Yo, guess who is back! ShadowPony12, that's who.

Alrighty, here's the 411: stuff happens and I am back years later. Why? Because I have a story to test the waters with.

This is a snippet of what I have been working on. Do note, this story, while seemingly serious due the tone of the summary, is in-fact a fun little thing I decided to work on. The character "Leila Suou" is your Avatar/Unit from Brave Frontier given life and character. Although Summoner-chan here is a bit more competent (Stupid Powerful) than how you are percieved in the mobile game.

No, Summoner-chan will not be making every fight easy cruising for the lovely ladies of Team RWBY or anyone really. She will be taking up a mentor role through the series and only intervening when it's damn near necessary without it being totally contrived.

Summoner-chan will take part in some scenes, but in the end she will have her little storyline to follow as Brave Frontier Universe begins to leak and form with the RWBY-verse. Further on, you will notice that I did tweak a bit of the RWBY-verse lore to conform as a subset of the Brave Frontier-verse.

Also, note that Leila does have her Yuri Harem from Brave Frontier and that will not extend to anyone in the RWBY-verse or her summons (except a few, but that will rarely be spotlighted). Romance is not a focus nor will it be anytime soon, but there will be relationships through out the story as per my new norm in my absence there will be Pyrrha/Ruby. That is the only one I am going to mention, others, with time.

Last thing, I left out many descriptions of characters (If you're reading this you should know their looks by now), but if I feel the need or get enough flak for not putting it in I wlll go back and add quick descriptions of said characters.

Now, onward and judge my story in your personal worth!

The rushing of wind yanked at the summoner's body, straining, stretching her limbs. With copious amounts of effort she forced her arm to reach out to her other struggling companion, a Goddess named Tilith.

The Goddess' hand stretched from her position as her other hand held onto the ancient ruins' support. As much as she tried her arms couldn't attain the length necessary. "Leila, I can't stretch any further! You need push against the suction!"

The now named summoner, Leila gritted her teeth and pushed as much as her body would allow and then some, "I can't, the pull is too strong!" she retorted.

Tilith shook her head as her eyes began to water, "You have to! It's just a little further!" The shakiness was evident.

To think this is how she goes out… of all things, a black hole of sorts. It's all because a neglected god couldn't handle a sound defeat… "I am sorry, Tilith. We won't be going to the beach to work on our tans." She smiled weakly as her body visibly went lax.

"No, no, no!" it was too late. As soon as Leila's body gave in the black hole swooped in and tore her through the hole.

"Leila!" The Goddess' voice faded away.




Or so she thought.


Summoner-chan immediately shot up with a reserved panic. Her eyes instantly took in her surroundings, in a processing speed that would make Noel and his machines obsolete. Of course, she was nowhere near his level of intellect. She could easily outpace him in the processing of massive amounts of influx information. Leila immediately stood on guard with her Luminous Blades humming. She came to a quick realization that she was no longer at the temple in the Dragon's Chamber, she was in a lush forest oozing with massive amounts of negative energy she could only describe as magic.

Her awareness ran intermittently to her surroundings, she could instantly tell she was not in El Gaia, Ishgria, or the plethora of worlds and dimensions she visited before. No, she was somewhere that has yet to be realized by the Summoner's Hall. A different dimension was obvious, but was it traceable by the Hall? That is yet to be known. There was for sure one connection she couldn't lose and it was that same connection that woke her up.

"Leila? Can you hear me?" the familiar voice of her Goddess companion echoed once more in her mind.

She sighed in relief, she wasn't completely stranded. "Tilith—

"Leila! Oh my god! You're okay! I thought I lost you!" Tilith's relief was easily evident over their connection. Luckily Tilith managed to gain some knowledge of gates so she could easily speak through them.


Once more she was caught off, her cheek puffing out in annoyance. "Where are you? Are you safe? You're not harm—

"Tilith!" Her onslaught of questions was brought to an immediate halt. "Finally, I can speak."

Leila couldn't see it, but Tilith was slightly red from her reaction. "Mou…Tilith…what have I told you?" Leila heard her take a deep breath, "Please don't answer that." Her breath retracted, "To answer your questions my silly Goddess. One, I have no earthly clue, but can sense lots of bad juju here, but it isn't Ishgria or any other world. Two, I am in the middle of the forest so I am as safe as I can be. And three, not a single scratch on me, but there is some soreness on my bum." Emphasizing her point by rubbing it.

"As long as my favorite Goddess is fine, I can stand being marooned in unknown world." Leila commented without thinking.

Tilith giggled with an unseen flush, "Of course I am okay. I am a powerful Goddess."

Leila nodded, "Yup! And you're all mine."

A growl was heard as Tilith went speak, "Shush, Tilith. I think me hears something…" Both lines went quiet as Leila once more soaked in her surroundings. The wind whistled, the leaves shuddering in fear from the ominous silence that oppressed the canopy of foliage. There was another shuffle of leaves, the padding of something much bigger than a human foot. A black figure dashing just outside of her field of view, growls echoed lowly around her as more and more black apparitions made itself known. She is definitely not alone anymore.

"Tilith, take a rest I know this takes a lot of energy even from someone as super powered as you."

"Did something happen?"

"Yes, so I need you to go back to the Summoner's Hall and start tracking me here."

"A-are you sure? I thought I lost you once I don't want that to happen again…"

"Yes, the faster you talk to Noel the faster you can track. Now go."

"Just don't die."

"Pfft…you know that's not happening. Have a little faith please."

"Okay." And just like that Leila felt the line cut.

A howl pierced her position, just like a war cry the shadowy figures burst from their cover intent on making a meal of the women out of her dimension.

An explosion echoed throughout the Emerald Forest, catching the attention of many of the Initiate hopefuls that are fighting for a spot in this prestigious school for Huntsman and Huntresses in training. Unfortunately, for two young huntresses that explosion was well within their area. A white mystical energy swept toward them obliterating the trees in its path of carnage. Blake was first to detect the overwhelming presence due to her Faunus instincts immediately telling her to scatter. Of course, she couldn't leave her newly christened partner, Yang, to tank such danger. So she didn't what any sane person would do, "Yang, get down!" The disguised Faunus tackled the brawler to the ground.

Just in time too. The Luminescent white energy scorched the air above them, crashing through another battalion of trees, completely eradicating them, before dispersing into nothing. Shock and Awe were written in bold letters on their faces. They stood up shakily, when they entered space just above them the air felt pure, not dry and rough as one would expect from a white flame cauterizing the air.

"What in the hell was that!?" Yang couldn't contain the flabbergasted pitch that emanated from her throat.

Blake glanced at her partner, but she had no words for what she just witnessed. All she knows that if that Luminescent flame hit either one of them, well, their existence will be non-existent. "I don't know, but we should check that out and make sure who or what whatever did that is stopped."

Yang nodded hesitantly, but fighting an opponent like that was something she could not just ignore. Her want of testing her mettle far outweighed any trepidation she could have.

"Let's go." And like that, they took off with Blake obviously leading.

Several shadowy wolf like beasts rushed her without restraint. Leila's cloak fluttered as she met the first beast head-on. Leila caught the wolf's claw with the back of her forearm, the swirl of armor completely unscathed by the terrifyingly sharp claws. She shrugged her arm, dazing the beast. With an unrestrained swing her Luminescent blade cut through it body seamlessly. Unfortunately, she overestimated the beast's durability (she's used to facing off against gods that could tank strikes like those) as the excess energy took shape and wiped away a mile worth of nature and a good portion of the beasts with it. Without skipping a beat, she pivoted around a giant paw. Leila caught appendage by its "wrist" and slammed her elbow into the beast arm, a loud snapping noise accompanied by agonizing roar. She finished the beast her blade sheathing itself in its throat before she ripped it out. She expected a spurt of blood, but instead witnessed a black wispy smoke. The body following soon after, but in that smoke she sensed a high concentration of malicious energy.

She didn't dawdle on the odd phenomenon too long as another werewolf looking beast rushed her. It met the same fate with a vertical slash, once more another Luminescent energy released itself into the sky, lighting up the forest, if only briefly.

"Tch." Seeing as her weapons were proving to be a bit of overkill she flipped her blades and took a martial art stance. Her fists being her primary weapon while her Luminous Blades turning into a support. That switch in stance was near flawless and didn't interrupt the flow of battle in the slightest. The next beowolf approached in anxious hunger, swiping its claw at the Summoner. She ducked and twirled under the strike sweeping the beasts legs. It fell back, whimpering, Leila positioned herself under the falling beast and let loose a perfect uppercut. Her fists collided with its back with a huge smack and snap that sent the beast upwards. Leila ducked under another swipe from its kin, she easily countered and bisected the beast, but before it could disappear she ran up the dissipating beowolf. She boosted herself into the air catching up with her still airborne victim. The moment she was above the suspended body she twisted her body, her fist clashing before breaking through its chest with the blade following through the side the beast.

The Grimm dissipated mid-air and Leila corrected herself in the air, still suspended. From above so high she easily processed the state of the battlefield in mere moments. There were four of the creatures left below spread out enough to have an angle at her, but not enough to get in each other's way. It was then that she felt gravity apply to her once more. She nosedived towards her targets landing with a loud crash that kicked up dirt.

This left her unaffected; she fought in the thickest of fog. Her other senses amplified with their loss of sight. The scraping of claws, the whistling of wind being cut, in an instant she disappeared as two of the four remaining beowolves stopped suddenly, only to dissipate moments later. The last two rushed her in reckless abandon; dropping to her hands she pushed up her leg into its chin, following the momentum she hooked her foot around its neck and pulled herself up. With her legs now firmly wrapped around its neck she did a sudden twist. A sickening crack reverberated in her ears as she threw the lifeless and dissipating body at the other approaching Grimm. It stopped for a brief second, but that was the last mistake it made that day for the next thing that the Grimm felt was Leila's fist colliding with its skull and slamming into the ground. For a second the body laid there not realizing that its head was smashed into a fine paste. And just like that, the body dispersed.

She sighed briefly letting her guard down. Of course she would feel an impact with her back that sent her soaring forward, crashing through several trees. Landing in a shameful position, she rolled over, her world shaking for the moment. "Owie…that hurt…stupid misty, animal thing…" her world came to order again and she sat up.

In the distance she could see a trio of bears now, "Wonderful, my teddy bears are bent on my death now. Is nothing safe? What a world, what a world…" She stood and stretched out her hand as another weapon materialized, a massive, gilded axe took shape in her hand.

Her shining eyes sparkled so bright you could literally feel her stare slice right through the opposing Ursa Majors. "You are very much going to regret that…" her voice echoed through the clearing as she disappeared through the view.

"Holy Shit…"

Yang is many things, but being utterly mindblown is not something that happens often or ever at all, because she knows for a fact that her Uncle Qrow and Dad have done some pretty crazy shit. She and Blake were camping out behind a tree that was destroyed in that last attack, but even from there they witnessed some very overtop and flashy fighting. That's not to say it wasn't necessary, no, the "rule of cool" shall always apply. Sure, tanking an Ursa Major is nothing special, but it's also nothing to scoff at. No, tanking an Ursa Major, smashing through dozens of trees, and getting up like it was a minor inconvenience and then summoning a massive axe that looked like it could cut through a Goliath with ease. Let's not forget the fact that she managed to bounce her voice all around the forest and then immediately disappear in a burst of speed that rivaled and possibly outclassed Ruby's semblance. That is something beyond remarkable, but a level of badassery that very few in a lifetime can ever hope to attain.

Blake on the other hand couldn't make out if the Hunter/Huntress was a boy or girl due to the cloak covering their form rather well until she bounced her voice, which scared Blake because at one point it sounded next to her, but couldn't pinpoint where she was. Another thing she noticed, and this was the big one, she couldn't see any effects of her Aura glancing. She could see that her body collides with the enemy, but the usual glint of the Aura absorbing the attack was entirely absent. Like it didn't exist, but if that was the case shouldn't she be feeling the attacks? Her analysis was cut short when a sudden earthquake ripped across the opening, the field gaining large scars and within those scars, wispy black smoke. The Final Ursa Major was dazed from the sudden loss of its pack.

A blink of an eye and Leila sent the last Ursa Major in the sky, and just as it reached peak, the giant axe embedded itself in the neck of the Ursa and wisp away. The axe landed safely in her hand and disappeared and her cloak tightening around her body finally revealing her perfect form.

Sensing no more enemies in her vicinity she fell on her bum and fell back her hood revealing dark purple hair and purple eyes. "That was fun."

Of course Blake and Yang thought she collapsed in exhaustion and immediately rushed to her in order to aid her, but were caught off guard when she called them out, "Did you guys enjoy the show? I know I had fun." She stood up meeting the bumblebee pair with her own shining gaze.

Yang was now in more personal vicinity and really drank in her form: she had a build very similar to a mixture of Ruby's and her own. Her form oozed sexual appeal and yet, kept a cute and innocent charm. She was about Yang's height maybe a bit shorter. She was in a hugging brown cloak that looked like it was freshly pressed from a dry cleaner despite the battle damage that just ensued.

Blake stumbled for a moment, "Wh-what? H-how…?"

Yang plopped across from Leila with her legs crossed like an eager student ready to learn, "Girl, that was a whole other level of badassery! Where did you learn to fight like that?"

She hummed, pretending like she was remembering, "Oh you know, here and there, him and her, and some other things." Yang went to retort about the vagueness of the explanation, but Leila continued, "My question is why none of you wanted to help me? I mean I would help some random strangers despite seeing they are totally awesome!"

Yang merely chuckled and scratched her head, "Well…Blake?" She looked over to her feline partner. Who was still in small state of shock.

She of course shook out of it at the mention of her name, "Oh yes, um…actually we have no excuse. Sorry?" she fumbled out.

Leila's face of disapproval didn't budge. Her purple stare unnerved them, but that immediately changed when they brightened suddenly, "Well, as long as you were honest I have no complaints." She said hopping up with a smile and once more throwing Blake for a loop, but was perfectly capable still.

She curtsied with her ever present joyous smile, "I am the True Summoner Leila, but I prefer just Leila. The title always brings unwanted questions that I feel that aren't anyone's business." She said her friendliness never fading.

The duo blinked, but took the hint that the origin of that title is none of their business. "Yang Xiao Long, sexiest gal around." She introduced with enthusiasm.

"Self-proclaimed, Sexiest Gal anyway." Blake corrected and Yang pouted.

"Don't ruin my fun." Blake rolled her eyes with a smile.

"I am Blake Belladonna, but just call me Blake."

"We're a fresh set of new partners."

Leila nodded sagely, though there was nothing sagely about her next comment, "It's good to see people proud of their interests."

Blake instantly lit up crimson with Yang smiling but just as red, "No, no it's not like that! We're a team for an initiation." Blake quickly clarified.

Yang shoulders went slack, "She's right. I have yet to woo her." She playfully winked at Blake who turned away.

"Idiot." Blake shook her head while Leila just giggled at the exchange. She could see the chemistry even if they have yet to feel it. But she was not here to play matchmaker!

Blake continued on, "I don't remember seeing you around Beacon? Are you a new student?"

Leila twirled a fringe of her hair, "Nope." She said non-chalantly before lying back on the battle-scarred floor.

"So… question…" Yang trailed off.

Leila parted one eye open revealing she was paying attention. "Hm?" she rocked her head to some unheard song that only she could hear.

"How did you summon and unsummon that weapon?" Yang's eye were eager for whatever explanation, but was sorely disappointed by the actual answer.

"Magic!" she said as she raised her hand, cycling through a myriad of weapons without opening her eyes.

Yang slumped disappointed by the lack of answer, but unknown to her that was the only answer. "So you asked me a question, now I get to ask one." Yang and Blake gave Leila their attention.


"Where am I? I am like, sooo... lost and I don't recognize anything."

They duo glance at each other, but Blake answered, "You're in the Emerald Forest, near Beacon Academy."

"Ooo…I like that name. Another one, what were those things I just killed? They looked like animals, but didn't seem like anything I ever encountered before." She admitted, she has never seen such things like this in El Gaia or Grand Gaia.

"Those were Grimm; the wolves like things were beowolves and the Bears are called Ursa, while the one you fought was a superior form called an Ursa Major." She explained.

"Like the constellation?"

"The very same."


It was then that Blake realized they were still in the initiation, "Yang, we need to go."

Leila sat up, hearing the urgency in Blake's voice. "Why the rush? Sit and enjoy the sky with me. I would enjoy the company of my new friends."

Blake shook her with a disappointed smile, "We'd love to, but we gotta finish the initiation to earn our spot in Beacon."

Leila nodded, "Sounds important, I hope you make it in." she said laying back in the dirt.

Yang's eyes pleaded to Blake's and she smiled, tossing her head in an "okay" manner. A grin split across Yang's face, "How about you tag along? Not like you have anything to lose by coming along."

Leila played with the request for a moment, but shrugged. Tilith wouldn't get back to her for a while, she needs to refresh herself after using so much energy to communicate directly to Leila across, possibly, several dimensions. She stood up, "Three's a party! Let's go!"

Maybe this wasn't the smartest plan she ever came up with. Who woulda thunk? Irritate a nevermore, hitch a ride, jump off, get paid. Okay, there was no real payment worth value here…maybe the scenery? The Emerald Forest does look nice from the sky. That could work, at the lowest level. It was still better than following blindly after her partner, Weiss, who seems to have no sense of direction. The lesser of two evils Ruby says.

Ground was looking ready for a very intimate meeting, one Ruby wasn't ready for. She never did like it rough, a soft bed is much preferred, but she is sure those are not going to randomly appear in a forest. There wasn't really anything she could use for a painless landing, maybe recoil? No, the ammo she uses in particular isn't very cheap. Sure she could ask her dad to pay for it, but he's been so swamped with work that it would just be more effort than it is worth. Not much she could do, she would survive the fall, she will just be extremely sore for a while. She braced herself for impact, one that never came apparently.

She landed on some soft pillows, ones she could help but snuggle deeper in. There was a giggle with soft moan…that got Ruby's attention. When do pillows make such sounds? She opened her eyes and realized that was in fact on a variety of pillows, but it was more of a female biological type. Her face lit and met the highly amused and slightly hazy purple irises of Leila. In a flash, Ruby squeaked and backpedaled away from the girl she just physically violated.

The redette heard a familiar snicker and towards the origin. Yang stood with a hand wiping a tear away, "Oh god, Rubes. You just felt up a stranger."

"Yang!" she yelled, her face taking a near permanent shade of red. "That is so not what I was doing! No matter how soft and comfortable they were!" Ruby's hand sealed her lips.

Yang's snicker blew into full on laughter, "Wow! I never knew you had it in you!" She glanced to Leila who seemed completely oblivious to the contact, but her smile said she enjoyed it. "It looks like Leila didn't mind either."

Ruby looked to the girl, taking in her simple appearance. Nothing particularly stood, but there was one thing that she could not let go the lack of, "WEAPON!" Leila jumped back startled by the sudden invasion of her personal space.


Ruby circled Summoner-chan as if appraising her worth, "YOU. LACK. A WEAPON!" Summoner-chan blinked for a moment and smiled.

"Whatever shall I do?" She said as her Luminous Blades appeared in her hands. Instead of the white that they witnessed before it was a buzzing purple. Which brought on a few questions, but assumed it to be some type of dust loader.

Ruby reached to grab it, but the weapon disappeared and switched to a halberd. Again, Ruby went for it and it switched again, and the process repeated a few more times. Which Leila grinned, "What did you say about my lack of weapons?"

Ruby's eyes twinkled and shone at the weapons, "Your weapons look so cool!"

Leila's grin grew, "I have more~" her eyes wandered to the others in the raid party. There was a colorful collection of characters here, from an excitable red-head that was not Ruby: a calming presence emitting from a boy with a pink hair streak, Of course the lovely catgirl, Blake, and the Blonde Bombshell Yang.

A roar came from the edge of the massive clearing followed by the crashing of trees, "Those poor trees." Leila shook her head in sadness. She didn't forget the red-head running from the Deathstalker right on her tail.

"Did she just run all the way here with a Deathstalker on her tail?" Blake asked dumbfounded.

There was a shift in the wind, a warming that Leila very clearly sensed, but paid no mind to the oncoming danger that was making itself known. "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! CAN EVERYONE JUST CHILL OUT FOR TWO SECONDS BEFORE SOMETHING CRAZY HAPPENS!?"

Leila waved her hand across her face, "When winter comes remind me to cuddle with you." Just like Yang's demand, she was offered two seconds of respite.

The Rainbow Summoner felt another negative presence enter her range, but this time from the sky along with another smaller presence. She realized there was a girl riding that never more, "Oh, look she's riding that bird thing. How daring."

"HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME!?" The white haired heiress, shouted from the Nevermore.

Leila shook her head, "Already having problems with a clingy Ex. Good luck." Yang snickered.

Ruby ignored them, "I told you to jump…" she exasperated.

Blake didn't give the heiress much thought, "She's gonna fall."

"She'll be fine."

"She's falling." Ren said.

Why did she listen to that dolt. It was a stupid idea and she was right. What did she do to deserve such a useless partner? Wow, it's exhausting holding onto that Nevermore. She removed her hand and now she was falling, pretty sure she was close to hitting Mach 1 at the pace she was plummeting. This was going to hurt her, so she braced herself. Once more she felt no impact to the hard unforgiving ground. Instead she landed in a pair of sturdy arms supported by a nice cushion. Leila caught another girl in bridal style.

It only took a moment for Leila to set Weiss on her feet, "Thank you." Weiss patted herself down, shaking any loose dirt and straightening and wrinkle that may have found its way on her clothes.

Leila gave Weiss a thumb up and focused on the green eyed girl who happened to land next to Summoner-chan.

"Great," Yang began, "The gang's all here. Now we can all die together."

Leila registered the sound of whirring mechanism and the disturbance in the air, easily tracking Ruby as she dashed towards giant scorpion. The Summoner from another world could tell that Ruby was outmatched by the deathstalker. Her point was proven when she made a wide slash towards it only to recoil back and stagger. The stagger was all the scorpion needed to strike her again and send her tumbling away. Quickly shaking off her stun, she made way back to her companions. "Don't worry! Totally fine!"

The caw in the sky was all the warning Ruby was given before a barrage of feathers rained on her. Yang was on full sprint towards her younger sister. The blonde's pace quickened when a feather struck Ruby's cape and pinned her in place. She yanked and pulled on the trapped linen to no success. Yang was prevented from moving forward with her rescue by several feathers. Going no further the brawler did the only thing left, "Ruby! Get out of there!"

"I'm trying!" she retorted, fruitlessly tugging on her cape.

The deathstalker took hold of the opportunity and placed itself feet away from its prey, threatening Ruby with its pincers. The threat turned promise when the stinger was pulled back like a hammer, primed and ready. There was no way anyone could save her before the final bullet struck.

The stinger closed in on the petite form of Ruby. It was plain to see that the young huntress was accepting her fate. Get moving, Leila! Why are you just standing around like an idiot? She needs your help! Even when Seria isn't here she is still berating Leila for slow reaction time. You need to pay attention! Get moving! It was like she was there and just like if she was there, Leila pushed herself to her limits leaving a wake of kicked up dirt.

Ruby could just barely make out her sister, Yang, screaming in the distance. What she felt was not the piercing of and tearing of flesh, but a sudden shockwave shook her from the recesses of her mind. Ruby's eyes forced themselves open and what she saw would be forever burned in her mind. A white cloak with gold trimmings billowed in the wind, the rest of her armor following the gold and white palette with purple dotting different parts of the ensemble. A golden circlet with a purple gem rested upon her head. Leila's immaculate and ornate blade faced downward and her hand held above emitting a purple barrier disrupting the attack with little effort. A calming presence washed over her, something warm and protected eased away her troubles.

"Ex Deus Gladius: Grand Culmination." The blade shown with a miasma that trailed in the air as it arced towards the scorpion. An explosion of power erupted from the edge of the blade, piercing through the white plated armor like wet paper, the next moment the energy exploded outwards shearing the Deathstalker into nothing. Wisps of purple miasma licked the ground where the scorpion once stood proudly. The barrier that was there dispersed along with the flames.

The remaining company stared at the lone summoner, unable to produce coherent sentences. Yang was the only one to stand, her gaze firmly locked onto Leila. Whose squared shoulders were now slack, "Mou…that wasn't as cool as it could have been…" The group face faulted at the sheer disregard of her actual apparent badassery.

"She really has her priorities straight…" Weiss exasperated with her hand over her face.

Despite Leila's confession of trying to look cool, Yang couldn't help but admire the fact the Leila saved Ruby, a complete stranger whom she barely knew. That was more than enough to put her in Yang's good graces.

Yang's admiration didn't last long, her sister still needed her help. Ruby sat slackjawed, witnessing Leila stop and wipe out a huge Deathstalker without breaking a sweat. She didn't even notice Yang pull out the feather, far distracted by her reverie.

"Woah…" Ruby drew out the word, "She is AWESOME!" It wasn't until Yang drew the red-headed huntress into a hug that Ruby realized she was free from her confines in the shape of a single nevermore feather.

"You're not hurt are you?" Yang said pulling Ruby from her hug.

Ruby shook her head slowly. She was still mesmerized by Leila's recent victory.

Summoner-chan twirled on the ball of her foot and looked at Ruby and Co. "Can we go now? I want some fo—

An ear-piercing caw shattered the skies drawing attention to the flying Nevermore. What followed was something that couldn't have been expected at all during the Beacon initiation. A myriad of animal growls and roars echoed from within the surrounding forests. A low rumbling vibrated through the ground something was coming and it was out for blood.

A sensation racked through Leila's form, the sensation was familiar, very familiar. The last time she felt this sensation was at St. Creek and it was something she wasn't expecting to find here, of all places. Leila heard several groans of pain and defiance. The summoner looked at her new comrades, they were all struggling to stand. The massive exertion could be plainly seen in the sheen of sweat that now covered their bodies. A putrid feeling consumed her gut, her face contorted. The cries of battle and blood grew louder.

Blake felt her mind go into fight or flight mode. Her pupils dilated as a cold, creeping oppression sent shudders down her body…her instincts screaming for her to get out of there before anything. Weiss breaths became labored as she tried and failed to stay up on her own two legs. The heiress' knees dug into the dirt, spots of moisture followed her. The others followed in tandem, each falling to a knee or both knees. Only five of the nine were unaffected or faring better than the others. Yang and Ruby were near Leila whose very presence washed away the overwhelming negative energy and replaced with her own. Ren's semblance was working overtime to shield just himself from the presence and Pyrrha's strong spirit kept her up and ready for whatever was coming.

"Yang, what is this icky feeling?" Ruby asked, despite being protected Leila passive presence.

Yang's voice faltered, "I-I don't know Rubes, I don't know," Yang instinctively looked to Leila, her happy and carefree aura replaced with an apathetic and stoic one.

"A demon…"

"W-what?" Weiss wheezed out.

"You thought your 'Grimm' were scary? Their presence is nothing compared to a Demon from my world." Leila said, not bothering to hide her inter-dimensional travels at this point. Not that she ever tried to anyway, it just never really came up.

The vibrations turned to thundering roars. Leila saw her company was still struggling against the Demon's presence. This is a dangerous affair; if they couldn't fight back they will die.

There's a reason why Ruby and Yang hasn't been affected by the pressure of the demon. Her own passive presence is empowering them. Of course, only in a certain distances is it effective, a distance that extends over the siblings. They needed her presence to fight this demon. Leila closed her eyes and all extra sound faded into the background. The pounding of drums that was her heart, steadied. Her senses spread out like a wave, washing through the field.

Like a switch, sound returned and her senses returned. "Time to move ladies and germs!" the command of her tone shattering the previous mental paralysis that encompassed the present initiates.

Blake took note that in the moment Leila closed her eyes strange warmth filled her body, rejuvenating and releasing her from the oppressive terror. Suddenly that fear that gnawed at her felt like nothing more than a painless thump. She, along with the others stood up.

Weiss honed onto Leila the moment she was freed, "What happened?"

Leila didn't look back because the demon entity she's been sensing appeared from the forest ridge flanked by legions of Grimm. The Demon itself wasn't anything massive, but its aura spoke of it as extremely dangerous. It was definitely taller than most humans, it dress consisted of several heavily dented and scarred armor plates adorned in random places as if once whole, but was broken apart after years wear and battle destruction. Scars littered the unprotected purple flesh, its blood red eyes pulsing with hatred and bloodlust. The worst part of the demon was the belt created from bones of animals, Grimm, and human skulls, but the most horrifying part was the flecks of skin and caked blood that still ornamented yellow stained bones. "Less talky, more monster killing."

Ruby broke from her sister's grasp and landed next to Leila, scythe ready. "I'm all for it, but there are too many just for the nine of us." She said.

"Don't forget the grotesque thing that's leading them." Yang gagged.

Ren and the others joined Leila and Co. with Ren instantly introducing himself with an observation, "That's the demon." He stated.

"Not even in some far off world am I free from these buzzkills…" Leila whined completely numb to the demons broken features.

Weiss, unfortunately, was unable to handle its figure and emptied her stomach on the floor and Jaune was not far behind. Weiss then glared at Leila, "Can't you take this seri-hurk-ously?"

The demon surveyed the area in front of it, trying to locate the source of the familiar power of a summoner. It's been a while since it fought a summoner, the last one it fought died too quickly for to be any level of satisfying. It had more fun taming these pathetic creatures called "Grimm" then it did in that battle. The demon's gaze honed in on Leila, sensing the incredible power coming from her. A sickening grin revealed its bloodied teeth and rancid tongue. A slasher smile never to be forgotten. Then it spoke in the most guttural voice that slithered around each word and tainted the listener's ears, "You, summoner." Leila looked at it with a stare that shear the fabric of time, "I can sense your incredible power…"

"Oh goody! Then you know your completely outmatched, yes?" she responded with a faux excitement.

The Demon's slasher smile exploded into a manic laughter, a kind of laughter that you here in only the darkest of pits from the most hellish of monsters with the most sickening of agendas, "Aren't you a cheeky one?" his laugh returned, "Face me, Summoner! I can't wait to grind your bones between my teeth while I abuse your flesh in eternal damnation!"

Faces of disgust decorated the company of students, "Ruby, you and your friends keep those Grimm occupied while I deal with twisted bastard born in the feces of demons."

Their faces distorted even more as they shuddered and turned away, "The descriptive was unnecessary." Weiss complained as she held down another ball of bile.

Ruby ignored her partnered and nodded. She turned to the other seven, "Alright, everyone you heard Leila! Let's keep those Grimm busy!" she ordered.

Yang slammed her fist into the palm of her hand and smirked, "Oh yeah, I've been itching for a challenge."

Blake took position next to her blonde companion, "There's a whole army of them. Try not to get careless." The ninja cat brandished her weapon, "I've got your back if you got mine."

Yang's smirk turned into a full on grin, "You know it."

Weiss took her spot next to Ruby, "Hmph. Try not to do anything too idiotic. I need you around if I am going to get a good grade."

"I'll try my best, Weiss."

"I expect nothing less, partner." Hearing those words roll off Weiss' tongue brought a smile to her fierce game face.

Ren and Nora held their own weapons out, their eyes traded an unspoken message, "Always."

"Just follow my lead, Jaune. You'll be fine."

"Right, dozens of Grimm versus us…great, I am totally not going to die." He said weakly.

Despite Ruby's readiness to hold off the Grimm, she had to ask. Ruby placed her hand on Leila's shoulder, "Are you sure you'll be fine on your own?" She asked as she worriedly glanced between Leila and the approaching Demon.

Leila shrugged, "Tall, dark, and nasty?" she queried.

Ruby nodded. "I fought taller, uglier, and nastier. So…yeah."

"If you're sure…" Summoner-chan smiled, "Alright, but if you're in trouble don't be afraid to call out."

"I wouldn't worry too much. I always have help at the wave of a hand." She said before dashing towards the Demons whose slasher smile turned up to eleven.

"Help at the wave of a hand?" Yang looked to Ruby, "Was she referring to us?"

Weiss snorted, "Of course. It's not like she can actually summon help at the wave of a hand."

"At this point, I don't think I would be surprised." Blake said.

"Oh plea—

The roar of the Grimm brought the banter to an end, "Yeah, I don't think we have time to play this guessing game." Jaune said to the monochrome duo, "Pyrrha, you're with me. Nora, Ren prepare to harass those grim with gunfire." The three nodded.

"Alright, girls, let's do this!" Ruby turned to Yang, "Draw their fire." The blonde bombshell nodded, "Blake, provide cover for Yang." Blake followed her partner as Yang charged in, "And Weiss, support them."

"Okay, what about you?"

"I'll also be providing cover." Ruby twirled her scythe before embedding the tip into the earth. She pulled the bolt on Crescent Rose and fired off a round into the skull of an unfortunate Beowolf.

The displaced summoner's weapon transmogrified into a bow as she ducked under the swipe of an Ursa that broke rank and fired three simultaneous arrows into its chest. Leila locked onto the fast approaching Demon and released a volley of arrows in its direction. The demon knocked the arrows out of the air. In a burst of speed, the demon covered the distance between it and its prey. It thrust its clawed hand at Leila. The telegraphed attack was easily avoided by her sliding under it. Mid-slide she spun, firing an arrow into the back of demon causing him to briefly stumble. Unfortunately, the monster looked unbothered and laughed instead as he yanked the arrow from his back.

The demon once again closed the distance between them in the blink of an eye. Numerous attacks were thrown at her at wicked speeds that even she was hard-pressed to dodge. In a moment of over extension, Leila gripped the demons arm and pulled its gut into her knee. The crazed demon coughed before it was sent back several feet. The moment of reprieve bought the Summoner just enough time to change her weapons again. This time though, she released the full power of her Sacred Lance: a process that changed her attire completely…her once white and gold armor, now a black dragonscale like chainmail, and midnight purple armor pieces and a dragon spine like hairband.

The unnamed opponent's smile stretched so wide it looked like it was going to rip the already disfigured mound of flesh called a "face". The dragoon spun her lance parrying the demon's increased speed, but this time she had a far easier time deflecting its attacks. Of course, the experienced Dragonslayer was not keen on staying on defensive. Leila twirled the lance around her body, knocking the demons strike off mark. Another twirl and the end of her lance collided with his armored side, pushing away the demon. A flurry of thrust threw the demon into defense.

With the full force of her weapon released her physical capabilities multiplied. A thrust struck the demons shoulder and Leila spun the lance once more picking up plenty of momentum. The bladed edge skimmed across its shattered chest plate and landed under the chin. The mad beast was launched several feet in the air accompanied by another volley of thrusts. Each thrust finding its mark and juggling it in the air. The Dragoness jumped and spun around hooking the Demon into the blade and returning him to the ground with a sickening crack.

Dirt was tossed in the air, concealing the form of the monster. The True Summoner has been in enough battles that she learned to take the time to confirm the kill. She wasn't expecting a mad laughter echo from the Demon. "Oh my, oh my, oh my… This-this is what I've been waiting for…a battle that will allow me to unleash my true power." The sounds of bones mending and snapping into place consumed the immediate area of their fight.

The filthy presence began to amplify, the very essence of demonic energy was visible off the demon. "Feel my power! Know my name! I am Chernobog – The Black God! KNOW MY NAME, THUS FEEL MY POWER!" The bearer of all things evil in the night roared. The Demonic energies exploded outwards removing the dirt in the air and consuming the light.


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