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Taking a deep breath Ruby began to crack her back as she looked towards the door where she flicked the simple switch on the outside. She couldn't believe she was actually contemplating Raven's advice and just ditching them. She didn't owe them this much but at the same time she didn't deserve them. Faults and all.

But she knew that after the last two meetings that she had to admit it was getting easier and easier to talk to them.

"Why don't you come in Miss Rose? We've been expecting you." The tall shaven haired man asked as Ruby just smiled faintly as she started to just walk into the room. "How have you been Ruby?"

"I've been good. But that could be because I've upped my solo therapy with my other therapist. But that is mostly because of Kali." Ruby said as she smiled at the sight of Coco and Emerald laughing. "I've no idea how she got the keys... but she did and I can't exactly tell her to hand them back or even raise my voice to her. I just barely was able to get her out but I'd bet that by the time I get back there that she has already gotten back in."

"I told you, I handed the keys to Ghira and told him to not give her them." Emerald said as she could see the doctor taking a seat as Ruby just began to get comfortable. "So unless she intimidated the wall that is Ghira... or stole them from him... she shouldn't be getting in."

"Have you not met Kali? She would gladly steal the keys off of her husband and get a copy made. Then keep both sets." Coco said with a laugh as Ruby just nodded her head as she got comfortable.

"We should probably refrain talking about other people unless they are important." The doctor spoke as Ruby just smiled faintly.

"I mean it can be... I have woken up every single day this week to her in my penthouse apartment where it should realistically only be me." Ruby spoke softly as she just took a deep breath. "But in other news Summer is expected to not live to the end of the week. So I'm in a great mood."

"Do you mind if I ask who this 'Summer' person is?" The doctor asked as Ruby just leaned her head backwards.

"She is my biological birth giver... but she murdered my father and old sister and caused a lot of emotional and mental damages that I'm not even recovered entirely from. But I promise that it does have some merit to our relationships. Mostly my inability to trust women after that event... and why it hurt so hard that the two people who I trusted for so long and want to build a life with ended up cheating to some degree." Ruby said with a soft tone as she could see the doctor just smiling faintly at her. "Her heart is all but giving out and... just... thankfully... she is going to be dead soon. And that is ultimately what I want."

"Are you actually feeling alright? This is probably the nicest conversation you've had where she is the topic." Coco said as she leaned back in her seat as Ruby just took a deep breath and nodded her head. "Okay... we should get onto the other topics at hand."

"Agreed." The doctor spoke as he looked at the trio. "So, did you three do what I suggested?"

Sighing a little Ruby began to look at her feet as she let them sway a little. "I kind of screwed that one up. I couldn't move my book signing and it went over because there was a line to meet me that stretched eleven blocks... and growing and the only reason I was able to finish it was from the police getting involved and putting an end to the line... not to mention the store needed to close."

"Coco and I did have the meal though. I actually really enjoyed it. It was nice not to be swamped by people and people not recognising Coco. But I have no doubt if Ruby was there then people would have recognised her. Especially because it would need to take someone into fashion to recognise Coco, but Ruby is recognised almost universally for dozens of reasons." Emerald explained as the psychiatrist nodded his head.

"That one isn't my fault. I don't like it when people recognise me. You know that. Especially because it is always the women it seems that always come up to me under the guise that it would disarm me and not make me panic." Ruby said as she just took a deep breath. "But I always do."

"Ruby, remember the rules." The psychiatrist scolded as Ruby just took a deep breath. As he was about to continue a ringing sound had started to commence causing Ruby to blush a little as she reached into her hoodie to pull out her phone. "Ruby, again, the rules. We agreed the phones should be on silence."

"I'm sorry. It is just the institute Summer is locked in. I need to take it." Ruby said as she stood up and walked towards the corner as she dragged her finger across the screen of her phone.

As she talked softly into it Emerald and Coco gave her a glance over towards her before shaking their head gently and looking back to the slightly perturbed man. "Ruby is dealing with a lot of things right now. Normally she isn't like this. It is actually a little disturbing how much she follows the rules. Even the ones that are never enforced. Like her not changing a lightbulb without the board's approval first." Coco explained as Ruby said a quick goodbye and hung up her phone as she started to chuckle as she walked towards the place she has been sitting.

"I'm sorry..." Ruby said as she just took a deep breath covering her mouth. "It is just... you have no idea how much good it does me to hear that Summer Rose died five minutes ago of heart failure. The only thing that puts a damper on it is the fact that her best friend was there with her." Ruby said as she covered her mouth to take a deep breath. "But I promise that is the last interruption. And that I already promised Coco and Emerald I'd make it up to them. One on one before I do it as a group. Just like you instructed." Ruby said in a calm tone as she could see the doctor relaxing a little. "I'll just probably need to do it before the funeral..."

"Might I suggest a less emotionally charged situation as the goal for when you need them done?" As the man spoke he began to wonder why the trio started to laugh.

Seeing his confusion Emerald was the first to regain her composure. "For Ruby, and to a lesser extent Coco and myself... it really wouldn't be a negatively emotionally charged situation. Summer is a piece of all kinds of crazy. And none of which is it being in a good way."

Nodding her head, Ruby Just gestured towards Emerald. "My professional commitments are done for the year, and now that the one person I've wanted to die since kindergarten is now dead..."

"I'm not nearly qualified enough to consult you on how you should be feeling. I'm sure my colleague who you also see will be better informed to consult you on that front. Right now, I'm only qualified to talk to you about your relationship. So let's talk about it. What is it about this Summer that really affected the three of you that caused you three to actually be happy about this?"

"It's a long story." Emerald said as the doctor leaned back.

"We've got time. You three are paying for three hours after all. And while I can't tell you how to spend your time with me, it seems like a waste otherwise."

"Okay... I'll start seeing as it is probably the longest and it kind of sets the stage for you two." Ruby said with a calm tone as Coco and Emerald both nodded their heads as they gently slid their hands into Ruby's waiting ones. "It all kind of started back in kindergarten..."

Author's Note:

And done. This was actually a fun chapter to write, catch you all in my next story.