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The morning came quickly the next day. The solar orb flared brightly into the private dorm room she was assigned; the glow illuminating the red sheets and warming the walls in a soft hazel luminescence. Leila's own dark purple hair was a shade lighter from the kiss of the sun, her hazel skin's natural glow remained unblemished by the meeting of lights.

The gentle kiss of warmth was more than enough to wake her from her slumber. A simple routine followed her awakening moments. A luxurious hour later, Leila appeared from her bathroom, refreshed and fully awake. It was about 7:15 a quarter of an hour before she would meet with Glynda at the Docking bay. The scroll she held was newly minted and top of the line. She acquisitioned it while running through proper channels with Oz and Glynda to get her forms sorted out.

As predicted, there was still no word from Tilith. The Summoner chosen by the gods could think of a few reasons why she hasn't contacted her yet. They were all expected problems so she didn't dwell on the thoughts too much. Her summoning capabilities were another thing that she thought about, she hasn't used them since she found herself here, but the thread of power that she felt was still as strong as ever so she was sure she could summon without issue.

That would be something she would need later. A flash revealed her Luminous Blade attire, Dark Element, and a black summoner's robe fluttered around her body revealing her attire with each sway of her hips. Her Blades lay unignited on the clip of her belt.

"This should do it…" with not much time left she made her way to the Docking Bay located on the built-in map of Beacon and Greater Vale.

A stampede of footsteps echoed down the hall, a silent raging Weiss led the group of students to their first class of the year. Unfortunately, due to the machinations of her leader they were on a one- way ticket to late city. They were woken up early, but that didn't halt them from focusing on bedroom frivolities like decorating. That could have been saved till after class.

She stopped deftly in front of the classroom door when she saw that Ruby had yet to walk in. One would figure that with her natural speed she wouldn't be wasting time hanging in front of the door. The fellowship of RWBY arrived just behind Weiss.

"What's going, Rubes?" Yang asked, placing her hand on her waist.

Ruby looked at them with a megawatt grin, "Classes were cancelled suddenly!"

The Red Speedster opened her scroll to her notification center, "A message from Glynda." Ruby shook with excitement as Weiss slowly read the message;

"Hello Team Leaders,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, classes will be cancelled for the day.

To the first years, you are to report to the Amphitheatre. A late examinee has arrived and will be put through a new initiation crafted by Headmaster Ozpin. After the trial she will be chosen to support one of your teams.

Do bare heed, once acquired she will not be bound to your team. She will be moved as required and will not share a dorm with you, but in the cases for classes, team training, Festivals, and missions she will be your official team member.


Glynda Goodwitch

Weiss was livid, Ruby's complete disregard for her position flared her ever increasing frustration with the undeserving brat. She fails to act her age or take anything seriously. To why Ozpin assigned her team leader over herself will forever frustrate her. She was the only one qualified, in her opinion, for such an important duty. Unfortunately, she had no time to mull in her anger as she released Ruby's scroll back to her.

"Would you look at that…a lucky break." Yang said, familiar with contents on the scroll, "I wonder if it was Leila."

Weiss growled at the mention of another immature child she ran into, but she could not deny she was at least powerful, but powerful rarely correlates with talent. The girl was seemingly unbothered and oblivious to the chaos around her. It infuriated her that Ozpin allowed so many imbeciles to enter his school. "An oblivious case like her is a danger to those around her."

"Some danger, she saved you from falling and protected my sister. Where do you get off saying she is a danger?"

She tut and looked away. Yes, she saved her, but she was hardly in danger. As for Ruby's reckless action she was a fool and only a fool would save a fool. "Hardly cases worth mentioning."

Yang's eyes flared red, ready to rip Weiss a new one. Blake, while she agreed with Yang, quickly stopped the fight before it could escalate. "Save this for our sparring class tomorrow. We need to head to the auditorium."

It didn't take long for them to reach a massive room with an equally massive screen. Their arrival was drowned by the veritable sea of students that allocated to the auditorium. Students chatted within the confines the amicable atmosphere, anticipating the event and this mysterious female student. The guys were more excited than the woman by a longshot. Ruby had saved their seats since she managed to arrive before the others. A few polite gestures and platitudes and they were seated.

The scythe user tittered in her seat, absolute giddy to see the kind of weapons that would be used. "Oh can't wait for the weapons! It's so exciting!"

"Relax yourself, sis." Yang said using her hand to keep her still.

"I just can't! It's wonderful, isn't it!"

Weiss' mood spiraled even more once Ruby opened her mouth. There was no time to dwell on it as Ozpin appeared on stage with Gynda at his side, per usual.

"Good morning," He greeted. "I hope all your living quarters match your needs, yes? We had a late arrival appear before us. Without the time to appropriate a proper initiation that didn't interfere with ongoing classes, I crafted a trial that will test the limits of the initiate beyond most students' capabilities. As I see it, this punishment for arriving late instead of the specified time and day. Arriving late to a mission is the same as sentencing your team to death." The audience gasped. "You are free to acquire her for your team, but make no mistake a fifth member is very much a boon, but like most boons there is a price; your challenges will be harder and above all else, your burden will be greater. Another soul is another life in your hands."

Glynda opened her scroll and accessed the live feed of Leila. The massive screen lit up and sound overtook the auditorium. The engines revealed itself to be the inside of a bullhead. That's about all that they could distinguish, because all eyes were drawn to Leila, she was in her most revealing outfit yet that hugged her figure perfectly.

The robe she wore fluttered in the wind as she gazed out of the gap in the bullhead. "The late arrival, Ms. Suou, has been tasked with hunting and collecting a scale from a Sea Dragon that has been plaguing the coastal and trade port cities for years."

Yang and Ruby let out wicked loud cheers.

It was Leila and she was primed for combat.

The consistent turbulence that invaded the bullhead kept Leila on her toes. A flying aircraft was new to her, but the act of flying was not. She has ridden winged beasts with no safety. It was still a nice novelty to her.

She whistled for the pilot in the cockpit, "Hey, chauffeur, I am going to need you to stop here."

"Sorry ma'am, no can do. I need to get you to that Sea Dragon." The man said. "And I don't see any other way for you to get there."

Leila had the look of someone who knew something you didn't, "Trust me, I do."

She didn't even wait for him to respond. Her hand sparked as she fell and through it forward, "Sacred Purpose, Lukroar! Obey my call!" The area around her rippled with shockwaves of power, her cloak snapped dangerously, barely hanging on. A massive glyph appeared below her, the area itself warped, twisted, and perversed the fabric of reality itself.

White and Golden wings pierced through the summoning circle, another set of wings found their way out, the wings were covered in gold, black, and ice blue armor. Four more arms broke from the circle also covered in gold armor. The wrists had their gold rings around them and a sparkling ball of energy floated just inches away from the massive arm. The tail followed after with its own scaled armor above it and another gold ring at the end. With most of its limbs free, his wings spread, massive wingspan creating its very own air currents, it flapped and the summoning circle shattered as the beast bulleted into the air. It's form lit up the sky in a golden light, blinding the bullhead briefly before he turned his ship around, eager to leave the beast behind.

The light even blinded the students on the other end of the camera. A roar radiating with pure unadulterated power shook the heavens and the students within the auditorium. "Summoner Leila, why have you called me here?"

Leila stood upon her summon, the shockwave and power barely affecting her elegant poise upon the dragon's head. She pumped her fist, "Yes, it did work. I was worried for a moment." She said wiping the invisible sweat drop off her forehead.

There are some things in this world where you're at point of complete and total shock that you fail to process a scene that has played right in front of you. This is one of those moments. An eerie silence befell the students and staff alike, none were expecting a massive dragon to appear from what looked like a summoning Glyph. A detail that Weiss took heavy notice of.

Ozpin's mug, while still grasped firmly in his hand, so much so that his knuckles turned white. His eyes were widened, a far cry from his piercing gaze. Glynda was in no better shape, her own mouth spread open in awe. Ozpin, despite the shocking discovery that threw him into a loop was quick to recover and quipped, "In hindsight, we should have asked about her abilities, but for the sake of our sanity let's just say it's part of her semblance." Glynda closed her mouth and gave a positive shake of her head.

Yang was beyond blown away, she just did a thing and summoned a massive dragon to her aid and it speaks. Ruby looked like she just won the lottery for strawberries, cookies, and all things weapons. Her eyes were wide and full of unvarnished awe. If Blake could move her ears they would be flat on her head in shock and level of nervousness she hadn't felt before. There are very few things that surprise the young cat Faunus, but even she couldn't hold back her awe for the majestic beast and Leila's ability summon such things. Weiss, who once dismissed the girl, now held an unwavering respect and copious amounts of envy for the woman who could summon. Where is she struggles on that particular branch.

Of course, the rest of the students were just as blindsided as everyone else.

It was Yang who broke from her trance, "Holy shit! That is badass!" of course the crude wording caught everyone's attention in the silent room, but no one made to reprimand her because everyone was thinking…well except for the staff, but they understood her usage so they let it slide for now.

And like a maestro conducting her orchestra, the rest of the students burst into chatter, following Yang's lead.

Any comments that the rest of RWBY had were cut off when another dragon exploded from the sea. This, obviously being her target. It was nowhere near as large as Lukroar, but it was no less intimidating to the viewers.

"That." Her finger pointed to the slithering Sea Dragon. Lukroar stared at the nimble beast as it slithered through the air, its wings propelling its speed.

The Divine Dragon roared as the small reptile shot a laser beam at them as it passed. Despite the roar the beam of energy glanced of his armored body uselessly. "This beast is weak. You can easily destroy this thing on your own."

"I know, but I lack the wings to keep up with it…plus," she plopped herself on her Lukroar's snout, "I missed my big buddy." She said hugging the dragon's nose.

"Summoner Leila, should I vanquish this beast for you?" It asked, its voice booming.

"Nope, I need to pluck a scale from it before we destroy it." She patted his snout and jumped on his head, "Keep him still for me, ya?" She pulled her pistols from her behind her cape, several high powered rounds clashed with the opposing dragon's face, corroding the thick plated armor.

The Grimm roared and focused its attacks on the small figure running along Lukeroar's back. The beams were no more than leaves hitting his back, a weak breeze. "Lukeroar, catch that dragon and keep it still!"

"As you command, Heiress." his voice boomed once more.

That call caught Weiss's attention more than the summoning, "Did that giant reptile call her Heiress?"

Blake nodded, surprised by that revelation as well, "It would seem so."

"Looks like you have more in-common with the 'oblivious case' than you thought." Yang fired as Ruby cheered when Leila fired off her pistols again.

Ruby yanked Yang's sleeve, "Oh! Oh! Did you see that! Those glowing purple rounds she's firing are corrosive shots! Do you know how expensive that type of dust is? Only veteran Huntsmen with consistent successes in high ranking mission can afford rounds that devastating!"

Yang chuckled ignoring Weiss's scalding look, "Easy, sis. Aren't those particular rounds supposed to be like a really bright green because of the volatility?" She asked.

"She's right, the brighter the dust the more volatile it is. Those are purple." Blake said.

"Purple rounds are usually gravity rounds. Normally, such rounds are ineffective for killing Grimm, but hers are eating the thick armor away. It doesn't make any sense." Weiss said completely baffled by the fact she is defying the laws of dusts.

The Scythe Wielder's face contorted, "Hm…you're right."

"There!" Leila yelled, her voice carrying through the live feed as the sealing beast gripped the dragon before it could to another fly-by.

The Sea Dragon screeched and wiggled, fired off blasts of energy at the Lukroar to no effect. Leila holstered her pistols and ignited her Luminous Blades, the purple light humming once more. She ran the length of Lukroar's arm until she reached the wrist. The Imprisoned dragon saw her approach and fired a much thicker laser at the woman.

Ruby gasped when the beam struck home, along with the rest of the team. Sea Dragon Beams were known for their instant incineration, even with an Aura, it would just bypass it and leave a gorge where the beam struck. Which is why it confused many when the lasers seem to deflect right off her dragon, but a mere human taking a direct hit from one was usually instant death, no matter who you are.

"She survived right? Her dragon survived it, shouldn't she be able to as well?" Nothing. "Yang?"

The brawler didn't know what to say, "I…" it was at that moment that the beam began to shrink, the murmurs of anticipation brought everyone's attention back to the screen. And what they saw surprised them all.

Leila's blades were crossed in-front of her, the purple blades growing in size as the beam itself shrunk till nothing appeared. "If I didn't need you alive you would be dead beneath my heel already!" With a flick of her wrists the contained energy released itself and corroded the Dragon's wings, fins, and arms, leaving nothing behind, but the anguish roar of a mutilated beast. "I have no problem clipping you though."

Her usually cheery eyes burned with annoyance. She ran up the length of Lukroar's arm again, but kicked herself into the air and flipped as she crashed down with all the force of a meteor. The kick broke through her Dragon's grip and sent the Sea Beast speeding to the water with a loud boom just before it hit the water and sunk below.

No, she didn't stop there. Instead she ran off his arm, once more kicking herself towards the splash zone of the beast. Her arm sparked again, blue another glow filled the area, but this time it originated from the ocean as she went under.

The auditorium remained silent as Weiss, while anticipated to see why the ocean was glowing couldn't help but shake her head at the woman for destroying her obvious advantage and attack it in its home field advantage; even though her kick was highly impressive, especially with all the power behind it.

The ocean burst upwards, revealing another woman that was not Leila. Globs of water orbited around her, along with odd looking bronze cogs that wrapped around two of the orbs of water. Her clothing was especially outlandish, blue robes with bronze accents, a blue and bronze crown, with ice blue accents. The platinum blonde hair and chocolate skin made her turquoise eyes pop out.

"Amu Yunos, impose my will."

"With pleasure, Leila!" The water split revealing the wriggling water dragon.

The beast had no time to recover as it was forced under her heel, her blade ignited, searing the outer layer of the dragon's armor. It didn't take long for the scales to reveal themselves. In a show of brutality she gripped the scale and tore it from beast. It tried to scream, but her blade ended the creature's destructive life. Leila shook her head, "Huh, what?" She looked around to see a giggling Amu Yunos. "Amy! What are you doing here!" she exclaimed in unadulterated excitement as she glomped one of her favorite units.

The tinkling laugh returned, "I'd say you snapped again. It usually happens and you usually summon me for that."

Her face made a ":O" face and she scratched her head sheepishly, "Aw… crapbaskets. Last time it happened that old city I was training at was completely leveled. And you were there when I came to."

"I dunno Leila, but it's always nice being summoned by you, it gets me out of that boring dimension even if it is to just eviscerate weak enemies." She chuckled.

"I'm glad you like it."

Their conversation was projected through the live feed where Yang was cracking up at her admission of blackout destruction. Yang has done that a few times, but Leila leveled an entire city, and old one, but a city nonetheless.

Ruby was awed by how easily Leila's glowing blade cut through the Grimm. She couldn't tell what kind of energy was emitting, but it looked sort of like laser or tesla energy, but more erratic than lasers and more subdued than tesla. She would have to ask her if she could see the weapon to see if she can incorporate such energy to the tip of her scythe, oh! And ask about those corrosive purple rounds, see if she can haggle a few from Leila.

Weiss was once more awed by her summoning capabilities. If it works anything like hers, these are all enemies she defeated at one point or another. That says volumes about her combat capabilities, for the two she summoned they seemed incredibly powerful. She hates to admit, but she can learn powerful summoning capabilities from Leila.

Blake could see the incredible talent and obvious signs of someone who has been in the trenches and came out mostly unscathed. But her prone to blackouts with no noticeable trigger worries her. Weiss may have been onto something when she said she is a danger, but how often do they actually happen? That could be the make or break for her, in Blake's opinion.

All their musing was cut short when a terrible buzzing cut through the air. Unfortunately, Weiss was familiar with that sound, "Lancers…"

Another presence entered her detection range, "Aw… who's bugging us Amy?"

Amu Yunos, shrugged, "An enemy this way comes, little Leila." Leila scoffed and Amu chuckled because she actually looks like a child in this form.

The buzzing filled the air, overtaking any other noise within immediate area. "Ugh…I'm getting a headache from this buzzing, Amy!"

"It is quite annoying, call for Lukroar."

Leila was ahead of her and sent a mental ping for him to come pick them up. Lukroar was there in a matter of seconds, "Summoner Leila…" Leila fist pumped and jumped onto her companion.

"I'll see you later okay, Amy?"

"Farewell, little Leila!" Amo Yunos faded with the wave of Leila's hand.

The horde of Lancers arrived as Leila ascended with Lukroar, "Alrighty. Lukroar, wipe them."

Particles of energy coalesced within the Dragon's maw as the Lancers approach oblivious to danger that will befall them. "Get ready…release!" A bright blue torrent followed by a high pitched whistling, blazed through the sky. On collision, another massive release of concussive energy blankets the impact point. The wisps of black smoke feathered and dissipated.

Leila plopped on her bum and leaned against Lukroar, "Thanks buddy, can you take me to land so the pilot boy can pick me up and take me back to Beacon?" she closed her eyes as Lukroar nodded his head slightly as not to disturb his summoner.

The camera lens finally came into focus after energy dispersed. The camera was once more focused on Leila and her Dragon companion. There was little else happening, but the reprieve was completely absent as students and staff alike remained dumbstruck and very puzzled, but they all settled on the fact that her ability lies within her semblance, a skill for summoning, like a Schnee, but not a Schnee.

It only took Yang's cheer, after recovery, for the rest to follow like dominoes. The sounds of applause and cheers filled the room, many students wondering if they would be able to attain her before others. "We need her on our team!" Ruby squealed gaining her companions' attention.

The grin that marred Ruby's told Weiss, that she was going to take her into their team no matter what anyone said. Irritatingly enough, she was of the same mindset. Leila's summoning capabilities were, she would never admit to anyone, astounding. Of everything she knows, it is her own summoning skill that has eluded her. Marking no progress since Winter informed her about their most powerful ability years ago before she left for the military.

Against her own comfort she spoke out, "I think it would be prudent if we were to recruit her to our team." Weiss's unexpected eagerness gained both of her older teammates' attention and another squeal from Ruby.

Yang blinked and grinned, "Welcome to the bandwagon, Ice Queen." A yell of indignation escaped the Heiresses lips, but that largely remained inconsequential as she settled down immediately after.

Weiss's agreement was unexpected, but very much welcomed. Yang, of course, felt all sorts of adrenaline pump through her system, Leila made her plenty excited in more ways than one. The girl knew how to fight, take a serious hit, practically negate and reflect it, she could even summon people in tight spots, that would boon any team. And last but not least, she is super chill, rarely taking things seriously and can no doubt have fun. Something she thinks this team will sorely need, Weiss is uptight, Blake is reserved, and Ruby, well, she knows how to have fun, but there are some things she can't joke around with her sister, protect her purity and innocence and all that. In the end, Leila would be a lot of fun.

"I don't think it is very wise to attach her to our squad…" The devil's advocate, Blake, offered her opinion. She could without a doubt be a boon to their team, but that does not erase the possibility of her random blackouts. That's a dangerous trait to have, an unnecessary variable she didn't want to experience.

Yang stared at her partner with a look of betrayal, "What do you mean 'not very wise' Blake?" her body completely facing Blake now. Weiss and Ruby equally curious about her stance.

During their foray of their questions, a rumbling came from the live feed. The feed itself is showing Leila leaning against a tree, located near a coastal forest. It would seem during their chat Leila landed and unsummoned her massive dragon while waiting for the pilot to come back around and pick her up.

The shaking disrupted her break, her purple eyes peering through her eyelids. There was very little time to react as solid ground erupted in front of her, rocks flying here and there. A long spear like tentacle perforated through the debris and rubble, the end point shattering the ground.

"What the—

Another tentacle appeared behind her and instantly ran her through her stomach, "Crapbaskets…Seria always said to keep my guard up…" she spit up blood as she was yanked into the air and held up by the appendage, blood dripping from her wound.

A four story Xenomorphic being climbed from the hole, destroying more of the ground as it ascended from the depths of Remnant. It skins was a leathery black, pure white bone trailing from its neck, down its spine, and along the tail that hooked itself into Leila who was still coughing up globs of blood. Another dozen tentacles swayed from its back, anticipating their next attack. The creature's elongated head was covered in a white skull mask, four pulsing red eyes, and burning red veins. The maw had rows of teeth dripping with saliva, the bodily fluid sizzling when they touch the ground.

Gasps of horror were heard all around, "Oh my god! Ruby don't look!" Yang yelled, but was too late as Ruby's eyes were wide with horror, her eyes glistened.

"She can survive that right? She can recover, right?" Yang wanted to say, "Yes, she could. She will recover…" but lips remained sealed. It was a clean cut all the way through, it would be impossible to survive that. Instead of saying anything, Yang remained silent. To Ruby, that was all the answer she needed as she leaned into Yang, silent sobs meeting Yang's jacket.

Weiss placed her hand over mouth, containing the gasp that escaped her throat. She's seen death before, plenty of it, but what she witnessed, witnessing, is more than just a recording it's live, it's current, and it is someone who she fought with and a generally all around friendly and good person. So the death struck her harder than any death of a politician or board member from Atlas.

Blake turned away from the gruesome scene, death is never easy to watch, she's never participated in the act itself, but she was part of a group that had no problem condoning it. It was pretty much the same as committing the crime herself. She may not have liked the idea of blackouts, but no deserved to die on a live feed like that.

The headmaster watched the feed intensely, something was off about the scene. A hunter would have died near instantly from a devastating blow. Organs would have been torn apart, spines severed, and so on and so forth. She was still struggling and only occasionally coughing up blood, nothing that would say it was totally fatal aside from the appendage hooked through.

"Ozpin, should we stop the feed." Glynda ask her finger hovering over the shutdown button.

The Wizard shook his head, "I have a feeling our new friend is hardly out of the fight." Ozpin glanced at Glynda's hesitation, but she followed through nonetheless removing her hand from her scroll.

"Why aren't they stopping the—

The Xenomorph's screeched returning the faces of grief to the screen .

"Stupid freaking alien looking thing!" The summoner's hand took the beasts tail into a vice grip, crushing the armor and the tail within her grasp. She was dropped as the tail went slack.

The heavy thud of her body shot a jolt of pain through her wound as the alien thrashed and screamed, creating gouges in the earth and destroying the trees, even the one where Leila was laying before her path intersected with the monster's own. Leila rolled over, her hand struggling to cover the wound. She placed her free hand in her robe, a barely noticeable flash revealed a staff with a blue crystal, that matched her also, now blue hair and blue eyes.

With a flick of her wrist, a blue sheen covered her body, sealing her wound. The only thing leftover was blood to show that there was in-fact a wound there. A geyser of water rocketed the beast from underground and sent it staggering away allowing her a reprieve.

Another wave of surprise converged within the auditorium. Plenty of disbelief was felt around the room, boggled the minds of students and staff. Even Ozpin who expected the unbelievable in everything was befuddled by the display. That was something he could not cover up with simple explanations of Aura of Semblance, he would need to get creative if people come asking questions. Glynda fared no better.

Ruby wiped her tears away with a new found awe in their mysterious companion. Sure it was scary seeing her get 'killed' so unexpectedly like that, but the way she crushed the Protomorph's tail with ease and then did something she didn't think was possible, she accosted her staff and with nary a movement, her wound was quickly sealed as if it never existed. It was beyond the coolest thing ever!

Surprise was something Yang has become accustomed to since meeting the mysterious figure who didn't think twice about saving her sister from certain death. With every turn and stride, one after another she blindsided her each and every time with unbelievable capabilities. After witnessing the many things she was sure she couldn't be surprised anymore, a fact that was quickly proven wrong with the newest development.

The screeching turned roar of hatred, the Protomorph focused back to the offender, its tentacle expanding and stretching, coiled and ready to strike. Leila wasted no time abandoning her staff in favor of something that granted her a boon to speed. She cycled to one of her favorite weapons, a weapon she has been using quite often coming to this world, her Luminous Blades remade their debut. This time, just like her hair and eyes, they were an intense fiery red.

The Protomorph struck first in rapid succession, a speed that she could easily dodge and parry. The balls of eyes were erratic catching telegraphed strike and predicting the next ten every time. Compared to fighting the likes of Shisui and Ark, she was playing with a newborn pup. Unlike a newborn pup, it was not cute or adorable in any sense of the word. She rolled out of the way of a speeding tentacle, smoothly returning to a run and bisecting the tentacle. The abomination screeched again as the sliced appendage sputtered a green viscous liquid, the mess landing on her armor plate. The sludge bubbled in her ear, attempting to eat away at the plated black armor to no avail. You can't deteriorate that which is made out of highly condensed, multilayered magic.

The slime was swiped away with her gloved hand.

The limp tail thrashed as the Protomorph spun, attempting to lash out with its tail. It hit, but she barely budged. She whipped her weapon and removed its tail, she jumped back as another appendage slammed her previous location. Her blade then embedded itself into the alien's stomach as another cry of pain vacated its throat. She twirled and ripped out her blade, more liquids spilling. Mid twirl she amputated its long jagged leg, the next leg separated from its torso. The monster roared and swung at Leila, who stood just out of reach, deflecting the tentacle appendages.

Another one flew out her, but this time when she dodged it she took hold of the tentacle allowing it to pull her above the Protomorph. A single fluid motion bisected the appendage whilst switching into a massive hammer.

There was a loud cheer in the audience, "It's hammer time!" The voice unique to a redhead called "Nora" laugh in the bubbliest sadistic voice the crowd has ever heard.

"Nora…" a calmer voice exasperated.

Nora chuckled, "Sorry Ren."

A cacophony of what sounded like an umpteenth amount of birds chirping consumed all noise as every pair of eyes and spectacles was summoned back to the live feed. What they saw would expound the massive and explosive power that this one girl wielded.

Another color change turned her red hair into long golden locks that whipped as she fell towards the beast. Her hammer looked like a ball of pure unadulterated lightning, it glowed as if divinity itself released a meteor of pure electrical charge, because when that hammer struck, the contained energy burst upwards in a pillar of golden lightning. The flash of the explosion once more blinded the audience through the feed. And when it cleared, the beast was no more…all that was left in its wake was a charred blackened imprint of the Protomorph.

Leila's hammer dispersed as she fell onto her back with a groan, "Umu…I am going to be sore tomorrow…" she threw herself on her side mumbling unheard curse, but one thing did stand out, "Stupid Hentai Alien face…"

No one knew what 'hentai' meant, but from the usage it was definitely an insult and for one reason or another the audience found the comment childish, but equal funny as the room belted with snickers and laughter. Their previous shock gone and with the recovery Ruby disappeared in a tornado of petals, "Headmaster, she needs to be on my team, now." She demanded, she tried to look serious, but only failed, but Ozpin chuckled at the sight and nodded.

"Your request is approved, Ms. Rose."

The little Rose's fist punched the sky with a grin as bright as the sun. Glynda shook her head, but smiled at the young girl's enthusiasm.

Ozpin then addressed the crowd, "I am sorry to inform those who were looking forward to a fifth member, but she was just claimed—

Cries of protest and anger flared from the teens and young adults. Ozpin remained unfettered by the squawks of his students and instead raised his hand, quieting the students in a very seasoned manner, "As I was saying, she was claimed by Ruby Rose of Team RWBY."

All throughout the room were grumbles of disappointment. Ozpin chuckled at his student's passing depression, "As you know, I never really gave any particular time slot for her to be claimed. It would be your eagerness that determines who claimed her, an eagerness that radiated from Ruby." The crowd sighed disappointingly and begrudgingly accepted that in all things "The early bird gets the worm" or in this case the new teammate.

"Now, an acronym is rather simple for this new team. While it's per usual to use the first letter of one's name I have decided that simplicity is key, as in most things, and used the 'S' her surname, Suou, in an amalgamation to form team 'RWBYS'." Despite the tiny bit of bitterness, everyone cheered in unity for the new team of RWBYS.

The enigma of a man allowed the students their cheer before addressing them once more, "To those of you who showed up, you are dismissed and for Team RWBYS, congratulations on your new member." He said while the rest filed out for the rest of their afternoon leaving only the mentioned team.

The rest of the previously known "RWBY" accompanied their leader on stage, "Way to go, sis. We got the ultra badass on our team now." Yang said with her arm thrown over Ruby's shoulder. Said girl was still bouncing slightly from their new member. Her smile looked like it was to be permanently plastered on her face.

"She is so AWESOME!" she shook and squealed excitedly.

Even Weiss had a barely noticeable grin, "I sure hope she is worth all the extra work we'll have to do to compensate for addition." She reminded, while Ruby felt her cheer wilt for a moment it was quickly rejuvenated. No way was Ruby letting that ruin her mood.

Yang groaned at the reminder and let her shoulders sag with a weary smile, "That is going to suck, but I think we'll survive." The blonde bombshell may seem like a bimbo, but ask Ruby and she'll tell you don't let her character to fool you she's pretty sharp when she needs to be.

Blake remained silent, her warning earlier completely forgotten in the excitement that was their new team member, Leila. She still feels that she is a dangerous variable, but there isn't much else she can do right now. For now, she will let it go, but she will keep an eye on her newest teammate for any signs that could tip her off.

"Now, let's go meet your newest member at the docking bay.

Remember, I originally wrote this as just "Badasses, being Badasses" the plot and her mentor role came somewhere after writing it and before actually thinking about posting it on here. So yes, Leila just said "Fuck you" to what should have been a Lethal stab to a normal Huntsman/Huntress.

No, she is not immortal. I just used "Angel Idol" to major effect here. For those who don't know (Why are you here? Just Kidding, but still... it was made in mind for those who know both franchises) Angel Idol is an ability that lets the user survive lethal damage once. (in Brave frontier, a KO) Does this always ring in effect? No, it does not.

And the "Heiress" thing was something fun I decided to do. I was going to see where I go with that, so if nothing comes of it, don't worry about it, it's not a major plot point. (Or any kind of point, but it might be. We'll see...)

Yes, yes, how cliche is it that she joins Team RWBY, yadda yadda. Look she will eventually, maybe, get her own team, but just Summoner-chan is already breaking RWBY power levels by herself and if she adds her summons or someone else fron the BF-verse, well, talk about no volumes after one.

Aside from being a total badass her power is extensive for a reason. A reason that wil be shown later on if I decide to continue this on FF.

Anyway, R&R. Later...maybe.