Summary: Post-SPM. Five years after Dimentio's demise, Count Bleck and Tippi decide they would like to adopt a child. After adopting a boy named Zephyr, they find that he resembles the jester in more ways than one. Luigi always believed in second chances, but does the same apply to someone who almost destroyed all worlds? Reborn! Dimentio. Past Lmentio. Rated T for graphic content.

Hey, guys! This idea has been in my head for awhile, so I decided to jot it down. It's a bit different from what I normally write, so let me know if you like it! Even though the story is rated T right now, I expect it to go in a fluffy/cute direction with lots of feels. And for those who like my other stories: I'm working on Thunder Storm and Fractured right now as well. It will just take some time to be ready. And the Story of Evil? Well, that's in limbo.

Speaking of Thunder Storm, this is separate from the SBG/Thunder Storm universe.

Anyway, enough talk. Onto the story!

Pain. That was all Dimentio knew in the Underwhere. Anyone who first visited the place surmised that it couldn't be so bad. However, the dark atmosphere, smelly air, and wild vegetation were only the surface. Once Queen Jaydes weighed your sins and determined that you deserved a fate worse than death, that was when the real torture began.

Again and again, Dimentio screamed in a pit of fire. His skin turned into a burnt crisp and his eyes would melt out of their sockets. Every now and then, some of Jaydes' D-Men would toss him to the surface, where worms ate at his insides. Before he could fully recover, the D-Men would throw him back in. Whenever he got used to the pain, it would get worse.

One day, there was a break in this tiresome routine. Dimentio laid on his back, doing his best to ignore the worms nibbling on him. He started to have the same thoughts he always did during this time of day. He wished there was a way that he could go back and do everything differently. Anything to avoid a fate like this.

He heard a D-Man approach him. Dimentio grew tense. Not yet. He still needed to recover. Please, don't toss him back in…

"Get up," The D-Man said.

Shaking, Dimentio stood. He wanted to plead with him for more time. However, he knew from past experience that begging wouldn't do a single thing. So, he just stood and waited to be sent back.

Instead, the D-Man said, "Queen Jaydes would like to speak with you."

His eyes widened. "What? Why?"

The servant narrowed his eyes. "Do you want to go back?" Dimentio shook his head. "Then follow me."

Uncertain, Dimentio followed the D-Man. He ignored the worms still feasting on him. He wondered how he could talk to the queen like this, ragged and in pain. As if reading his thoughts, the D-Man stopped in front of an orange fountain. "Drink."

The jester hesitated. What if this was a trick? What if the fountain was acid of some sort? The D-Man noticed his reluctance and sighed. Without warning, he pushed Dimentio towards the fountain.

The magician tripped and accidentally dunked his head into the mysterious liquid. But to his surprise, he began to heal. The worms all over him died and his wounds closed on their own. His burnt skin recovered as well. He let out a sigh of relief. For the first time since he got here, he felt as good as new.

Now that he had healed, the D-Man lead Dimentio past other servants and ghost-like creatures known as Shaydes. Dimentio knew these souls were tortured so much that they lost themselves and became nothing more than these husks. He couldn't say he pitied them, but he felt a twinge of fear; this was the path he was headed down if something didn't change.

The D-Man stopped in front of a tall, purple door. "The queen is waiting inside."

Dimentio nodded. He turned to the door and took a deep breath. Then, he stepped inside.

The room was almost pitch black, torches on the wall being the only source of light. Queen Jaydes sat on a throne at the far side of the room. She narrowed her eyes as she watched him enter.

"Queen Jaydes? You wished to speak with me?" Dimentio asked.

"Ah, Dimentio. Yes, come in. Stand watch of the door, Cronus."

The D-Man shut the door, leaving him alone with the queen. Dimentio stepped further inside. He had been here for at least a few months, but nothing like this had ever happened before. What would she do? Scold and berate him? Would she torture him even more?

"Do you know why you are here?"

Some of his rebellious nature returned. He smiled. "Admittedly, I don't. Let me guess. You've brought me here to remind me of what a horrible person I am? No need, your Majesty. I already know."

To his surprise, Jaydes smiled back. "Are you trying to mask your fear with that smart comment? How cute. But that attitude won't get you far with me, Dimentio."

The jester nodded. "My sincerest apologies! Go on, then." Let's just get this over with.

"You have done many bad things in your life, Dimentio. You stole multiple times-"

"To get by while I was living off the streets," He interrupted. "Or would you rather have had me stay and take the beatings at home?"

"You manipulated and lied to nearly every person you've met. You've sent four heroes here before their time-"

"To restore the seventh Pure Heart."

"You only did that to move your nefarious plan along. And let's not forget that you nearly caused the destruction of all worlds as we know it! I should let you rot in the Underwhere for the rest of your miserable existence."

Dimentio had to suppress a yawn. Jaydes had this same reaction when she weighed his sins. He wondered what the point of this encounter was.

That was when she took Dimentio by surprise. "And yet...I still see good in you. Something worthy of redemption."

The jester blinked. He was so shocked that all he could do was laugh. "You must be mistaken, your Majesty. There is nothing good about me."

"There is good in everything," Jaydes said. "I know about the regret you feel for what you've done, your desire to start over. This isn't out of the ordinary here in the Underwhere and yet with you, I get the feeling you would actually follow through, if given the chance."

"Not to mention...there are people who are still alive that seek closure after your little stunt. They want a good night's sleep, yes, but they also wish to move on from you. Especially one soul in particular."

He gasped. Somehow, he knew exactly which soul she was referring to. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I'm willing to give you another chance at life. You would encounter many of the people you knew in the past and this would be no accident. I'm giving you a chance to right the wrongs you've made."

His eyes widened. A second chance? This was exactly what he had always hoped for. It was almost too good to be true. Then again, maybe it was.

At that thought, Dimentio narrowed his eyes. "There's a catch. Isn't there?"

"There always is. You wouldn't necessarily be the person you are now. Your soul would be the same, but a lot of things would be different. Plus, you would forget much of your life as Dimentio."

"If I forget everything, how am I supposed to make amends with all of the people I've wronged? And how will they know who I am?"

The queen grinned. "You'll know them when you see them. I'll make sure you remember just enough to recognize them. Of course, I'll have to pull a few strings so you will meet again. As for convincing them who you are, I'm afraid you're on your own for that part. But you're clever. I'm sure you can figure something out."

Dimentio thought for a moment. I'm not going to lie. This sounds tempting. But can I even face them again? All the people I've betrayed. Especially L... "What if I refuse?"

"Then you'll go right back to where you were before this conversation. It's unfair, but there isn't much else I can do."

The jester sighed. "So, I don't have a choice, then."

"We always have a choice."

I'd do anything to get out of this hell. "Alright. I wish to go back."

"Excellent. I congratulate you on your new life, Dimentio."

With that, Jaydes cleared her throat and recited a special chant. Flashes of light permeated the room. With each flash of light, Dimentio felt himself fade away more and more. He should have been afraid, but he wasn't. He suddenly felt calm and peaceful. Even though his life was ending, a new one would begin very soon.

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EDIT from 5/8/20: Corrected Jaydes' title. Your Majesty is apparently for kings/queens while Your Highness is for princesses/princes.

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