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I startled throwing my TV remote. The remote hit the wall opposite of me with a thud, and my heart beat a mile a minute. Turning I saw the distinct faintly glowing hunched figure of my old...acquaintance. We weren't friends, heck I don't even know what he is.

Maybe I'm not going crazy after all.

"W-why you do that-t?" Quasi asked sounding confused and angry.

I bristled, clenching my bed sheets tightly. "You scared me, idiot! Do you know how many break-ins there as been lately?!" I hissed out remembering hearing about people breaking-in and stealing Christmas money and presents from people's houses.

Really Quasi had terrible timing.

Still not walking closer Quasi, shifted on his feet nervously. "Oh, I'm s-sorry. I didn't mean to frighten you." There was something in his tone almost sad but I tried to play it off with indifference.

"You are forgiven."

The cartooned played on the screen filling the space between us. Which I was grateful for because I honestly did not know what to say to him. Couldn't tell him I thought I'd gone crazy and imagined him up. I had not seen him in weeks and it was almost time for Christmas. Then I got a thought.

"What do you think you're getting for Christmas?" I asked.

Quasi froze and didn't answer. Catching onto his attitude I quickly switched to something else. "Wanna watch this movie with me?"

Quasi perked up and made his way excitably over to me. He's only ever got to watch two other movies before and that'd somewhat surprised me.

Maybe wherever he's from doesn't have movies or the Christmas holiday.

"W-what is it?" He asked watching the screen intently as the blond boy ran around his house.

"Home Alone 1. It's a Christmas classic," I blushed slightly. "I didn't want to wait till everybody woke up to watch it."

"Is it g-g-good?"

"One of the best bud."

"Let's go see the lights."

Quasi paused before shifting from his position on the floor. He refused to get on the bed with me to watch. I could tell he didn't know what I meant; excitement built up in me and I grinned.

"The community park put up beautiful Christmas lights to show off," I explained. "You have to see them with me before you leave again," I demanded already throwing on extra layers.

"You said you're parents don't like when you leave by yourself." Quasi reminded me confusedly to which I smirked smugly.

"They can't be mad if they don't know. Right?"

Quasi's demeanor spoke loudly about what he thought of my plan. I huffed at his little faith and motioned him to follow me.

We seemed impossibly small in comparison to the Christmas tree in the center of the park. The lights a sharp contrast to the darkness of night. The soft Christmas music in the background was a nice addition to the many lights following the walkways.

I started to tap my foot lightly to 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' as it continued to play on just loud enough to be heard well enough.

Tapping his shoulder to get his attention from the many lit decorations; I began to hop from one foot to the other as the song picked up. He laughed at my playful attempts at imitating dancing with a partner.

Grabbing his hand I urged him to dance with me. I gasped when he tore his hands away from mine sharply and held them close to his body.

We stood in tense silence as the song slowly came to an end. Staring intently at the boy across from me I was stumped. He didn't mind me dragging him all the way here.

Having gotten tired of the silence Quasi explained. "I c-c-c-can't dan-ce…"

I sighed relieved at his answer. He seemed to relax also as I did. I shrugged. "Just follow the music. You don't have to be good." I said wholeheartedly. As an example, I did jazz hands dramatically as 'Jingle Bell Rock' played. I followed it with a show of following the dance from the movie 'Mean Girls'. "We're the only ones who will ever know." I persuaded. "The songs ending, buddy." my tone was teasing.

Promptly I began to act a reindeer prancing around.

Quasi's laughter followed soon after I began my silly dance and he finally joined in with me. After two more songs filled with dancing silliness and playfulness, we stopped breathing heavily. The air smoky white from our hot breath.

Turning away, I looked to the park entrance gates with brightly lit Nutcracker soldiers on either side. I grinned widely, feeling awesome.

"See I told you my plan would work." I turned back.

He was gone again.

This time I knew where I stood. Not quite normal friends but well enough to sneak out to see the lights together. Which was awesome.

"Merry Christmas, Quasimodo."

I jumped ten feet in the air was a police officer turned on their lights and I resolved to kick Quasi for leaving me alone to get in trouble despite his initial reluctance.

Short but hopefully sweet!

Thank you so much for reading and I hoped you enjoyed this Christmas inspired update!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!