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Toga's attention peaked as she heard the sound of the door opening. Given that she had already been given her lunch for the day she was not expecting to see or hear from anybody again until the sun had set and she was delivered her dinner. The routine was second nature to her now and the only other time she was permitted out of the room was when she required to go to the bathroom and required an escort.

During the first night she had stayed she had tried to escape the room which felt like her prison. While there was a window they were far too high in the air for her to attempt any sort of daring escape. That really only left the door left which she had found herself trying to grab the doorknob that first evening only to find herself unable to grab hold. It was as if there was something over the standard looking item which prevented her mind from grabbing hold. At first she had considered it possible that the fear from her initial meeting with the building's occupants had held her in place. The second day she had tried again but once more she was unable to grasp the doorknob. Given the sheer number of people, it was possible that one of them had made to device untouchable from this side with the use of their quirk.

It was the only real possibility she could think of.

Hence, excluding her small instances where she was permitted to clean herself and deal with personal matters, these four small walls was where she had spent day after day. And now, someone was entering that area.

It was oddly surprising to see the small child, Eri, be the one walking in first. It was not surprising in the slightest to see the woman whom she considered the matriarch of the building, Rin, following in pursuit. "Hello Toga," beamed Eri cheerfully, giving Toga a polite wave before immediately going about examining the room. Toga couldn't help but allow a playful smile to momentarily cross her face as she watched the young girl go about her thing before immediately letting it drop from her face when she looked at Rin.

"So, should I be worried?" It was a genuine question. Through all of her time here, Rin had never once been the one to provide her with her meal. It had only ever been either Stain, Shirou or, oddly enough, the man who called himself Gentle. Considering she had spent so much time around hardened criminals who had soaked their hands in blood, to hear him call himself a villain provided her with her only real entertainment.

"That will all be determined by how well you behave," declared Rin before gesturing for Toga to take a seat. As much as she wanted to play, given how Rin had treated her the last time she had seen the woman, Toga chose to sit down on the bed as instructed. "Good, now stay there, don't make a sound and it will all be over soon."

Toga clicked her tongue in mild annoyance but knew that there really wasn't anything that she could do about it. The last time she had so much as moved the smallest of margins i a way that Rin hadn't been pleased with, she had crashed into a wall by an invisible blast that very well could have shattered her bones. It was only because that Toga believed that she was needed alive that Rin hadn't actually turned her into paste.

"Alright Eri," said Rin as she gained the attention of the young girl. "As you can see, Toga has an injury that I believe you are going to be able to heal. Do you think you're ready to give it a shot?"

"Yep!" exclaimed Eri with enthusiasm, determined to show off just how much she had improved under Rin's guidance. The young girl basically skipped across the small distance between herself and Toga before smiling up at her. "I'm going to make all your owies go away!" she proclaimed.

Toga just blinked in confusion before giving a small nod, indicating for the young girl to do what she needed to. The villain watched as the girl laid her hands on Toga's leg and began to concentrate. Toga meanwhile could feel Eri's quirk in action, her body reacting to the strength coming from the child. It was difficult to explain the sensation as it traveled through every aspect of her body. It was then that the discomfort came, but in a welcoming way. Awkwardness surrounded the part of her foot which was missing, a phantom niggling existing in a spot where there was no body part.

Or at least where there currently wasn't a body part as the mess that was her foot began to reshape. Toga watched with curiosity as her previously mangled limb once again began to resemble the proper attachment to her leg, complete with her missing toes forming into existence one after the other. "There we go," proclaimed Eri as she removed her hands before looking up at Rin. "Did I do good?"

"Yes Eri," said Rin, giving the young girl a light ruffle on top of the head. "You did very good. Now why don't you go tell the others of what a good job you've done."

Eri definitively nodded her head before running towards the door and opening it, Toga noticing that the child had no difficulty in the simple task whatsoever. "I take it you're not simply doing this out of the goodness of your heart," said Toga as she focused on Rin once more.

"Eri was doing perfectly fine regrowing limbs on small insect and animals but we needed a bigger target. Quite frankly, I used you as a guinea pig and you should be grateful that it worked. Some of Eri's earlier attempts, well, let's just say that they don't exist anymore," stated Rin as she flashed a smile at Toga which sent shivers down her spine. "Now, as far as I can tell your stay with us from here on out is going to be rather limited so enjoy whatever meals you have remaining while you can."

That was all Rin said before she turned to leave, not even looking over her shoulder at the villain as she left. Toga meanwhile was using every fabric of her senses to listen for any sort of lock to indicate that she had been sentenced to once more stay in her room. Upon hearing nothing and allowing a handful of minutes to pass, she stood up and for what seemed like the first time in a long time, felt no pain when putting pressure on her foot. While she was incredibly grateful for the sensation, that wasn't what she cared about right now.

She had seen both Eri and Rin grab the doorhandle. With Rin it just seemed expected at this point, the quirk the woman had just seemed immensely powerful and since she still didn't know what it was or what it was called, it was difficult to find a limit to it. Eri's quirk however she had seen happen before her very eyes. She had then watched as Eri had gone off to talk to the other people in the building.

If Eri could grab the handle, then surely she could as well.

Yet once more, with her fingers outstretched and mere inches away of grasping the doorknob she was unable to cross the small gap. Retracting her hand and rubbing at her fingers, Toga considered the fact that she was still trapped in here for the next few days. What was to happen after that, well she was going to find out shortly whether she wanted to or not.


La Brava didn't particularly mind doing the grocery shop, given her stature she was often the one that was easily overlooked. Part of the joy in doing such a mundane task was trying to decipher just what it was that Shirou would prepare with the simple items that were purchased. It was far too satisfying having such high quality meals on a regular basis that it was almost intoxicating. How she and Gentle would go on without having such meals going forward would be a troubling time.

Going forward.

The thought had crossed her mind on more than one occasion as of late. It was clear that whatever it was that Shirou was planning would be coming to fruition in the foreseeable future. Once that was done however, would they remain as a tight knit family or would they go their separate ways once his main goal was accomplished? She was sure that Rin wouldn't simply kick them out but it was difficult to understand just what the future would hold.

"Excuse me, may I have a moment of your time?"

La Brava paused on her walk and turned to look at the woman standing nearby and immediately froze. The costume they were wearing made it abundantly clear that they were a professional hero, a popular one by the fact that their nearby teammates were signing autographs and posing with civilians. "Can I help you?" asked La Brava, trying to keep calm under pressure.

"I need you to deliver this for me," the hero said as they offered La Brava a letter. La Brava blinked a couple of times before looking at who it was addressed to. Once more she froze and looked up at the hero in fear who swiftly raised a finger over her lips to signal for La Brava to be quiet. "Don't fret, we have no intention of arresting you or your companions and I promise you that we won't tell any other agency of your location."

La Brava let a scowl form on her face as she considered the given option. Well, it wasn't even an option, she had no choice but to believe the offer that was being given to her. "Why would I do this for you?" she asked as her grip on the letter tightened.

"Because, the location of his three missing kittens is in there."


Midoriya drove his fist into the punching bag, the dense item rattling the chains that were holding it in place as the green haired student finished his latest combination of attacks. Deep breaths wracked his system as he calmed himself before taking several steps back to resume his position.

Unlike most times where Midoriya found himself training by himself, this time he was doing so without the benefit of his quirk. Every now and again he had to remind himself that once upon a time he didn't have such a powerful quirk at his disposal. He also had to remind himself that when he didn't have such magnificent strength at his disposal, he had cleared an entire beach of rubbish and debris through nothing but his own strength.

Briefly looking down at his hands, Midoriya recalled every little aspect of his school life that he had been through ever since he had been give One for All. Even with all the strength he had gained through the use of his own two hands, at the end of the day compared to almost everybody he knew, that level of strength accounted to nothing in comparison. The only true strength in this world came from people's quirks and how they could utilize them.

Except there was one difference to that equation.

And he could very well be the most dangerous person out there.

Every training session he had actively taken a part in, Shirou had often showed off his skills without drawing on any of his weapons. His strength and prowess came from how he wielded them and the strength necessary to utilize beyond a level that many could dream of. How many years had he spent honing his body beyond any normal level? How many months of constant running were necessary to move beyond speeds which were naturally feasible?

Midoriya knew that in order for him to be able to bring the most out of his quirk, he would need to make his body strong enough to allow him to access higher percentages of One for All. Given how tense all of the teachers were as of late, chances were that his body may not be able to grow quickly enough for what was needed.

If he could access just a single percent more however, it could prove invaluable down the line. Whether he could get just that little bit more strength by when it was required, time would undoubtedly tell. Whether he liked it or not.


Eraserhead was a professional, he knew as such. He was never one for grandeur or pompous, he was content in accomplishing the task ahead. His record for catching criminals spoke for itself, but he wasn't tracking down the conventional criminal today.

He needed to discipline his students.

What his three students needed was some guidance that only he was capable of giving. While most heroes likely wanted to throw the teeagers into a juvenile facility, Eraserhead fully believed that that would be a waste of their time and their potential. Not like he would ever tell them that.

While they had gone about their path in an unconventional way, he could tell that they were still following their heroic codes. While keeping as far away as they could from those who would bring them to justice, the three runaways had been dealing with a number of villains using their combined set of skills. It was rather admirable but in this world, unless you played by the rules laid out by the government it was hard to get by. Eraserhead knew, he had skated on the line between heroism and vigilante for a long period of time.

It was due to his connections that were unsavory by most standards that he was able to track down his students whereabouts. While many heroes would likely barge in within the moment they got the information, he was not so swift to make a move.

Undoubtedly, the three of them would be expecting some level of confrontation and will have planned accordingly. All three teenagers had the capacity to become some of the best the country had ever seen and they would not be caught unawares. Hence it all depended on how best to approach. Should he try to apprehend them without a proper plan in place it could end up disastrous. Even if he was to remove their access to their quirks, that made them no less formidable, he had seen the extracurricular lessons they had taken underneath Shirou's instruction.

They were no less dangerous quirkless than they were with their abilities. Many villains would panic and falter once they lost the use of what made them unique. Bakugo, Jiro and Yaoyorozu would not lose a step, especially once they realized that it was him and were able to adapt. He would perhaps have a handful of seconds, or perhaps even less.

Now it was just a question of what time would be best to strike. Undoubtedly there would be at least one of them on watch all throughout the night, working through shifts to ensure that they weren't caught unawares. If that was the case, then perhaps the best course of action would be to...

Eraserhead's thoughts were shattered as the soft thud of feet landed atop the rooftop he was perched on. Given how high up they were, there were only a handful of professionals who could easily ascend to such a height without drawing attention. The following moments were crucial however in regards to figuring out whether it was an enemy or a potential ally. From what he could tell, no aggressive move had yet been made but that wasn't to say that they weren't preparing some sort of attack. Alternatively, they hadn't announced their presence to inform him that he was safe and that he had the aid of another hero to help him on his quest.


The professional hero allowed a sigh to escape from his lips, having heard a voice that was far too familiar for his liking. Given that he had managed to grab hold of the whereabouts of the three runaways, it would make sense that he had managed to source the same information.

Standing upright, Eraserhead turned to face his former student, the one who had started this whole mess in the first place. He didn't say his name, there was no point. The only advantage however was that he currently held no weapons. That wasn't to say that he wasn't a threat, but from past experiences if he didn't have anything with him he wouldn't do anything reckless to potentially bring forth someone from his past that could wreck havoc on the city.

He wasn't that stupid.

Which begged the question as to why he was here?

More importantly however was something which Eraserhead had had to focus on. Something was fundamentally different and how it more than likely made the man before him more dangerous than he had been for quite some time.

Shirou Emiya stood there casually, his arms crossed over his chest as he looked at Eraserhead with a calculating expression. Instead of one of the arms which had been made of metal ever since a terrible incident, it had been removed and through some manor of quirk been replaced with an arm made of flesh and bone.

Shirou Emiya was whole again.

Eraserhead chose his next words cautiously. Now was not the time to be getting into any needless violence. "I take it you're not just passing through. Why are you here Shirou?"

Eraserhead braced himself for whatever answer that Shirou was going to give. Several tense seconds passed as it seemed as if Shirou was trying to find the correct words to say. His features softened and for the first time in a long time, Eraserhead felt that he could believe whatever it was that Shirou was about to say.

"I'm here to save our students."

Suffice to say, that hadn't been anything remotely close to what Eraserhead had been contemplating.


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