My fans are probably angry with me right now for starting another story with my already list of unfinished ones.

What can I say, I had an idea that wouldn't leave and I must write and post it. : P

Only warning throughout the entire story:

This story contains child endangerment, abuse curse words, depression, and all the unpleasant things that come with starvation and desperation mixed together. Graphic scenes such as gore.

Not a entirely happy story either because Snape and Spinner's End is such a ball of sunshine...

Disclaimer: No ownership over Harry Potter, just a person with a wild imagination.

I never thought I'd wake up a kid again one day. It's not something a person usually thinks about. In a way, I was glad I was a kid again. Now I had more time to figure out what to do with the life I kind of just stumbled through.

That thought lasted for a solid minute before I realized my less than pleasing conditions.

I am a kid, though I think a child fits more appropriately, and I live in an alleyway. Nothing special because a lot of people don't have a home. That's why shelters and orphanages were built.

Unfortunately, I'm an idiot and I knew nothing about surviving on the streets long enough to get to an orphanage.

I once lived a normal, middle-class life in America so it's really no surprise I'm most likely going to die on this gloomy cobblestoned alleyway. It's not too bad of a place to die again I suppose. The stench of stink wasn't so bad after all. The thought of my rotting corpse stinking up the alleyway passed through my mind.

I briefly wondered if that was a good sign of m mental state. Then I ignored it because my body's cold shivers and sore muscles won out over mental health. My stomach clenched painfully and my chaps lips left an ugly taste in my mouth.

Watching as people passed by, not noticing the child tucked away in the corner of an alley, I figured there would be no food for me today or tonight.

Couldn't steal food. Not because it's wrong to steal but because I didn't have the skill set to get away with it. My legs couldn't outrun an angry store employee or stall owner.

Too weak, too small.

I almsot cried at the thought of my own death.


I found myself still awake two weeks later and the mist penetrated my worn clothing. My hair is a given up on tangled mess and my limbs moved sluggishly through the cracks between rowed brick houses.

Never stepping foot into the main road. It scared me, nobody else wandered into the main road and I certainly didn't feel like setting any trends today.

I got tired of my alley and went to explore. Of course, I shouldn't be wasting my energy on this but then again there is always the chance I could stumble upon something that would help me out of this mess.

The streets were completely quiet and I wasn't so pampered to not know that this part of town I've wondered into is dangerous and poor. Which is why I observed from the shadows, watching, always watching.

If I hadn't been looking I would have missed the curtain of a brick house open. A boys head looked out and our eyes seemed to meet but I doubted it. My dark clothes and skin probably disappeared in the dark. There's no way he could see me.

His eyes were so...scared it freaked me out. He didn't seem scared for himself but for me I realized after his eyes would look towards the exit to wherever this place is. There is a fist-sized bruise formed on his cheek which caused my heart to seizure.

I became more unsure as he continued to stare directly at me. Unnerved I shrunk back more into the creep shadows and I silently cursed myself for being so unsettled because of a boy.

That day I found nothing to help me because I hurried back to my alley like the coward I was.


My legs gave out on me as I collapsed in a heap behind a brick house.

Hearing the angry mutters of the woman chasing me, in a last-minute decision I ducked underneath bags of trash. The smell assaulted my senses first than the feel of something wet pressed against my legs. It slipped down my skin and I dared not move, clutching my treasures to my chest tighter.

"Where did that blasted child go?" the woman I had stolen from muttered. I listened in fright as her voice moved further away.

My tense muscles relaxed after another minute. Then I couldn't stay underneath the bags any longer and slide out as quietly as I could and made a dash further through the street I have tried to avoid since a week ago.

I couldn't go back to my alley because the woman would surely be there waiting for me. My home was compromised and I had nowhere to go.

That's when I noticed the boy from before sneaking through cracks like a pro. I followed him curiously as to where he would lead me. I'm not disappointed when the cobblestone street changes to dirt and grass.

I'm unknowing lead to a hideous tree straight from a horror movie. I whistle impressed as he literally walks into an opening in the tree.

The noise is not missed by the boy and he turns sharply to me alert with a dangerous edge to his eyes. They widen briefly in recognition before narrowing suspiciously.

"You followed me." It wasn't a question but a statement.

I shrugged before sitting down right where I stood because I realized that I wasn't that scared of a little boy. "We just happened to be walking in the same direction," I set my spoils out before in before digging in.

A loud rumbling sound caught my attention and the boy shrunk back in himself before glaring at me as if it was my fault he was hungry.

I took in the sunken eyes, sickly skin, mismatched clothes with holes in them that looked like hand-me-downs of three generations and realized he was similar to me. With no words, I tossed a beautiful apple at him. I expect him to catch it but he flinched and the apple changed direction in mid-air. Instead of going in the direction I initially threw it, It landed inches away from him.

Nothing special, I wasn't a expert at aim but the apple became rotten and I mourned its loss. Anger flushed my system. "Idiot!" See this is why kindness is unnecessary. I could have saved that apple for later. Who the hell does this kid think he is?!

"Dude! Are you mental?!" I stood up enraged and he stepped back. "You just ruined a perfectly good apple! A fucking healthy fruit you, dumbass!" Does he not know how hard it is to steal even one apple? The sweets fruits are so valuable overpriced it brings tears to my eyes at the sweet juices I won't get to taste because of this stupid boy.

I didn't care what he just did defied all laws nature. I cared that he ruined and disrespected my first act of kindness in my second life.

Marching up to him, he stumbled back and tripped over a bulging tree root, I grabbed the front of his shirt. Most definitely stressing the already weak fabric. "What is your name?"

He blinks at my question and I shake him violently and repeat my question with a snarl.

"S-severus." He stumbles over his words.

My snarl loosens and I get a nagging sensation in the back of my head. I write it off as another hunger headache. I also purposely tell my heart to fuck off as I can see small healing cuts and bruises litter his face

Don't care much either.

"Well, Severus," I drawl out not so kindly. "You owe me another apple." I paused for a second. "Plus interest of course."

Well, this is something new for me and I really hoped you liked it! I'm dying to hear your thoughts on this story and where you think it will go!