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Shirou sat in the holding cell, knowing full well that Rin was likely either being or would shortly be interrogated by someone in the office. Understandably, she was less than thrilled to be taken away at such a time in the morning. Whatever difficulties anybody had with her would be more than understandable and he merely hoped that she didn't say anything regrettable.

It would have been quite simple for Rin to alter some memories here and there, make it seem as if they had doting parental guardians looking after them. The issue then was that they didn't know where the reports were or if they had been passed on to higher up authorities who would get increasingly concerned were the same issues brought up a second time. This truly was something they should have forseen coming but having actually lived as adults for an extended period of time they had not thought it as much of an issue. Perhaps it was also because during their times as teenagers they had effectively been as independent as possible, even going so far as to looking after others in times of need.

The door to his cell opened up and two people walked in, taking a seat opposite him over the table. "I apologize first and foremost from taking you and your friend away at such an early time of the day but the reports from your neighbours were quite startling," said the woman of the group. "We have more than half a dozen reports how two teenagers seemed to be living together in close quarters without any parental supervision. As you can understand, this is something we had to immediately take into consideration."

"I understand," said Shirou hoping that Rin was being as cooperative as he was intending.

"So first and foremost, where are your parents?"

"As far as I know, dead."

The tension in the room immediately shifted.

"As far as you know?" repeated the male officer.

"There was a fire when I was young, I have no memories before then," stated Shirou in a matter of factly manner.

"Memories blocked by trauma," mumbled the woman as she wrote down on the bit of paper in front of her. With her notes jotted down, she looked Shirou in the eyes once more. "That must have been quite terrifying for someone so young. Did you have anyone support you after that?"

"I was adopted shortly after..."

"And where are these adoptive parents now?" asked the male trying his best to get down to the bottom of the situation. It was quite clear that he didn't want to be dealing with this at this time of the morning.

"He died."

Shirou couldn't help but feel some kind of amusement from the way the gentleman started rubbing at his temples.


Rin sat in her own room, legs and arms crossed as she waited for whatever results to be delivered. If she hadn't been as forthcoming as they had wanted her to be then it was their fault for not having allowed her to finish her breakfast that morning. The answers she had given were sharp and to the point, blunt and clearly showing her distaste for the entire scenario.

The entire scenario being everything that had happened ever since the Clock Tower.

She truly hated this world, not to mention the fact that due to her look she was being treated like a child. Even when she had been this age, nobody treated her like a child. Walking down the school corridors, nobody dared to even step foot in her way.

Taking a sip on the mediocre tea that she had been brought, Rin considered what the likely options would be from here. To the authorities, they were two teenagers who may have either lost or run away from their family. If they thought the second case were true, they would assume that the two of them had run away to be together. Frankly though she couldn't care less what they came up with, it would be nowhere near the truth.

The only real thing which had gone her way was the plan that was currently in play. Only a handful of days after having arrived in this world had she set an idea into motion. Even now, here at this station, her mind was active and going over possibility after possibility in her head to make this all work the way she wanted to.

The way it had to work.

The door opened up and Shirou was led in, thanking the officer as he passed by. With the door closing behind them, a single glance between the two occupants of the room was all that was needed for them to both understand they had to be careful with what they said. Both of them had likely said things that may or may not have infuriated those listening and a bug could potentially have been planted to try and catch them off guard.

"So what did you tell them?" asked Rin.

"How my parents and adoptive father died," answered Shirou causing Rin to snort out a chuckle. One which her venomous glare afterwards silently decreed that the noise would never be spoken of again under fear of intense punishment.

"I imagine that was quite an experience for them," she said trying to drive attention away from the noise she had made. "Your story is not really a glamorous one."

"Glamorous is overselling it," quipped Shirou as the door to the room opened. Both of them went silent and turned their gaze over to those who had entered.

"So," said the man as he looked over his files. "Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka. We've run your names through the system and neither of you are on file. In your case it may be understandable Shirou, as your adoptive father might have been using an alias. At this stage we can only make assumptions but one thing that we do know is that you two are close, perhaps even hiding something from us for your protection."

The woman chimed in, "I hope that the two of you know that we're here to look after you. It is our job to make sure both of you are in a safe and welcoming environment."

"Anything wrong with the household we were living in?" asked Rin doing her best to stoke the fire.

"While, at least on first inspection of your living arrangements, everything looked more than perfectly normal and the two of you seemed to be handling yourselves more than adequately..."

"So what is wrong then?" asked Rin once more steering the conversation how she saw fit.

"Please understand that two adolescents living under the same roof without adult supervision is something that..."

"Something that we have dealt with for quite some time."

"Is something we legally cannot allow," declared the man, trying his best to stamp his authority to little success.

"What my colleague means, is that it is in the best interest..."

"I believe you meant your best interest," interjected Rin.

With a surprisingly level of professionalism, the woman continued. "It is in the best interest of society that the two of you be accommodated with a caring and loving family."

"Nobody's going to adopt us," stated Shirou, speaking for the first time since the two adults stepped forward. "Not only are we far older than most children in the orphanage but as you may have been able to tell, we can potentially be more than a bit more for unprepared families are ready for."

"While it's true that statistics aren't necessarily in your favor that doesn't mean that you should give up hope so easily," the woman said trying to sound as caring as possible. "I'm sure that out there would be a family more than happy to take one of you in."

"No deal," stated Rin harshly. "We're not leaving each other." Well at least that would solidify the runaway lover theory.

"You don't have any choice on the matter," retorted the male officer. "Why don't you just let the adults handle this before the two of you are placed in a juvenile correction facility."

Shirou knew that the idea of being placed in such a facility was likely more of a threat than anything else but at the same time the potential outcome couldn't be completely neglected. They weren't on any records, schooling or otherwise so they were effectively untraceable. Both had no parentage and the answers they had given would make it obvious that they had been independent for quite some time. Even when he had lived under the supervision of Taiga he had acted more of the adult than she had. That wasn't something that simply was removed from one's habits and it showed. He had been cooking for Rin for years now but nobody would believe that due to the age they were at.

"So what, we're just meant to wait while you fail at finding us suitable living?" asked Rin.

"That's exactly what you'll do," stated the man as he headed towards the door, closely followed by his colleague who was looking less than thrilled. When the door closed behind them, Rin turned her attention to Shirou.



"Get us out of here."

"As you wish."


It would be several minutes before anybody came in to check on the two teenagers only to find that the side wall had been partially removed, as if cut clean away giving enough space for a human to easily leave.


Shirou stood atop the roof of the apartment that they had called home for so long. Rin was currently working on shoving whatever was worth keeping into any sort of bags they had. Both know that it wouldn't be long before the authorities returned to this area in search of them. Part of them had wanted to simply head off somewhere new but they at least needed some belongings to get by.

Belongings which may have included funding that had currently been used to support their lifestyle.

Shirou tilted his head lightly as he heard the sound of movement behind him. Turning slowly, he found himself looking at a hero dressed in something reminiscent of a suit of armour with pipes extending from his elbows. "You got here quick," commented Shirou.

"Speed is my thing," declared the hero. "Why did you run, what are you hiding?"

It wasn't like they had much, honestly the fact it was taking Rin this long to get together their necessities was confusing. "Being locked up really doesn't suit us," answered Shirou casually. "They say that they want to find us a home but we have one, right here."

"Be that as it may, the law is the law," stated the hero.

"I know. What kind of panic would ensue knowing that two teenagers broke out of a government facility with such ease?"

The hero tensed slightly as he braced himself. It was clear that the teenager before him was stalling, probably so that they're associate could get everything ready for their escape. No matter how fast they ran however, he would not allow them to escape. Not that he'd allow them the chance to run.

"Please know that I take no pleasure in dealing pain to one as young as you," the hero proclaimed.

"Shirou Emiya," announced the teen, feeling almost honour bound to introduce himself.

"Ingenium," he replied in kind as he prepared to charge. He paused however as the boy before him spread out his arms before twin blades appeared in the palms of his hands. 'Weapon creation,' he thought, quickly realizing that the foe before him may seem more dangerous than he first appeared, especially if he was trained with the blades he wielded.

He wasn't a pro hero for nothing however and raising his arms up, a quick burst from his engine shot the hero forward at incredible speed. He intended to incapacitate, drive his fist into the stomach of the boy in front of him and finish it in a single blow. Even if he knew how to fight, chances were that he wouldn't be able to accommodate for a sharp burst of pain to the senses.

His plan took a swift dive however as the teenager before him matched his speed, his knuckles connecting with the flat of the blade Shirou held in his left hand. A couple of immediate thoughts rushed through Ingenium's head, most prominently that the teenager before him was strong, his blade not even shaking from the strength of his blow.

Ingenium had to react as the right blade swung wide and a quick lunge backwards prevented the armour on his torso from testing the sharpness of the blades. He was given no real time of reprieve however as Shirou pushed forward with the determination to harm that no teenager should have. Sure there was being able to defend oneself from harm but it was clear that the person before him truly knew how to fight.

Channeling only the engine located in his right elbow, Ingenium swiftly turned around in a full circle with his leg raised in an incredibly fast paced roundhouse kick. Shirou ducked beneath the blow before raising his blades in a cross to block the follow up fist that had been targeted square at his nose.

Pushing the fist back with reinforced strength, Shirou did his best to force Ingenium off the edge of the building. Noticing what the teenager in front of him had planned, Ingenium channelled more power into the engine in his shoulder in an attempt to throw Shirou off balance. It unfortunately worked in Shirou's favour, the boy tilting his blades to the side and forcing Ingeniuum's fist to glide off the edge and leave his ribs vulnerable to the knee that was swiftly delivered.

While his costume negated a good deal of the damage that could of been done, he undeniably felt the blow connect and it hurt like hell. His mind was suddenly in overdrive for some sort of reason why somebody with a quirk such as Shirou's was able to have so much strength without the use of a weapon. Even when he had been blocking his attacks, he should have at least been blown backwards but he had remained rock solid.

Ingenium's instincts kicked in and he propelled himself backwards once more to avoid the blade that had threatened to strike him. Knowing that their had been a gap in the buildings, he had accelerated himself upwards as well to safely cross the distance between the rooftops and although his landing was less than perfect he had managed to give himself some time to plan.

Shirou meanwhile remained stoic wondering what was taking Rin so long. Surely she had gathered everything they needed by now.

"You're quite skilled," commented Ingenium.

"I'm not the only one stalling for time am I," stated Shirou realizing that Ingenium likely wasn't the only hero who had arrived or perhaps had even been here beforehand.

Ingenium said nothing which was all the answer that Shirou needed. While they had been getting interrogated, it wasn't beyond belief that their belongings were being checked over, living quarters investigated and such in the hope of answers that he and Rin were unlikely to give. Unfortunately for them, they had no idea of the power that Rin possessed. Even if they had discovered the workshop beforehand, they wouldn't remember it now.

"Guess that means I should get serious."

The coldness of the words momentarily froze Ingenium and for the life of him he couldn't believe that it was a bluff, something to throw him off his game. Yet the ice in his eyes told Ingenium that it would be very unwise to go in with anything less than intent to harm. He hadn't necessarily been pulling his punches earlier but knowing that a single one of his attacks had the possibility to shatter bone if it properly connected had prevented him from going all out.

"Need a hand Ingenium?" asked a new voice from behind him, the tension of the moment almost causing the speed based hero to strike out of a sense of necessity.

"Kamui Woods," acknowledged Ingenium as the hero stepped forward beside him.

"This isn't your usual area of jurisdiction," declared Kamui Woods.

"No, I had been visiting colleagues when I was asked to assist in this," said Ingenium as he pointed to the teenager in front of him. Shirou meanwhile was happy that the duel blades in his hands hadn't earlier been shown to the wood based hero who had joined the fray. He didn't quite need his alter ego being recognized at this moment in time to create even more trouble.

That one word immediately sprung to Shirou's mind as Ingenium said it. Colleagues. Perhaps another hero who had studied with him and they had been catching up after some time. So Rin was potentially dealing with another hero in their room. That would mean...

"Aren't you done up here already Shirou?" asked the girl in question as she landed on the rooftop, her hair a little messed up but other than that looking completely fine.

"I was only stalling," commented Shirou.

"Of course you were," said Rin as she raised up her arm, likely charging up one of her infamous Gandr shots. Whatever ability the hero she had come across was capable of, Shirou knew from experience that all that was needed was a single shot of that to be taken out of action. "Let's make this quick shall we."

"Hold up, things just got more complicated," said Shirou taking a peek over his shoulder and down to the street below where the first sounds of sirens could be heard.

"If you think for a moment that we're giving up only to be taken apart Shirou I will..."

"You don't have to say it Tohsaka. I'll save us."

There was a calmness in his voice before he tossed the blade that had been in his left hand out towards where Ingenium had tried to get the jump on him, the speedy hero having to maneuver midair in order to avoid the impending impalement. In the air however he found that a weapon was the only thing he had to avoid, twisting thrice more in order to avoid consecutive dark purple balls which were constructed by the woman standing next to Shirou. He had to be cautious about them, whatever they did had managed to take out his friend and he knew that even coming into contact with them was dangerous.

Kamui Woods saw his opportunity to charge forward, his arm already shifting as his quirk came into play. Leaping into the air, he couldn't help but pause momentarily as Shirou looked squarely at him with eyes that seemed terrifyingly familiar.


The brawl had eventually made its way onto the main street and inevitably onto the world of social media. The media would report it during the evening news but by then opinions had already been formed. Comments and queries sprang up from all around the world as civilians, heroes and even villains watched two teenagers fight side by side in synchronicity which spoke of such trust and devotion to one another. All around them was the controlled carnage they had created, policemen and even heroes having fallen in their attempts to apprehend the duo before they had finally collapsed after no less than thirty five minutes of continual combat. Despite that, not a single civilian had taken a single hint of damage.

Even with blood and bruises painting their bodies, none could be turned away as the two were detained; clinging together as they were dragged away by whatever force remained, exhaustion having finally rendered them unable to defend themselves.

Conflicting views would be the major point of gossip for weeks to come as everybody had an opinion on the matter at hand.

For some, they saw two individuals fighting for their belief and love with one another.

Others saw hoodlums who wished for nothing but chaos.

A few would say that this was nothing but inspiring.

Some saw an opportunity.

And some could only smile menacingly.


Shirou paid minimal attention to the man yelling at his face, his words would pretty much be everything that he assumed it would be. Instead of focusing on the rant being delivered to him he was going over the battle he had partaken in the previous day. He knew that were he in his adult body he would have been able to keep the fight going for much longer than it had but he had to consider that he wasn't at his physical peak. It had been beneficial though to see what his limits were at this time, though when he got the opportunity he would be doing his best to create a training regime in order to boost his current levels.

"Are you even listening to me!"

The shout slowly drew Shirou's attention away from his own hands which had some point clenched into fists. He would have raised them but they were currently shackled to the desk he was seated at. It seemed they were determined not to lose him again. Considering that if he truly tried he could use a touch of reinforcement and break out once again they didn't know of his full capabilities as of yet.

"Excuse me, but I believe that I might be able to get a better response out of him," said a new person as they stepped through the door.

"And just who...oh! I'm sorry sir, go right ahead."

Apparently whoever the person was well recognized by the interrogator who simply left his paperwork on the table and walked out, possibly to get a decent amount of water to rehydrate his throat after so much yelling. The new person took a seat and a quick analysis from Shirou immediately informed him of who he was.

"How are you feeling Ingenium?"

"I've been better, that kick you delivered which sent me through that window had almost been my last straw but I should be back to active duty in a week or so," declared Ingenium as he rubbed the back of his head almost sheepishly. He had tried to continue putting his all into the bout but that single blow had dented his chest armour and cracked at least two of his ribs. From that point on he was effectively only aiding those who were in danger of getting caught up in the crossfire.

"That was clearly not the first scuffle you've been in, the fact that eight heroes were hospitalized by you alone speaks of incredible skill. Plus your friend, I don't know what her quirk does but a lot of people couldn't even join the fight having been hit with whatever it is that she shoots. At the same time though, it was noted that none of you sought to inflict extra damage when a hero had been downed. As a result, while humiliated, a lot of heroes are currently or will shortly return to their respective positions."

"That's it?" questioned Shirou.

"What do you mean?" asked Ingenium.

"You and your fellow heroes were just beaten, pretty badly I might add," added Shirou nonchalantly. "The public eye on you just shifted. How can a society trust those potentially unable to protect them?"

"So what would you have us do?" asked Ingenium wondering where Shirou's reasoning was going.

"Improve, use the humility of your loss and become better than the you of yesterday," said Shirou, as if it were the most simple solution.

Ingenium chuckled lightly at the teenager's viewpoint. "I employ sixty five sidekicks, each of them has sent me well wishes and hoping that I return soon. I think it speaks volumes that all of them however did not mention what you just did. You're a unique individual Shirou Emiya. I'll definitely keep your words in mind and perhaps I should put my team through their own training regime."

Shirou simply nodded his head, his message seemingly sinking in. "So this is the part where you start asking me the approved questions given to you by the investigators so they can make notes while having listened in to everything we say?"

Ingenium chuckled once more, this time Shirou could see a flicker of momentary panic in his eyes which told him that he was on point. "What makes you think that?"

Shirou leaned forward, almost as far as the chains cuffing his wrists would permit him before speaking low, his eyes sharpening dangerously. "You have no idea what I've seen, what I have been through."

"Then tell me," said Ingenium, almost pleadingly.

"You wouldn't believe me."

The words were almost cold and Ingenium knew better than to pry further. The experience shown in yesterday's battle spoke of years of fighting. It had also been in the way that Shirou fought. He had been calm, no signs of panic with every passing minute which was terrifying in it's own right. Even when he had taken a blow he nearly showed no reaction.

Mildly shaking his head and realizing that he had derailed from his original plan there was still something he needed to say. "One last thing," said Ingenium as he pushed himself away from the table, Shirou leaning back in his chair.

"I imagine it's what's going to happen to me."

"Well, you technically have a choice..."

"What's the option other than prison?" asked Shirou, already having deduced what one of the options was.

"Enrol at U.A. Academy and become a hero. You clearly have the ability and the strength to become someone great," declared Ingenium with a pump of his fist.

"I don't imagine that I'll be welcomed, what with having attacked other heroes and all that. I imagine I'm seen more of a villain than a hero at the moment," stated Shirou.

"It was actually the principal of U.A. who suggested this course of action," acknowledged Ingenium. "He saw you and believes you have great potential."

"So effectively he wants to show the world that his school has the power to reform those who are potentially being led down the wrong path," declared Shirou, his eyes sharpening ever so slightly. Ingenium once more felt whatever he wished to say stay hidden behind clenched teeth, not having even considered that the principal of the school had any alternative motivation behind the offering.

Shirou meanwhile was contemplating all that he had done up to this point as Archer. The heroes of this world had almost seemed to have become complacent in his eyes, content with staying in the shadow of those at the top. Their only drive seemed to be the fact that saving people came with the added bonus of a paycheck, a huge injustice to the title of 'hero' in his eyes. Very few that he had encountered had actually been worthy of being called a true hero and fewer still would ever change their ways.

The next batch of potential heroes however...

"I take it there are some conditions," said Shirou, relaxing his gaze ever so slightly.

"Being a minor without a parental guardian, the principal is offering you a way through the course via a scholarship. The only way he can do this however without media blatantly pointing out favouritism and consequently putting themselves in a bad light is if you pass the exams as the highest scoring applicant," said Ingenium remembering the offer he had been told to give. "If you fail to accomplish this, then there will be no place for you at the academy."

What would happen were he not to be successful went unsaid but Shirou didn't need to be told what the alternative would be. Undoubtedly there would be a good deal of heroes present at the event to ensure that he didn't make a run for it were he to try and escape. The threat that he would be labelled a villain if he were to make a successful run for it meant nothing to him. It simply meant that he would save people in other ways.

"Do we have an agreement?" asked Ingenium.

A steady breath escaped Shriou's lips before he responded. "Yes."

"Very well," said Ingenium as he stood up from the table. "I'll inform the authorities of your decision."

"Ingenium," said Shirou, gaining the attention of the man before him moments prior to him turning to leave. "Never allow yourself or your men to lose sight of what's truly important. Can the Ingenium of tomorrow save more than the Ingenium of today?"

The hero gave no answer, or more correctly he could give no answer.

Shirou watched as Ingenium left the room, leaving him alone once more. The entire conversation had come and gone so quickly but there was one thing which didn't get talked about in the slightest. While this offer had been given to him, nothing had been mentioned about Rin.