A/N hey everyone sorry I got busy with school and stuff. Here's a short and sweet sound of music fic I got this idea from when my friend told me I should pray when I can't sleep and thighs it was something sweet Maria would say to the children.

One night in their new house in Vermont the whole von trapp family was asleep peacefully. All except little Greta who somehow woke up during the night and couldn't go back to sleep. As always she wanted her new mother Maria to comfort her so she crept quietly to Mother and Father's bedroom.

She gently tapped her sleeping mother on the shoulder and quietly woke her up.


Maria abruptly woke up startled for a minute then after getting used to her surroundings she realized it was only her youngest daughter. Seeing the frightened look on her face she quickly sat up in bed.

"Oh darling what is it? Did you have a bad dream?"

Gretl climbed into Maria's lap and put her arms around her.

"No Mother I just woke up and can't go back to sleep."

Maria knowing how to fix this gently picked up her daughter and carried her back to her room. After settling her back into her bed Maria got into bed next to Gretl and pulled her into her arms.

"Well darling when we can't sleep we should pray to God to help us sleep and of course think of our favorite things."

Gretl knew thinking and singing of her favorite things always helped her and her siblings when they were scared or upset but she never knew praying could help.

"Praying? Really?"

"Yes darling it really does work why don't you try it right now."

Gretl nodded her head and began to pray out loud

"Lord help me to fall back to sleep ame give me peace and watch over me amen."

Maria smiles at her youngest daughters sweet innocent little prayer

"That was beautiful darling now try to go back to sleep."

Maria then gently tucked her daughter into bed and Maria lay down next to her and a few moments later both mother and daughter fell into a peaceful sleep.