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"Speaking aloud"


[Ddraig/other sacred gears speaking/thinking]

DxD character POV Dxd: time skip of some kind

A Really Bad Day

You know all it really takes to completely change your life is one really bad day. It only takes one single bad day for the most righteous man on Earth to turn into the vilest man alive. You know what I'm not that good at this type of narrations stuff so why don't we just get into it.

You probably don't know me I mean all in all I'm quite the unimportant person. My name is Kieth Rivers. I'm 16 years old going on 17 and I was raised in the worst shit-hole in America, Gotham. I have no parents to really speak of and to be honest my life has really just been one big mistake followed by another.

When I was 6 years old my orphanage got shut down and I got thrown out onto the streets. And boy let me tell you living on the streets of Gotham was not fun. I lived like that for about half a month. I was rundown dirty and the only way I knew how to survive was to steal food and hope to God I don't get caught.

I usually tried to shoplift small stuff from stores. It's non-violent and the worst thing that can happen is the owner of the place gets pissed and runs me off. One day I was scouting around for a new place to hit up when I happened upon a place that would change me forever.

I walked into the building. It looked like some local club, but from the front entrance I could see there was no bouncer and a hell of a lot of food to go around so I thought 'why the hell not?'

Going into the place I almost immediately got stopped by what would soon be one of the only people to ever really care about me.

I sneaked through the crowd to the table that I saw from the outside. I kept walking in-between people and eventually I reached the table. It was empty and I thought 'well it looks like no one is paying attention so who cares?' Reaching forward I grabbed a tray filled with fries and chicken tenders and tried to run off.

As soon as I got my hand on that tray I heard from behind me "Hey Kid that's mine!"

To make a long story short I met the guy that would turn me into the man I am today.

He was a biker that ran one of the local gangs. He ended up taking me in and put me to work and hell how could I say no? A bed to sleep in and food to eat and all I had to do was some odd jobs every once in a while. Nothing too violent, but it got me some pay and hell it was fun, for a while at least.

Dxd Kieth Dxd

And that's what I did with my life for about 10 years. I ran a few packages, stole a few things, and did whatever the hell he asked me to. I even got to go to school as well, although; I never really did much in it. Then a couple of days before my 17 birthday I got news of a new job I could do.

It was supposed to be something fairly easy. A jewelry store hit. I would be in and out before anybody even knew something was wrong. We had an ECM jammer that I was supposed to place on the outside of the building to stop the silent alarm on the store. I would bag the watches and chains then get the hell out of there.

Later that I night I gathered up all my gear from the back room in the club and grabbed an empty duffel bag and got ready to go.

"I'm gonna go out on that job you were talking about earlier," I said on my way out the front door.

One of the bosses guys looked at me and said: "Ya, ya go ahead I'll tell the boss why you're out, and be safe ya hear?"

I responded with a short "yep." while I walked outside and towards my bike. Looking at my pride and joy I thought 'good God do I love you baby' as I mounted my Harley.

Turning the key into the ignition I listened to the familiar hum of my engine starting up. I put the bag on my back and kicked in the kickstand while thinking 'Well, let's get this started.'

Gotham that night was surprisingly quiet for this part of the city. It was not filled with the usually after-night buzz of hookers and cocaine. The streets were mostly empty as well.

It took me about 10 minutes to get to the Jewelry store across town. I pulled my bike up around the back reading the sign as I passed by. 'The Gilded Crown huh?' Parking my bike and pulling the key out of the ignition I started to get to work.

I pulled the bag around and reached for the ECM jammer from a side pouch, along with a flashlight, and some lock picks. I flicked the switch on the flashlight and it dimly shimmered to light.

Shining it around I looked out for the electrical box on the side of the building. After a solid 30 seconds of looking around like a lunatic, I finally spotted the small black box, with a master lock dangling from the side of it.

I walked forward and grabbed the lock sticking a pick in with a screwdriver in my other hand to keep the pressure on the cylinder. Sticking the pick up I started checking the different pins pushing them up and down until I got a satisfying click from each one and the lock opened.

Putting the lock in my pocket, for now, I grabbed the ECM jammer and started installing it into the electrical box counting the different wires in my head. 'red goes with red, green with green, and blue There we go.' As I affixed the last wire together a small red light showed up on the electrical device. I pressed the button right next to the light and it turned green. 'well, we're good to go here...'

I closed the box back up and put the lock on it giving the lock a small pull to make sure it locked correctly.

Walking to the back door of the place I started to work on the door. After a few minutes of fumbling around with the lock, I gave it a final turn and with a satisfying click, the door swung open.

Shining my flashlight forward I started heading to the storage area of the store. 'If all goes well I should have at least a couple grand in the bag by the end of tonight' I thought as I kept looking around. Going into the storage area all I saw were the crates I was looking for. Walking forward I pulled the crowbar out of my bag and stuck it under the lip of the crate.

I pushed the crowbar down and an audible crunch was heard as the lid of the crate popped off. I shined my flashlight into the crate revealing a bunch of gold chains, rings, and other assorted goods. I screamed 'jackpot!' in my head as I hurriedly put the goods in my bag.

Dxd Joker Dxd

'Tonight was the night. The big night!' The Joker thought as he finished packing away some suspicious-looking bags. 'Oh, it's going to be so much fun!' He thought while pulling out what looked to be a switch and put a few more receivers into what would be tonight's festivities.

All around the city, the Joker's crew were planting hundreds of remotely detonated explosives. 'I'll finally get that damn Bat out of my hair' he thought as he finished placing the last of the explosives for this place.

"Heya Harley-girl!" He said in a low tone.

Harley came around the corner and popped a piece of bubblegum and said "Ya Mista J?"

"We only got one more place to go tonight so what do you say we blow this joint?"

"Okay, Puddin lemme just go grab my bat," she said as she grabbed a baseball bat from behind the hospitals counter.

They both walked outside in tandem towards a big black van. The joker strode up to the driver's side and hopped in with Harley not far behind. He started up the van and started to drive away. After getting about a block away he pulled out the switch from before and pressed the button on the top.

Dxd Batman Dxd

All throughout the city sirens were wailing as he stood silently watching the chaos. The EMS are in overdrive trying to get the people to safety after what appears to be multiple terrorist attacks occurred across Gotham.

Batman brought one hand to his ear and said aloud in a gruff voice "Alfred what in the hell is going on?"

An older man responded through his earpiece saying "Sir, there seems to be multiple building aflame and the police and other emergency services are spread thin throughout the city."

He said back "Well I can see that, but why?"

"There also seems to be a sudden increase in the activities of the Joker's crew tonight as well," Alfred said in a light tone.

Batman immediately said, "Well at least I know where to start looking, keep me posted."

Alfred finished with "as always sir."

Dxd Kieth Dxd

As I was going for one of the last boxes in the room. I noticed something different with it. Just below it, there was what looked like a crumpled piece of carpet. I pushed the box aside and lifted the corner of the beige carpet up to see what lied underneath.

The floor here was completely made out of steel and seemed to have a square looking outline in the middle of it. I thought 'Who knows, hopefully, some more loot.' as I adjusted my flashlight and looked at the square in the middle of the floor.

It seems like there is more to this place than meets the eye. I got closer and looked at the steel hatch. It had a 4 by 4 opening and it had nothing on it whatsoever except a single handle on the top of the hatch.

'Maybe a vault of some kind?' I thought.

I grabbed the handle of the hatch and with a great tug, I pulled it forward. The hatch popped open with a small hiss as I looked into the darkness below.

Shining my flashlight down I saw a steel ladder leading even farther into the darkness.

I checked my watch and said aloud "Eh, I still got time so why not?"

I slowly descended the ladder and shined my light along the walls of the room. However, what I saw was not at all what I expected to see. I thought I would find so more storage or something like that. But instead, on the walls, there were racks from the top to the bottom filled to the brim with every type of weaponry money could buy. Next to the ladder, I saw a light switch, naturally, I walked up to it and flicked it on.

Overhead a couple of lights flicked on illuminating the entire underground facility. I was in a fairly large room with what seemed to be assembly lines all throughout and parts to multiple different guns and other assorted weapons spread through the room.

Looking to the back of the room I saw a giant computer system with multiple monitors that were playing footage from street view cameras from all around the city. Looking at one that showed the local hospital I thought 'What the hell could all of this stuff even be for? They don't even show anything important just random buildings around the city.'

At the same time through every single screen, all of the buildings on display blew into huge balls of flame as I heard explosions in the distance.

I quickly said "holy shit!" in surprise.

I started to turn around to the exit and then I noticed it; under the ladder, there was a large logo for the Joker's clown gang.

'shit, shit, shit!' I thought

I ran up to the stairs and started to grab my stuff to get ready to leave. I started to hear sirens in the distance. Grabbing my bag and putting my flashlight into my pocket I ran up the ladder and out of the building towards the back door. When I reached the door I closed it behind me and started walking to my bike.

I suddenly stopped as I saw a large black van coming around the corner of the alleyway shining it's headlights directly on me.

"Well shit," I said aloud.

Someone started rolling down the window of the van. I stared forward like a deer in headlights as the visage of the man driving the car came into view. Staring back at me was a man with white paint all over his face, he had sickly green hair, he had black eye-shadow, and a sickening smile on his lips. This man was the Joker.

He opened the door to the van and stepped out in his dark purple suit with a green tie. Walking forward he did not say a thing; he just walked and started clapping slowly.

"Well, Well, Lookie here! We got ourselves a guest Harles!" He said in a sickeningly sweet tone.

I looked to the other door of the van and out came the second part to Gotham's psychotic duo the queen of crazy herself Harley Quinn. She was wearing a jester outfit and had the white paint on her face as well.

"Oh, do we now!" she said in a girly tone hefty a baseball bat over her shoulder.

The last thing I saw was that girl swing her baseball bat to the temple of my head.

Dxd Batman Dxd

I started heading towards the jewelry store immediately when Alfred told me what he saw over the street cameras. He had been monitoring the streets looking for any sign of the Joker or his crew. After a half-hour of complete silence, he finally found something.

"Sir, I believe you may need to take a look at this," Alfred said through the radio on Batman's ear.

Batman said back "What is it?"

"I have found footage of the Joker with Harley Quinn leaving the scene of the hospital in a black Van and heading downtown. If you leave right now you may be able to catch up with them," said Alfred in a worried voice.

"Alright, I'm on it," Batman said back in a hushed tone as he dove from the top of the building.

He went from building to building using his grappling hook to hook the top of the building then pulling himself up. When he reached the top he would jump off and use his cape to glide over the city. After a few minutes of travel in the general direction of the hospital, Alfred spoke again.

"Sir, I believe that they are heading towards a local jewelry store called the Gilded Crown."

Batman responded with "I think I know where that is...It's near that club right...I think it's called The Night View."

Then Alfred said, "Yes, it's a block away from there, and sir, you may wish to hurry a little faster as they seem to be closing in."

Batman changed his course slightly to readjust to the new information and then continued on. After a few more minutes of gliding, he saw the store in the distance. A large neon sign with a gold crown that had diamonds in it was out front illuminating that area around it. Looking around he saw the van pull into the alleyway next to the building.

Batman then ran across the top of the building nearest to the store and climbed onto its roof. Overlooking the alleyway he saw the van and a Harley motorcycle. 'Who else would be here' he thought to himself. He looked around for clues until he saw a duffel bag on the ground next to a flashlight and what looked to be blood splatter.

He climbed down the side of the building and grabbed the bag slowly opening the zipper. Inside he saw a crowbar and a bunch of different types of jewelry. 'A robbery went awry?' he thought idly as he put down the bag and continued to the back door of the building.

Reaching the big blue door he grabbed the handle, giving it a push, and it opened. 'unlocked...' He thought skeptically.

Sneaking inside he looked around to see if he could find anybody around. After a quick purview of the store owner's office, he found nothing and continued on. He looked at the floor and noticed a small trail of blood leading to the storage room in the back. Walking forward slowly he opened the door to notice a small hatch with light coming from it.

Silently going forward he pulled a bat-a-rang from his belt and held it in his off-hand. As Batman reached the ladder going down he dived down into a roll hoping to surprise anyone in the room. It worked, but not as intended.

At the bottom of the ladder, he saw a giant room filled to the brim with guns, ammo, and all sorts of explosives. Looking around there was a swivel chair in front of a computer. A person was sitting in it with their head lobbed to the right side. Batman approached slowly and looked at the chair again. Covering the chair he saw a miss-mash of duct tape and wires that seemed to be holding the person down.

Reaching the chair he turned it around to reveal an unconscious teenage boy with a nasty wound to his head.

He said in a gruff voice "Kid, kid wake up."

He gave the kid a slight shake and with a small murmur, he opened his eyes. A sudden burst of alertness overtook him as the kid looked frantically around the room. Then he said "shit, did you get them?"

As soon as he said that a girly voice from behind one of the assembly lines said "afraid not sugar." right before she hefted an uzi with a comically sized, but fully functional magazine in it. Batman without saying a word lifted his cape to cover both him and the boy as Harley pulled down the trigger with a mad gleam in her eyes.

Luckily the cape was bulletproof, not so luckily it still hurt like a bitch to stop bullets. With a barely audible grunt, batman swung around just as Harley ran out of bullets in her mag and threw a bat-a-rang at her hands.

It swiftly flew through the air and knocked the gun out of her hands and onto the floor. The Joker coming in at that exact moment came at Batman with a small click being the only warning as he flicked open a switchblade. Batman spun around and redirected his wrist to the ground before kicking him squarely in the stomach sending him flying into the computer monitors with a loud crash.

Reaching into his utility belt Batman ran across the room towards the light switch. About halfway there he threw a tear-gas pellet at Harley's location.

"Come on Batsy you're gonna have to do better than that!" she screamed as she dove away.

The Joker standing up from the computer desk grabbed something from his pocket and said aloud "Ah, ah you don't want to do that!"

He pulled out a small switch and put his thumb on the top of just as Batman reached the other side of the room.

"Unless you want the poor little kid over here to have a really bad time," he said with a grin growing on his face.

"It's a d-" the Joker began.

Batman seeing him push his finger towards the detonator hurriedly threw a bat-a-rang at his hand.

"-eadman's switch." He finished.

Batman's eye's widened in horror as he realized his mistake, but he was too late.

DxD Kieth Dxd

Watching the inhuman fight going on around me, I started struggling at the bonds on the chair. Looking down I finally realized something. I wasn't just tied to the chair. There were explosives planted all down my chest. 'Oh God,' I thought.

I looked forward just to see Batman run across the room as The Joker pulled a switch out of his coat and put his thumb on the top of it. Reacting quickly and with all the strength left in my body, I stood up taking the chair with me and ran towards the Joker as he was talking.

Good news is he wasn't paying attention to me and was talking to Batman. Bad news? Well, the Bad news was that someone was.

"Puddin watch out!" the infuriating jester called from across the room.

"deadman's switch," the Joker said as he turned to look at me just behind him.

Time seemed to slow down as I looked at his hand with the switch in it and the bat-a-rang slowly spinning towards it. I looked across the room as a newfound horror came over me. I saw Batman's eyes widen in surprise as well. I was going to die. A single moment was all it took before the bat-a-rang hits its mark. A gloved hand holding the only thing keeping me alive.

The Joker's hand opens as he lets out a disgusting laugh and says "Why so serious?"

The last thing I see before I die is that horrible smile.

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