (2 points)
Great aptitude to bukijutsu and taijutsu, a battle-oriented clan.
Increases Chakra Control by 5% at start. 10% faster Chakra Control, VIT and STR growth. Fire affinity imposed. Region Locked: Konohagakure.

[] Aburame Clan: Insect loving ones. (2 points)
Unique hidden jutsu list involving insects, a highly analytic clan.
Access to hidden Aburame clan techniques. Symbiotic relationship with kikaichu imposed. 10% faster INT and WIS growth. Region Locked: Konohagakure.

[] Hyuga Clan: The White-eyed ones. (2 points)
Unique Dojutsu, a taijutsu oriented clan divided by inner turmoil.
Access to Byakugan dojutsu and related taijutsu list. 15% faster DEX growth and 10% faster STR growth. Increases Chakra Control by 5% at start. Caged Bird Seal imposed. Region Locked: Konohagakure.

[] Inuzuka Clan: The feral ones. (2 points)
Unique canine companions, a hot-headed clan known for their tracking prowess.
Access to special canine companion and related jutsu list. 10% faster DEX and STR growth. Improved hearing, sight and smell. Region Locked: Konohagakure.

[] Nara Clan: The lazy ones. (2 points)
An unmotivated but highly intelligent clan.
Access to hidden jutsu list. 20% faster INT growth. Decreased SP gain by 10%. Region Locked: Konohagakure.

[] Yamanaka Clan: The mind ones. (2 points)
A clan of mind walkers.
Access to hidden jutsu list. 10% faster INT and WIS growth. Region Locked: Konohagakure.

[] Akimichi Clan: The big ones. (2 points)
A clan possessing great physical strength.
Access to hidden jutsu list. 15% faster STR growth and 10% faster VIT growth. Region Locked: Konohagakure.

[] Uchiha Clan: The Red-eyed ones. (3 points)
Unique Dojutsu, direct descendants of Hagoromo Otsutsuki and a proud clan of Fire users.
Access to Sharingan dojutsu, 15% faster DEX growth, 10% faster Chakra Control growth. Imposed Curse of Hatred. Region Locked: Konohagakure.

[] Uzumaki Descendant: The ones with the red hair. (3 points)
Massive Chakra capacity and increased life force. Survivors are now scattered across the world.
Increases Chakra by 100 points at start. 50% faster Chakra growth and 20% faster VIT growth. 100% faster Fuinjutsu experience gain. Access to chakra chains. -10 to Chakra Control percentage at start. 50% slower Chakra Control experience gain.

[] Senju Descendant: The great ones. (3 points)
Unique life force, direct descendants of Hagoromo Otsutsuki.
Increases VIT by 10 points at start. 15% faster Chakra and VIT growth. 10% slower Chakra Control growth.

[] Yuki Descendant: The cold ones. (3 points)
Decimated during Kirigakure's civil war, their descendants are now scattered.
Nature transformation kekkei genkai Hyoton (Ice release) available, elemental affinity to Wind and Water imposed. 10% faster DEX and INT growth.

[] Kaguya Descendant: The bone ones. (3 points)
Decimated during Kirigakure's civil war, their descendants are now scattered.
Shikotsumyaku available. Increases VIT by 10 points at start. 15% faster DEX growth and 10% faster STR and VIT growth. You will be mentally unstable and prone to violence.

[] Hozuki Descendant: The water ones. (2 points)
Unique clan ability to turn their bodies into liquid state.
Hydrification Technique available, which requires constant hydration. Water affinity imposed.

[] Hoshigaki Descendant: The shark ones. (3 points)
Unique shark-like appearance with an aptitude to water style jutsu.
Underwater breathing ability. 15% faster STR and 10% faster VIT growth. +25% faster experience gain to water-related jutsu. Water affinity imposed.

[] Boil Release: Stew them. (3 points)
Access to Boil Release nature transformation kekkei genkai, Water and Fire affinities imposed.

[] Explosion Release: Blast them. (3 points)
Access to Explosion Release nature transformation kekkei genkai, Earth and Lighting affinities imposed. Region Locked: Iwagakure, to be trained as a member of Iwa's explosion corps.

[] Lava Release: Liquefy them. (3 points)
Access to Lava Release nature transformation kekkei genkai. Fire and Earth affinities imposed. Sub selection of specific form.

[] Magnet Release: Attract them. (3 points)
Access to Magnet Release nature transformation kekkei genkai. Wind and Earth affinities imposed. Sub selection of specific form.

[] Scorch Release: Heat them up. (3 points)
Access to Scorch Release nature transformation kekkei genkai. Fire and Wind affinities imposed.

[] Storm Release: Beam them up, Scotty. (3 points)
Access to Storm Release nature transformation kekkei genkai. Lightning and Water affinities imposed. Region Locked: Kumogakure.

[] Wood Release: Up the trees. (3 points)
Access to the cell-infused version of the fabled Mokuton kekkei genkai. Water and Earth affinities imposed. Region Locked: Konohagakure.

[] Dust Release: The disintegrating ones. (4 points)
Access to Dust Release kekkei tota. Earth, Wind and Fire affinities and 'September' by EW&F menu music imposed. Region locked: Iwagakure. Student of the Tsuchikage imposed.

[] True Wood Release: Requires Senju Descendant Trait. Blocked in history mode.

[] Jinchuriki: Blocked in history mode.

[] Transmigrant: Blocked in history mode.

'Wow,' I thought, dumbfounded.

There was a lot of information there, and a lot of conjectures could be made, too.

Clans were region locked; Descendants were not.

Time-wise, it appeared the timeline was post Kiri bloodline issues from the lack of clan affiliation of the Yuki or Kaguya families, but probably before the Uchiha clan massacre, as they were still considered a Clan. And since the last traits state "history mode", it was easy to assume the timeline would go more or less in hand with the manga.

I could take the Sharingan and try to build an Itachi type ninja, but I needed more points to also specialize in genjutsu. Besides, being an Uchiha pre-massacre… nope. It was tempting, though.

What about a Senju Descendant? It wasn't stated as a clan so maybe I would be an illegitimate child of Tsunade ? Wood release was only available in its imperfect form, nevertheless, and I didn't have the points to pick both.

An Uzumaki? A Yuki? A Sarutobi? Other Konoha clans? Other kekkei genkai? Maybe a taijutsu master? 'Holy crap, I can be a Hoshigaki!'

But my mind was already set when my gaze stopped at a particular kekkei genkai: Magnet Release.

'I could be like the freaking Third Kazekage and have the freaking iron sand! Or the freaking gold dust!' I thought, doing a little dance in my head.

I had a simple picture in my mind. If I can't make myself so extraordinary as the First Hokage with his senjutsu and Wood release or even an Itachi type ninja right from the beginning, I would try my own version in this game. A silent ninja who stuck to the shadows, not the talkative-pause-suspense duelist. I would get my big-ass army-killer sand jutsu in time.

Maybe later, when and if I got more trait points, I could diversify… maybe then there will be new traits to unlock.

I turned my thoughts to the floating screen and selected Magnet Release.

Select specialization:

[] Ferromagnetic - Iron Sand.

[] Diamagnetic - Gold Dust.

[] Diamagnetic - Sand. Requires "Jinchuriki – One Tail" status.

Grinning, I chose the Iron Sand.

Please select your country:

[] Konohagakure

[] Kumogakure

[] Iwagakure

[] Kirigakure

[] Sunagakure

[] Amegakure

'Oh, okay. What to choose?' This was a very important choice.

Author's note:

As you might have noticed, the story is based on all the Gamer fics around. Specially The Gamer of Sunagakure by Zturn. I want it to be a Gray!OC but not dark or antagonistic.

I had this story in my mind for quite a while and now that I'm out of work and haven't found a new one, let's try to finally write it.

Edit: some typo and formatting corrections, no changes to the story line.