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Rin stared out the window of the penthouse that Nezu had so 'generously' rented out for she and Shirou to stay in while the results of the Hero Course examination were being processed and mailed out. She had to say that the accommodations were adequate but there was undoubtedly another plan being made for when they were accepted into UA. It wasn't like they weren't going to get accepted. Rin had watched Shriou's performance in comparison to the rest of the students and there was little chance that he hadn't taken the top place in the rankings.

What she was most grateful for was the fact that the old Shirou was still in there. The Shirou that wasn't afraid of jumping in front of Berserker's blade had resurfaced if only momentarily when he had gone to help that pink skinned girl help the teenager who had been trapped. Sure the situations were almost completely different but it was a start. She knew the Shirou who had been by her side during the Grail War was still in there, however broken he had become.

Getting up from where she had been resting, she stretched her arms over her head before meandering over to the couch, plonking herself down rather unceremoniously as she grabbed hold of the television remote. Switching the overly large viewing platform on, she flicked past several news outlets before landing on a nature documentary. It would alleviate some of her boredom for the moment but considering how slim her options were at the moment she would take it.

Part of the conditions with staying in this facility was that they didn't leave the premises unless accompanied by a professional hero. This hadn't been something that had truly been of interest to Rin but since Shirou currently was absent and wouldn't be back until late it left her in a touch of a conundrum with what to do with her time. Where was he you might ask? Well, it turned out that he had made a good impact on Ingenium, the speed hero actually coming and requesting Shirou's assistance with, in his own words, 'kicking his sidekick's into shape.'

Of course Shirou said yes.

So now she was alone, in a penthouse, where everything was catered for her, watching a documentary about a pack of lionesses on the prowl...

She needed out.

Switching off the television and tossing the remote to the side, Rin got off the couch and prepared to contact someone who would take her out for coffee somewhere. Anytime out of these four walls would be more than appreciated.


Shirou twisted out of the way as the extended fist rocketed past where his face had been only moments earlier. The right arm retracted as the left swung out in a wide hook, the elasticity of the limb giving it extra width to go around a normal guard. Shirou however had no intention of putting up a normal guard. He dropped low, springing forward off the balls of his feet and closing the distance between him and his opponent within a heartbeat. He could see the panic in the opposition's eyes as he swung forward with the weapon that had felled so many today alone.

A solid crack rang out and those in attendance winced at the sound. There was a momentary pause as the only thing that happened was the snapping back of the rubbery limb. As it returned to what would be defined as a normal position, the man dropped to his knees, clutching at his stomach. As if to solidify his victory, Shirou placed the tip of his weapon at the base of his neck.

"Now, who can tell me what Extendoarms did wrong?" asked Ingenium of the other sidekicks who had watched Shirou effectively dismantle one of their own. The seventeenth one of their own at that. Each one had fell at the hands of Shirou and the devastating weapon he wielded.

Shirou himself had felt the brunt of this weapon on a number of occasions and wielded it in a destructive fashion. Torashinai seemed to purr after the taste of victory as Shirou placed it over his own shoulder, awaiting to see if anyone answered. "Extendoarms was too predictable," said one of the sidekicks, adjusting his glasses ever so slightly. "Also when Shirou was given an opportunity, Extendoarms panicked, likely from having watched the same thing happen so many times before. The bout only lasted fourteen seconds but we can assume that Shirou got an idea of Extendoarms fighting style by his name."

Extendoarms tried his best to not look too bashful as he scratched at the back of his head. "Try and think about how the rest of your body moves," suggested Shirou. "Even if you grip onto someone, let the rest of your body retract to where your hands are you can strike with a kick or a knee to the chest."

"I guess I am pretty predictable," said Extendoarms as he got to his feet, still feeling the effect of Shirou's strike.

"Alright guys, let's call it a day," said Ingenium and Shirou could see more than a few grateful exhales from several of his sidekicks who had been afraid that they would be next to face him and Torashinai. He honestly couldn't tell whether they were more afraid of him or the malevolent weapon he wielded. Dispersing the weapon and allowing it to fade out of existence he saw that perhaps it was Torashinai that they were more terrified of. Knowing the history of the weapon firsthand, it wasn't too surprising.

"I'll see you all here in the morning, don't stay out too late," stated Ingenium dismissing his sidekicks before turning his attention to Shirou. "Charming Clover and Riptide will escort you back to Musutafu and to your hotel."

"You got plans?" asked Shirou after taking a quick glance at the two people who would be escorting him back to the train station. Dressed in full superhero wear, Riptide wore shredded jeans and a navy blue vest that wasn't buttoned up, revealing his torso. Honestly he didn't look too much more than some sort of street punk that Ingenium may have found in some alleyway.

Charming Clover was a touch more sophisticated than her male counterpart, wearing a tight mint green dress that cut off just before her knees. She also donned a brown mask that fitted around her eyes and matched the colour of her hair which was tied in a ponytail. Thigh high boots the same colour as her dress completed the outfit, one which didn't tell Shirou anything about her quirk.

"Family dinner, my brother should have gotten his UA letter today revealing if he got into the hero course or not," explained Ingenium. "He's trying to follow in my and our parents footsteps. Hopefully the two of you can get along."

Shirou remained somewhat silent as that, this being the first time that Ingenium had mentioned that he had a brother. Frankly he hadn't pried much into the Hero's personal life, considering the fact he hadn't even been given his everyday name he figured that his home life was still pretty secretive.

The idea though that that Ingenium's brother was following in his family's footsteps reminded him of himself when he had been a child, choosing to follow in his adoptive father's footsteps to be a magus. With Ingenium as a role model, Shirou assumed that the younger brother of the family would have a similar sense of justice.

"Anyways, you should be heading off," said Ingenium, snapping Shirou out of his momentary thought process. "Thanks again for not going all out."

"They wouldn't be able to do their patrols if I'd left them incapacitiated," said Shirou with a shrug as if it was common knowledge. "I just wanted to exploit their weaknesses."

"Well we'll be working on that in the coming weeks," said Ingeinum sheepishly. He had a lot of sidekicks and their work out on the streets reflected on his agency, he needed them at the top of their game. "Hopefully, they'll figure out what it is that they need to improve on and if not I might motivate them by telling them that they'll get extra lessons with you."

Shirou couldn't help but chuckle lightly at the comment as both Riptide and Charming Clover came close to where he was standing. He hadn't combatted either of them beforehand but Riptide didn't seem too intimidated by him. Charming Clover was bit more hesitant but seemed grateful that she hadn't been assigned to do this by herself. "I'll be in your care," he said politely, stunning Charming Clover somewhat, making her bow lightly in response.

"Let's just get this over with," said Riptide with a grunt, clearly not pleased to be doing something he probably believed was beneath him. Shirou couldn't help but wonder if Ingenium had deliberately assigned these two people to teach another lesson of sorts.

"We'll be on our way," said Shirou, bidding Ingenium farewell.

"Keep safe," said Ingenium, knowing full well that between here and the hotel that Shirou was staying at that the chances of anything happening was slim at best.


Rin sipped at the tea that had been purchased for her by the person currently escorting her. A woman who was dressed in an incredibly provocative outfit that had more than a few people glance in their general direction. "Did you truly have to wear something so degrading?" she asked of the professional hero.

"Compared to my costume, this is nothing," said Midnight, a coy smile adorning her features.

"And yet somehow you will be one of my teachers this coming year," said Rin with a small shake of the head.

"I'd say you were being overconfident in young Shirou's abilities to score more than the rest of the examinees," said Midnight as she leant back in her chair before reaching in between her breasts and pulling out a letter that Rin was certain shouldn't have fit in the first place. "We can open this up now and see if you're accepted after all. I know the deal that was made, if Shirou didn't get the top position then it'd be up to me to capture you before you escape."

Rin could tell that Midnight was clearly having fun with this. Thankfully, two could play it this way. "Please, I'm far too young and spritely for someone like yourself to catch." It didn't matter that she had technically lived for many more years than Midnight had but currently she was in the form of a teenage girl and she was going to use it to her advantage.

The twitch in Midnight's left eye confirmed that Rin had just won the first of potentially many battles.

"Feisty," said Midnight through gritted teeth, placing the letter on the table before composing herself. "Having seen your performance against my peers, I know that you are quite formidable. However, against my quirk you would be powerless. I'd be carrying you into custody without any hassle whatsoever."

Rin didn't doubt it. Considering the danger that she and Shirou posed were they to become hostile, it was understandable that she was currently in the company of someone who had the ability to apprehend her. She doubted that it would be done through brute force however, they were in a public place where the chances of civilians being injured was far too high. Her musings became distracted as a small piece of raspberry cheesecake was placed down in front of her while a slice of chocolate mud cake was placed in front of Midnight.

"You know," said Rin as the waitress moved away, "The rate of metabolism slows down with age, are you sure you should be eating that? Wouldn't want to ruin your figure after all."

Rin could almost see the throbbing of a vein.

"I will have you know that I have no issue with my metabolism," said Midnight as her cutlery sliced through her cake with ease. "What about you? You wouldn't want to scare off Shirou with some extra body fat."

Considering the battlefields and gore that Shirou had been exposed to, Rin sincerely doubted that Shirou would be afraid of a little bit of body fat. "I will have you know that I have no problems with my weight and doubt I will have anytime soon," declared Rin, having lived many more decades and knowing full well that she had kept a very nice figure through the years.

"So confident that your man will remain faithful," said Midnight coyly.

"You have no idea," said Rin as she sliced off another piece of cake.

"What about yourself, do you believe you won't find someone more handsome and charming than 'blade boy?'"

"Blade boy? Is that really what you just called him?"

"What, he's a teenager that summons swords, what do you think his Professional Hero name would be?"

Rin didn't need to think about what name Shirou would go with. She already knew.


Night had fallen by the time the train that they had boarded back in Hosu had arrived, Charming Clover having eventually overcome her timidness and made for quite a good conversationalist Shirou had found. Once she had gotten out of her shell, Shirou had found it difficult to get her to be quiet.

Riptide hadn't said a thing the entire time.

Now they walked down the streets of Musutafu, Riptide and Charming Clover walking on his right and left respectively, their way forward illuminated by street lights and the moon shining high above. The crowd parted for their path and Shirou couldn't help but feel that those watching saw him being led away for some sort of criminal activity he had conducted.

Turning around the corner, the air hit them with an unsettling chill and Shirou paused moments before either of his two escorts realized. He wished that it was a blast of fresh air that had come from the greenery surrounding the path they wanted to walk through. "Shirou?" asked Charming Clover, looking over her shoulder where the teenager had come to a stop. Riptide meanwhile was looking dead ahead at the person who stood in the park they had intended on walking through.

"If you two wouldn't mind, I'd like to have a conversation with Mister Emiya," said the man, or at least the spectre of a man standing before them. They wore a suit and tie on their body, or lack thereof. As opposed to skin and flesh his body seemed to only be composed of a black mist, golden yellow slits where eyes should be.

"There'll be none of that now," said Riptide as he smashed his fists together. Charming Clover put her hands out to the side, the leaves of the trees nearby falling off their respective branches before swarming behind her, circling around in a menacing swirl. While impressive to look at, Shirou was uncertain what kind of affect it would have in battle. That was on the pretense Charming Clover was fighting alone. If she was supposed to provide the distraction, then Shirou could only imagine that Riptide was the heavy hitter.

He would never get the chance to see.

"I think it would be best to get rid of the sidekicks, don't you agree?"

That was all the warning they were given before twin black vortexes were summoned out of the darkness of night, enveloping both Riptide and Charming Clover. Shirou could hear their cries of panic as they fought against the black that surrounded them and the screams of those who were witnessing the event firsthand. Shirou meanwhile kept his eyes locked on the target in front of him.

The cries of the two people that Ingenium had assigned to him vanished and Shirou remained unmoved. "I'll have you know that they're not dead," said the man made of mist.


"Very good," he said. "You have solid analytical skills. You're two companions are currently located atop the high rise behind you. As you can imagine, it would have been very easy for me to have sent them about thirty feet to the right and have them plummet to the ground."

"Now, would you join me somewhere more private?" he asked as a portal opened up to his side.

Shirou knew that it wasn't an offer persay, but a command. Were he to refuse and attack or perhaps even try to run, there was no telling what might happen to the two sidekicks currently residing atop the tall building or even perhaps the nearby civilians. He also knew that if the person before him wanted to attack, or even attempt to kill him he wouldn't have been able to react to being teleported hundreds of metres into the air. While the first couple of seconds would have been startling, there was little chance that he would have died from such an attempt on his life but that didn't mean that the man before him wouldn't try.

"Please don't make me wait any longer than necessary," the man said, clearly not liking the fact that he was being out in the open so long.

Not wanting to cause the man to do something rash, Shirou walked forward. If this man wanted to have a conversation, then a conversation they would have. Shirou would then deal with him afterwards if necessary.


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