Four Months later


The angel Duma enters the room. Her expression is neutral but her eyes hinted curiosity.

"Yes sir?"

Michael rises from the throne.

"I'm leaving Heaven." Her eyes widen at that. "Only temporary." He assured her. "Besides Heaven is not going to collapse. I took care of it remember."

As soon as Michael got his new vessel he said his goodbyes and returned to Heaven. Michael wanted to stay but he swore to himself he was going to fix Heaven.

He and the nephilim Jack formed an alliance and worked together to restore Heaven. Jack healed the angels wings including Castiel's and fixed the damage the Empty caused when it invaded Heaven.

Michael allowed Anael to stay on Earth to continue her job on healing the humans. Michael wanted his sister to be happy and if Earth makes her happy she can stay. However if she ever wanted to return to Heaven the door is always open for her. Michael promised her views, ideas and opinions will not be ignored and all angels will be treated as equals from now on. He did apologize on how he treated her and hoped they can start over. She was wary at first but after he told her his story about his family and the love they gave him she relaxed and was relieved that he finally understood her

Heaven will never be how it was years ago. It will never be as strong as it used to be. However thanks to Michael and Jack's powers Heaven will still be standing. That's all that mattered.

"I'm leaving you in charge." Michael places his hand on her shoulder. "I'm hoping I can count on you?"

"You can." Duma replied with a nod.

"Good. Tell the others to not worry. I will return just give me a few days."

"Your services on Earth are needed. I understand and I will inform the others to continue their duties until you return."




Duma smiles.

"Thank you for saving our home. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you."

" No need to thank me sister. I'm just doing my job. " Duma frowns. Michael raises his eyebrow. "Something wrong?"

"It's nothing sir."

"Do tell. I will not be mad."

Duma looks at the walls feeling relieved that the constant flickering has stopped.

"Our Michael put his whole life into Heaven. He led us through wars, the Apocalypse and taught us about God's creations."

"I know. I been through it to."

" Uh yes but I was thinking how he would react to seeing his home close to collapsing. Heaven fell apart after he fell in the cage. It got so bad, so many lives died. Then Metatron did that spell which expelled us from Heaven and we were forced to live on Earth..."

"I am aware. I saw it all when I possessed Dean."

"There is another thing, a lot of us find it weird when you refer us as your family. I'm your sister but not your sister at the same time." She laughed nervously. "We don't want to betray our brother."

"I do not want to replace him." He answered softly. "This is his home. Although I'm in charge I do not want to be him." He smiles. "I'm just an archangel from another world."

"We know you are not him. The differences are clear. My Michael wouldn't let us speak as freely as this. All he cared about was war. You sir you want peace and the angels haven't been in peace for a long time. It's nice to finally feel safe."

She taps the walls to prove her point.

"You ask what his reaction would be? I think the time in the cage has changed him however Heaven is his home I'm sure like me he would do anything to protect it. Protecting his family and God's creations was his goal."

"You went through the same thing."

"I was lost. I went on the wrong path. I saw family as a weakness. I made mistakes. These past few months I started to find myself again, find my purpose." He smiles. "I see you as family but if you do not want me to refer you as sister I understand."

"It's fine." She smiled. "Enjoy your"

Michael grins. He grabs the angel by surprise and pulls her in for a hug. Duma stiffened in his arms. She forgot to mention there is another difference between her Michael and this one.

This Michael loves hugs.

"Aww now I want to hug you all." Michael looks over her shoulder. "I could summon them up." He looks at Duma. She looked terrified by the idea. He laughs. "I'm joking." He pulls away. "See you soon Duma."

The archangel leaves Heaven. He arrives on the street and decides to take a stroll. He wasn't late and he wanted to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of his father's work. Several women walk by and flutter their eyelashes at him. Michael politely smiles at them. That smile seemed to attract the ladies even more. Michael is sure a few are stalking him. The archangel ignored them and continued his journey. It wasn't his fault his vessel is extremely good-looking and was a womanizer before the accident.

As Michael reaches the house, he stops and checks himself over. Once he was certain he looked smart the archangel rings the doorbell and waits.

The door opens.

Patrick stood at the door. His face lit up.



Michael wraps his arms around the witch and hugs him.

"We missed you." Patrick trails his fingers along Michael's blonde locks. "It's been like...few months now since we last saw you. It's been quiet." He smirked.

"I wasn't that bad." Michael frowned.

"I know. You are an angel."

"I know I'm an angel."

Patrick snorted and pulls away.

"It's a saying."

"A human expression?"

"Yes." Patrick nodded.

Michael straightened up.

"So what was the event you mentioned?"

"Come in and you will find out." The witch grinned.

Patrick let's the archangel in and he closes the door. He leads Michael into the garden. Michael paused at the doorway. His eyes widen in shock.

Dean is flipping the burgers on the barbecue, Sam is preparing the salad, Mary is helping herself to the fruit punch and Castiel and Jack are admiring the plants.

Michael felt awkward. He didn't want to intrude. He didn't want to ruin their happiness. He was about to leave when suddenly a squeal broke out.

"You made it!"

Michael caught a glimpse of red hair moving through the crowd. Rowena comes out and throws her arms around the archangel.

"My wee one has returned." She beamed.

Michael felt tears forming as he looks at her smiling face. It warmed his heart to see that his parents are happy to see him.


Michael hugs her and kisses the top of her head. Michael missed the hugs from his parents. When he tries to hug the angels they end up running off.

"Ah you haven't changed one bit you are still a big softie." She teased.

Michael's smile drops when Dean approaches him.

"Hey." Dean smiled.

"Hi." Michael replied shyly.

Dean looks over at his family. He looks back at Michael's nervous expression.

"It's okay. They have got over it. They don't hate you if that's what you are wondering."

Michael relaxed at that. Dean holds out a beer.

" Thank you." Michael smiled.

Michael takes the bottle and opens it. He sips it.

"How's the vessel?" Dean asks.

Michael nods.

"It's good. It's held me."

"You are not in pain?"


"Good. That's good to hear."

Michael became tense again as Sam made his way over to them.

"Hey Michael. Didn't think you would come."

"Heaven is stable I had time. "

Michael looks over and sees Mary giving him a small smile. He smiles back. Jack greets Michael in his usual cheerful manner while Cas claps him on the back.

"Good to see you brother." Cas says.

Michael nods and smiles.

"Jack told us all about your building project in Heaven." Sam says.

"Yes." Michael replied. "Jack has suggested such wonderful ideas. It's all currently in development. You and Dean will see it when your time comes. I already made sure that each and every one of you when your time does come instead of having your own ideal Heaven I and Jack have decided that you will join John and share your ideal Heaven with him. Once you all go Heaven the Winchesters will be together. You will never be alone."

"You?" Sam swallowed. "You will really do that?"

"Yes I would." Michael spreads his arms out. "No one is going to Hell on my watch. You all deserve peace. If you do go to Hell I'm sure Castiel can do his bit now that his wings are working again."

Michael winks at his brother. Castiel frowns.

"Do not even think about impersonating me again brother."

"You just don't want to admit that it was a good impression." Michael smirked.

Cas raises his eyebrow. His eyes go wide and a smirk forms on his lips.

"It's a party!"

Michael's mouth drops open while Cas's smirk grew.

"Did you just..." Michael shuts his mouth and raises his eyebrow.

"Yes I did." Cas nodded. "You are not the only one who can do impressions brother."

"I do not sound like that!"

"Uh yeah you do." Dean says. "Well old you anyway."

Michael scoffs and waves them off.

"Still not as good as mine. My impression is the best."

Cas rolls his eyes.

"If you say so brother."

"Michael." Sam interrupts getting the archangel's attention. "About Heaven, umm well umm thanks. I really uh appreciate that."

"No problem. Uh Sam I was wondering if we could start over?"

Sam nods.


Sam sticks his hand out. Michael reaches out and shakes the hunter's hand. Dean looks at his brother and the archangel. The older Winchester is happy and relieved that they are starting over and putting the past behind them.

"Want to help me serve the food?" Dean asks. "Both of you. We can do it together."

Michael looks at the younger Winchester like he was seeking the hunter's permission.

"Sure." Sam answered.

Sam has noticed since the curse Dean has wanted more family time. Dean wasn't in his room so much. He stopped shutting himself out from his family. Sam liked the changes it made his brother more open and honest. Sure there was still times Dean tries to shove his feelings to the side but it didn't last long eventually Dean cracked. Sam assumed it was to do with the curse. The curse prevented Dean from hiding his feelings. Sam liked it he thought after everything they been through its time that they all should stop keeping secrets from each other. Mary is not the best at expressing feelings either but she was getting there she's slowly letting her boys back in and the brothers thought they are now starting to get their mom back. The mom they wanted since she came back into their lives again.

The brothers and Michael place the burgers, fries and salad on the plates. Everyone got their plates and they all sat down around the table. The archangel watched the older Winchester and the nephilim eat. Jack kept glancing at Dean to see how Dean was eating his burger. Jack copied and munched happily not realizing he had sauce smeared across his face. Michael laughs feeling amused by the scene in front of him. Sam picks up a napkin and passes it to the nephilim.


Jack takes it and wipes his mouth. He let out an "Oh" when he saw ketchup stained on the napkin.

"Someone needs to work on their table manners." Patrick smirked.

Then there was a burp. Everyone thought it was Dean. To everyone's surprise it was actually Mary. Mary blushes pink and presses the napkin close to her mouth.

"Pardon me." She muttered.

"As they say mom, better out than in." Dean laughed.

"Dude seriously? You are quoting Shrek?" Sam frowned.

"The ogre made a good point." Dean replied.

Michael looks away from the conversation and shifts his focus on to the witches. Patrick is whispering in Rowena's ear. She nods and stands up. She taps her spoon against the glass.

"Can I have everyone's attention!"

The brothers stop talking and they turn to look at the Scottish witch. Patrick stands up and puts his arm around Rowena. Rowena squeezes his hand and she clears her throat.

"Now you are probably wondering why we invited you all here today. Well I and Pat would love to share some exciting news." Her eyes go on Michael. "Michael sweetie come here." Michael stands up. He goes next to Rowena and looks at her with a curious expression. "Now." She gently takes his hand. "I thought you would have noticed sooner considering you are an archangel."

He turns baffled causing her to chuckle. He is adorable when he is confused. She places his hand on her stomach. Michael eyes suddenly widen.

"No way!...You're...You're..."

"Pregnant." She nods and smiles. "Aye. You are going to be a brother."

There was a series of gasps across the table. The Winchesters and Cas are stunned, shocked by the news. Jack claps.

"Congratulations Rowena." Jack cheered.

"Thanks to a bit of magic we were able to see the gender of the baby." Patrick grinned. "Its a girl." He smiles at his partner. "We're having a wee girl."

"So that explains why you haven't touched any alcohol." Dean says.

"Congrats Rowena." Sam says. "You and Patrick deserve it."

Mary nods agreeing with her youngest.

"You are having a sister." Patrick says to the archangel. "I'm sure you are going to be an amazing brother."

Michael looks at Rowena's stomach. He can sense the new life growing inside her.

"I'm going to be a brother."

A huge smile formed on his face. He thought back to the days when he looked after his siblings. He has enjoyed the feeling of being loved and cared for however he did miss being the protector, the big brother that everyone looked up to. He squats down and places both hands on Rowena's stomach.

"Hi." Warmth filled his chest when he heard the small heartbeats. It was too quiet for others to hear but Michael's enhanced hearing can pick up the smallest sound. "I'm Michael." He looks up at the witches. Patrick gave him an encouraging smile. "I'm...I'm your brother. I'm...I'm going to take good care of you." He choked back a sob that started to form. "We can play together, I can teach you about God's creations such as the animals, nature maybe we can draw and hang the pictures all around mommy's room. I can read to you, sing to you we can do so many things. I will be the best big brother I promise you that. Now you are going to be a good girl for mommy. Do not keep her up at night, no kicking." He grins. "We want mommy to rest. Trust me you don't want to see her in a bad mood." He chuckled when Rowena scowled at him. He rubs her stomach. "I will come and see you when I'm free. Okay? As soon as you come into this world I will be right here. Big brother will be waiting for you."

He closes his eyes and tunes everything out. He focuses on the steady heartbeats that seemed to have a calming effect on him. Michael had a feeling there is going to be a strong bond between him and his unborn sister. He wanted to spend more time with her be the brother that she deserves. The archangel is certain his sister is going to be beautiful and he will do everything in his power to protect his family.

Michael loves his family. When this baby is born Michael knew this baby will change their lives forever.

The End

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