"Somebody once told me," Shrek began as he then gave a bellow, spooking the Ice Climbers while the trio were climbing up a frosty summit. "That it's better out than in!"

Popo felt his blue parka getting warm and moist from him peeing himself as he blushed. "You could say that again..."

"And how!" Nana squealed joyfully for she let out a sloppy fart that indicated the fact that she just shit her pants, with her pink clothing being brown stained.

"...you laddies OK?" Shrek commented strangely while setting up the green snowboard he was going to ride on.

"We get like this," The Ice Climber twins chimed together as they simultaneously let out various bodily functions, most of which was farting and filling their drenched Eskimo clothing with peed. "It's how we're able to survive up these heights!"

Shrek squinted his eyes as he got onto his board. "Well all right then."

And with that, Shrek proceeded to show off how good he was on shredding down the snow, with Popo and Nana following him with their own color matched snowboards, the trio going down the snow capped mountain as an avalanche occurred right behind them.