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Shirou worked alone in the kitchen that morning, operating at a reasonable speed in order to ensure that when the majority of 1-A surfaced he would have enough food on the table. From the pace he was operating, many would have believed that Shirou was utilizing his metallic arm without so much as a pause of hesitation.

There was still a touch of delay, a mere fraction of a second that would go unnoticed to the majority of the population. For Shirou it was still a fraction of a delay too long.

"Good morning!" shouted an overly cheerful Hagakure, trying her best to give Shirou a scare.

While Shirou didn't respond in the way she had hoped he would, he did react in a much simpler manner. "Are you naked right now?" he asked sincerely.

"Well yeah, you would have seen me coming otherwise," said Toru. "Kind of defeats the purpose of trying to be unnoticed if I'm wearing a dress."

"You really don't have much reservations about being nude do you," stated Shirou as he returned to his duties.

"Not really," said Hagakure, loudly stepping around the counter top now that she didn't have to be hiding. "I've never really had to consider much in regards to my own personal appearance because I don't even know what I look like. I don't need to fuss about whether or not certain clothes match my face or body shape. When you can't be seen, sometimes you even forget that you're even there."

Shirou placed his knife down before looking directly at where Hagakure was standing. "Is that why you're a bit more eccentric in your mannerisms, to make sure people know that even if they can't see you you're still able to make yourself noticed?"

"Sheesh, who allowed you to play with emotions like that?" asked Hagakure playfully. Several awkward seconds passed by before she spoke again. "I don't know, maybe you're right? I mean, every girl wants to be noticed by not only their friends and family but somebody special one day."

"Do you girls discuss future boyfriends and things like that?"

"Duh!" exclaimed Hagakure as if it was an obvious answer. "Momo already gets love letters from some of the other students and Ochako's got a huge crush on another student. I don't doubt that Jiro will have trouble finding herself a boyfriend and it will be super easy for Ashido when she gets the urge."

"What about Tsuyu?" asked Shirou, feeling he might as well get the whole female side since he was almost there at this point.

"I think Tsuyu is just happy watching and supporting at this stage but who knows."

"Alright then, what about yourself?" asked Shirou.

"Of course I've got a crush. I'm a teenage girl after all but, like, I want my perfect boyfriend to take me out on dates, tell me I'm cute and notice when I've done something with my hair. Those kinds of things though, are just impossible. The other girls, that'll happen with them without issue. Me, I mean, who wants to date someone when they don't know what they look like?"

"Not somebody that you want to be dating in the first place," said Shirou. "Somebody who only focuses on such shallow things rarely end up being the ideal partner. The best partners are those who you can sit with and simply enjoy the time you have together without so much as saying a word."

"Did you have someone like that in your life? Your friend Rin perhaps?" asked Hagakure.

"That's a pretty good line you're casting but sadly, I think any chance of Rin and I getting together vanished a long time ago." Hagakure had no way of knowing that Shirou was talking about literal decades of time.

"There's always a chance though right?"

"Maybe, but I've never really been one for love. I've always kinda just been...busy." That was at least one way to put it.

The sound of footsteps echoed out once again as Hagakure made her way into the kitchen once more. Shirou remained standing in place as he felt the girl's arms wrap around his torso from behind, grasping him in a gentle hug. "Everyone deserves love in their life," said Toru. "When you return home after an active day of duty, would you rather come into a cold empty house or have your partner there to greet you?"

"It's honestly something I've never considered," said Shirou without a moment of hesitation.

"Maybe one day, you'll look at someone special and be like a normal boy one day."

"I doubt it," said Shirou with a light chuckle.

"Given that my boobs are currently pressed against your back and you're not reacting in the slightest, you make it really hard not to believe you. Any normal boy would be blushing like a beetroot."

"Normal isn't really a word that describes me all that well."

"Maybe that's why we all follow you," said Hagakure, releasing her grip. "You're someone who has experienced so much more than the rest of us combined, including some of the teachers. With all that experience though, did it maybe prevent you from having similar thought processes like the rest of us?"

"Maybe," answered Shirou.

"Somehow though, if it I'm right, I don't think that you would try to change it if you could," said Hagakure before heading towards the stairs. "I better go get some clothes on before the rest of the house gets up. They might treat my nudity a little different than you do."

A couple of seconds passed before Shirou called out one last time. "You're using a new shampoo, aren't you," he declared.

"What?" replied Hagakure in shock. "How could you tell?"

"You used to use one that smelt of lavender. When you were behind me I was getting more of a tropical fruit fragrance. I might not be able to see it, but I know you've done something with your hair."

Seconds ticked by, Hagakure nervously fidgeting on the stairs before she meekly replied, "Thanks," in little more than a whisper. This was swiftly followed by the stomping sounds of her feet as she raced upstairs at breakneck speeds. Shirou meanwhile resumed his job, breakfast wasn't going to prepare itself after all.


"So, how did it go?" asked Ashido as Hagakure returned to her room where the rest of the female students were waiting for her. The invisible girl didn't say anything for a little while as she took the time to put on some clothes.

"It...went better than expected..." she finally said, plonking herself on her mattress before observing her housemates.

"In what kind of way?" asked Jiro, leaning against the door.

"He noticed I changed shampoo," admitted Hagakure.

"In other words, you forgot why you went down there in the first place," stated Tsuyu bluntly.

"It's not that I didn't forget," whined Hagakure. "It's just so hard trying to get any sort of information out of him without him catching on. It's not like I could have just gone up to him and asked where he went with Midnight sensei. There wasn't even a chance for me to inquire about anything like that without forcing the conversation that way."

"Well you could have just asked him that straight up," proclaimed Ashido.

"That wouldn't be the wisest course of action," stated Yaoyorozu. "If it's like we think, the last thing we need is for Shirou to raise his guard. If he does that then we lose every possible chance of getting information from him."

"Did you learn anything at all?" asked Uraraka.

"Shirou...I don't know if he knows what it means to feel love," said Hagakure. "I mean, I'm sure there's people that have loved him but I don't know if he knows how to accept it or how to feel when such emotions are sent his way. I even asked him about Rin and his reaction seemed so...cold. It's as if he knew that he had a chance but he chose not to. I mean, who would choose a life without love?"

"Someone who puts the mission above all else," stated Jiro, her arms crossed over her chest.

"It's possible that he doesn't want to form connections because he knows that one day, he might not return home and doesn't want to put somebody through that loss," said Tsuyu, a single finger pressed against the tip of her chin.

"Regardless of all these theories, the fact still remains that Midnight sensei took Shirou away for something and he hasn't said anything about it," said Yaoyorozu, trying to bring the conversation back on track. "That could very well mean that Shirou was privy to some information regarding a secret mission. If this is true, we know because of the restrictions he has to put himself under as to not bring forth one of the combatants from his past."

There was a grim silence as the students recalled the memories that Shirou had shared with them, none of them pretty. "If Shirou is on call for something big, he will go without so much as second of hesitation," said Jiro. "It could very well kill him but he won't care in the slightest."

"Especially if it has something to do with the League," added Uraraka.

"Which it most likely does," said Tsuyu.

"Shirou won't tell us anything if he doesn't think we need to know it," said Hagakure. "However we can make it so that he actually considers us as something worth returning home to. At least that way, maybe he won't do something too reckless."

"Wait, are you telling us to..." started Ashido, leaving her unasked question hanging in the air.

"I'm sure that's not what she means," exclaimed Yaoyorozu, interpreting Ashdio's unsaid statement. Momo took a deep breath before continuing. "Also love should happen naturally, it shouldn't be forced in such a crude manner for any reason."

"So you wouldn't kiss him to try and save his life?" asked Tsuyu.

Yaoyozu couldn't hide the shade of red her cheeks took.


The faculty members of U.A sat amongst their peers, listening as Midnight recalled the events from the previous day. They stayed silent, choosing not to interject as she explained the plan that Shirou had laid out for Vlad King while she had been present. The sheer fact that Shirou had broken everything down while she had been listening meant, at least to her, that she was welcome to share these details with her coworkers. Had Shirou not wanted her to hear it, he would have kicked her out the room without so much as a second thought.

"It's risky," said Nezu, his paws clasped together as he took in all this information. "It does make sense though."

"The real issue is how do we leak this information properly," said Eraserhead. "If the League sense that it's a trap then they won't take the chance. If they don't hear the information in the first place then there's no point to it all."

"At least the motivation behind it all is sound, moving a prisoner to a higher security institution when there's been so many attacks makes it sound like it is a legit operation," said Snipe.

"It has to be a legit operation," said Midnight. "The bait needs to be real. We don't know how far the League's eyes and ears spread and if they hear that a convoy which 'might' hold their companion in it is moving then it's not going to be good enough. Their companion 'has' to be there otherwise the whole operation falls apart before it even begins."

"Which then adds the risk on our side," said Yagi in his crippled form. "If we fail then they get their friend back."

"It is a gamble, but one that might be necessary," said Present Mic.

"Which is why we need to get into the head of our enemy," said Nezu. "They'll have the same information that we do so we need to consider where their most likely points of attack will be, which members they would use in order to avoid capture. We need to be prepared to counter each possible option at each possible point which will stretch us thin. We only have a few days before we enact this plan so I need all of you getting in touch with as many heroes who have the traits and skills necessary for such an operation. If there's too many and we're spotted prematurely, the operation fails. If our manpower isn't enough to overcome every blind spot, we fail. It might not be every member of the League but if we can reduce their strength by a handful of members than it is a successful operation."


Rin listed to Shirou on the phone, explaining to her piece by piece the information that she needed to hear. "You do know that I don't operate a shelter," stated Rin. "I don't care if my place is the most secure place on the planet, that doesn't give you the right to allocate my home as your base of operations."

Several seconds ticked by as Rin listened to the device pressed to her ear as Shirou made his case. "Look, I admit your plan has merit but you do know how much risk it puts me in right? You are going to make me the target of both heroes and villains alike."

"I know I can take them all on if need be," said Rin, almost insulted by what Shirou had said. "I know you're trying to goad me into it but that doesn't make me like it any less."

There was a brief pause before Rin spoke again, getting in before Shirou had the chance to add anything more. "Look, Shirou, I know this is important to you but the target you're painting on me applies to you as well. If they're smart they're going to be looking in your direction from the get go. If that happens, then there's no way that you're getting out of this unscathed and if you bring Lancer or someone else forth because of your stupidity..."

"Of course you'd say you've got this handled! How do you not know the severity of the situation at hand! Oh, you do? Well it doesn't sound like it you idiot!"

"And now you say you need the help of my manservant? You can have him, but only because that way I know that there's somebody watching you and making sure you don't do anything stupid. When do you need him by? In three days? You threw this plan together haphazardly and expect to have all the pieces in place by...Shirou? Hello? Are you there Shirou? If you hung on me I swear!"

This entire conversation had been going on with La Brava standing in a nearby doorway. She had wanted to approach Rin and ask for some advice with her own issues but by the looks of things, Rin was currently dealing with her own problems. Knowing that it was probably a safer option to wait for a later opportunity, La Brava silently slipped away and promised herself to talk to Rin one on one at a time where the woman wasn't so angry.


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