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Midoriya wasn't all that surprised to see Todoroki staring directly at him when he entered the dining room that morning. While many of their peers went about their morning routine, a silent nod was shared between the two up and coming heroes that went unnoticed by everybody else in attendance.

Or at least all of the students that were visible in the room.

"Alright you two, spill," called out Hagakure, loud enough to draw the attention of the rest of the teenagers in the room and cause silence to temporarily reign as everybody stopped what they were doing.

Midoriya momentarily became flustered mostly because it meant that Hagakure was currently in the nude somewhere in the room. It took only a few seconds for him to take a breath in realization that in order for her to be the most successful with the use of her quirk, she had to be naked and not be ashamed of it. To utilize her skill to the best of her ability without being restricted by morale decisions. Hagakure was someone who best worked when not being seen or heard to get what she was after.

In that sense, she had used her quirk the way it should be. The way that she was taught, not by U. A but by...

"My father spoke with me yesterday in regards to our friends," stated Todoroki, thankfully breaking Midoriya from his train of thought. "While their current locations are either not yet known or are being withheld from me, the objective being sent out is that Bakugo, Yaoyorozu and Jiro are all to be captured and returned to U.A where they will receive their punishment."

It went unsaid the very clear fact that there was one student not on that list. "So, they're treating Shirou like a villain then," said Koda, his soft voice resonating through the silence.

"I hate to say it, however given what has transpired it only makes sense for them to see him as such," said Ida, his head hung low.

"My main dude, a villain," said Kirishima as he draped over the chair he was sitting in. "This sucks."

"When All Might spoke to me yesterday, I asked him about what made someone a hero. Or more importantly, what made them a great hero, someone who citizens could look up to with confidence. I didn't want to know about anything on a surface level, I didn't want to hear about flashy costumes or names. I wanted All Might, the number one hero in the country to tell me what made him a hero. What he told me was that a hero is judged by their ability to make the best decision in the worst circumstances, to make the hard choices when the choices themselves are impossible," said Midoriya slowly, his audience listening in to every word he said. "I've wanted to be a hero for as long as I can remember. I've wanted to be the hero who everybody could look up to to save the day. That's what I thought the best hero was. Now I know that's what the best hero in the eyes of the people."

"What are you getting at?" asked Kirishima. "That basically everything we learnt as a kid is a lie?"

"I believe so," said Todoroki. "It wouldn't bode well if the media showed off the condition some heroes were in after having saved the day at nearly the cost of their own lives. There's a reason a lot of agencies have someone designated to deal with the media and release statements to the press. Heroes are viewed as different people all together, not just as somebody who has mastered their quirk. If that facade is broken then the world will question whether they can trust heroes at all."

"That seems a bit extreme," said Hagakure.

"But not an impossibility," said Koda.

"The hero system is in place to keep the peace," said Kirishima. "If the system starts to crack then it makes sense that so would the peace."

Midoriya's palm had found itself cupping his chin in a pose that was all too familiar for everybody to see. "So, in order to keep the peace of the world, the world needs us to become the heroes that the people need us to be," he said. "But the crux of it all is, is that the kind of hero we want to be?"

"Or more importantly, what the world will let us be?" stated Todoroki as he stepped forward to being only a handful of feet away from Midoriya. "Back during the festival, everybody was focused on making it past the first task except for you Midoriya. It was only when I watched it back did I realize that you sacrificed your chance to make it through just because someone at that moment needed saving."

Midoriya blushed lightly at the comment. The festival was so long ago that it almost felt like a dream at this point. "You received three requests afterwards to study under different heroes and their agencies and I now realize that those three agencies were the only ones truly paying attention," continued Todoroki. "They didn't want to have the flashiest quirk on their team or the top scoring student, they wanted the person who they believed epitomized their description of a hero. What this world needs, whether they realize it or not, is more heroes like you."

The colour in Midoriya's cheeks grew at the praise as he sheepishly tried to say anything to divert attention away from himself. "Wow, I didn't even know that you did that!" exclaimed Kirishima, adding to Midoriya's struggle.

"It was nothing, honestly," he said as he rubbed awkwardly at the back of his head.

"In consideration to what the crowd was there to see, indeed it was a act of, as you put it, nothing," said Iida as he stood up from the table. "To the thousands watching, what you did was throw your chance away and they were none the wiser as to why you did so. Had that been a real situation however, your actions would have spoken volumes more than what any of us accomplished that day."

"We're all chasing our goal to become heroes and right now, we have a decision to make to become great heroes, either in the eyes of the public or within our view of ourselves," said Todoroki. "My father always pushed me to be the best hero and now, I believe I know what it means to be the best hero."

"What does that mean now though?" asked Hagakure. "At the moment unless Shirou is caught it's unlikely that any of us will ever be given our Hero License. They'll probably see us as too much of a risk."

"Which is why if any of us have a chance of becoming heroes, then we have to be the one's to catch him."

Midoriya's words carried throughout the room creating a cold atmosphere throughout everybody present. "You do know what you're saying right?" asked Kirishima. "If you don't remember, this is the guy that has kicked all of our asses on multiple occasions."

"I'm aware but we have to be seen doing something, otherwise..." Midoriya's lack of words hung in the air but his peers knew exactly what wasn't being said. If they were seen doing nothing, then how could the world expect them to do anything when the time came.

"Well then," said Iida. "If we want any sort of starting point I'll get in contact with my brother and see if he has heard anything."

"While it's unlikely that I'd get anything out of my father, one of his sidekicks might be able to provide some information," offered Todoroki. "I recommend that anybody who has some good connections with the professional hero they interned with should try to get any sort of intel as possible. Even if they're just fragments of where Shirou hasn't been located, it will help us start putting together a map."

"So, we're all in agreement then," said Midoriya, gazing around the room to see that all of his peers seemed keen on the plan. Lastly, he turned back to Todoroki and asked one last question. "Would you say that this is becoming of heroes who are doing what is best for society."

There was a light shake of the head in response. "No, this is what the best heroes have to do for themselves and their friends."


Toga sat within the confines of her room, the lone window present allowing her to see straight out over the desolate wasteland that had occurred during the battle with All for One. While there were small sections of rebuilding taking place, they were mere droplets amongst the sea of devastation. It was terrifying just what power All for One had used that night.

And yet this building had remained standing.

Toga had little doubt in her mind that it was due to the warden of her prison in Rin Tohsaka. While All for One was terrifying because of the power he wielded, Rin was terrifying because of the power she radiated.

Toga had been one of the millions of people who had watched the footage of Rin and Shirou simultaneously taking down wave after wave of heroes as if it was nothing months prior. She had looked so calm and composed, as if so confident in her abilities that none of the heroes that came at her had so much as a slither of a chance of success. On the rare occurrences where she stepped into the room to either give Toga something to eat or ask her something important, the teenage villain felt little option other than to give the woman what she wanted. Even if Toga felt that she was in perfect physical condition, she didn't know whether she could mentally push herself forward in an attempt to strike any sort of blow. It would be as if she was trying to pierce through a brick wall with little more than a butter knife.

For now, Toga knew that all she could do was look out into the distance and consider just what was going to happen to her. She had no idea of their course of action and doubted that she would be informed of any sort of intel at all. All she could do was wait.

At least the view was better than her prison cell.


Jiro politely nodded as she handed over the necessary cash to pay for her purchases, keeping her face hidden by the cowl that Yaoyorozu had produced for her. It wasn't anything substantial but it didn't have to be for this small trek and anything more may have drawn more attention to her. Given that all she was doing was picking up some staples for the three of them to eat, all she wanted was to get in and get out as quickly as possible without getting caught.

Leaving the convenience store, Jiro kept her head low as she waited for the traffic to slow down so that she could cross. A cursory glance over her shoulder showed that past the generic populace there was someone slinking around the corner of a building, doing a poorer job of keeping incognito than she was.

As the light signaled for her to cross Jiro hoped that the character was just a shady individual but knowing just how many people were looking for her, she didn't have much hope in that. As she walked across the street, another glance showed that the individual in question had vanished from their prior position.

Jiro sped up her pace ever so slightly.


"Can I help?"

The question was innocent enough but Eri had little idea of just how much Shirou wanted to shut her down. For far too long had he shared the battleground that was the kitchen with the other students of 1-A. Their presence went from helpful to barely tolerable dependant on just what he wanted to accomplish with kitchen knives in his hands.

Eri had no way of knowing this however and Shirou knew that the young girl simply wished to help. It wasn't as if he was even crafting anything complicated and he could easily feed the household everything that he planned within a handful of minutes. Eri coming in almost made it more difficult to find something for her to do, if he allowed her to actually do anything to begin with.

Still, given her willingness to help out in his domain, he was willing to give her a simple task. "Could you fill up a pot of water for me?" he asked of her.

Eri beamed in delight as she ran towards the cupboard where she knew the pots were stored and swiftly opening it. After locating the piece she was after, she pulled it out posthaste, bringing with it several other pieces of kitchenware which clanged loudly on the ground. Eri paid them little mind however as she ran off to the kitchen and grabbed a chair, dragging it across the ground to where the sink was located.

Clambering on top of the chair with the pot in hand, Eri reached across the sink to where the faucet was before switching on the tap to the maximum, sending water plummeting into the bottom of the sink. As Eri started filling up the pot, Shirou couldn't help but feel he had made a mistake.

At the same time though, he felt as if he in making this little mistake, Eri herself was making huge strides.


"Come with us peacefully, there's no reason to make a scene," warned Gunhead whilst standing alongside his sidekicks. There were nine professionals in total standing in a circle around their targets while several other sidekicks went about ushering members of the public away from the area. The members of Gunhead's agency hoped that it wouldn't come to a conflict but given the explosive nature of one of the teenagers in front of them they couldn't be sure.

"Yeah, that ain't happening bullets for brains," scoffed Bakugo as he stared down at the professional hero, silently seething that the three of them had been flushed out of hiding. More specifically, the earphone girl had been recognized while sourcing food for the three of them and he and the creative woman had been forced to come to her aid. It was annoying but given the time they had been on the run, it was only a matter of time before somebody stumbled upon them.

"We have to assume reinforcements are on their way," whispered Yaoyorozu. "The longer this drags on the more trouble we'll be in."

"No shit," cussed Bakugo, keeping his eyes locked ahead of the hero in front of him.

"Your friend, Ochaco, called me to ask if I'd heard anything about your whereabouts. I would very much like to see all of you reunited in the coming hours, and I can have it done if you come with me peacefully," assured Gunhead.

"Sorry shithead but we're going to have to reject your kind offer," said Bakugo as he prepared for the upcoming scuffle.

"Civilians have been moved to a safe location," declared Jiro who had been watching the movements of Gunhead's sidekicks. That was all the information Bakugo needed before bursting forward, his eyes only set on the professional hero in front of them. Unsurprisingly, his path was blocked by two of the sidekicks, each of them crossing into his path without a second thought.

Unfortunately for them, thanks to Shirou's extensive training, Bakugo was more than prepared to take on multiple opponents at once. The teenager's eyes were laser focused as the first forearm speared towards him but his gaze kept on the second sidekick. These were men and women who were rigorously trained in routines and set plays, focusing fully on teamwork that could best accomplish their goal.

Whatever training they had gone through however paled into comparison to what happened at the U.A gym after class had finished.

The outstretched limb was slapped aside before Bakugo grasped them by scruff of their costume. With momentum on his side he leaped into the air, dodging the second blow that was threatening to come at his legs. The sidekick he had hold of grabbed at Bakugo's outstretched arm only for Bakugo to release his grip and open his palm up before launching an explosion straight into their chest, hurtling them towards the ground.

As they bounced off the road, their friend swung out with their forearm at the air, sending a volley of jagged spikes at Bakugo's torso. Instead of defending himself from the incoming attack in a traditional blocking method, Bakugo chose to combat offence with offence, a blast shooting from his left palm and incinerating the projectiles while also lightly scorching his opponent.

They reacted naturally, raising their arms in order to shield their face from the heat. It did leave their torso exposed however for Bakugo to violently drive his knee into, his equipment behind him propelling hom forward and ensuring the blow caused as much damage as he could muster. As the sidekick grasped at their stomach in pain, it now left their jaw exposed.

Bakugo considered it merciful that he only used his fist and didn't blast him with something more explosive.

"I'm upset that it has come to this," said Gunhead as he rolled his shoulders, preparing himself to combat Bakugo. "I hope you know what you've gotten yourselves into."

"And I hope you know that I'm just the opening act," declared Bakugo, stepping aside to show that Yaoyorozu and Jiro hadn't been idly standing by. Jiro now held in her hands Yaoyorozu's latest creation, that being a gatling gun with strands of ammo flowing from her forearm. The ammo may have been rubber bullets but the heroes didn't even consider that an option as the weapon began to whir into action.

Gunhead looked at the weapon and was grateful that their face was covered by a mask to hide the expletives that escaped their lips.


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