Grojband Fanficition 2#

Week of the missing mascot

Both Grojband and Newman arrived at the performances art dome of Weil town with other bands.

Corey: Here we are at the Weil town Addotoium, for the Regional band battles. Grojbaand is so gonna, crush the competeion and win the hounor of representing our region.

Laney: For what?

Corey: Who knows.

Laney: Do you think it irresponsible to... never mind.

After arrived the other four band Scralet rush, a four person band with a girl leader named Share. Iron fox and all boy five person heavy metal band lead by Aronld. Weeb tribute, an Anime love six person dance and song group lead by youtuber sakuralover4453 or Lilth. And finally red cross, A popular for hire band with a leader named Carlos.

Kon: Wow those guys look serious, seriously cool, espeacially those guys with the makeup.

Aronld: Thanks man, we hope you have a good time.

He and his band walk to the authotourium,

Laney: He really is cool.

Arriving where the Newmen's who were less then hiped for the challenge.

Carie: ( sign) What does it matter? I feel like a drop broken in a sea of "been there done that."

Larry: What?

Carie: I mean, even if we are in a other city, we can only stay next to the authorium at all times. I'm bored of competeions and making music. I want to do something different, Like trick out my bike, or solve a mystery.

Kim: Carie first of all me too, second yeah I know competeting to win or lose is repeative and I want to foucs on my science but the more gigs we get the more money we earn for yourselves and charity, ok?

Carie: Alright.

Larry: At least the place is clean and safe. It is clean right?

They arrive just in time for Alexter to annouce the how the competeion will work. The light at the stage were dim and mist started to roam.

Carie: Great, this enterance.

Alexter started to arrived out of the stage.

Corey: I like this guy. ( whispered).

Carie: Of cousre you do. ( while kicking his chair)

Alexter steps a side to showcase a turle, then music strode lights red, white and green flashing, he dose filps and jump and ends it with a fire trick. He then claps his hands.

Alexter: And, that is your first challange.

Other: What?

Whlie they mumble four other members came out.

Alexter: At the state regionall changlle for the regional underground ruby game, we take who representing us very seriously form our waterboy, to the unifroms.

Laney: Core, what ruby? ( whispered)

Corey: Don't know.

Alexter: Your first challenge will be about creativty, the ones who can write the best song about our mascot Arlo berfore this weekend, will move on. One of you will leave, for now enjoy your stay.

They all walk out stud and confused, after everyone left.

Larry: So, how are we going to wirte a song about a turtle?

Carie: Done, I worte a poem about a turtlre but a few re writes and this will be good enough. ( Yawn) lets just get some thing to eat.

Konnie: now that's a good idea.