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X-Men: The Imperfect Angel Saga – Part Two: Second Chances

Chapter Seven: In Moments, Mere Moments...

Erik's POV

I stood still for a moment as I watched Caroline run out of the room, before shaking my head and running after her. Yet at first she was nowhere in the mansion. Did she perhaps accidentally teleport herself away? Was she hiding somewhere in the unknown depths of the mansion? How did she get away from me so fast? Yet as I approached the front door of the mansion, I found myself wrapping my arms around my torso. The air around me becoming bitingly cold – as every breath I took showed up like wisps of mist in the night. But why was it so cold all of a sudden? I looked outside to see the front of the mansion completely covered in ice – all except for a perfect circle only about one inch thick around the fountain. There I could see the prone form of Caroline draped over the side of the fountain. But why were the fountain and the area surrounding Caroline completely unaffected by her powers? Was she perhaps immune to her powers, and so any area nearby would be unaffected too? But if I decided to go near her to get her inside, I could get frozen too. So who could help me get her inside? Could Storm help? Or was there a mutant with ice powers perhaps? At that moment I saw the Professor approaching me.

"Professor – do you know of a mutant who possesses ice powers? We need to retrieve Caroline from outside, without becoming frozen ourselves."

"Bobby or Iceman possesses such powers. I will retrieve him now." And with that I watched as he telepathically communicated his message to Iceman. A moment later I saw Bobby coming towards us, with another mutant following close behind.

"Thank you Iceman for coming so promptly. But Rogue I didn't summon you." The Professor said stoically.

"I thought I could help." Rogue said quietly.

"I don't think it would be a good idea you using your powers near Caroline, just in case she witnesses you using them and thus causes a meltdown."

"But I could absorb the excess powers, so she is less likely to use them."

"I guess that is a good idea." The Professor said slowly.

"For now we will send Bobby out, and if it looks like he needs help then you can go out and do so." The Professor continued. I watched as Rogue nodded sadly in response, before Bobby went out towards the still prone Caroline. Yet I found myself on edge when he lifted her up effortlessly, and I could see the fact Rogue was on edge too. But why were we on edge about Bobby touching another girl? He was only doing it to help me, and so I shouldn't be jealous or anything right? Soon enough he was inside, and I watched as the ice disappeared from the garden and the fountain.

"Caroline are you ok? It's me Erik." I said gently, brushing the hair that landed across her face - yet she did not respond to my plea. With that I took her from Bobby's arms before carrying her to her room. After laying her down I sighed sadly, as I felt responsible for her being in her current predicament. Why did everything I touch end up getting hurt? Maybe I was destined to be forever alone: watching Caroline's life play out at a distance – all the while tutoring her from afar. To be honest I would rather not tutor her at all – but if I were to suddenly stop it would break her heart, and also possibly have dire consequences for everyone. Also the Professor would wonder why I stopped tutoring her, and I wouldn't be able to explain to him the reasoning behind my decision. With a shake of my head and a reluctant sigh I left the room, before she sensed my presence and woke up from her slumber. After all she needed the rest; especially since she has been having restless sleep lately - and although she always tries hiding it from me, I can tell what she is trying to do. After leaving her room, I heard the faint strains of music forming in my mind. With that I went to my room, before picking up my violin, tuning it quickly and beginning to play. At first the music had no particular rhythm to it – it consisted more of a series of random scales than being an actual tune. Suddenly I played something that sounded like a tune – something I needed to write down before I forgot the lyrics or notes. After grabbing some manuscript paper, I quickly wrote down the notes – every so often I would hum along to see how they sounded together. After signing the manuscript with the title and my signature, I smiled at the masterpiece I created. Yet I found myself so engrossed in the world of music I created, I didn't notice anyone come into the room, until I heard a voice ask curiously.

"What have you written there Erik?" I turned to see Caroline looking up at me with a sparkle in her eyes.

"I've written a new song." I replied jovially, as she went to look closely at the music. Suddenly a look of recognition became prevalent in her features, followed by tears collecting in the corners of her eyes.

"You're crying." I cooed, as I wiped the tears off her cheek with my index finger.

"I'm sorry I can't..." She said tearfully, before suddenly running out of the room. But what was it she felt she couldn't reveal about herself? Was it something about her family? Or was it something about her past before she met me? It appeared she recognised the song - but how did she recognise it? And why did it incite such a reaction in her? After placing the violin down gently, I went in search of Caroline – in the hopes she isn't too distraught at the latest piece I wrote. Yet at first I neither saw nor heard any signs of her presence. Suddenly a melody hit my ears which seemed unfamiliar at first, yet as it progressed it seemed more and more familiar. But how did she manage to learn a song I composed that day so quickly? I know she is familiar with the tune, but to learn how to play it correctly on the first try is another matter entirely. Yet when the song finished I heard sobbing coming from inside – but could I bring myself to comfort her? I was unable to make a decision as the sobbing came to an abrupt halt, and the door burst open.

"Were you spying on me?" Caroline asked emotionlessly.

"I am only ever concerned for your well being – you ran off so suddenly I was worried for your safety." I replied sincerely.

"Well as you can see I am fine. Now if you excuse me I need to be alone." And with that she took a step back before slamming the door angrily. For a while I stared at the closed door – perturbed at what had just occurred. Had I destroyed the beginnings of the relationship we formed over the past few weeks? Suddenly I closed my eyes when I heard the Professor's voice inside my mind.

"Erik please comes to my office immediately, I need your help with something urgent." And so I ran in the direction of his office, in the hopes Caroline would be calm by the time I finished with the task assigned to me. I reached his office and after knocking on the door, I entered quickly to see Wolverine standing in the room.

"You called for me Professor." I said stoically.

"I need you to look after the children with Wolverine tonight. I am going with Cyclops to visit an old friend."

"Who are you visiting?" I asked curiously.

"Magneto – let's just say we have a complicated relationship – but we've always had a difference of opinion. He was imprisoned after trying to turn the world into mutants." But why visit someone you have such a complicated relationship with? With a nod I agreed to help, before going in search of Caroline, in the hopes she will allow me entry into her room. Yet although her door was open, she was nowhere in sight. So where did she go? I then heard the faint strains of music once again, yet it was coming from another part of the mansion. I followed the sounds of the violin and soon ended up at the library. I then heard singing – but how did she know the lyrics to the song I written today? Was it a song to do with her childhood perhaps? Did her parents sing it to her as a child to help her sleep? Yet without realising I found myself humming along to it under my breath. Yet the music came to a sudden halt, and I listened and waited for her to come bursting out of the door. Yet she never came out, but instead there was a deathly silence that set me on edge. I knocked gently on the door and called out.

"'s me everything alright in there?" Yet when I didn't hear a reply from her I opened the door to see her sprawled on the floor, luckily her violin appeared unharmed and undamaged by the fall. After putting her violin away, I placed her on a nearby couch, before giving her hair a gentle stroke. I stepped back suddenly in alarm when she started to stir.

"What happened?" She rasped.

"You collapsed I think – I came into the room to see you sprawled out on the floor. No need to panic though your violin is completely undamaged. Do you remember what happened before you lost consciousness?"

"To be honest I don't remember much. Although one thing that stuck out to me was a feeling of danger – it was only fleeting, but it was like I sensed something wasn't right. However I am not sure why I am feeling this way."

"Maybe you have just over-exerted yourself – but you should rest after such an emotional episode. I'll be nearby if you need me." I said gently, before Caroline lay back on the couch and closed her eyes. In mere moments her chest was rising and falling rhythmically – a look of serenity painted across her delicate features.

It was later in the evening and some of the students were in bed, and some were still up - and I was in the kitchen talking with Wolverine and Bobby - who were both drinking a beer. Yet suddenly Wolverine told us to stop talking, as he craned his head to listen intently for a moment.

"What's wrong?" I whispered. But instead of replying Wolverine gestured for us to follow him. Suddenly I heard an ear-piercing scream that stopped us in our tracks, followed by complete silence.

"Caroline!" I breathed panicked, before running in the direction of the library.

"Erik! Come back! It could be dangerous!" Bobby called out; before I felt a hand firmly grip my wrist.

"Let me go! Caroline could be in danger – I couldn't live with myself if she is harmed or kidnapped!" I seethed, before harshly pulling my wrist from their grasp. Without waiting for a reply I soon reached the library, to see Caroline up and alert on the couch.

"Quick Caroline grab onto my hand! I have no time to explain but something is wrong." And with that Caroline took my hand before I poked my head around the door to make sure the coast was clear. We then made a break towards the kitchen, whereupon we bumped into Rogue, Iceman and Pyro.

"Where's Wolverine?" Rogue asked quickly.

"I'm not sure, last time I saw him he was in the kitchen." Yet suddenly I saw Caroline looking intently down the corridor.

"What's wrong?" I asked her curiously.

"I can hear Wolverine; he is talking to someone from his past – although it appears he cannot remember who this person is." She replied quietly. Suddenly, I felt the air around me grow cold, and that was when I noticed the ice almost growing along the wall next to a secret passage now revealed to us. In moments, mere moments we saw Wolverine coming towards us.

"Quickly! We need to get out of here!" He said quickly, before we all left through the passage. Soon darkness descended as the door slid closed behind us. I heard a small whimper as Caroline's fear of the dark set in. I guess even though she has probably observed and absorbed some of Wolverine's abilities – a childhood fear simply doesn't disappear overnight. Yet where were we going to go? And will we ever find out who Wolverine encountered, and what happened between them...?