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Without further ado, here's the second chapter of A Dash of Misty Mystery and a Pinch of Cloudy Confusion.


It was a nice day, a sunny day, without a drop of rain in sight.


The morning after the time travel disaster that resulted in Viper and Skull telling the ex-Arcobaleno their life stories was downright mundane in comparison. They all followed the routine. All except Reborn.

For him it was bizarre - the others acted as if nothing changed, but he Reborn knew things changed, at the very least for him. He felt as if he didn't deserve to know Viper's and Skull's pasts when he hid his own. He felt selfish for keeping something like that from the people he considered family.


Reborn was fully awake the moment he got to the kitchen. He made himself a cup of coffee and grabbed a bread roll. He sat down and waited for the others. He had decided the previous night that he would tell them of his own past, a way to even the playing field, so to speak.

When everyone was in the kitchen after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, Reborn closed his eyes, tilting his head up towards the ceiling. You can do this, he told himself.

Focusing on his self imposed task, he opened his mouth and started to weave his story. "My name used to be Renato Sinclair, but you already know that, what with my name change happening after the curse." That got everyone's attention. "My childhood was in no way ideal. I never knew my father and my mother abandoned me when I was seven. I was passed from one street gang to the next constantly. My mentor, a man named Gregorio, essentially adopted me after I, for some reason impressed him by stealing his watch off his hand without him noticing.

"He taught me most of my skills. He groomed me to be the most effective and efficient hitman in my generation. It worked a little too well. He thought he could order me around, use me as his personal weapon. He ordered me to kill the one person I held dear at that time, and I killed him for it." Reborn sighed.

"It turned out he was a very influential part of the mafia. The greatest hitman in all of Europe, and I killed him, and in doing so took his throne. I was thirteen." He snorted. "Yeah... I was a rather messed up child."

"Well, I just tried to survive every day. I got the invitation for the 'Strongest Seven' when I was twenty-seven. You know the rest."

"Yeah, but why tell us? You didn't have to." Skull looked at Reborn, curiosity shining in his eyes.

"I think I did, at least so that we were all on even ground in this regard." Reborn shrugged nonchalantly, seemingly at ease now that his past was out in the open.

"Hmm. Ok, I can get behind that," Colonello said, leaning forward. "Just so you know, my birth name is Claudio Ravigati. I grew up in the middle of nowhere of Italy. I had a pretty normal childhood."

Verde spoke up next. "My original name is Anton Vulpe. I grew up with supportive parents, what with me being a child prodigy. I changed my name and looks when they died of an illness. I tried to find a cure, but I only succeed fairly recently. The illness was a mostly isolated case - the cure won't be much good to anyone now." Verde stopped, bitter words clearly cutting into his psyche.

Skull abruptly stood up and scurried out of the kitchen. He returned with what looked to be alcohol.

Reborn raised an eyebrow at him.

"What? Did you think anyone could live without a secret stash? Because I certainly can't," Skull answered the unasked question indignantly.

Reborn scoffed. "No, I'm just surprised that you chose to bring it out now and not yesterday. I know you could have used some alcohol."

"Yeah, but I didn't." Skull shrugged. "And I feel like Verde needs it right now."

Skull opened a cupboard, taking out seven whiskey glasses, a normal glass, and a tray. He poured the alcohol into the glasses, placing them one by one onto the tray. He grabbed a bottle of juice from the fridge and poured it for Yuni in the last glass.

He handed out the drinks to everyone and sat down.

"What sort of whiskey is this?" asked Reborn.

"The good kind" replied Viper. They took a sip and paused as if waiting for something. They tilted their head up and breathed fire.

"Why the illusion, Viper?" Lal tilted her head.

"It's not..." Their head snapped to look at Skull. "Oh. Shit. We forgot to tell them what exactly we learned at school."

Skull broke out into hysterical laughter. "Oh, this is priceless, Viper!" He tried to reign in his laughter. "Only we would forget to tell them a piece of information this important!"

Viper looked at the other ex-Arcobaleno and answered the question that was probably on all of their minds. "Magic. We attended a school of witchcraft and wizardry. The terrorist we mentioned was magical. He -" Viper motioned to Skull. "Killed the terrorist with magic."

The Arcobaleno looked at them incredulously. Viper couldn't honestly expect them to believe that magic existed. They couldn't be serious.

Reborn was the first to recover. "Are you kidding? This is rather unbelievable. We need proof, something you couldn't do with the help of flames."

"And flames are the most believable thing in the whole universe," Skull grumbled.

Nevertheless Skull tapped his chin in thought. He made a strange motion with his wrist, and a thin, long stick appeared in his hand. "I guess the best one would be... summoning and banishing." He murmured so that only Viper could hear.

"Accio butter knife." Skull intoned, and a knife that was left on the counter flew into his hand. With a quick incantation of 'depulso', the knife was banished into the dishwasher. "Is that proof enough for you?"

The ex-Arcobaleno blinked. Something in Skull's expression made them believe them.

The chorus of affirmative answers was somewhat muted. Verde, as a scientist, took the longest to answer, but seemed to accept that magic, did, in fact, exists. Most of his thoughts of magic breaking the laws of physics were shot down by the logical part of his brain telling him that flames did that too and that he accepted them as an everyday part of his life.


Viper had decided that they would take a break from both his information brokering and their job as the Varia Mist Officer during their stay at the Arcobaleno manor.

Skull didn't have a job, per se, as he passed on the mantle of Don Carcassa to a promising young mafioso that was his 'apprentice' during his rather short Carcassa stint. Fabio still sent out groups to invade Mafia Land, but mostly for the sake of tradition than anything.

Reborn simply wouldn't take any new contracts for the time in the manor and Fon did the same. Colonello took a break from his job, as did Lal. Verde still worked on his experiments and Yuni didn't have a job.

As the ex-Arcobaleno didn't have much to do, they mostly hung out in the areas like the kitchen or the living room and sometimes the training room. Places where they had at least some chance of human contact.

That is exactly the reason why Viper is surprised to find the living room only occupied by Skull and Oodako.

They walk over to the sofa and sit down next to him. Skull puts a bookmark to save the place where he left off in the book he was reading and looks at Viper.

Skull reached out, his hand moving towards Viper's face. He paused, looking to see if Viper would allow him to put down their hood. When they made no attempt to stop him, he pulled their hood down.

He moved his hand away from their face. "Why do you hide your face with a hood when you can use glamours and mist illusions? Is it a precaution, to make sure nobody recognizes you?"

Viper nodded. "How do you keep up the glamour you have on your face?"

Skull blinked. Then he started to take out his piercings, first from his lip and then his ear. The moment he dropped them onto the table next to the sofa, his appearance changed. He looked like his old self a green-eyed, messy-haired scrawny teen with prominent aristocratic facial features.

He picked the piercings, handing them to Viper. "It's basic Runes and Arithmancy work. It's fueled by my magic and flames. I made it a couple of years after we left Britain."

"No way that is anything basic. I don't even know what a third of this is." Viper's eyebrows furrowed.

"Isn't it? I mean I just slightly altered a description in the book I learned Runes from and combined that with Arithmancy. It was simple enough." Viper threw Skull a dirty look.

"Of cause you would be a literal prodigy at the two subjects you didn't take at Hogwarts." Viper dragged their fingers through their hair, which was made to look blue, currently. They got lost in their thoughts of Hogwarts and Britain in general, and so did Skull.

Viper shook themselves from their thoughts. "I sort of miss Britain. Not just Hogwarts but Diagon too. And I would like to see some of my old friends again. Like Pansy or Blaise. Besides, Pansy just didn't want to spend time with you. I think she avoided you more because of paranoia from the war than because of you, as a person."

"I miss the UK too. I think Hermione was the same to you - paranoia and justified fear of people on the other side. I would go back, but we have nothing to go back to. We broke off from the magical on rather bad terms. We didn't just drifted apart." Skull pulled his legs up, letting his head drop on one knee, facing Viper.

"If they were searching for us, I'd know. Pansy, Blaise or Hermione, I mean. I'm still the best at information brokering and they would have found me if they were searching." Viper sighed and lowered their head onto Skull's shoulder.

"Maybe they at looking, but not in the right places? I mean are you looking for people as thoroughly in the UK as in the rest of the world? I wouldn't. I would have been petty and leave the English to rot." Skull said, a bit of his personality that he had as Harry bleeding through.

"Huh. I guess I do avoid Britain, somewhat. I'll get Shadow to scout potential customers." When they looked at Skull, who was grinning like they proved his point. "And I'm doing it for the extra money, not proof."

Skull shook his head. They both knew it wasn't true.

Skull smiled, and Viper smiled back.


It was a nice day, a day of sunny surprises and rainy revelations.


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