Meanwhile Back With April and Andy~

April and Andy decided to watch Owen as he continued to work with the raptors. They were wowing and being amazed with every move he made. The more tricks he showed the raptors,the more the raptors listened. Every single trick that Owen did kept everyone fascinated. Eventually, Owen stopped himself and walked off

"Woah,woah,woah.. dude.. where you going?",asked Andy.

Andy tried to catch up to him , Owen turned around and face him by the sound of hearing his voice

"It's feeding time.",answered Owen.

"Feeding time?",asked Andy

"Yeah they are all tired out it's time to feed them.",said Owen.

He headed to a doorway leaving April and Andy to both look at each other for a little while before they looked back at Owen.

"Can we join?",asked Andy curiously,

Owen was silent for a little while as he continued to look at both Andy and April.

Then, he said,

"You know what, you guys, come with me, I'll teach you how to feed the raptors."

As he walked off, Andy was surprised that someone would offer for them to go with him.

"Uh sure.",said Andy as he and April started walking up to follow them.