This is probably the most random thing you will ever read but I couldn't help myself. The thought of it makes me go aww. It is an AU of Episode 14 Ouroboros so Michael never possessed Rowena he uses Dean instead.

Sorry Dean.

Dean is in trouble. Michael has broken out and took control again.

The infuriated archangel went on a rampage killing every Apocalypse World hunter in the bunker. Sam gasps as Maggie dies in front him. Her body drops to the ground revealing two empty, hollow sockets where her eyes used to be.

Michael walks in dressed in that suit that Sam has grown to hate. Michael admires his choice of clothing. He couldn't wait to get out of that refrigerator and change his vessel's clothes.

"Hello boys." He smirked. The expression so foreign on Dean's face. He looks at Rowena. "And girl."

Rowena gulps at the sight of the man who was once an enemy but now an ally. She weirdly has grown to like the Winchesters and the thought of Dean locked away in his own body did worry her. Lucifer was bad enough and his brother seems to be his evil twin. After her encounter with Lucifer, Rowena couldn't help but feel afraid of Michael.

Jack takes a step forward. His hands curl into fists.

"We're gonna stop you!" He yells.

"Really." Michael says looking amused.

He then flicks his wrist. Jack gets thrown across the room and hits the wall.

"Jack!" Cas cries out.

Cas turns and glares at the archangel. He gets out his angel blade. Michael rolls his eyes and waves his hand. Cas drops down to the ground and blood comes out of his mouth.

"If only Dean had used that coffin when he had the chance." Michael says.

Sam glares at the archangel who wore his brother's face.

"I'm gonna get my brother back."

Michael laughs and raises his hand. Sam drops to the ground. He clutches his stomach feeling as though lots of daggers are stabbing his insides.

The archangel stops by Sam's body. He leans down and grins at the suffering hunter.

"You had your fun." He steps on Sam's hand crushing it under his boot. Sam cries out in pain. He looks at Jack's unconscious form and Cas's mouth that poured of blood. "I say no more games." Michael continued. "This has gone on long enough. This time, you will all die. This time, the world burns."

He punches Sam across the jaw. He swings his fists several times hitting the hunter hard. Sam grits his teeth not wanting to give the archangel the satisfaction.

"I did say Sam the last thing you will see is this pretty face." Michael grinned.

He kicks Sam's weakened form. Sam groans and rolls on to his back. Michael leans down and grabs Sam by his jackets.

"Say goodbye to your brother Dean." Michael's smile goes twisted. It was creepy on Dean's face. "I gave Dean the front row seats to watch this."

"D...Dean. Fight back!" Sam spat out.

Michael laughs and raises his fist.

Rowena comes out of her shock and looks Sam with a wide eye expression. She had to do something. She preferred Sam to be alive because he is the one who is supposed to kill her. That sort of comforted Rowena. She felt she was in a safe zone. The next person to end her could be worse.

She had to do something.

The witch started chanting the first spell that came to her mind. She didn't think what was the spell was she just did it.

Michael's fist froze in mid air. He couldn't move a muscle.

"What?" His eyes shift over to Rowena. "You." He growled his eyes glowing aqua blue.

Rowena continued despite the archangel giving her a threatening look. Suddenly the archangel shines white and vanishes.

Sam and Cas both gasp.

Jack opens his eyes and groans.

"What happened?" He asks.

Sam stands up nearly stumbling in the process.

"Rowena. What did you do?" Sam asks worrying rising in his voice.

"Um..." Rowena's eyes look down. "There's your answer."

Sam looks and finds the archangel's clothes on the ground.

The clothes are there but where the hell is his brother?


"I panicked Samuel!"

A soft groan comes from under the clothes. A head pops out. Sam goes back in surprise.

"That's a child." Jack says.

Big, round, apple green eyes go on to Sam. Sam's eyes widen. The eyes, the freckles. It's Dean.

"Rowena!" Sam gasped with realization.

"I told you Samuel I panicked." Rowena winced.

"The kid rubs his eyes.

"Sam." He spoke.

The kid frowns by his change of voice. It was higher, childlike. Sam had to guess he was five.

"Dean?" Hope fills Sam chest hoping this is his brother.

"No." Cas stands up and looks at the child's form. The child glows and his wings are smaller not so magnificent. "Michael."

The kid responds to that name. He eyes the angel up and down and frowns.

"Castiel? You are bigger. How?" Michael is sure he is standing. He looks down and notices how close to the floor he was.


"If you say Rowena one more time I swear I'll take your voice box away." The witch snapped at Sam.

Michael looks at the red headed witch who also towered over him.

"You. You did something to me. What did you do?"

Rowena laughs nervously.

"It wasn't the spell I originally had in mind. It just came out."

"She turned you into a child." Jack says.

Michael looks at his hands. His small hands, his small feet. The archangel gasped as he touches his face.

Michael runs his fingers along his short strands.

"You turned my vessel into an infant." Michael's eyes glow. "That will not stop me." He smirked.

He goes to blast but only blue sparkles come out of his hand that falls on the ground and vanishes. Michael's eyes return to normal. His face screws up in confusion. The archangel snaps his fingers but nothing happened.

"What is going on?" Michael questioned his eyes going wide with horror.

He flaps his wings and vanishes. Seconds later Michael appears and falls on the table. The archangel stands up and clings to the shirt that swamped him.


Sam didn't give a damm about Michael. He wanted to know what is going on with Dean.

"I want my brother!"

Michael glares at Sam.

"You can have him."

His head goes back ready to leave. But nothing happened. Michael eyes glow and raises his hands. Again nothing happening.

"Get out!" Sam ordered.

"I don't think he can." Cas says.

Now Michael looked terrified.

"I want to leave." He jumps up and down on the table. "I WANT TO LEAVE!"

"You can't." Rowena says.

They all look at the witch who had her book open.

"This is a de-aging spell. You have turned into an infant. This spell has never been done on someone who is possessed. The spell has come with side effects."

Cas looks at Michael's little wings.

"It has not only affected Dean but also Michael."

Rowena nods.


"Michael got stronger as the years went on." Cas explained. "The de-aging spell has reversed Michael's power. He is not strong enough to leave Dean. He is not strong enough to do anything."

Michael stares daggers at the witch.

"You better turn me back or I will make the little Winchester suffer."

Rowena sighs.

"This spell. It goes by itself."

"How long?" Sam asks.

The witch shrugs.

"Depends like I said this has never been done before. It could be a week, few weeks."

"What!" They all say at the same time.

"I recommend giving Michael a childhood. That might speed it up."

"Michael never had a childhood." Cas says remembering his Michael had to grow up fast having to take over father's role and support the other angels because God was never there. Cas assumed this Michael went through the same thing.

"This is ridiculous. I am the archangel Michael. I do not deserve to be degraded to this."

Rowena couldn't help but smile. He looked adorable when he was angry. Who would have thought the most scariest being in existence can be so cute. The emerald eyes brighter than ever, the little freckles scattered across his cheeks, his little feathery wings tucked behind his back.

But Sam didn't look keen on the idea.

"What about Dean?"

"Follow my instructions. Wait for the curse to go then we can get your brother back." Rowena answered. She looks at Michael and grins. "Who is a wee cutie pie?"

Michael froze. His eyes look at the others who towered over him.

It was fair to say Michael's life is going to be Hell.

He wished he stayed in the refrigerator now.

I was going to leave this as a one shot. If I get good feedback, I'll consider turning this into a full length story. :)