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"Speaking aloud"


[Sacred Gears]

Dxd * Dxd: time/line skip

3 Years and a World Full of Hurt part 1

Dying was not at all what I thought it was. You always hear about some light at the end of the tunnel. Your life is supposed to flash before your eyes; then you go to whatever afterlife you believe in. In reality, it's not that easy.

I couldn't really feel anything. I just sat there doing nothing, but existing in an empty void. I couldn't move. I couldn't see. I couldn't do anything at all. I just stood still in perpetual silence for what felt like an eternity with nothing, but my own thoughts.

After what felt like years in this expressionless void I was finally able to do something. I could feel again. I could even move, although not very far. Twitching my fingers a few times I forcefully opened my eyes.

All around me was a sea of obnoxious mixing colors. Whites, blacks, purples, greens, and blues all mixed together in a disgusting pallet that would make a clowns hair look pretty.

'Is this all death has to offer?' I thought.

'A colorful void and complete and utter silence for all eternity?' I continued.

Looking around all I could see was just an endless expanse of swashing colors. Trying to move my body all I could do was twitch my fingers and toes. It gave me something to do so I kept on trying despite how futile it was.

Then I heard it.

In the distance, I heard what could only be described as the loudest noise I have ever heard. A deep and guttural roar pierced the air around me as a bright light flashed in the distance. The largest beast I have ever seen burst forward from a portal the size of a small building.

The beast was a gigantic red monster with red spikes gutting from different sides of its body. On it's back it had four oversized wings, that despite their looks it did not seem to be using. This, this thing let out another guttural roar and floated to the side and let me see it's head.

A maw that could easily swallow me whole faced me as I stared in horror at it endless expanse. It had a large red horn coming from its nose as well as two human-like hands covered in dark red armor. One of its yellow eyes lethargically trained on me. Just before what I was sure would be my second death a small portal opened behind me and a hand-pulled me through.

Turning around I saw an elderly man smiling at me in a lavish suite. The suit was colored purple on the left side and red on the right.

"Well, Well! What a turn of events this is!" he said in a gentle yet loud voice.

"What who are-" I began as I looked around the place he pulled me to.

He cut me off and said, "Not now! Not now! Worry about things later! Here do you want some cheese? Oh, what am I saying, of course, you want some cheese!"

He pushed his hand through what looked like a purple portal and pulled out a chunk of cheese then tossed it to me. I caught it then started looking at the table behind him. Behind the elderly man was a long table with silver plates and goblets all arranged in seemingly strange patterns. The weird man walked over to a chair and sat down.

"Well, boy are you just going to stand there and stare at me or are you going to take a seat?" he said while pulling another chunk of cheese from seemingly nowhere and beginning to eat it.

"Who are you I?" I asked.

He took another bite of cheese then said "Well ain't that the question? But wait, wait I'm not interested in me; I'm interested in you!"

"But I-" I started again.

"How does one teensy, little mortal like you end up in my little cut of the dimensional gap eh?" he said in a jolly good tone with a smile on his face.

In a not so joking tone I thought to myself 'Of all the people in the after-life why did I have to get you?'

"Now that's the question isn't it?" the crazed man said with a grin growing on his face.

"How did you?" I said getting more and more scared by the second.

"Well your welcome to try and stop me. Ha! No matter, but more to the point ya?" he said as his expressions kept changing over and over again.

"I haven't had someone come to my realm since that dragon boyo from the fourth era who wanted to cure my dear old Pelly. So who sent you?" He ranted on with a strange smile.

No-" I began.

"Wait no, no let me guess! Was it Molag? That golden son of Yehowah. Oh, no wait that ones dead. A sordid affair that one! I saw the whole thing too. Morning star they called him, but hey at least he didn't bow like the rest of those golden boys...oh where was I, yes." He rambled on.

"Oh, wrong on all accounts was I? Eh, not the first time." he continued.

"So who sent ya?" he finished

After looking at the deranged look in his eyes I said, "No one did, I-I'm pretty sure I'm dead."

He messed with his tie for a second then responded with "I can fix that for ya if you like."

I looked back and said "Good God you're a madman"

His lips perked upwards and he said, "Jolly good guess. But only half right. I'm a mad god. The Mad God actually. It's a family title. Gets passed down from me to myself every few thousand years."

He looked at the cheese on his platter again and said, "Now you, you can call me Ann Marie. But only if you're partial to being flayed alive and having an angry immortal playing hopscotch in your chest cavity!"

He stood up and gave me a bow while saying "Well, if not...Then call me Sheogorath, The Daedric Prince of Madness."

I looked at him with wide eyes and said, "So will you help me deal with whatever the hell this is."

He pulled himself back up to look at me and gave a big toothy grin "Now that's the real question, isn't it? So, here's what I'm going to do."

He snapped his fingers and I immediately fell to the ground screaming as I felt fire shooting up my nervous system.

He looked on and scratched his head a bit then said, "Oh, sorry bout that kinda forgot it hurt mortals without any semblance ah magic."

"What the hell did you do to me?" I screamed as I rose to my feet.

"Me?" He said while pointing at himself "I didn't do anything...or who knows maybe I did. Didn't. Did. Didn't. Did! Did not!lar Ah, but who cares I think it's about time for you to go."

He tapped his finger to his chin and said aloud "Oh, what am I forgetting...Oh yes! You may want to grit your teeth a little on the way out."

He waved his hand and a large purple portal materialized next to me "Oh, one more thing before you go, make sure to have fun with the gift I gave you!" He said as he waved his hand once more. I abruptly lurched into the portal against my will.

The last thing I heard on my way out was Sheogorath mumble "Ha! I do love it when the mortals know their being manipulated. Makes things infinitely more interesting."

Dxd Cultist Dxd

I ran around the outside of our temple bringing the new meat towards the entrance of the building. We have been working and working on this for years now and the pay off was almost here. He promised us unity through order and power through stability as long as we sent more to join his ever-expanding realm.

Dragging the unconscious body of the child I yelled to my fellow brother in arms from across the way "Hurry it up we don't have all night we have to finish before sun up!"

Looking over I saw a man in robes like mine with the symbol of Greymarch painted on the hood. He was carrying a body over his shoulder tied at the feet and hands, a middle-aged brown-haired woman. Another cultist followed behind him carrying an unconscious male as well.

After a few minutes of trudging through the mud of the forest floor, we finally arrived at the entrance of our temple. In front of me stood an old abandoned church, with broken windows and debris strewn about.

I walked up to the door and said, "Hey, Kei open the front door so we get this started." in a somber tone.

The cultist carrying the woman opened the front door then proceeded inside taking as little time as possible. I followed after him, checking to make sure the book was still in my pouch. I put the kid down onto the altar at the back end of the church and grabbed a bowl. Gripping the large pewter bowl I put it down at the end of the altar. I reached into the folds of my robe and grasped for the knife on my belt.

I pulled it from its sheath as the other two cultists watched. I thought 'No use backing out now.' as I brought the knife down on the kid's throat. Bright red blood spurted forward from his neck as he slowly grew pale.

As the blood was dribbling down the altar into the bowl I told Kei "Check him, then the mother's next."

Kei leaned forward and grabbed the kids wrist then he nodded and pushed him off the back of the altar. Kei leaned forward and put the unconscious woman down onto the shrine. She slowly started to wake up from being knocked around so much. Her eyes darted open as the woman looked down to see what lay before her.

Her eyes widening in horror as she saw us. I tightened my grip on my bloody knife as the woman looked down at her son and started sobbing beneath her gag. I brought the knife up into the air directly above her neck as she fearfully looked up at me.

A second passed before I sprang into action. Swinging the knife down directly into the side of her neck with a grunt I thought 'This better be worth it.' Her artery started to periodically spurt blood with the slowing beat of her heart. I watched in silence as the blood slowly went down towards the bottom of the shrine and I thought 'At least she will be in his realm now.'

After waiting for her to bleed out I looked to Kazuto who was holding the woman's husband and nodded. He walked forward and pushed her off the altar as well. Luckily this one did not wake up as I repeated the same process from before.

I leaned down and carefully grabbed the bowl full of blood and placed upon the altar. Opening the pouch on the side of my belt, I started to pull out my copy of the Invocation of Jyggalag.

As I was doing this Kei turned around yelled "Shit exorcist!"

I turned to the side and yelled: "Hold them him for a little bit while I finish the ritual then our lord shall deliver his wrath!"

I opened the book I was holding and started applying mana into the bowl while chanting the spell. "The blood of heretics. Those who represent chaos to forever join the Lord of Order in his conquests, shall be the sacrifice to deliver an Advent of Order to this realm!"

I felt my mana leave me at a quicker and quicker pace as it started to imbue the blood of our enemies with Jyggalag's righteous order. Finally, my mana ran out, blood flew into the air making a human-sized semi-circle. As the circle completed itself it started glowing with the intensity of the glow increasing as time went by.

Turning around I saw Kei and Kazuto already down for the count slowly choking on their own blood as that damn exorcist stalked toward me with a blade of light in hand.

I yelled out "You're too late light-spawn my Lord's avatar shall be here soon!"

The exorcist did not say anything at all as he looked behind me in surprise as his mouth opened to speak "It seems like your so-called ritual has failed heretic."

I turned around to view the portal to the Realm of Order in panic. Behind me, the portal seemed to shimmer with light as it finally stabilized. It opened to show the back of a boy sitting at a table across from... "No...NO! NOT HIM!" I screamed at the top of my lungs

Sheogorath looked through the portal and waved his hand and sent Kieth's soul into the dead child's body. The Prince then looked directly at me and said aloud "I'm sorry, but Jyggalag is not home right now check back in...a few millennia." Before snapping his fingers as the portal closed.

I turned back to the exorcist a second too late as he lunged forward with his sword of light. I tried to dodge to the side, but that only made it worse. A burning feeling spread throughout the left side of my chest. The sword of light pierced me through the heart.

I looked into the face of my killer as he said "All I wanted to do was get some good food." with a depreciating sigh.

Dxd Keith Dxd

As I fell back through the portal multiple black darts started appearing in my vision. They grew in size as I eventually passed out. (AN: The next small scene is a dream sequence)

As I was unconscious I had a shall we say different dream. I wasn't in my body. I wasn't able to move or do anything at all as I was forced to make playing cards over and over again.

A voice came from inside my head and said, "I remember it now. It was on my shift in the factory when it started. At first, I thought I was insane. It started with laughing. Over and over again in the corners of my mind."

Not being able to do anything I just listened in on what must be this person's thoughts. After a few more playing cards were punched out I reached forward and grabbed one. Lifting it to my face I heard the voice say "Huh, a Joker" as he put it into his shirt pocket.

Just as fast as the vivid dream began it ended. Lurching forward I woke up breathing heavily. Sprawled out on the floor next to me there were two dead bodies. My hands and shirt were caked in thick red blood.

'Oh, God' I thought.

I stood up in a desperate hurry and headed towards one of the monastery's many windows. I peered into it thinking 'That bastard better not have!'

What looked at back at me in the glass was a face, but not my own. I raised one hand up to my face and felt it. The person staring back at me in the window had dark brown hair with emerald green eyes. The hair was unkempt and caked with dried blood... 'My blood' I thought.

On my neck, there was a nasty scar wound that went from one side of my neck to the other. However, that wasn't the worst part. I looked at my chin, and not a single hair was on it.

'I have to be at least 3 or 4 years younger' I thought as my anger started rising.

It finally started to boil over and I exclaimed: "I'm gonna fucking beat the shit out of that cheese-eating asshole!" in a noticeably higher-pitched voice.

From behind me, I heard a small cough than someone said: "Well, that's not very nice young man."

I turned around as fast as I could and came face to face with what looked to be a young priest. He had black robes on that had a single white line coming down each sleeve that ended in a cross. On each of his hands, he had white gloves. The priest reached into his pocket and grabbed a small sucker and put it into his mouth.

He walked towards me and then I noticed the belt on his waist. A few small pouches were sewn into the belt and hooked to it was what looked like a weird flashlight, some vials of water, a gun, and a grenade. I took a single worried step back. The priest looked at me in surprise before saying "Now I wonder, how this came about."

He looked at me for a few seconds before he asked: "Do you remember what happened?"

Looking around the church at the blood and bodies strewn about before responding I said: "No, not really."

He swayed forward and seized my hand then pulled out a vial of water from his belt and poured some of it on my hand. He looked at me with a discerning eye for a few seconds, and when nothing happened he let out a sigh of relief then said, "Well that rules out anything I have to really be worried about."

The priest leaned down to the dead body of the man before reaching into his pants pocket and pulling out a billfold. He flipped it open with one hand and looked at it for a few seconds then The priest said, "Name's Dulio Gesualdo, kid call me whatever you want as long as it's civil. You got a name?"

I looked at him and said, "Yeah I'm Kieth, Kieth Rivers. W-What happened here?"

Dulio looked around for a few seconds then said, "Something that should have been avoided."

Dulio looked like he was thinking for a few seconds then he said, "Come on kid; we gotta get you out of here. No one that young needs to see anything like this."

I responded with a small nod, then Dulio turned around and started to walk down to the church's main door. I got myself up gave one more look to the corpses all around then followed after him. As I got outside the half-destroyed church I saw a relatively quiet forest with a small dirt trail leading into it.

The sky was clear that night. There were many different stars in the sky, but I couldn't spot any of the constellations. Looking back down and toward Dulio I thought 'Well it could be worse. I could be in Gotham again.'

After a few minutes of walking, we reached the other side of the woods and a small town came into view. Dulio kept walked into the town and he pulled out his phone. After unlocking it he opened up what looked like an off-brand G**gle Maps. (AN: I Don't know if brand mentioning is allowed so I'm gonna play it safe for now)

Dulio pulled out the billfold from before and typed something on his phone then he threw me the billfold. Dulio turned to look at me and said, "You might want that, I sure as hell don't need it."

I caught it and put it into one of my pockets. Dulio meanwhile looked at his phone and kept walking. After about 10 minutes of silence between us as we walked, Dulio stopped and turned to his left. In front of him was a small suburban house with the front porch light on.

He turned to me as we walked up to the door and said, "Well, this is your stop."

I stepped in front of him and grabbed the handle to the door and pulled it down. It went down fairly easily and I thought 'Well at least it's unlocked.'

As I pulled the door open I looked over my shoulder and said "Are you just going to...He's already gone; Goddammit."

Dulio was no where to be seen so I walked inside the house. After walking into the hallway behind the door I noticed some house slippers on the floor and I thought 'Who in the hell uses those?'

Down the hall, there was a small kitchen with a connected living room. After a few minutes of thinking, I decided the best thing I could do was try to call somebody or at least do something to figure out where in the hell I am, so I started looking around for a cell phone.

After a small while of looking, I found an old landline. I walked up to the small wired phone and picked it up to try and call somebody I knew. At first, I tried calling the owner of the club in Gotham. After a few rings an automated voice said aloud "This number is not available, please try again."

Getting a little bit worried I kept trying the different numbers I could think of off of the top of my head and each one either gave that automated message or the wrong person picked up. Eventually I ran out of numbers to try and decided to look around a bit more. I found a smartphone that didn't have a lock on it, so I opened it up. Opening up a search bar I thought 'maybe this will help.'

After fumbling with it for a few seconds I opened up maps and took a look at my current location. It said I was in Japan, Kuoh Town. I looked around online for any news online from Gotham about what happened to me and after a few minutes of searching later I was stumped.

I could not find a single thing about Gotham or even some of the other major cities I knew like Metropolis. As my frustrations were beginning to rise, I got a little more desperate and tried to find anything about my old life.

After searching the names of various super-heroes from my past life, I finally got something. It was an old comic series that went by the name Batman. I found a fandom website for the series and read the description. 'This comics series entails the misadventures of one Bruce Wayne who is better known as Batman.'

I took a few minutes to look around the site and thought 'Well I guess I'm not in Kansas anymore."

Dxd Kieth Dxd

Interestingly enough life in this new world, as I like to call it, is not that bad. After that small panic attack and the church fiasco from three years ago, my life has been going pretty great. Well, better than my last one at least.

A few days after I found out I wasn't in my world anymore the police showed up on my doorstep. That was a let's just say "fun" time. A few minutes of nervous explanation later and they ended up taking me down to the police station.

That turned out about as well as you could expect. After a few phone calls and someone finding the mess that those cultists left behind; they tried to contact any of my family members eft in the area. To make a long story short I ended up being dropped off on the doorstep of my cousin's house that lived in the area after all of the legal stuff was taken care of. (AN: I don't know nearly enough about the legal system of Japan to write a scene about this or I would.)

That's the basic story about how I ended up being adopted into the Hyoudou family. Adjusting to Japan wasn't as hard as I thought it would be due to the "gift" Sheogorath gave me. That's one of the only things I learned he changed though.

Any language I heard was spontaneously understood. Anything that I said was automatically translated into whatever language I was hearing and whatever was being said to me was translated. Other than that though; I still have no idea what he did to me.

After adjusting for a few years and getting acquainted with my new family I honestly started to enjoy it. I actually had a family for once, instead of just someone to go get work from. I was in school, and actually doing quite well for myself.

Looking forward to the gate of the victorian era school I let out a small sigh. 'why, why does my brother have to be such a pervert?' I thought in desperation at the scene in front of me. Sprawled out on the ground in front of the jogging track was my adoptive brother, with his two only friends laying down on either side of him.

Issei opened his eyes and said, "I gotta say man, boobs are the best thing ever."

Matsuda to his left responded with "trust me my man, you and I are on the same page."

Motohoma to his right said aloud "but it's all pointless..."

Issei leaned up with an annoyed look on his face and said back, "Matsuda, Motohoma can you tell me why in the hell we enrolled in this school again?"

Matsuda started to get up as a perverse grin plastered onto his face and he said, "Poon as far as the eye can see..." and at that point, I started to tune out the rest of their conversation.

I shook my head and thought 'freaking perverts...' then turned around to walk away.

I bumped straight into the girls' number one eye candy in this school. Falling flat on my ass with a small grunt I thought 'Goddammit what did I hit, A brick wall?'

In front of me stood a what most would call "pretty" boy surrounded by a group of girls. He looked down at me and seemed a bit shocked, but after a few seconds he reached forward and with a small smile said "Oh, sorry about that."

Not thinking much of it I reached forward and grabbed his hand. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and the look on his face stiffened again as he stared at me. Just like the last time Kiba looked in my eyes with an almost crazed look before his features went smooth again.

A little bit freaked out about him I tried to swiftly let go and I said: "Thanks man just don't do it again, yeah?"

Blondie looked back at me with that same fake smile and said with a little strain in his voice "Yeah..."

I turned around and took a brisk pace to my homeroom. Walking in as everyone was talking in small groups I spotted one of my only friends in this school. I strode up to my seat next to her and sat down. To my left was a small white-haired girl staring at the board with a dull look on her face. As I sat down her yellow cat-like eyes zeroed in on me.

Already knowing what she wants I reached into my pocket and pulled out an apple-flavored sucker then said, "Do you want it?"

She looked at my hand then my eyes then back at my hand again then gave a small nod. I moved my arm forward and thought 'At least here she can't eat me out of what little pocket money I have.'

The white-haired girl swiped her arm forward and grabbed the sucker from my hand, almost acting like someone would take it from her. After a second of looking at me again, she pulled off the wrapper with her other hand and popped the sucker in her mouth. She sat still and her lips twitched slightly upwards as she ate it.

'Well, it's better than when I first met her at least.' I thought. 'This girl has a black hole in her stomach'

At the beginning of the first term, I met her walking back home from the arcade. She was standing in front of a small candy shop with her head drooped forward holding a small coin purse. I walked up to her and after asking if she was okay I ended up buying her some candy. she saw me the next day at school and has been mooching off me ever since.

Coming out of my thoughts I felt something tug on my sleeve. I turned to the right and saw Koneko look at me again before saying in an emotionless voice "Thank you,"

I gave her a small smile and said, "You're welcome."

Her lips twitched as she looked to be thinking about something then she pulled out a small blue bag and reached inside it. From inside the felt bag, she drew out a cat-shaped cookie and held it in her hand. Koneko looked back and forth before a nearly pained look came across her face as she held out the cookie to me and said, "For all the times you've helped me out."

'Well, that's awfully cute.' I thought.

I stretched my arm forward to grab it and said, "Thanks, although I haven't really been helping you out much; I've just let you eat all my snacks." with a small snicker.

She pushed the cookie forward into my hand while saying, "Still, thank you." in the same emotionless tone.

That's one of her many quirks. For some reason, she forcefully tries to hide most of her emotions. I can not really figure out why and when I asked she changed the subject pretty quickly so I dropped it. There are a few other things as well. Besides her raging sweet tooth, she also shows a lot of the emotions she does let through via body language. She droops her shoulders and perks up her head depending on what she's feeling, almost like a cat.

When I first met her I did not really notice it much, but after a few weeks of her hanging around me; I had it basically figured out. A lot of the time after school she would follow me around as I went to the local arcade for a few hours, and I would end up buying her candy or other types of sweets before going home. The one time I didn't give her anything to snack on she drooped her shoulders down the whole walk back from the arcade and guilt-tripped me into buying her some.

My homeroom teacher walked in and said aloud "Alright kids quiet down, so I can take attendance!"

Dxd 3rd person, centered on Issei Dxd

Issei was doing what most perverts would be doing after school, specifically trying to peek on some chicks. After getting caught earlier that morning by the kendo team because of Motohama and Matsuda ditching him, he thought he could give it another try. Issei started to pick up speed towards the tennis team's locker room and then he heard a girly voice from behind him say, "A-Are you Issei Hyoudou?"

Stopping in his tracks the brown-haired boob lover turned around to see a raven-haired beauty behind him. She was about his height and she was staring at his feet with a small blush on her face as she messed with the side of her hair.

Issei looked at her then said in a timid voice "Yeah, that's me."

She had a bright look appear on her face before she said, "I-I'm Yumma Amano and I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me!"

Startled Issei gawked at her for a few seconds then pointed at himself and thought 'M-Me? Oh, who cares may be the harem Gods are smiling on me today!'

He looked back to her and answered, "Sure, I would love to!" with a big smile on his face.

Yuuma blushed a little bit more before reaching forward and grabbing his arm and replied: "Well then, what are we waiting for?"

Dxd Kieth Dxd

'School is just as boring as ever.' I thought as I walked through the school gate. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and sent a text to one of my four numbers (AN: tragic). The familiar green color of my messaging app came from my phone as I pulled up Issei's number. I shot him a text saying "Hey, I'm gonna go to the arcade you wanna come with?"

After a couple of seconds, my phone buzzed "Not today man, I got a date!"

I looked at my phone and frowned then I sent back "Hell has to have frozen over if you got a girlfriend. No offense, but pics or it didn't happen."

My eyes broadened as Issei sent back a selfie of himself with his arm around a smiling raven-haired beauty. I rubbed my eyes and looked back before saying aloud "H-How?" in disbelief.

In a daze, I slowly typed out "well have fun I guess..."

I kept walking on the sidewalk and thought to myself 'well Issei's out. Koneko maybe? No she's got that supernatural club...Saji? Crap he's got student council work. Ugh.'

After about 15 minutes or so of walking, I finally arrived at my favorite place in town, the local arcade. Without even looking at the sign I strolled through the open front door of the building into the noisy interior. After a few seconds, I walked up to the coin exchange machine to get myself some change to play with.

Unfortunately, there was a small line. At the front, there was a stupid-looking kid with a bleached pompadour, and a young couple standing behind him. I looked around the side to get a better look and the 80s biker wannabe continued to fumble with the machine while cussing up a storm.

A few minutes passed as the delinquent jacked around with the exchange machine. The punk yelled out "Why won't this piece of shit work?" and kicked it. From the counter of the store, the guy running the cash register turned to see what was wrong then told him "Hey kid! What in the hell are you doing?"

Blondie here turned around to look at him and said, "Whatever the hell I want! You got a problem with it?"

The clerk began to look angrier then he said, "Ya I got a problem with you! You're breaking the merchandise and scaring the customers' kid so why don't you clear outta here?"

Blondie turned around and started to walk to the clerk while mumbling to himself. I looked at him and thought 'ah, why do I have to be a good person.' while letting out a small sigh.

As the blond was walking up to the clerk I grabbed him by the shoulder and gave the cashier a small smile and said, "Ya my friend here's a bit of a loudmouth; I'll get him out of here for ya."

The cashier looked at me and said, "Whatever man..." then sat back down to read a magazine.

Before mister Blondie could do anything he would regret I pulled him out the side door in the alley. He pulled himself free from my grasp and fell onto the ground then sent a scowl my way and said, "What the hell was that for you punk!"

I looked at him then said, "Me a punk? Like you got room to talk. Look at yourself."

He stood up and seemed to get even more pissed off before saying, "I don't gotta take shit like that from a punk like you!"

Blondie pulled back his fist in an unmistakably bad punch before he let it fly towards my chest. As he threw it I scoffed and slapped it to the side then remarked: "Ya know, this is not how I wanted my afternoon to go."

I grabbed onto the hand that I slapped away and yanked him forward, hard. With a little effort, he stumbled forward as I raised my fist behind my head. Curling my left arm I shot my elbow out towards his nose. Blondie's nose folded into his face with an audible crunch right before he screamed out in pain.

I stepped back as he grabbed his nose then looked at me with nervous eyes. Blondie glanced at me and then the exit of the alley. He seemed to way his options then he took off running and yelled out "I'll be back, no disses a Hell-Cat and gets away with it!"

I looked at the exit of the alley and waited a few minutes just in case he brought back some friends. After nothing came I turned around and went back inside to play some games.

A few hours later...

I looked down at my phone to check the time. 'Damn! Already eight-thirty, better start to head home.' I thought as I stood up from an arcade cabinet.

Pocketing the rest of my change I started to head to the front of the arcade. The cashier looked at me and put down the magazine he was holding then said, "Uh, thanks for earlier."

I looked over to him then responded with "Yeah man, don't worry about it."

The clerk gave me one last look before going back to his magazine. Thinking nothing of it I walked out of the arcade. 'There are so many stars in the sky here.' I thought. 'In Gotham, you can't see a skyline like that unless you go miles out from the city' I continued.

While looking back down I started to walk back to my house and pulled out my phone from my pocket to look at it. As my feet kept hitting the sidewalk in the downtown area I thought 'might as well ask how Issei's date went.'

I pulled up the messenger app then sent him a short text saying "soooo, how'd your date go?"

After a few minutes, I didn't get anything back so I thought 'maybe he already went to bed or something...or maybe he actually got lucky for once. Haha no way, the day Issei gets some is the day the world ends.'

I pulled out a pair of earbuds and plugged them into my phone. Thinking to myself 'Some music would be nice' I pulled up Sp*tify and started listening to some Metallica. After the familiar opening to Master of Puppets starting playing I put my phone back in my pocket.

As I was walking through a small crowd of people I saw a black-haired woman with little bat hairpins handing out some fliers. I walked by and she stopped me with a kind smile on her face. The woman pulled a piece of paper from the pile and gave it to me.

Not thinking much of it I took it and continued walking. On the front of the yellow piece of paper, I saw a symbol that would probably be more at home with the people in Koneko's club and the words "Your wish will be granted." printed across the bottom.

'Eh, whatever' I thought as I stuffed the flier into my back pocket.

Arriving in the abandoned area of town right next to the residential area of town I thought 'Hope I don't run into any more gangsters.' and I started to pick up my pace. I looked around me and saw the empty buildings as I walked by an abandoned warehouse. Passing under a street light I saw something skitter past my foot.

Looking down at the disturbance I nearly screamed as a monster-sized tarantula whizzed by my foot. Reacting instinctively I jumped back while thinking 'But they don't have spiders like that here!'

I turned around into the warehouse behind me and heard a loud noise and screeching metal. I frantically looked about and asked, "Is anyone there?" A few seconds passed.

After no one answered back I pulled out my phone and opened the flashlight app and then turned it on. The first thing I thought was 'Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, fuck this shit.' as I illuminated a spider-like abomination.

It had eight brown and hairy legs with human feet attached to each one's end. It's head if you could call it that, was a mix of four different human heads that merged together in an affront to nature formin a large gaping maw with two oversized incisors dripping with venom. The creature had eight different human-shaped eyes displayed on its amalgamation of a forehead. The creature's body had two large segments that looked to be a mix of human and spider flesh.

The creature's many eyes centered on my then said in a rasping voice "Come to me my sweet."

Hundreds of different sized spiders slowly came out from the darkness and poured beneath the monstrosity. I pulled my left leg back and started to get ready to run. As I was doing this I felt something pull on my right. With fear growing in my stomach and adrenaline pumping through mt veins I Looked down. Wrapped around my right foot was a thick white string.

I took a gulp of air before saying out loud "Shit."

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