Okay, I've been working on this story on and off for 3 years now… going to be a fun ride… for me. Translation and phonetics at the end of this chapter. oh and because I know I'll recieve comments on the 't' before the 'S'... it is meant to be small due to Irish grammar it doesn't always exist in front of it.

Chapter 1:

As the lightning cracked outside, Ruby couldn't help but feel her stomach form into knots. There was something that just felt wrong. Quickly looking over in her bed she frowned at the missing lack of bodies in the bed with her.

Taking a deep breath as she started to lay back down taking a deep breath. 'Coco did say she might need to leave early to catch that flight... and Emerald left last night to make it to college.' Ruby thought if just so she could calm herself down a bit more. The near panic attack was only made better by the lack of alarm sounding into the apartment.

Taking a deep breath to just not chicken out and bail and call someone to remind her further that this was just a storm and like all storms they would pass. No matter how slow or even downright painful they were.

Hearing some footsteps followed by a soft almost gentle dropping of something, Ruby opened her eyes and let out a scream at the sight of her mother standing next to the bed covered in blood. Shoving as much ground as she could between her and the woman, Ruby began to panic as she felt a body shape stopping her retreat. Looking down she could see the matted blood soaked blonde hair of a single armed woman.

Feeling her breath coming in short bursts. Ruby had no idea what was happening. Hell she wasn't even sure what to believe was real. As she fell over the one armed blonde and off her bed, Ruby quickly shot up before hugging the wall as she stared at her brunette mother standing there.

"What's the matter Little Rose? I gave you a gift... I even left you some meat cooking in a pot. All I need is a hug as repayment." The woman continued as she held her arms open as Ruby began to walk towards the door. She couldn't believe that she forgot her phone in the living room the previous night. Even if she was somewhat positive that this wasn't real.

Yang couldn't be dead and in her bed. She wasn't one hundred percent how positive that her mother wasn't there, but she knew Yang couldn't be dead again. She had seen Yang's body when it was tied to the chair, missing the arm. The limb the autopsy report found she had consumed most of.

Reaching behind her she felt the door frame causing a smile as she could see her mother taking a step towards her. She couldn't help but feel a certain type of dread start to befall her as she quickly turned around and started to run.

As she sprinted she could feel her heart starting to race as she almost as quickly tripped over something. Spinning around, Ruby began to try and continue to shove as much distance between her and the woman. If she could get to the phone. If this was a living nightmare, Ruby had suffered too many of them in her short life to be taken down by just another one.

"Yet here you are. I gave you everything. A bed, a roof, food, a family again, and I even gave you an education. What did you give me?" The voice rang out as Ruby couldn't help but notice how the voice changed. As Ruby continued to scurry away she could finally see what she had tripped over.

A blood matted green haired woman clutching a beautiful brunette head. Just the sight of it was enough to cause Ruby to almost break down fully. The panic she was feeling was becoming more and more impossible to describe.

As the white haired pale skinned woman walked into view with two demon dogs coming into clear view. Two beasts that started to drag up somehow slightly tamer memories than the woman who commanded them.

Continuing to shove herself backwards, Ruby could feel her breath coming in shorter and shorter. She wasn't sure what was going to give out her first. Her heart which was beating so fast Ruby was couldn't even begin to count the rate it was, or her lungs which had started to burn.

It was almost like there was a fire raging in her chest and it was destroying just about everything in its path. A policy that was just making Ruby panic more and more as she the white haired woman stood on the green haired woman's spine giving it a sharp stomp, almost as if that woman was trying to make sure that the green haired woman was truly dead. The sight of which just started to bring tears to Ruby's eyes.

She knew that the rage that was her emotions were spreading causing havoc on just about everything that was her being. She knew that there was no other way she could describe it besides her wishing for death once again in her thus far short life.

Coming to a stop, the white haired woman smiled as Ruby came to a forced stop by the front door. Wincing as she heard the all too familiar snapping of her fingers which was quickly met by the two large dogs starting to circle around the white haired woman before running towards Ruby.

Letting out an ear piercing scream, Ruby could feel her being dragged from the sharp teeth digging into her arms dragging her towards her old foster mother. As the tears began to spill, she felt a foot being placed onto the side of her head forcing her to stare at the brunette head that belonged to one of her girlfriends.

"Ruby... wake up..." The head spoke causing Ruby to let out a sharp gasp as she could feel the trickle of blood spilling from the hounds' mouths onto the palms of her hands. As she continued to scream she could almost feel the dogs taking joy from the sounds as they started to toss her around as though she was simply a wounded animal they just wanted to toy with a little longer.

"Ruby... wake up..." The brunette head spoke to her once again. The tone of concern it had was something that just stung worse to Ruby than the feeling of the dogs tearing into her sensitive limbs. She didn't know what was the trigger that caused the voice to be this concerned, but she knew that there had to be something.

"Ruby... you're having a nightmare. Wake up."

Bolting upright, Ruby began to take panicked breaths as she looked around. The almost demand to try and see if there was anything real when she could feel herself being wrapped in a gentle hug her eyes closed, as she took some deep breaths.

The scent. That unmistakable smell of cherries and vanilla. The feeling of the gentle hands on her. One on her back rubbing it soothingly and the other gently stroking her hair. She wasn't sure what had caused the nightmare, but she was glad her brunette lover was there at that moment if just from how fast her heart was still going.

"It's okay Ruby. It was just a nightmare. Everything is fine." The soft voice spoke as it continued to rub her back. She couldn't help but feel some tears spilling from her eyes. She wasn't sure what was the more painful thing. The fact that her mind had broken or the fact that she was now destroying some expensive clothing of her girlfriend. "Everything is fine Ruby." The voice continued as Ruby circled her arms around the waist as she couldn't help but groan internally.

The silence was just being broken periodically by the sound of the flesh dragging over the fabric. It brought a certain amount of comfort to Ruby after the near panic attack she had just suffered from her own mind causing it was enough to bring her to near panic attack once again. Everything seemed to be breaking.

Feeling the hands coming to a stop, Ruby couldn't help but feel more tears wanting to spill free as she pulled back and started to rub her eyes with the back of one of her hands. "I'm sorry Coco..." Ruby began as she could see her brunette girlfriend shaking her head once again as she gently lowered them down into a lying position.

"It it fine Ruby. It was just a bad dream. Emerald and I get them from time to time as well." Coco spoke softly as she continued to lightly pat Ruby's back. "Do you want to talk about the nightmare? Or would you rather I call Raven or your therapist?" Coco continued softly as she could feel Ruby shivering from what she just knew was her crying from terror.

"I'm fine Coco. Just... I saw you and Emerald dead and Salem with Beo and Wolf were attacking me again. As their teeth dug in... I was forced to stare at Emerald's corpse which was holding onto your head." Ruby said softly as Coco resumed the rubbing of Ruby's back. Ruby just didn't feel like she should tell the entire dream, but she knew that that was going to be enough to tide her curiosity over.

"I'm not going to rationalise your dream Ruby. You know Salem and the others are locked up, and the dogs were put down." Coco said softly knowing that Ruby hated it when her nightmares were rationalised. Especially when they involved her or Emerald dying followed by her being tortured in some twisted way. Sliding one Ruby's hand's free, she planted a chaste kiss on the knuckle that just a few minutes prior had landed into her ribs as Ruby was flailing around. "Everything is going to be fine Ruby." She was a little miffed that this had been how Ruby was starting the day, but she knew that out of all the nightmares Ruby has had since after she got out of that her last hell hole, it seemed tame.

Smiling softly as she tried to press herself closer into Coco, Ruby could feel the stress of her nightmare just melt away. It had just taken her a lot longer due to one crucial factor. "I thought Emerald was meant to be coming back last night." Ruby muttered softly hoping that she hadn't offended Coco, but the fact remained with how frequent her nightmares had been becoming they were bound to either be worse when she was alone or they would go the other way and they would become non-existent.

"Her summer exams are coming up Ruby. It may be what she enjoys doing besides being with us, but that is probably why she doesn't instantly jump to come back like she probably wants. I hear we can be distracting." Coco said softly as Ruby just smiled softly at her and began to resituate herself so she wasn't bearing down on Coco for long. "Point is, I called her last night to check. She plans to come back Wednesday then leave again Saturday to get in one last day to practice before the tests then she is yours again until that Friday when I get back." Coco continued laughing as Ruby looked up at her with the same big eyes that had constantly always meant the same thing. Something that she personally would love to allow, but she couldn't. Not now.

"Ruby, I would love to stay. But I can't. This is one of the biggest shows and I can't snub it. But if you call you know I'll be on the first flight back I can be." Coco said softly as Ruby took a deep breath and continued to snuggle into the woman.

"I know. Just... promise you'll be careful around other women... and you'll keep your phone on." Ruby said trying to defend her stance as Coco just smiled at her.

Flipping her girlfriend onto her back, Coco smiled as she leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips. "You know I would be Ruby. You know I'll always come back to you, especially if you need me. Besides... you have that interview today, and I expect to be able to puff my chest out in pride with the models saying that is my girlfriend." Coco said with a puffed out chest as Ruby just smiled up at her. "Do you want me to make breakfast? Because I think everyone would feel better knowing you ate something before you go and get the makeup and everything done up."

Hearing that Ruby just sighed gently. "No... I'll make breakfast. I want my pretty fashion designer girlfriend to pick out my outfit I'll be going onto a nationally broadcast interview for my newest book. That way I can brag softly about how my beautiful girlfriend designed the clothes. But make sure you have those bracelets Emerald and you got me. So that way I can remember that you both are there with me always." Ruby ployed because she knew Coco would never miss a chance to dress her but also because she knew that Coco had already planned on doing it because otherwise Ruby would very happily just wear a hoodie and jeans to cover up her countless scars.

None of which she had any pride in like everyone said she should because of how she never broke. But the fact remained that Ruby knew with how her nightmares had been getting that there was a strong chance that she might actually break. Especially with the near week to come by herself. Once she was done doing the interview, she was going to spend the night with friends and then she is all alone for four days. The kind of thing that always did strain Ruby's mind but she did know that everyone would be a call away.

It was a simple thing that did do a lot for her.

Feeling a kiss on her lips, Coco pulled back and just smiled at her. "You don't need to remind me Ruby. I know how much they mean to you. But if you'd rather cook go ahead. Would you like me to go around and prove that we are alone here?" Coco asked as Ruby just smiled as she began to climb out of bed.

"No. It is fine. My mind has caught up at this point." As Ruby spoke she began to stretch as she walked over to where her robe was hanging. She knew that Coco could see the scars being deeply etched into her body that even after all these years since she had large ones etched into her from her last home in the foster system.

Just the memory of being in the basement where Salem had constantly tortured her for over ninety six hours... she was just glad that her girlfriends had convinced her after a long time that they weren't going to judge her less from where words had been carved, where her flesh had been pierced by red hot objects. Where at points her skin had been pried away from the muscles. She did take some joy however from the fact that they hadn't thought less of her for them.

"I don't even need to look at you Coco. We can't do that. You have to leave for a flight in a few hours, and Raven will be here shortly after. And everyone wants me to eat and I want you to be well fed before you get on the flight. It is an eight hour flight." Ruby said as Coco let out a single huff as she plopped down onto the bed.

"Remember the times back when we were with everyone in Weiss' family's cabin where you get uncontrollably horny?" Coco asked with a chuckle as Ruby rolled her eyes as she walked towards the door out of the room. "You know, concussions and panic attacks Em and I had from you panicking and locking yourself in the room aside." Coco asked as Ruby rolled her eyes.

"I had a serious concussion and I haven't had a single suicide attempt in years and years. It was purely because of the people I was placed with and the fact that Summer had been constantly sending letters to me." Ruby said walking out of the room not even waiting for Coco's response but she could hear her getting off the bed.

Smiling as she walked into the living room, Ruby just took a deep breath as flicked the light on. She just smiled as she could see the book being securely locked behind the glass pain which just caused Ruby all kinds of joy. "Good morning Yang... Daddy..." Ruby said softly as she placed a hand against the sealed area.

She just knew that she was seeming a bit crazy, but it did seem to relax her. Walking over a few steps, Ruby flicked the radio on just so it wouldn't seem as daunting in the darkly lit home. Just smiling as she could hear the could hear some chuckling coming from the room that Ruby was still wondering how Coco had managed to fill the entire thing with countless outfits that Ruby just knew would end up in some charity in a few weeks time.

Walking into the kitchen, Ruby just smiled as she as she opened the fridge and began to pull things out to make a breakfast that would make Coco filled up until she was served a meal on the plane. The only thing Ruby had really would have rathered was if Emerald was there as well. At least then she would have that reassurance that her girlfriends were safe and that nothing was going to go wrong for the day.

Humming softly, Ruby picked up the frying pan and placed it down onto the stove as she could hear some soft humming growing steadily louder as Coco walked into the room, sliding an arm around her waist. "Now that that is done... are you sure you want to cook? That seems so boring... we can instead sit in the living room, with some smooth jazz playing and get freaky... maybe send Emerald some early pictures." Coco said leaning in to plant a kiss on Ruby's neck as her hands started to undo the robe.

"Coco, I'd love to... but I want to make sure you are taken care of, and not starving. I promise if there is time, we can do some of that. It might loosen me up for this stupid tv thing."

"Okay... but don't leave me hanging. Otherwise when Em and I get back I'm going to tie you to the bed and Em and I are going to be going for hours as we just edge you."


Author's Note:

Welp, there is the first chapter. As you can see, the main trio is still going strong. As for the phonetics, 'An-ish air chalked on sow-red' it translates to 'Now that summer is coming' it is the continuation of the song. As for this story, I'm thinking about a bi-monthly update. catch you all next time.