Is This The World We Created

Chapter 15

"Stiles…what did you do?" Peter and Derek asked as one, staring at Chris Argent in stunned disbelief. Unable to believe that he was standing there, it was the last thing they had expected.

"What makes you think it was me?" Stiles protested, and that spoke volumes. It was clear that Stiles was just as stunned as the rest of them. Whatever that had happened had not been intentional on Stiles front. "And better yet…I'm really surprised you'd come here."

"Especially knowing what you know is going to happen…" Derek continued Stiles comment.

Chris shook his head, "My best bet is here," he told them seriously, "If I hope to survive this." Being upfront and honest about everything, not that he ever wasn't honest, because werewolves. They could hear when you told a lie after all. "Did…did you all survive?" holding his breath, hope completely exuding from him. It had never sat well with him that the Hale family died, especially because it was his family's fault…so many of them had been children, both Werewolf and human who had never hurt anyone in their lives.

"We got there in time," Stiles nodded solemnly, "But you've got the worst timing ever."

Derek snorted, that was true, he had to admit.

Chris closed his eyes, almost bowled over with relief, he'd been glad to see Peter and Derek alive, sure, but he hadn't known about the rest of the family…he'd been sure they were all safe and well with a Peter that wasn't burnt out and in the hospital. It was however, a relief to have confirmation.

"Daddy?" Allison asked, yanking at her father's trousers, "Why are we here? When will mommy be coming?" used to her unpredictable parents, and the constant moving, and being with her father a lot, since Victoria was the one that mostly left on 'family business' not that Allison minded, she loved her daddy.

Stiles choked, just hearing her talk…so young, carefree and unburdened by the supernatural life. The image of his own body moving, and the price Allison had paid for his possession overwhelming him for a moment.

Derek wrapped his arms around Stiles, almost choking the boy in order to comfort him. He knew what he was going through right now, they didn't need super senses. "It was never your fault." He whispered quietly, too low for the two little humans to hear, but he'd bet Chris knew exactly what he was saying.

"Are you the only one to remember?" Peter asked, eyeing Isaac with fascination, small cherubic face, curly ringlet hair, although the bruise he caught peeking out from the side of his collarbone made him almost feral. Isaac was pack, regardless of his human status of the fact they were now back in time.

Isaac was half hidden behind Chris, shaken and awed. Clearly something had happened and he'd bet Chris had left a decomposing corpse in his wake. This time by someone who had very much deserved it for once.

Chris nodded, quite frankly after his impulsive actions – something he'd sworn he'd do if he ever met him despite him being dead in the other time – he had only just kept his promise. Broken every finger on his left hand and made him sign over custody, then killed him despite promising not to. He liked to think somewhere a grown Isaac he knew got satisfaction out of it. At least it wasn't too quick like the Kanima death. He'd gotten Isaac out of the damn freezer and guided him out of the house, so he didn't see the waste of breath that was his father. He still hadn't asked a damn thing either, and this definitely wasn't their Isaac. "I think so,"

The second he'd came around, he grabbed his daughter and drove, drove all night. Drinking energy drinks and coffee to keep him awake, he used to go with little to no sleep so it wasn't too difficult. His phone was in the house, he'd bought a cheap burn phone, with nobody to call…he didn't have their goddamned number and none was listed for the Hales of Beacon Hills. Then finally, after hours upon hours of driving…he'd passed the house, the smouldering ruins still smoking and his heart had sunk. He'd put his foot to the peddle and made directly for Stiles house.

"Peter? Derek?" Jasper spoke his son and grandsons' names, "Why is an Argent here?" caution and distrust in his voice.

"Do not change, the two little ones know nothing of the supernatural, and we'd like to keep it this way at least for this evening." Peter turned to face his father eyes flashing red, making it an order. He could see his father was close to unleashing his claws, his baser desires in order to protect the pack.

"You knew Derek's dad?" Stiles asked, cocking his head to the side in surprise. Chris had never mentioned having met any of the Hales before, by that he meant any of the ones that had died in the fire.

"He stopped his hot-headed hunter cousin from killing Peter, who had only defended his grandmother." Closing his eyes, but the glow was unmistakable, especially to those who knew about the supernatural. "Cocky little bastard had the nerve to threaten me, an Alpha." A subvocal growl thrumming through his chest.

"Yes, but he can't be trusted, even killed a childhood best friend because he got bitten." Harry joined them, eyeing Chris with a look close to immolation. "What are you doing here?" he bit out, green eyes glowing – not supernaturally – entirely pissed off by his presence. "And for fuck sake, let him in before someone sees the last thing, we need is the hunters coming here before we're ready." Not that it would hurt him, he could deal with any they send, but he'd rather not risk the kids all the same.

"Come in," Stiles said, "The kids are through there," gesturing towards the living room. Chris didn't so much as doubletake over Stiles not referring himself to as a child. They'd all been through too much for the outer shell to mean squat.

Chris glanced around, eyeing the kitchen, Peter, Derek, Stiles, Jasper and then Harry. He wasn't sure that Harry would ever trust him, regardless of what he did. His past actions had seemly contemned him in the eyes of the wizard. He supposed it may be deserved, but it wasn't something he liked to admit about himself. He wanted to atone, needed to atone, wanted to make his daughter proud of him and more importantly wanted his daughter to survive this mass world-wide purge that was about to go down.

"Nobody is going to hurt you, get in," Peter grumbled, shaking his head in irritation. You'd like Chris would trust them after all this time.

"You can't control all of them," Chris whispered, he hadn't come all this way to die at the hands of the very protective and edgy Hale pack.

"Watch me," Peter said, flashing his red eyes for Chris to see who gasped in shock.

"Talia…." Chris breathed, had she died? Had there been causalities after all? Or had they only managed to get Talia? Had she gone down fighting for her pack?

"We'll explain it all in a minute," Derek said, kneeling down beside Isaac and smiling that devastatingly handsome smile that looked more boyish than smouldering that it would grow to be. "Are you hungry Isaac?"

Isaac glanced between Chris and Derek, clearly not sure how to react to the situation he'd found himself in with the pretty boy. Nevertheless, his stomach grumbled hungrily and he shyly nodded his head, that yes, he was very hungry indeed.

"Okay, I'll bring some sandwiches for both you and Allison," Derek said, and Allison gasped in shocked awe that he knew her name. Derek's face split into a grin, "Ham sandwiches okay?" and there was milk too, more than enough for the young ones to enjoy while they…had a very, very difficult conversation.

Chris took them into the living room, met with the faces of the children he knew had died in the original timeline. It made his heart hurt, they were so sweet, loving and kind, to both Isaac and Allison, as if sensing how unsure they actually were. No slip of fangs or eyes, truly just…children being children, arguing over what to watch on the TV.

"You let a hunter into this house?" Talia asked, warning deep in her voice.

"It's my house, I can do as I please," Stiles stated sharply, sensing just how devastating she was being to Derek. Especially knowing what he did, that he'd actually been letting a hunter into his damn house – the den – the place where the pack were vulnerable but together.

Talia twitched, clearly not used to being spoken back to yet. The knowledge that she was just a Beta was grating, it truly was. Having that power ceded to by her younger brother, was the worst. She truly felt that she was better than him, and she should have the power.

"No Malia?" Talia heard Chris ask Peter, and she gasped in shock, how did a hunter know about this? Just how close was this Argent to the rest of the pack? She was beginning to fear for all their lives. What stupidity had her brother brought them into.

"Soon," Peter promised, the second that the meeting was over he was going to go looking for her. Stiles would be able to guide him straight there, since he knew the area where she'd been found best. Then again, they had the case files that would help even more in getting his daughter out of the woods and preferably out of Coyote form to being human again. Or as human as she would ever be. She was supernatural, not human.

Derek went through with the ham sandwiches for everyone, and Stiles went through with glasses of milk, soda and crisps for them all. He knew everything would be eaten; nothing would be left. It was put on the floor, and Stiles took one of everything and gave it to Isaac knowing he'd probably be too worried or scared to help himself just yet.

"Come on, they don't bite…" Stiles said with a grin, causing Chris to snort at the bad attempt at a joke. Closing the living room door so that the children wouldn't overhear what they were discussing.

"I do," Harry said with a vicious grin, causing Peter to choke on his drink, vividly recalling all the bite marks Harry had left on him. He wasn't lying when he said he bit. Everyone knew it too, since they'd all seen the marks Harry had left on him.

"Why do you bite?" Dominic asked, wrinkling his nose up.

Harry blinked down at Dominic, "No reason," he said with an innocent façade. He couldn't very well explain the dynamics of sex to a kid, now could he? That wasn't his job, he wasn't a father…not yet. Teddy though, Teddy was still alive, and this time he wasn't going to let anything happen to him.

It did remind him that he would have to watch what he said.

To think Teddy would be coming into a ready-made pack…he wondered what they'd all think of him. The way he changed…these werewolves weren't used to his kind after all. They were about to be educated at some point regarding it.

"Why do you think you're responsible for what happened?" Sebastian asked, staring at his son in concern, what had he meant? He couldn't keep quiet anymore, he wanted to know what on earth was eating his son up.

"Ah," Chris muttered, finally understanding what they meant about bad timing. Swallowing thickly, he did not want to hear all this again, but he knew he would.

"Beacon Hills had a substitute teacher this year…did you know?" Stiles asked, staring at the Hale family. It was their territory surely, they had to know the going ons of everything that happened.

"Yes, what about it?" Sebastian asked blankly, what did this have to do with his son? His son by the way, who was leaning furthest away from everyone as if he couldn't bear their closeness. He'd just started to get better…why was he pulling away so much now? He was an adult in a child's body, surely, he was over what happened to Paige and realized it wasn't his fault? He had a mate…one of the most special occasions a werewolf could go through.

"Did you check her out?" Stiles asked them with deceptive mildness. Everyone could feel the tension just laying in wait in Stiles.

"She's a substitute teacher, not pack, of course not," Talia sighed, wondering when they were going to get to the matter at hand. All this beating around the bush was beginning to get irritating. Too bad she couldn't just demand answers from them with her alpha powers.

"You didn't have your Emissary do anything about people coming into your territory?" Stiles asked in disbelief, no, of course not, too bloody sure in their own powers that just because they kept their heads down that they were safe from all hunters. "Never mind, you brought in a damn Emissary that didn't like to Emissary and preferred the 'Balance' over duty that he had taken." Scorn deep in his voice, he loathed Deaton with every fibre of his being. Especially after finding out what he had when Harry first spoke to them. That Deaton had stolen the Hale Alpha spark – which meant he was behind or taken advantage of Cora's injury – and given it to Scott.

"Deaton isn't all that bad," Jasper tried to calm the situation down, "He's very busy but always takes the time to help us when we're in need."

"Have you ever met him?" Stiles squawked in disbelief, almost flailing out of sheer habit than need. "Seriously?" gazing at Jasper as if he couldn't see properly. "Was he your Emissary? And are you forgetting he's a Darach!"

"No, he wasn't my Emissary, my daughter took him on when she became an Alpha. Now what is this about? I'm becoming very short-tempered." He warned them, eyes flashing showing his irritation in a way spoken word couldn't. This couldn't be about the Darach Deaton.

"Your grandson does it better," Stiles commented, "Much scarier as well."

Derek smirked, while Peter pursed his lips in amusement.

Jasper growled, but it was a playful one so that neither Peter or Derek got defensive. Jasper knew better than to be truly irate with the Alpha-Mate.

"That substitute teacher, whom I most certainly would have checked out especially if they were near any of my pack," he started possessively, "Was in actual fact, Kate Argent."

That certainly got their attention, disbelief and shock was warring within them all at the news that a hunter had been in their territory without them so much the wiser.

"And after the heartbreak of what happened to Paige, and you lot trying to 'give him time to grieve' someone else was able to muscle in on Derek's life. Make him forget, giving him the attention that he was desperate from you." Stiles snapped.

"That's…what's what she meant," Sebastian rasped out, "When she was telling us about someone betraying the pack…son, you never betrayed us, not ever." He knew that much; he didn't need to know anything else. His son would never willingly hurt a single hair on any of their heads. "NEVER!" he said vehemently, getting up and moving over to his son and taking him in his arms as tightly as possible.

Derek broke down, he might be an adult, but he'd never recovered from the horror that had happened this night. Tears streamed down both their faces, one for being an utter failure and for what his son must have thought all these years. The other it was a cathartic cry, as for the first time he truly felt as if he had heard the words everyone had said to him over the years.

"He began dating his substitute teacher, statutory rape," Stiles insisted, "Got the date for the best time to attack at the family reunion. He had no idea who she was…or what she planned." Making it abundantly clear that he wasn't to blame. Glaring at everyone as if daring them to say otherwise.

"I've got you son, I've got you," Sebastian said tearfully, his boy, his little boy…how could he think he was to blame. "Where is she? I'm going to kill her," he snarled furiously, he was going to torture her until she didn't know who she was or why he was doing it. Then and only then would he end the blight on humanity.

"He's right, it wasn't your fault," Talia choked out, tears running down her own face. Horrified by what she'd allowed to happen to her son. To her entire pack…how could she not have seen this? How could she have not known there was a hunter in her territory…or at the pack house just as they were about to celebrate? "It's mine, it's my fault, i…let you down, I let all of you down."

"Where is she?" Sebastian lurched for Chris, grasping his clothes, claws at his neck. "Where is she?"

Chris froze, wondering if this would be his end, his neck clawed into.

"Enough," Peter ordered, grasping a hold of Sebastian's arm and preventing him from pressing his claws anywhere near Chris' vulnerable throat. "She will pay…they all will. But not like this, we will be leaving for a meeting at MACUSA in a while a decision will be made then."

"What's MACUSA? And I want to be part of that decision, this happened to my son!" Sebastian roared, his claws sheathing, not pissed off enough not to listen to his Alpha. If Peter wasn't acting yet…he knew there had to be a good reason. There was never anyone more vindictive than Peter, nobody more pack orientated.

Everyone glanced at Sebastian, he was normally the quiet one. The one to allow others to take charge, they'd never heard him raise his voice like that before. He'd never really had a chance before; nobody had threatened his children when he was in sight.

"MACUSA stands for the Magical Congress for the United States of America. It's a governing body, that oversees the entirety of the United States and its counties. Think of it as the senate, just the magical sector." Harry explained, "They're responsible for all the wizards, witches and magical creatures…and cleaning up any messes so that the Mundane do not find out about the supernatural world."

"They obviously failed then…if it was revealed," Jasper pointed out the obvious.

"Obviously," Harry said dryly, "It wasn't Wizards and Witches that revealed the supernatural world. It was a goddamned werewolf with a superiority complex."

"Who? Duke wouldn't…" Sebastian muttered, surprised that the revelation came from a werewolf.

"No, not him, although I'll need to go track him down…preferably before he gets into a world of trouble." Harry said shaking his head, "For what he did…he deserves that chance." Especially considering he hadn't actually done anything yet.

Stiles gave him a look that statement deserved.

"Yes, yes, I know, I suck," Harry sighed, brushing his hand through his hair. "Look what Deucalion does isn't anywhere near as bad as what your friend did to the world."

Stiles sobered, "But he hasn't done it yet. Isn't there something that can actually prevent him from becoming any sort of creature if bitten?" he asked, "I mean I can make something…I can do anything right? Do you think the Nemeton will know a way?"

"It's as old as magic itself, if it knows something that's been forgotten in time…then yes, I suppose it might." Harry said grudgingly, conceding the point. "You might want to get answers before we leave for the meeting…its fast approaching you only have an hour or so left."

"If not Duke then who? Is it someone we know?" Jasper asked skewedly. "Considering the cryptic conversation…I'm going to assume not?"

"Probably not, I mean you hardly ever interact with humans, keep your distance all the time like blood thirsty vampires." Stiles said wryly, "Barely six years after the fire…nobody remembered you because you're that distant not integrating yourself into society."

"You did," Derek corrected Stiles, he knew exactly who they were, and didn't take long to piece together exactly what they were either. "Your father did…" he kept the case file despite it being deemed an accident, some part of him must have realized there was more to it. Maybe the locked away memories wouldn't let him let it rest?

"Yeah, we did," Stiles said quietly, despite their own heartache, they remembered vividly what had happened to the Hales. "My best friend Scott was bitten…in a few years' time and it doesn't go well…"

"The bite doesn't take?" Jasper asked in sympathy, nobody liked to see what happened to the people that the bite doesn't take from. It was a gruesome horrifying death to watch. His own grandchild had watched his first young love succumb that way.

"Oh, it took…and within twenty-four hours Stiles had figured out exactly what he had been turned into." Derek said proudly, he always would be proud of Stiles memory.

"Yeah, look at all the good it did, Scott worked with hunters, and as a result of that…humans found out." Stiles grimaced.

"Not me," Chris said defensively when they all turned to stare at him as if he was the one responsible. "I tried to get him to stop, he had listened to me in the past. Unfortunately, I got here too late…and regardless of how much people tried to put the genie back in the bottle…it was met with failure on all ends."

"I know you said you don't want us knowing everything…Mr. Stilinski, but I do believe she should at least be told most of it." Jasper said calmly and rationally. "Being in the dark might cause a cataclysmic affect." He'd hate to accidentally bring about the end of the world again. Who was this Scott? What were they going to do to stop him? And were they really going to kill a boy who had as of yet done nothing?

Stiles glanced at Harry, Harry glanced at Peter then Derek, stating that it was entirely up to them. It was their family at the end of the day, and MACUSA would want to know the information he was going to bring. "MACUSA will demand to know every single little detail." He informed them grudgingly, so if others did come…well, they'd get the full scope of it themselves.

"Then Sebastian and I should go," Talia declared, "It is our son they've wronged." Her moves not entirely altruistic but her son did come first…information would just be…the icing on the cake really.

Harry chuckled, seeing right through her, oh he knew she loved her son, but she wasn't above using it to gain information for herself. She wanted the Alpha powers back, and thought she'd get them. Silly woman, even now she was underestimating the power of the Nemeton. "I'm not Apparating everyone to MACUSA," he informed her coolly, "I already have three people to carry as is, one more maybe two at a push if you must."

"Do you think I need to be close to the Nemeton to talk or can I ask here?" Stiles muttered out loud to himself, so used to it that he didn't think anything of it.

"Her, the Nemeton has a female feel to her," Harry told him, "Closer you are the greater the connection, of course, where the Hales mansion was is also a big concentration of her powers due to their connection with her. It's only for now due to the newness, in time you'll be able to feel her always…of course, she could call out to you any given time. She's stronger than you are right now, for now."

Stiles nodded, "I'll go there then,"

"How? You can't drive," from the mouth of the babes.

Stiles pouted he'd actually forgotten about that; he'd have to wait years before he could get his licence.

"I'll go with you, I'm not risking you," Derek declared, there wasn't just Argents out there after all, but Calavera's too.

"Neither of you are risking it, let alone for Scott McCall," Peter growled out, he wasn't losing them, not after all they'd been through, screw that.

"Alright, Peter, I'll…just try and connect from the back garden…it runs through the leylines." Stiles reassured Peter, understanding his caution.

Everyone except Derek, Peter, Chris and Harry were surprised that he'd know such a thing like where the leylines were. They shouldn't have been, after all, Stiles was connected to the Nemeton, and had felt her and everything she was connected to even if only for a few moments.

Peter relaxed, and gave a nod, so very thankful that Stiles understood why he didn't want them out of his sight. He hadn't really been out of sight – or sense – in seven years together as they banded to keep one step ahead of the hunters just to survive one more day.

They'd not been willing to lay down and die just yet, no matter how bad it got…they knew it could – and would – only get worse.

Now, now they had a second chance, to make things right.

"Will MACUSA be accepting of werewolves?" Jasper asked cautiously, watching Stiles slid out of the room, and as always, Derek followed, ever in his mates' orbit, unable to contemplate not being.

"Your kind? Yes," Harry said with a wry twist of his mouth, the prejudice against the other kind still ran deep indeed.

"There's only one kind of werewolf," Talia pointed out genuinely baffled by his words.

"How far did you get into the book?" Harry asked Peter, wondering if he'd read that part and what he thought if he had.

"I read it," Peter admitted, "I…had a tough time believing it though." He'd never heard of such a werewolf, well, he had, but it was in movies and books. "I don't think I will until I see it for myself." It sounded so excruciatingly painful the way they described it. Yet they could change shape but it didn't hurt them the way it said in the book.

"Hard to believe isn't it? That changing shape can sound so painful when you've watched others go through changing their species?" Harry said with a knowing look, seeing it from Peter's perspective. "I had the same problem myself but reversed. Seeing them transform at the drop of a hat without a single bit of pain…I was envious of it really…"

"Wait, are you a werewolf? I can only smell magic…" Jasper asked startled.

"No, I'm not a werewolf, but I think our kind do smell of magic at least those who are werewolves that are magical. None of my kind of werewolves survived, I was not able to save a single one of them, at least none that ended up in my sanctuary." Harry admitted, "There may have been others in the other sanctuaries that were built up over time." He couldn't believe he was revealing that with a damn Hunter in the room…but it did take guts coming here knowing what was going to come…either that or really, really smart.

Damn it, he didn't want to respect Chris Argent, he was a bloody Hunter.

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