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"Do you think it's a good idea to go through with the festival?" Midnight asked her peers as they sat around a table.

"With All Might's return to action, it could be seen as a spark towards normality," stated Snipe.

"Personally I think it's a smack in the face to all of the parents who recently lost their children," declared Eraserhead, unafraid to make his opinion known.

"No matter what we do, there will be consequences," said Nezu, his paws clasped together. "If we don't do anything, then it will show criminals that we are unable to proceed past loss. If we do have it, we will be scrutinized for not showing compassion to the students whom we've lost."

"What about postponing it?" suggested Midnight.

"If we were to hold the event at a later date we would directly interfere with the student's end of year exams," stated Eraserhead.

"On a different topic, have your students shown..."

"They've already moved on," said Eraserhead, cutting Snipe off before he had the chance to finish his question.

"That is...not healthy," said Snipe, struggling to find the correct phrase.

"I like to imagine that they mourn in their own time," said Eraserhead, running his fingers through his shaggy hair. "In class however they focus on the task at hand and nothing more."

"I've noticed that as well," added Midnight. "In the first few classes back I had lessened the workload on them believing that it would be unwise of me to burden them with so much work so close to a tragic event. I'd expected some of the students to choke up, stop their work or even shed a tear. Instead they just...did what I asked them without so much as a hint of negative emotion."

"If they keep this attitude, will they be able to radiate positivity towards those they rescue or will the citizens fear them as much as the villains?" said Nezu. "It's a terrifying thought but one that we cannot dismiss."

"I was planning on having them enact how they would respond to an interview after a decisive victory later in the semester, but now might be a better time," said Midnight. "I'll call Uwabami and see if she's available today."

"That seems reasonable, get them back into the mindset of a hero. As opposed to..." Snipe began before trailing off.

Eraserhead swiftly decided to alter the course of the conversation before anybody got that thought stuck within their head. "Have you heard much from Vlad King?" he asked of the other teachers.

"He's...struggling," said Midnight, unable to find the correct term to properly describe what she had seen when she had checked on her peer.

Vlad King had refused to give out much detail regarding the battle itself, explaining that there was far too much carnage to fully describe what it was that he was baring witness to. He did explain however that, after having defeated him, the League had allowed him live. He had been the only hero that they hadn't slayed.

They had wanted him to bare witness to the devastation they had caused. They had wanted him to see the dead bodies of his students. They had wanted him to tell the world of the horrors that the League had accomplished.

And he had informed the other heroes of just what he had seen. The public didn't need to know the details and as far as they were aware, he had perished alongside their children. Only a select few individuals outside of U.A were even aware that he had survived the incident.

Since then he had been in isolation, unable to speak with anybody except his closest of companions and even they were barely able to get anything more than a grunt out of him. The only real positive thing that they could think of regarding the whole situation was that he hadn't announced his retirement. None of the faculty members would blame him if he chose to do so but since he was yet to do anything of the sort, they held hope that he would one day return to them.

It was a glimmer of hope but it was hope nonetheless.


"Is this right?" asked Eri as she showed off the letters she had been working on to La Brava.

"You've almost got it," said La Brava, smiling brightly. "You're progressing really well. Can you spot the one mistake you made?"

Eri turned the paper around, her faced scrunched up as she looked over her work and tried to figure out what it was that she had done incorrectly.

"Is there a reason that you're teaching her how to read and write as opposed to something useful, like using her quirk?" queried Stain, overhearing the lesson that was happening in the room over. "From what you've told us, her quirk can effectively heal your friend's severed limb if used properly."

"I'm aware," said Rin as she took a sip of her tea. "My reasoning for doing so however is three fold. Firstly, Eri barely knows the basics of what it's like to be a child, something which includes her education. How can we expect her to be able to properly use her ability when she is barely able to spell her own name? That directly links into my second reasoning. As adorable as she is, her mind is still clouded with the fear and hatred that was driven into her. Trauma doesn't simply vanish but hopefully by learning to be an actual child it will be a step in the right direction."

"Then what would the third reason be Miss Rin?" asked Gentle as he sat down at the nearby dining table.

"Shirou was an idiot getting his arm cut off in the first place, he can remain without it until he's learnt his lesson."

Stain couldn't help but chuckle, unable to suppress the light grin on his face.

"Be that as it may Miss Rin, but I have seen you do extraordinary things with your quirk," said Gentle as he stirred a teaspoon through the cup of tea in front of him. "Is there nothing that you could do to assist young Eri?"

"As much as I hate to admit it, there isn't anything I can do," stated Rin. "The problem however is that each of her memories are tied back to the gang and what they did to her. I can't remove those parts of her memories without directly effecting everything else. With such large parts of her memory erased, it's very possible that it could all collapse on itself."

"That is highly unfortunate," said Gentle, lowering his gaze.

"Oh well, guess that means we're stuck with the little..."

"If you were about to say brat Stain," threatened Rin.

"I was going to say scamp," declared Stain, glaring at Rin who clicked her tongue and averted her gaze. "As I was saying, we're stuck with the little scamp until she's basically gotten the hang of the basics of life. Then what? You planning to send her to school? If you haven't realized, we're not exactly parent teacher material with all of us running from the law. As soon as we drop her off on her first day we're going to have swarms of heroes chasing us."

"While your notoriety does indeed trump my own," said Gentle, standing up from his spot, "I assure you that La Brava has avoided the gaze of the public thus far and is more than capable of escorting young Miss Eri to school each day."

"Please, on her first day they're going to ask her to describe her home and she's going to explain that she lives with a witch, a mass murderer, a clown and his assistant," responded Stain. "And it's not like we can tell her to keep our identities a secret or worse, alter her memories. Removing the only good influences from her life would leave her with nothing but that horror."

"Before I force both of you into a corner for some time out," cut in Rin before Gentle had a chance to respond, "I know what you're talking about Stain. It's been on my mind for a while now. Even taking her down to the park poses a risk. We don't know if those who survived and were arrested by the police have made the claim that their daughter was kidnapped beforehand. They very well may be on the lookout. It's impossible to tell at this stage."

"Surely such a thing would have been on the news were it such a case," proclaimed Gentle.

"And give the public any reason to feel sorry for Yakuza members, unlikely," scoffed Stain.

"Let's just focus on getting Eri healthy both physically and mentally," said Rin. "After that we'll figure out what's best for her."

Both of the males in the room could tell by the tone of Rin's voice that she already had an idea regarding what might be best for her and that she didn't like it.


Toshinori sat in the confines of his office, scrolling through the latest articles that had been written up regarding his recent reappearance. Or, to put it more bluntly, his refusal to make a press statement after having made himself known. He had put out a very blunt thank you for the well wishes message to the millions of people who followed his

The general consensus regarding his return had been mostly positive and the general rumour regarding the fact that he had spent the time recovering from his previous battle was successfully doing the circuit. However parts of that had been dashed by the students of U.A being asked what it was like to have All Might back as a teacher. Given the limited time he had remaining in his muscular form, he couldn't make himself known to the students.

That in itself had gotten the rumor mill spinning once again and the biggest theory so far was that he was preparing his next unexpected assault against a criminal organization. It went on to say that any unwanted attention could alert said organization to his whereabouts and the knowledge that they would be targeted and could plan accordingly. Consequently, large scale crime had dropped by seventeen percent.

Now however, with each passing day, the voices of those who were less convinced were getting louder and he was finding it harder to ignore it. The populace needed to know that they were safe but it was getting harder and harder for him to let them know. Yet with the League of Villains still running loose, his throat got dry knowing that if he told them that they were safe then he would be lying.

A knock on the door alerted him to the company that he had been expecting. "Come in," he called, turning his chair to face the door.

"You wanted to see me," declared Shirou, closing the door behind him. It took a couple seconds more than expected as mechanical fingers took a moment of hesitation to release from the handle.

"I wanted to see how your new limb is operating," said Toshinori.

"I doubt that's all," said Shirou as me moved to a nearby chair and took a seat.

"You're right, it's not. However you are still one of my students and I'd like you to humor me," said Toshinori, giving Shirou a heartfelt smile.

Shirou released a light gasp of breath. "While it's able to operate on the most basic of levels, it will be some time before I can even consider going into battle with it," acknowledged Shirou. The arm had been installed the previous day and automatically Shirou had considered first and foremost in returning to his sacred battleground.

The kitchen.

The other teenagers had given him the necessary space but had watched on from afar as Shirou struggled his way through what should have been the simplest of tasks. It was fairly easy for Shirou to break down as to why the mechanical limb didn't work the way that his actual limb had. Tens if not hundreds of thousands of signals were transferred through the hand alone when doing a task as simple as picking up a knife and cutting a carrot. Even if the tech was top of the line it was practically impossible for such intricacies to be imitated by mechanics. There was only the slightest of delays but to Shirou it was incredibly noticeable.

"That's unfortunate to hear," said All Might, lacing his fingers beneath his chin. "Do you think it will improve in time?"

"Possibly," stated Shirou. "I just have to focus on wanting this arm to accomplish something half a second before I need it to actually happen. Midoriya has already offered to help me."

"How so?"

"By playing catch."

Toshinori nodded in understanding. It was a simple concept but he could imagine the difficulties. Having the fingers close around a ball at the precise time that it struck the palm wasn't something that occurred instantly and if he had to consider a minor time delay it would serve as good training.

"Was there any other reason you dragged me away from class?" asked Shirou.

"I've actually brought you in here so that you can listen in on your classmates," stated Toshinori, turning around and pressing several buttons on his keyboard before a visual of the task they were participating in came on the screen. The audio kicked in just as Todoroki concluded his speech, the teenager stepping down from the stage.

Shirou raised an eyebrow but remained quiet, awaiting All Might to continue. "In the coming years, these kids are going to be called into action and you've prepared them well for that," said All Might as Jiro took to the stage, Ubawami beginning the interview. "None of the faculty can deny the fact that you've been a positive influence regarding the rapid increase in strength of your peers."

"But," said Shirou, knowing that there was likely another side to this.

"Well, it might be easier for you to listen," said All Might as he increased the volume.

"Earphone Jack, congratulations on saving the children from their hijacked bus. How did you manage to keep the kids under control in what must have been a traumatizing event?" asked Uwabami.

Shirou watched as Jiro visibly froze at the question before steeling herself. "I told them to remain calm, that I would save them before apprehending the villain," she answered.

"And that you did but was it truly necessary to use such force when taking down the villain? Initial reports by medics indicate that he will require extensive surgery after the damage you dealt to them and that, quite frankly, they are lucky to be alive. Shouldn't you have used another method in taking down the villain?" asked Uwbami, probing at Jiro.

"For the safety of the children, no amount of force was unreasonable," responded Jiro.

"Aren't you afraid that your actions may have inspired these children that it is okay to take down a villain using what some might call, excessive force, provided it gets the results?"

Once more Jiro froze but before Shirou could hear her next response, Toshinori switched off the audio. "There is a reason as to why I asked you here at this time specifically," he said.

"You're hoping that without my presence there, the students won't be trying to impress me," answered Shirou.

"Partially," said Toshinori. "It was recently noted that your peers seemed to have already moved on from the deaths of those in class 1-B at an unhealthy rate. We had noticed that their mindset had gradually shifted with your training but now it has gotten to a point where we have to intervene. Were they to continue with this line of thinking..."

"I understand."

Toshinori found himself quite aghast at the words that came out of Shirou's mouth. "You...understand?" repeated Toshinori as if requiring confirmation.

"I'm aware that my methods are unique and unorthodox," said Shirou, leaning back in his chair. "The mental adjustments that are required to adapt to my training require the steeling of the mind, the determination to persevere through whatever challenges to accomplish the goal and then once the battle is done and only then can they rest. Such a hero will get slammed by the press and as such will shine poorly on the society as a whole."

"In which case, where do you fit into it all?" asked Toshinori, his eyes sharpening.

"Simple, I don't."

Their eyes locked and the tension swiftly shifted. "So you won't change then, even if everybody hates you for saving them."

"All that matters is that I save them, what's thought of me afterwards doesn't faze me," said Shirou.

"Very well," said Toshinori. "I believe that's all we need to discuss."

Shirou got to his feet. "I don't mind if you try to drive my students into thinking in a more traditional method, society practically demands it after all. Before you do so however, ask them if that's what they want to do or if they want to be the first graduates of U.A to break tradition."

All Might could say nothing, merely watch as Shirou left his office, closing the door behind him. Once he was alone, he couldn't help but drop his head into the palms of his hands.


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