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Shirou relaxed on the couch with his hand tucked behind his head. The world around him was a cacophony of noise and business as his peers spoke with one another. Most in quite friendly terms.


"How dare you show me up Deku you runt!"

Others were reminiscing about the classes of the day.

"You seem in relatively high spirits," said Sero as he stepped up to Shirou.

"Yeah, it's weird," added Jiro, collapsing onto the couch beside Shirou. "Why you being weird?"

"I'm sure that Shirou is simply upset that he, like the rest of us, will be unable to participate in the Internships. He surely must be lamenting about the loss of a possibility to find his feet once more," declared Iida, inserting himself into the conversation.

Shirou merely nodded. They had been informed that due to the fact that they were, as the teachers so elegantly put it, going through a 'traumatic experience' that it would be best for them not to go into the field anytime soon. Hence, the traditional internships were put on hold until such a time as U.A felt that their students wouldn't be targeted.

Until such a time though, nobody was leaving campus.

This had caused quite a ruckus with those who had had plans to spend the weekend going shopping down the mall. Aizawa had told them that they should just shop online. Midnight however said that she'd try to arrange it so that a small handful of students could be escorted to and from the mall under the watch of a professional hero.

"What Hero Agency though would have willingly taken Shirou in, no offence," said Sero.

"Any Agency that knew just what he was capable of," stated Jiro.

"Indeed, even crippled as he is there is no doubt that Shirou still has the capacity to become a professional hero, perhaps even going as far as to become one of the greatest!" proclaimed Iida.

Before anybody could say another word, Shirou's phone began to ring. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled the device out and held it to his ear. "Hello," he answered. "Oh, hey Ingenium, what's up?"

Iida visibly winced at the fact that his brother was currently on the line with his peer.

"Ingenium, I am shocked and appalled that you would suggest such a thing," declared Shirou, causing those around him to look at one another in confusion. "No, of course I have no connection to an attack on a Yakuza organization tonight. The sheer thought that you would think that I would jeopardize my own health and wellbeing by assaulting such an organization in my condition is borderline criminal. What makes you think that I am putting on an act? Good day to you sir!"

Shirou hung up his phone before chuckling menacingly. "Did...we just hear that right?" asked Sero hoping for some manner of clarification.

"There's an attack about to go down?" said Jiro.

"Why would my brother believe that you would be at the forefront of an attack on the Yakuza!" boldly proclaimed Iida. "Surely he knows that given our current situation..."

"Because if I had any inkling of where this was happening, I'd be there," said Shirou.

None of those around him could dispute his claim. "So you really have no idea who is going to attack this group then," said Jiro.

"Oh, I've got a pretty good idea," stated Shirou. "Tomorrow morning we should pay very close attention to the news bulletin."

The three of them silently promised themselves that they would be watching the news at the first possible opportunity.


Rin stood upon her chosen building, several stories above the ground so that she could oversee the ongoing festivities. The target's location was several streets over but that currently wasn't where the grander scale of commotion was happening. Police units were currently blocking traffic coming anywhere close to the Yakuza stronghold. Professional Heroes were going door to door and evacuating every citizen they could get in contact with.

This truly was a full scale operation going down.

Part of her wanted to question if there was any sort of coincidence as to just how the authorities had decided that they would enact their own plans at the same time that they were. It didn't take her long to remind herself that every person in this world had an ability to call their own. To believe that there wasn't somebody high up with some manner of foresite was a foolish notion.

It didn't matter how they knew where to be. All that mattered was that they were here now to try and accomplish the same thing that they were. Albeit in a way that followed a lot more rules and regulations. Rin didn't play by those rules.

Their lives were forfeit.

Lifting a finger to her ear, she pressed into the small device that La Brava had sourced for her. Woman in question had desperately wished to come with them but Rin had told her to stay put given that there was no way that they could bring Eri out here. While she had pouted and declared that Gentle could very well need her love, a term which Rin had found confusing and quietly declared to dive into later, Rin had declared that there was someone very much in need of love right there. That had managed to quell La Brava's desire to be on the field.

"You two still kicking?" she asked, her earpiece picking up her voice.

"Indeed Miss Tohsaka," came the reply from Gentle.

"Well you've got about ten minutes before you find yourselves with some extra company," stated Rin. "Seems the heroes are here and preparing something big."

"Well then, we'll finish this up quickly then Witch," growled Stain.

"Just prepare a secondary escape route if need be, the front's going to be awfully crowded."

"Well said Miss Tohsaka," declared Gentle before the radio went silent.

Rin lowered her finger away from her ear before releasing an exhale. She knew that in the worse case scenario she could cause a portion of the roof to explode and hopefully give them a passage that way. Given what could happen as a result however, she was not going to risk it. While civilians and the like may have successfully gotten to what they felt like a safe distance by that stage, it would be nowhere near far enough. The police and heroes on the ground would try to act but when they encountered then there would be no chance of saving them.

Still though, it didn't mean she couldn't prepare to assist where she could. Ten minutes was an awful long time after all.


Ingenium stood in front of the entrance having successfully fulfilled his quota regarding the nearby dwellings. Hundreds of people had been evacuated from the area and rightfully so. This was an incredibly dangerous operation that could have disastrous consequences if not executed carefully.

It especially didn't help when they weren't aware of who was in one of the parties involved.

Sir Nighteye had given those he had requested all of the information he had available regarding the members of the Eight Precepts that he had been able to gain access to. He'd summarized it as much as he could before informing him and assumably everybody else he could muster within such a short period of time. Ingenium knew that these events took a good deal of time to prepare for.

Being told it was all going down in a handful of hours always made it more stressful.

Still though, he was a professional and knew what he was being brought in for. He wasn't meant to be part of the vanguard. The tight corridors of a base didn't particularly suit his fighting style in the first place. Ingenium knew that were this other group to be victorious and tried to make a break for it, he was the one responsible for chasing them down.

To be frank, he didn't like this. Right now, somebody was inside this stronghold and would kill at least one of the men inside. He hadn't been informed as to whether it was an accident or the intentional murder of a fellow human being but it did mean they had to be careful. Whether it was a vigilante group or another criminal organization at work here, it was clear that whoever was in there was dangerous.

He watched as those chosen to act as the opening force mobilized and made their way towards the entrance. Ingenium could only pray that their training had been more than enough to prepare them for whatever came next.

When the roof of the stronghold exploded Ingenium suddenly felt as if none of them were prepared for just what they were to expect. "Get in there, now!" somebody shouted, forcing everybody into motion.

Ingenium was already moving but unlike those who were entering the building, he ran away from it. It didn't take him long to find an apartment complex and ascend the stairwell and find himself on the rooftop. If a large gaping hole had suddenly appeared in the roof it meant that there was a secondary means of escape readily available for anybody to utilize.

As a secondary purpose, it did give anybody access to enter. There wasn't anybody here foolish enough to simply leap into the middle of a Yakuza fortress without knowing just what lay inside.

In which case, he forgot that there was one hero who would still do such a thing.


Gentle had, for the most part, found himself somewhat out of his depth during this entire endeavour. Compared to those around him, he wasn't a hardened criminal brought up on the streets or any sort of unsavoury reason to become somebody feared by the public. The crimes he commited were of a much more tame matter as he sought to bring justice against those who would commit crimes against the populace as a whole.

He'd witness Stain kill nearly an entire organization by his blades alone.

He had helped when necessary, his elasticity had been able to create barriers that prevented them from being shot and had even was able to warp a man's own defences against him. When said man had realized his own quirk was being used against him he had immediately dismissed it for a fraction of a second.

A fraction of a second was all that a professional like Stain needed.

Working alongside him, it felt as if he was working with the devil himself. The man utilized everything to the fullest. Whenever he needed some form of cover he would utilize a smoke grenade. Whenever he needed to vanish he would take out the lighting. Whenever he needed to kill he did so without hesitation.

Gentle didn't doubt that the man was more than capable of taking down even the greatest of heroes.

"What did you two do?" asked Rin, yelling into his ear.

He could only assume that she was referring to the gaping hole in the ceiling. "To be fair Miss Tohsaka, that wasn't us. If you'll give us a moment, we'll get back to you shortly," said Gentle before he cut off contact, leaping to the side as another spike burst from the ground and tried to penetrate his flesh.

It seemed that his quirk had run out of time again. As he landed he thrust his hand into the ground, manipulating the floor to his liking. Against the villain in front of him however it was only something of a hindrance.

For all intents and purposes, he was a perfect counter to the leader of the Eight Precepts of Death. By touching something he could shape it to his liking, similar to how he could use his elasticity. The main difference though was that his quirk had a time limit.

Stain meanwhile was doing his utmost best to close the distance between himself and the enemy before them. He had been held at bay however and had suffered a number of wounds across his body, though the devil of a man paid it no mind. He actually seemed to enjoy the fact that this place had brought him at least one person whom he could truly do battle with.

Gentle was fairly certain that the attacks sent towards him were only being used as an attempt to distract Stain and force him to try and protect him. Unfortunately for the cretin, the two of them had suspected such a thing would potentially happen. Far too often the stronger of the two found themselves risking their own life to save the lives of their comrades. As such, Stain had been abundantly clear at the beginning that he wasn't going to look behind him to see whether or not he was still kicking.

Even if he wasn't as feared as Stain, Gentle was still a criminal in his own right. Even in dire situations like this he could hold his own.

The real question was to how the villain before him made the roof collapse? Was the cretin planning to escape? No, if he was planning such a thing then he would raise the ground beneath him and have buried them.

If he hadn't done it, was there somebody else they hadn't considered?

In which case, they needed to hurry.

Gentle made his move. Utilizing his quirk, the ground beneath elasticized to a point where it could be considered a trampoline. In a single bound, he exploded into the air and above the villain beneath him. The enemy, while seemingly surprised, acted much as he had expected and used his own quirk, sending dozens of lethal spikes into the air to skewer him.

Gentle crafted another pocket of elasticity to his side, utilizing it to alter his trajectory enough to avoid the death coming his way. The Gentle criminal gave a roar that even he felt was too far out of character as he sent consecutive sheets of elasticity straight beneath him in an attempt to crush the man who had done such vile acts to Eri.

It came as no surprise to see the man leap out of the way from his attack. However, that had been what Gentle had been hoping for. The man had lost contact with the ground for a split second. And he knew just what Stain was capable of in such a short period of time.

Rule Breaker, the enchanted weapon given to him, flew through the air at a blistering pace before connecting with the enemy's shoulder. He grunted in agony before ripping the weapon out of his shoulder and tossing it to the ground.

Gentle landed beside Stain and watched the enemy thrust his hands into the ground once more, intent on skewering them alive. There seemed to a moment of pure elation watching the man get confused as to why he wasn't tearing them to shreds. "What's happening?" he growled from beneath his mask. "What have you done!"

"The exact thing that you've been trying to do for so long," said Stain with a vicious smile spreading across his lips.

The man's eyes widened as he reached up to his injury before he shifted his gaze straight at the weapon he had so casually tossed to the side. He made a lunge for it but found himself foiled as a combat knife struck through the palm of his hand. He couldn't help but yell out in agony. A second one pierced into his foot.

"That's for Eri," said Stain as he walked over and picked up Rule Breaker.

"You're not going to kill him?" asked Gentle.

"No," declared Stain. "He spent a young girl's life trying to make a weapon capable of ridding people of their quirks. He should live knowing what it feels like to be so powerless."

"You...you can't..." said the Eight Precepts leader slowly. "Kill me...Kill me!"

"Death would be a mercy," declared Stain. "I don't do mercys."

"Well said," stated Gentle with a swish of his cape before looking up at the ceiling. It was a long way up but that didn't mean that he would be unable to get the two of them out of there. "Now, let us..."

Unfortunately he didn't get that far as the third party made themselves known. They rocketed down into the lair with such force that debris was sent in all directions. Spikes made of solid stone crumbled beneath his body while his body was covered by a thick cloud of smoke.

When he spoke however, it was undeniable as to who it was that had entered the fray.


Gentle saw Stain shiver in excitement before the hardened criminal spelled out who it was. "All Might."

Gentle quickly reached up to the communicator in his ear. This was definitely something they had not been expecting.


Sir Nighteye stood at the entry to the hideout, waiting for the inevitable outcome to happen. He'd considered not sending for All Might but when a second party had made itself part of his plans he had had to adapt. Their relationship was still strained but he knew better than most that the country needed All Might to make his return.

Sir Nighteye was also one of those few who knew just what All Might was suffering through at that moment. The man had undoubtedly wanted to get here as quickly as he could but with the restraints surrounding his quirk it would have been a waste of his remaining time for him to use his quirk for travel alone.

It was however rather pleasant to see All Might walk into the light, his smile beaming out for everyone to see. Sir Nighteye could hear the police and heroes behind him whisper amongst one another in excitement. The villains being frogmarched forward seemed secondary in nature in comparison.

All Might marched the men to the police who swiftly clasped the men's wrists in iron shackles. "WELL DONE MEN!" he proclaimed boldly before bounding off before anybody could get a word in. Sir Nighteye didn't blame him, the number one hero needed to find a small alleyway somewhere to revert back to his alter form. Still though, this would be more than enough to get the word the hero villains should fear the most was back on active duty, however little of it he was capable of.

He mainly hoped that All Might wouldn't waste his time on petty things. He was too important for that.

"What! Where have they gone!" exclaimed one of the policemen.

Sir Nighteye whipped around to see what all the fuss was about only to find that of the three men that All Might had brought forth, only Chisaki remained in custody. "Where did they go?" he asked in a sudden outburst.

"We don't know, one second we were holding them and then the next they were gone," declared the one of the officers.

"People don't just disappear!" exclaimed Sir Nighteye before pointing at the entrance to the lair. "Get some men in there to see if there are any survivors. The rest of you find those criminals! How did this even happen?"

"I might be able to shine some light on this situation," announced All Might, skidding in close to where Sir Nighteye was standing.

"Really?" stated Sir Nighteye as he adjusted his glasses. "Are you going to tell me they simply vanished?"

"Unfortunately sir, that is the case," stated Ingenium before pointing to the rooftop he had been on. "I'd been watching closely from up there and I can assure you that the two men did indeed vanish. It's not impossible that they had planned to simply vanish from the beginning using a third person's quirk."

Sir Nighteye couldn't help but admit that the theory had merit, especially if these two had been part of a professional organization. "Did anybody at least get a decent enough look at them to know who they might be?"

"I know one of them," declared Ingenium. It was almost impossible for him to forget about the person who had cut him down and nearly ended his career. "The man with the scars and bandages, that was the Hero Killer Stain."

Sir Nighteye suddenly felt very relieved that he had called All Might after all.


"You boys better be happy I got you out of there," stated Rin, the two men rubbing at their wrists after having their shackles removed.

"Your quirk is truly astounding," declared Gentle as he looked over the edge.

"Didn't you just royally screw us over?" asked Stain, preparing to combat an enemy far more dangerous than what they had just encountered.

"Please, as if I'd do such a high level spell without the proper precautions," scoffed Rin as she pointed to the runes engraved in the small area they were standing in. "You two aren't the only ones who can work in such a short period of time."

"Truly a marvel," proclaimed Gentle.


Shirou walked down the stairs towards the living room the next morning able to hear the sound of the television going on. Scratching at an itch on his back, he suddenly found himself nearly toppled over as the trio from yesterday leapt into his face.

"What the hell man!" shouted Sero.

"It was most uncouth of you to withhold such information!" stated Iida.

"How did you know that All Might would return?" asked Jiro.

"Wait...All Might?" repeated Shirou.

Well something clearly hadn't gone to plan.


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