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The small auditorium had been filled with chatter about why those who were here had actually been summoned. Especially since all of them had received the same seemingly cryptic request that gave them no real explanation why they should respond and come to this place. When he stepped out however, the room went silent and all of those in attendance knew that they were here for a reason.

His presence was immediately felt, still adorned in the armour he wore on his day to day routines. He was such a familiar face yet few ever truly had interacted with him outside of an odd job here or there. Even then he had stepped above and beyond what they could do. There was a reason he was currently ranked eighth of the professional hero charts.

Yoroi Musha looked over the podium that he stood at, the veteran hero gazing at those who had gathered before him. 'Less than twenty,' he internally mused. 'Thousands of registered heroes and less than two percent decide to show.'

He wasn't surprised however, he had expected this. It didn't help that he had arranged this meeting with less than forty eight hours notice, barely enough time to postpone or cancel any real plans on short notice. Despite having solidified his place within the top ten heroes many years prior he was aware that he wasn't a flashy hero but he was reliable, always dependant when the situation called upon.

Or at least that was what the public was aware of.

It wasn't unheard of for heroes to be defeated by a villain who outclassed them in some way, shape or form. Sometimes it was simply due to a mismatch and it became more of a battle of skill and stamina. As a member of the top ten it was essentially unheard of him to possibly even suffer a loss.

That was not the case.

"Thank you all for being here," Yoroi Musha started, silencing those few who had been conversing amongst themselves. He could understand if they were nervous about why he was here, a few of them probably assuming that this was a retirement speech. If that had been the case then there would be members of the media present. Since there were none however it did beg the question as to why they had been summoned.

"What I have to say to you tonight, I trust you not to spread to those who would use this to slander my name. I cannot swear you to anything, but I do trust you as professionals to adhere to this." Yoroi Musha paused as he allowed these few words to sink in. Many of the heroes present were of veterans in their own right having gained their hero license many years prior before making their mark in the world. In fact the only one who had only recently made their mark was the wooden hero, Kamui Woods who had debuted a handful of months earlier. Yoroi Musha was merely glad a member of the younger generation had chosen to come.

"Two weeks ago, I combated a villain much like any other and once he was defeated I left it to the authorities when I heard a nearby scream, a woman having had her handbag stolen and the perpetrator was escaping down a nearby alley. I thought it odd only momentarily as to why a villain would strike after having just witnessed what happened but I pushed it to the side as I gave pursuit. What I swiftly found however was that the handbag was never the target, having been taken out of the eye of the public and hidden from view, I learnt that I was his goal."

He paused momentarily as the crowd before him gave a startled gasp. The mere idea that somebody would lure a hero into an alley wasn't an impossible idea, the minds of villains worked in very different ways. Letting out a hefty cough, the attention was brought back to the hero standing in front of them. "He stood in front of me, a boy no older than fourteen but he stared at me with eyes that spoke of experience, as if what he had been doing he had been doing for years. I tried to converse with him, get any sort of reaction but he refused to speak before bursting forward with twin blades in his hands, one white and one black."

"We clashed, our blades crossing paths time and time again but every time I thought I broke through his guard he would counter in ways I hadn't expected. The strength in his blows made me assume he had a strength based quirk but that didn't explain the swordplay. The art of the sword is a dying breed yet it seemed as if he had been born with a blade in his hand. It pains me to say this, but upon that day I was defeated in one on one combat."

The silence was deafening as the fact sunk in and the realization of why the media were absent became clear. To know that such a high ranking hero had been defeated in battle would cause the public to panic; their faith in the system would be shaken and it would be many months or potentially years for the damage this news could potentially cause to be rectified. No wonder the heroes present were being requested to be silent.

"With my blade cast aside and having been taken off my feet I was at his mercy before he turned his back on me and for the first time, he spoke. He thanked me for the fight, which in and of itself took me by surprise. He then told me that my strength was genuine and I should be proud of all that I accomplished and to never forget what a true hero is."

"I took all this into heart before I called you here tonight as opposed to simply informing the media of a powerful villain on the loose. This is simply because I do not think that he is a villain but rather a misguided youth, powerful, but misguided. He deliberately sought me out to test my strength but to also show me that I have potentially grown content with my own abilities. I still have something left to give in this world and pray that you too can learn from my mistakes. We are heroes and are potential weaknesses may cost not only our lives but the lives of those we are trying to protect. Strive to be better tomorrow than you are today, and again better the day after."

"Thank you for your time."

"Yoroi Musha, can you at least warn us about what he looks like?" asked one of the heroes in attendance.

"He was lean, fit with white hair and brown eyes. He also wore a red cloak which he may have used to conceal his weapons," explained Yoroi Musha.

"A name, did he say his name?"

"Not his actual name, but an alias, one which he might have crafted as a child one day dreaming of what his hero name would be."

"What was it?"



Shinji Nishiya, other wise known as the hero Kamui Woods, left the meeting with dark thoughts clouding his mind. Unlike many of the heroes who had been in the presence of the veteran of the industry, he hadn't had his hero license for long and the next youngest hero in the room had been fighting the good fight for at least a decade prior.

Having heard from one of the oldest heroes in the business about a vigilante of sorts who seemed to merely wish to test himself was unsettling. For one so young to walk down such a dangerous path which could easily turn villainous, he wished to know just how such a boy had gone down such a route. Preventing other individuals from walking down the road of villainy was just so, if not more important, than capturing criminals.


The name sounded almost foreign in the modern era. Like with how the boy was seemingly more than capable with blades, many had also forgone the art of archery. Perhaps part of this kid's agenda was to remind those of a time before quirks were common place and what society had left behind in its wake. Could a teenager have such ideas however and if so, how had he gotten these ideas in the first place? Teenagers should be laughing with each other down the mall, making new friends and dreaming of a peaceful future.

Looking up at the roof of the tallest building nearby, he reached up and used his power over the wood covering his body to grasp hold of the ledge. Pulling himself up, Shinji easily scaled the fifteen odd stories before landing safely and staring out at the horizon. Even in the night, the city he had sworn to protect looked at ease.

It was comforting.

"You look content."

"I'm merely glad that there is no unrest in the city this night," declared Shinji.

"There's always unrest, I can guarantee you that somewhere right now something is being plotted and schemed that will cause panic and confusion to the populace."

"I suppose you're right, but when it does happen, I'll be there to stop it!" he declared boldly, clenching his fist in front of his body. It was at this moment that Shinji realized that he wasn't alone, a foolish thought after just having conversed with someone but still a thought that crossed his mind. Turning around slowly, Shinji simply hoped that another hero from the meeting had come to join him atop the roof to admire the scenery.

It wasn't the case.

Shinji's eyes sharpened as he braced himself for any sort of confrontation that could potentially happen with the individual in front of him. Here was the teenager who had been the entire cause for the meeting that he had attended, the red cloak he wore lightly billowing in the breeze. Thankfully he wasn't armed but as far as Shinji knew, that didn't make him any less dangerous.

"What do you want?" asked Shinji, mentally preparing himself for conflict.

"I was merely curious to see how many people were attending this meeting," answered Archer. "I do have to say, the number is a touch lackluster."

"What, did you truly want your name of terror to ring out to as many people as possible?"

"Hardly," scoffed Archer. "Frankly I don't care how many people do or don't know my name but my message is a simple one."

"Simple? You think attacking an elite hero sends a simple message?" questioned Shinji, getting even more worked up.

"What is a hero?"

The question rang forth and Shinji momentarily found himself at a loss of words before answering. "Heroes are those who step forth whenever there is trouble."

"So what happens when there is no more trouble, when the world is at peace?"

Shinji was silent as he took in the words being said to him by the individual in front of him. Not only that, but it was the way that he spoke. Something like this he imagined quite an amount of passion, anger, fear, disgust, SOMETHING...yet there was nothing. The words he was saying came out seemingly as easy as breathing.

Archer continued, "For a hero to step forward there must first be someone in danger. For children to dream of becoming heroes, they too are wishing for some villainous act or catastrophe to occur for them to step forward and save the day. The more heinous the moment, the greater their name rings forth. The more people who stream an event, the more of a household name they become. Heroes almost actively have to interfere with one another just to get a piece of the action. The mere fact that the act of saving people is a popularity contest is a farce in and of itself. Only a handful of the heroes are worthy of the title."

Shinji found himself stunned, each point that had been made had struck him to the core. He could recall his debut, how he had helped rescue some civilians from a burning building. He had been praised for having helped those who had been screaming for help from the windows despite the fact his quirk was weak against the flames. The media had loved him as the hero who confronted his fears. It was a debut that had made headlines, there was nothing more that any hero could want. It was something which aspiring heroes dreamed of.

And it came with a reality none of them had truly thought about. Archer's words stung harsher than any weapon could and it struck more than a single nerve.

Finding his voice after several seconds of uncertain pause, Shinji spoke. "So what, you're plan is to go around and assault as many heroes as you can and force them to see things differently?"

"No, the world cannot be changed so easily. Whatever I say or do will get spun out of control by one outlet or another and the words of a renegade will never hold. What I say, what I do, will inevitably mean nothing to the eyes and ears of the public. To those who the public idolize however, that's something completely different."

"You want us to spread your word?"


Shinji said nothing as Archer turned his back to him. Part of him wanted to capture the person in front of him, bound him up in such a way that there was no way for him to escape. At the same time though he knew he had to exercise some form of control, the mere fact that Archer had the confidence to show them an opening meant that he felt himself safe or perhaps even overconfident. Either way, he knew that any sort of attack he could unleash could potentially result in a swift downfall.

"If you want any more reason to attack me from behind, know that I'll be going after Mount Lady later this week," proclaimed Archer.

"Mount Lady!"

"Yes, her quirk isn't suited for a hero."

"And who are you to judge such a thing? It is not our quirks that make us heroes but our actions," declared Shinji.

"Even if those actions are for their own benefit?"

Not surprisingly, Shinji didn't have a response for that.

"You can warn her in advance if you so wish," said Archer. "It won't matter regardless."

Shinji watched as Archer leapt off the building and momentarily feared that the man had just decided to end his own life. He watched in surprise however as he continued onwards, easily traversing the necessary distance between where he had been standing and the rooftop of the building across the street.

Shinji could do nothing but watch as Archer leapt into the darkness and he found himself conflicted. Throughout the entire talk he had been calm and composed while discussing dark topics of conversation. That wasn't normal. Even saying how he was going to assault Mount Lady, he had done so as if he was explaining how he had changed a tyre or gone for a walk in the park. He made it sound so mundane. Coming from a teenager this was more than confronting.

Now he had the opportunity to protect one of his fellow heroes. He would muse over the intel and figure out what to do with it later.


'The Musutafu Orphanage got a surprise today when Mount Lady visited and spent time with the young children. The professional hero had been suspiciously absent of late, loyal fans noticing that her social media accounts had gone oddly quiet over the past fortnight, made her reappearance..'

Shirou Emiya turned the television to mute, ignoring the morning news as he set about making breakfast. A traditional Japanese breakfast was on the agenda complete with steamed rice and miso soup. It had taken him a while to get his bearings around the place he had found himself and after garnering some manner of accommodation had immediately went about finding a grocery store that would provide immaculate quality fresh food.

At least one that wasn't manned by someone he had initial difficulty looking at without getting freaked out and nearly treating them like some kind of monstrosity.

After having arrived in this world it had taken him a while to get used to the whole concept of everyday heroes. That and the fact that an incredible percentage of the population had a superpower specific to their person. It had both taken him and his partner completely by surprise, especially to those who had some sort of physical difference.

Speaking of his partner.

"What smells so good?"

"It's just breakfast Tohsaka," answered Shirou, underselling the wonderful meal he had made like he so often did.

Without another word, Rin took her seat at the table with all of the enthusiasm she usually carried at this early hour of the morning. In other words, none. Shirou was used to this routine by now, he and Rin having managed to live together on this world for quite some time now. Not to mention the years prior where they had studied together at the Clock Tower. It was also there where they may or may not have encountered a certain incredibly powered mage who had found it quite entertaining the idea of Shirou dreaming of being a hero of justice.

So entertaining that he decided that the dream needed to be messed with a bit.

He was a powerful man, incredibly powerful and he loved flaunting his power. Shipping two people to another world was well within his power.

Rin and Shirou had silently sworn not to speak of the man again. Especially since that not only had that man sent them to another world without warning, had also reduced their age to that of teenagers. For what point and purpose had became obvious once they got their brains around what this world was.

Both Rin and Shirou were at the age necessary to enter a hero school and start becoming official heroes of this world. A course which would only start in a few short weeks.

Except Shirou had found fault with this world. The heroes and what they represented. It had conflicted with his beliefs and he had immediately set about trying to come up with some way to rectify the situation. Rin had hated the idea from the get go but knew what Shirou was like when he set his mind on something so she set about finding themselves accommodation.

They currently were lodged in a small apartment, the third story of an inconspicuous block in a quiet little neighbourhood. Funding had been one of the tougher parts but they had managed. They went mostly unnoticed on their day to day activities which allowed them to set about doing things their way.

Or at least they had imagined they had went unnoticed.

A knocking on the door turned the heads of the occupants just as Shirou was putting down breakfast. "I wonder who that could be at this time of the morning?" he asked nonchalantly.

"It's probably nobody," mused Rin as she started picking away at the meal in front of her, not worrying about waiting for Shirou to join her.

"If they're selling something I'll just turn them away," said Shirou intent on shooing whoever had disturbed breakfast away. Rolling his right shoulder, the man in a teenager's body unlocked the front door. "Can I help you?"

It was of course after he had asked this question did he have any sort of realization who he was talking to. "Excuse me son, we're with the police on behalf of family services," said the man standing at the door, another policeman on his right and a woman on his left. "Are your parents available?"

"Ah," said Shirou slowly. Now this was a problem they should have seen coming.


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