It pains me to write this but…

Author's Note

I'm writing this author's note to inform my precious readers on my multiple stories to inform you all that all story updates will dramatically slow down due to life, unfortunately.

I'm in the process of creating an online business, along with establishing business with companies in my home town, along with research. The majority of my time is currently spent on research and building up, the rest is invested in my family and upcoming school year. This busy schedule does not allow me to write much to any if at all.

However, I am still writing. Trust and believe I'm not slacking. I'm just not writing a lot in one sitting as I used to because my brain is cluttered with more pressing issues. I hope you can understand and still support my stories through this period in my life. Once I've completed my business I will personally invite you to explore my store. Maybe with a special code only for my fanfiction people. (*wink* *wink*)

I'm also writing this note to ask (because I love talking to y'all) if you want me to post what I've already gotten written down as a sneak-peek into the next chapter?

Thank you for taking the time out of your life to read this. I cherish, appreciate, and care about you.