Chapter 1:

October 13, 2014

A deafening boom. A flash of light. Then fire, bright and blazing. A short scream, then silence. A swing slowly swinging to a stop. Lucia woke up screaming, waking up Malika, her room mate. Lucia still had nightmares of the night her parents had died. The night she hadn't been able to sleep. It was like she had unconsciously been able to see the future. She had gone outside and had been sitting on the swing, when her house had suddenly exploded. That had happened almost two months before. Lucia turned on her bedside lamp, took her book, The Book Thief, and started reading. Half an hour later both girls were asleep again. At 7 o'clock the next morning they were woken up by a loud bell signaling them to get ready. After putting on their uniforms, which were luckily for the same school and consisted of a grey skirt or pinafore, a white polo shirt and a red sweatshirt, and making their beds and hair, they made their way to the kitchen, where they ate a bowl of weetabix and took their pre-prepared lunches with them. They quickly brushed their teeth and met a few kids, who they went to school with. They attended Roscoe Primary School, which was one and a half miles away. They were a bit early, so they played some football. In class they were introduced to a new student called Scott. He was nice and seemed to be quite smart, which meant he became bored, just like Malika and Lucia. During a group exercise they got to know him a bit better. They found out that he went to a Sunnyoak Children's Home, one of the other children's homes nearby. They invited him to come over after school.