Yes, I am discontinuing this.



How could you do this?


What will happen to this story?

What am I going to do with my life?


I hate you!

Geez, calm down people...I am putting it up for adoption with requirements. Though, I am going to tell you why I want to discontinue this.

Then tell us, Primsgirl.

Don't demand me... Anyway, I am discontinuing this because I lost inspiration for this, and since I have a few other (non-anime) stories out that I am much more inspired to do. I figured that it wouldn't hurt as much since someone else could take up my job for Firelight. Plus, I want to spread my creative juices on something that isn't as uninspired as I am for this lovely piece of work.

Wait. You said you have requirements for adopting this story?

Well, yes.

What are they?

Way to interrupt my explanation on why I am discontinuing this.

Sorry, continue.

Meh. I basically finished it anyway.

So the requirements will be on Wattpad if you want to know. If you have an account then go and find this story there.

This story is adopted by CertifiedTreeHugger on Wattpad.