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To say that the fallout from the student examinations was a big deal would be the greatest of understatements. Between the two facilities that had been attacked the number of those injured by the villains reached the hundreds. Yet that number was less than those who had lost their lives. Desperate parents clinged to the belief that some of their children were merely missing since their bodies could not be accounted for. The authorities however knew just what Tomura's quirk was capable of.

Dozens of bodies couldn't be found because there simply wasn't anything left to find.

The country was in a state of pandemonium and the government announcing that the tracking down and capturing of those responsible was now their highest priority did little to ease the panic. Even the heroes were beginning to get questioned by some very vocal people of the public who were questioning whether or not the average hero was capable of saving them if necessary.

Some of these people were simply very passionate about how they felt.

Others had read a very specific book written by Destro.

This also didn't take into consideration the sheer fact that criminal activity was steadily on the rise. Nothing compared to the bedlam caused by the League of Villains but there were definitely a lot more alleyways on the side of the street that it would be wise not to step down.

Through all of this however, the general public needed one single question answer. One single question that would seemingly put all their minds at ease.

Where was All Might?


Toshinori was used to feeling the highs and lows of life. During much of his career he had paraded about as the strongest hero, adored by the public and able to defeat any and all opponents who stepped in his way. When he was out of the public eye however he was a completely different figure, unrecognizable and somebody who nobody would look twice at.

He had lived a duel life and now more than ever did he truly wish that he could pick up his mantle once more. He was not blind nor deaf and as such knew that the country needed it's heroic symbol now more than ever. It needed him to step back into the limelight.

But for how long would that last.

The embers of One for All flickered within him, a tiny flame that would never grow in size. He was well aware that his time as All Might was on a very short timer and he couldn't waste what precious minutes he had on the smallest of crimes. He had to merely watch from the sidelines as another hero tried their best to do what he could in a matter of seconds. Sometimes they were successful and other times they were not.

He had never felt so helpless in all his life.

His best course of action now was to help Midoriya truly come to grips with One for All. While he could help where he could, Midoriya had already begun delving into parts of the quirk that he had never been aware of. Not once had he come across the past users and he certainly hadn't used a separate quirk.

It was questionable just how much he could help his protege at this stage.

That being said however, he wouldn't be able to do much in the coming days. It was cruel and inhumane to try and get anything out of the students at the moment. Not when there was mourning to be done.


There was a heavy air surrounding the dorms where the students of 1-A lived. Nobody really spoke up at the moment as they prepared themselves for the service that was to come.

Each of them had gone out of their way to dress for the sombre occasion. Funerals weren't exactly something that many of them had gone to in the past and never something to this scale. For today they had to say farewell to their peers.


They didn't realize at the time why the emergency services they had requested had taken so long to arrive at the arena where they had fought for their lives. It was only until later that they discovered that they had not been the only ones who had been attacked. Hundreds of students had been killed in a brutal attack, including those whom they had sparred and bantered with.

With the knowledge that students of such a prestigious school weren't even safe, a number of parents had pulled their children out the moment that they had the chance. Some students had gone willingly, choosing to protect their own lives while others had put up a fight before succumbing to the demands of their family.

There was only one class that had not lost a single student and it was the student group who had the most reason to quit when given the chance. That wasn't to say that the parents of the 1-A students hadn't been vocal about it, a number of them even coming to the academy to take their child away from the campus by force if necessary.

All of these parents were met with the imposing form of Shirou.

Due to how long it had taken emergency services to arrive at the stadium, what little chance they had had to possibly perform a medical miracle and reattach his arm was all but lost. Unsurprisingly, he had taken this all in stride.

Apparently, and this was all going off of a rumor, a big tech company was already in the process of crafting a robotic arm for him. It turned out that one of the civilians whom had survived through the destruction caused by Twice had a child who worked in said tech company who wanted to show his gratitude for saving his father. The company saw this as a great way to showcase what they were capable of. Shirou knew that if they did manage to craft something workable he sincerely doubted that it would in the ways that he needed it to.

Regardless, when parents arrived at the dormitory they were met by Shirou, standing there with sharpened eyes and determination in his voice that couldn't be matched. Every argument they created he was able to rebuke to the point where a number of his peers feared for their long term survival were he to get into politics.

Little did they know of just how much he was suffering inside. Every time the League of Villains got mentioned he recalled how he had been brought to face them all those months ago. How he had toyed with them and treated their leader as if he was just a spoilt brat, considering him no real threat.

Had he dealt with the issue then and there then hundreds of people would still be alive today.

If he ever encountered them again, he would show no mercy and the rules of this world would be damned. They would die by his blade and it mattered not if he had one arm or two. He had made a mistake and it was his responsibility to rectify it.

He had gotten word that the two people who they had captured from the event were in custody and were behaving very differently. Spinner, the man whom had given him the two swords to use while fighting the endless army, had given every detail that he could to the police. Locations, recruitment tactics, anything that could be of use. Shirou had already been and informed them of how Spinner had assisted him in the battle and that the result could have been more dramatic were he not to aide him at that time.

There was a possibility that his sentence would be minimal.

Toga on the hand just simply wasn't playing nice. This whole thing seemed to be a joke for her. Every bit of information she gave seemed to be either made up or severely outdated. She'd tell them the location of their hideout only for it to have been abandoned months prior. Even were she able to give the most up to date information she knew, chances are that by now they would have moved again.

She was, by and large, useless at this point. Only information she could really give was regarding their individual quirks and personalities and by this point all of that was pretty well known.

She would get a far more severe sentence than Spinner.

Shirou however believed that he would have another use for her down the line. That was only once he was well and truly prepared however. Now though he would put such thoughts to the side while he went to par respects to those who had fallen.

Vengeance would come later.


Rin checked the time on her phone as she walked down the street towards where she was scheduled to meet Gentle and La Brava. Every now and again she could see one of the people she passed by look at her as if she was somebody they recollected deep in their memory.

Frankly, given the fact that she had been filmed for both her actions alongside Shirou against the heroes seeking to capture them as well as the Sports Festival, it had been more publicity than she was used to. Still though, by this stage the two events were hardly the forefront of people's minds and as such they never looked at her twice. Rin figured that it was also because of the fact that during said events, she played the more supporting role to Shirou who stepped up to the forefront each time.

Before all that however it was a different life altogether, one which felt more like a dream with each passing day. It would never truly fade however given the decades of knowledge that she had crammed into her head during her time at the Clock Tower. Knowledge of both the wonders of magecraft and the people who wielded it. People who, if they had found themselves in this world, would not have hesitated to start taking random people off the street and start experimenting on them and leaving a trail of corpses in their wake.

She was simply glad that she had never become one of those people.

Her musings were shattered as she sidestepped a couple only to find something small plunge itself into her leg. Instinctively she began preparing to attack whatever it was that had assaulted her only to find a child there, looking up at her with tears in their eyes.

"Oh you poor thing," said one of the two people whom Rin had stepped about, turning around at the noise.

"You two better keep walking," said Rin.

"Yes, we should keep walking," the two of them said in unison, all emotion drained from their voice as they resumed their progress down the street without a single thought crossing their minds.

Rin knew that the two of them had gotten involved that they would have gotten defensive once they noticed the bandages on the young girl's arms and legs. They weren't the kind of wrappings one would put on for a scratch or even a burn. They were more to hide what had been done and Rin had a foreboding feeling that whatever it was that had been done to the young girl had been done intentionally.

"My apologies on behalf of my daughter," said a voice from down the alleyway which the girl had run from. A voice which caused the girl's grip on Rin's coat to tighten. Rin shifted her gaze from the girl to the person who claimed to be the father. While many would have thought that the beak-like mask the man wore would be the first thing they looked at, Rin focused solely on the man's eyes. "She gets carried away with her games, hurting herself in the process. Such a troublemaker this one," he continued.

"It is only to be expected of one so young," said Rin, playing along for the moment. Having spent as much time as she had with Shirou through their adventures together had given her a sense of enemies who should be avoided. The man before her screamed of danger and she didn't know what the extent of her abilities could be in this setting. The spell she had cast on the pedestrians to continue on their travels was one thing. Yet what was the limit before somebody in the surrounding area began to shift out of control and become something far more powerful?

How much of her magecraft could she use without summoning a servant? Had she already crafted a trace towards her with the hypnotic spell she had cast? Would any subsequent spells become even clearer to the entity of the world who wished to see her dead? Would it be best for her to disengage?

She couldn't, because doing so would subject this young girl begging for help to whatever torture this man was putting her through.

"Eri, come along now, we don't want to disturb the young lady now," said the man, likely giving a gentle smile from behind his mask. While his tone was sympathetic Rin had dealt with enough liars throughout her life to know when one didn't want to waste a second more than necessary.

"Oh my, young lady, surely you jest," said Rin coyly, raising a hand to cover her lips.

"My apologies if I have offended you, for it seems you appear much younger than you are. Regardless, I do believe that it is time for Eri and I to return home," they said, beckoning for the young girl to come to his side.


Rin could barely hear the words being mumbled into her coat but knew exactly what it was that she needed to do. She merely hoped Shirou didn't hear of this anytime soon.

"If you would kindly pass her over to me..."

"Boy, allow me to educate you in a few things," said Rin, her voice thickening.

"Boy? I know I may have misjudged your age earlier," they said as they moved to take off their glove. "To call me a mere boy however insults me. I don't appreciate it when people insult me."

Rin could feel the killing intent wash over her and watched as Eri reacted instantly releasing her grip and trying to flee from her side. Rin however didn't allow it as her hand came down and latched onto Eri's shoulder, preventing her movement.

"Even Eri here can tell what is going to happen..."

That was as far as the man got before whatever killing intent he had released was completely swamped to the threatening presence that Rin created. "Listen, boy," she said, emphasizing the word as the air grew colder. "I am a woman of sixty seven years of age who has watched demons and men clash to a scale you could never comprehend. I have bore witness to the pinnacle of mankind's stupidity and their determination to find new ways to end the existence of others and themselves. You are but a mere speck in the world and if you threaten me once again I will leave you writhing in such an agony that you would beg for death. So tell me now, what is going to happen?"

"...I'm going to kill y..."

Before the man could even finish the sentence he was thrust backwards with such force that he vanished from view into the darkness of the alleyway, violently crashing against the back wall. Rin had a feeling however that what she had done wouldn't be enough to put the man down for good and if he was still capable of forming words, it wouldn't be long before she was going to find herself being tracked.

Eri herself seemed completely unsure of what had just happened before sleep swiftly overtook her body and before she could collapse to the ground, Rin scooped her up in her arms. Cradling the small child in one arm, she used her spare hand to etch a rune into the nearby wall, crafting a barrier. It would hold for only so long and they would undoubtedly have another way to get around it but she had already used far more of her magecraft then she would have liked.

Hence she believed that this was the perfect time for a tactical retreat. She'd pick Gentle and La Brava up on the way. She was sure that Stain wouldn't mind the extra company.


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