Visiting Friends

Harry had decided to join Peter on his patrol on the Wednesday after he had arrived. Unfortunately, his latest meeting with his handler had gone long so it wasn't until shortly before five that he was able to meet up with the young man. He found himself grateful that he had insisted on the tracking tech in Peter's suit as it wasn't until he was flying through the air looking for the boy that he realized how much of a maze the city was.

When he finally managed to meet up with him, Spider-Man was chatting with the cops while they released a criminal from the webs he'd been strung up in. "So, you really don't think we should be worried?" Peter was asking one of the cops, who waved him off.

"Nah, most of his operation was taken over by nearby mobs. Besides the dude's older than dirt by now." Just then the criminal dropped out of the webs and Spider-Man lunged forward and caught him before he hit the ground. In a few swift moves that were clearly habit, the man was righted onto his feet and immediately bound in handcuffs and pushed into a cop car.

Before the cops left, one turned to him. "I'll see you in court, tomorrow, right?" The boy laughed, "Of course, I wouldn't miss Judge Pearl for anything!"

The cop shook his head. "You're crazy, man, she's a mean old-"

"Ah, she loves me, you'll see!" The two shared a laugh and the cop sped off. Harry took that as his cue and landed next to Spider-Man. "Hello there."

Despite the fact that he couldn't see the boy's face, he could tell he was smiling, "It took you long enough! Let's patrol!" And with that, he swung himself into the air. The two raced around the city until Spider-Man suddenly disappeared down to the ground. It was so fast it took Harry several seconds to figure out what had happened. By the time that he had turned around and met up with him the boy was scribbling on some paper while accepting the thanks of an older woman.

"Ah, it's no problem, Marge, you said?" At her emphatic nod he continued, "It's no problem, Marge, always happy to serve. Now will you stick around for the cops or shall I leave your phone number for them?"

"Oh, I don't mind waiting, I was just walking to the park." Spider-Man nodded decisively and with that he turned and stuck the paper to a woman who was strung upside down to pharmacy wall. Mugger stopped. Tried to take Marge's purse. -Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man


To be honest, Harry had expected there to be more danger involved in fighting crime, especially after the boy's stories. For the most part, though, it was just slinging through the air and stopping petty crime. At one point the cops had even called Spider-Man in to help catch someone who had robbed a grocery store and had raced away in a car. Even that had hardly been dangerous, with him catching up with the robber at a stop light, taking the robber out of the car only to shove him, all webbed up, into the back seat. Then he'd just driven to the nearest parking lot and called the cops. He was gone before they had even arrived.

Now, after what the boy called a relaxing evening, they were sitting on the roof of a skyscraper, eating their way through a bag of chips. "So, have you picked a name yet?"

Harry smiled, knowing the boy wouldn't be happy with his choice, "The Wizard."

Sure enough, the boy groaned, "Come on! That's so lame! You can't just be the Wizard!"

Harry laughed and automatically reached out to ruffle the boy's hair, before pulling it back, recalling that he was still wearing the mask, mostly. "I want a simple title for once, I've got too many that are hyphenated and what not."

"Come on! At least go for the Warlock or something like that! The Wizard! It's so plain! There's a whole lot of wizards, you've got to stand out!"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Fine, the Warlock it is, but I'm not changing it again. Not that it matters anyways."

The eyes of the suit frowned, "What do you mean?"

Harry shrugged and vanished his empty chip bag. "I thought I told you, the press in Britain has already gotten ahold of the story. The moment I stop a crime using magic is the moment they realize who I am and it'll be all over the front page. It might even already be there, what with me flying around with you."

Peter pulled the mask off and his eyes were wide. "This is so bad! What about May, she'll be in danger!"

Harry tugged the boy over to him and squeezed his shoulders. "It's fine, Spider-Man, almost no one knows about my life here. And I've already given May a way to contact me if she's in danger. Between the two of us, I'm certain we can protect her." Peter nodded but he was clearly still worried.

Harry bumped his shoulder. "Put your mask on, it's cold up here."

Peter rolled his eyes but did so. "It's so sweaty, I'm not cold at all!" It was Harry's turn to roll his eyes. Sometimes Peter was such a teenager.

"Speaking of Britain, I'm going to have to go back this weekend to do some damage control."

The boy jumped up. "Oh! Can I come with? I haven't seen anybody in ages! And Teddy and I have been talking and we want to do a race!"

Harry sighed, he never liked turning people down, most of all his godsons. "Peter…"

"What? You said there was almost no danger anymore. And I can take care of myself now!"

"Pete, that was before the blip. Ever since it we've had people protesting again." Harry vanished the boy's trash and readied himself to leave, but Peter wasn't done yet. "But why? You've never told me why."

"The British Magicals have always been isolationists. After the people blipped away returned, magical groups and nations around the world offered to help the suddenly massive population; duplicating food, getting farms up and running again, working out all the logistics. But the British Magicals tried to refuse. With Hermione's help, they've managed to organize some help, but Britain is in dire straits again. Another civil war is brewing and me leaving, again, and this time helping another nation, isn't being well received."

They had started heading home while he spoke, but Peter had evidently heard everything he'd said. He landed on a building for a moment to say, "Again? As in, that's why you left last time? A civil war?"

Harry nodded. "Yes, I put it off, but it got too severe and I finally had to step in."

Peter landed on the broom for a split second and it was only Harry's long practice with squirming children riding with him that allowed him to prevent it from crashing. "I still want to go." And he was off again.

The two bickered for the rest of the trip home, but in the end, Harry gave in. The boy was just too stubborn and Harry had too much of a soft spot for him. He'd always had a hard time saying no.


Friday after school, the two went directly to the airport and boarded a plane, after dealing with customs. It was just as tedious as the last time Harry had gone through, but this time he also had Peter with him. Since they were traveling together, they both had to have the same level of scrutiny and Harry was thankful that he had sent the Spider-Man suit through the international floo and directly to Hermione's office. That way they didn't have to deal with any hullabaloo over that.

The flight was 12 hours long and thankfully Peter had fully charged his phone before they had left, so he was entertained the whole ride there. Harry, meanwhile, got to finish the book that he'd tried to read on his trip to New York. Still Peter fell asleep with four hours of the flight left, though Harry had never been able to sleep on planes no matter how often he rode them. So, when they finally got to London at around four in the morning, got through customs, and apparated to Grimmauld Place, they both were ready to collapse with exhaustion. After being shown to a room that Harry had always held for him, Peter passed out.

Harry however was not quite so lucky, as he had noticed the kitchen light on. He found Teddy asleep at the kitchen table, books spread around him, and a cooling pot of tea on the stove. He gently shook the boy awake and chuckled at the sight of ink smeared across his face. Evidently he'd fallen asleep on some parchment work. "What are you doing here?"

Teddy groaned and squeezed his eyes shut before glancing at his watch and groaning again. "Fight with 'dromeda," he muttered.

Harry frowned. "Well, up to bed. You can get this all later."

"You're late." Harry prodded the stretching boy towards the stairs as he murmured, "Customs." As he saw his second godson to his bedroom, he couldn't help but worry about the fun-loving boy. He was working towards an internship with Charlie at the Dragon Reserve in Romania but first had to gain a mastery in either Healing or Magical Creatures. He was working with Hagrid for the Magical Creatures internship, which naturally resulted in a plethora of injuries.

As little as Andromeda liked his Magical Creatures Mastery, she hated that he wanted to work with dragons and the two fought over it incessantly. Harry himself was naturally worried, but he trusted his godson to do his best and be as competent as possible. Still, he refused to put himself in the middle of their, by now years long, argument, and instead only offered Teddy a place to sleep. Of course, the fights were getting worse as Teddy's Mastery was nearing its end and Harry suspected that Teddy was likely spending most nights at his house, if the disaster he called a room was any indicator.

Despite the fact that he would really rather go straight to sleep, he knew Andromeda would be furious if he didn't at least report their shared troublemaker's presence. So, he penned a quick letter stating exactly that and sent his most recent in a long string of owls, Athens, off. He was finally allowed sleep at half five.


He was woken far too soon at seven by the boisterous arrival of the Ronald branch of the Weasley family. Unsurprisingly, Peter was still dead to the world, as Harry found out as he passed his room, but he threw a silencing spell at the room nonetheless.

When he got to the bottom of the stairs, he found his kitchen was filled with people; Ron was at the stove cooking breakfast, Rose was lounging on a counter, smirking and teasing her distressed father, and Hermione was rubbing at something on Hugo's nose while talking to Teddy, who was working his way through a bowl of cereal. Evidently, someone had cleaned up the mess Teddy had made the night before as the books and parchment were stacked on a counter precariously.

"So, you got permission to let the monsters out for a bit?" Harry asked Hermione. Hugo scowled and pulled away from his mother, though whether the scowl was for the categorization or because of his mother he couldn't tell. The boy stomped off to a corner of the kitchen and put in some earbuds and closed his eyes. Harry shook his head at the moody boy and turned back to his mother, who had finally given Teddy some relief from her inquisition to scowl at Harry. Teddy took advantage of her distraction to toss his bowl in the sink and run off with his books. Well there went his chance to tell the boy to clean his room and take care of his own dishes. There was no way he'd be able to escape Hermione before the boy left for the day.

"Harry James Potter…"

Harry sighed, "I'm here Hermione, and exhausted mind you as I only got to bed a few hours ago. What more do you want from me, right now?"

Her eyes narrowed and Rose laughed nearby. "Don't you take that tone with me, young woman!" The girl was scarily dead on with how well she mimicked her mother's voice and Hermione scowled at her as well.

"Rose, get off the counter. Harry, come with me." Harry sighed and followed her, noting that as they were leaving the room, Rose hopped right back up onto the counter.

Sometimes, he thought as she led him to his own sitting room, that she felt like he was one of her children as well. "How's number three doing?" he asked to put off the lecture as long as he could.

Hermione sighed and ran a hand over her extended abdomen. "She's fine."

"And due soon?" he added, though he knew her due date as well as her.

Something she clearly knew, if her narrowed eyes as she sat down were any indication. "Five months. Now, oh sit down if you're so tired."

He followed her directions. "When's the press conference?"

"It's at ten, here's your talking points." She passed him the roll of parchment she pulled from her purse. "Note that we need to emphasize…"


Peter was woken by being jumped on. He groaned as they rolled off of him, but made no mood to get off of him. "Hugo!?" he shouted as he got a good look at the boy next to him.

The boy smirked roguishly at him. "The one and only." Peter shoved the boy he had, until thirty seconds prior, still thought of as kid, off of the bed. He'd known that his British family members would be teens, but that didn't make it feel more real.

He eyed the boy as he dug through his suitcase for some clothes. He'd taken up residence on his bed once again, this time sitting, and was putting an earbud in. "Have you heard Eminem's most recent album?"

Peter shook his head. "I've never been much for rap. May doesn't like it."

Hugo rolled his eyes. "Adults. It's a shame, he's good. I've missed his work."

Peter frowned as he pulled on some pants. "Somehow I can't picture Hermione letting you play rap in the house."

Hugo shrugged. "She's not a fan, but Teddy always has been and she lets him get away with anything." Somehow Peter had a hard time believing that, but he didn't much care to argue the point. He jumped in surprise as he was about to put his shirt on. Hugo had whistled at him, "Damn, you've got some intense abs."

Peter rolled his eyes and finished dressing. "What's for breakfast?"

Hugo shrugged as they left the room and began to head downstairs. "No, really, where'd you get those abs?"

Peter rolled his eyes. "The abs fairy. Certainly not from exercise or anything crazy like that."

Hugo sighed. "I run up and down stairs all day long, you'd think I have something to show for it."

"Mabey you have crazy muscular-"

As they reached the kitchen, Peter was interrupted by none other than Ronald Weasley. The man swung a frying pan full of eggs around wildly. Eggs flying across the room, he demanded. "Hugo Weasley, are you dating a Malfoy!?"

"-legs…" Peter mumbled quietly as he slunk across the room, doing his best not to interrupt the fight that was brewing.

Hugo glared defiantly at his father before turning to face his sister. "What the fuck, Rose!?"

Maturely, she stuck her tongue out. "It's not my fault you didn't tell them! I thought they knew!"

Ron slammed the nearly empty pan down onto the stove. "It's true!"

Hugo crossed his arms. "Yeah, it's true! What of it! So what if he's a boy!?"

Ron spluttered and Hermione and Harry took that moment to join them. "What's going on?"

Ron managed to stop spluttering to say, "I don't care that he's a boy! He's a Malfoy! A Slytherin!"

Before Hugo could respond, Hermione placed a hand on his shoulder. "If you'll recall, our eldest is a Slytherin as well."

Ron's eyes were wide, "Right- well… Still! A Malfoy!"

Hermione rose an eyebrow, a universal sign of danger in mothers. "And?"

Ron stared at his wife as if she was insane before helplessly yelling, "A Malfoy!"

Hermione gently ran her hands through her son's hair. "I for one accept that Hugo is dating Scorpius. Children are not their fathers. And if you recall, his father was acquitted."

Ron narrowed his eyes at his wife. "Did you know?" At his wife's careless shrug and slight smirk, he growled, "How could you not tell me?"

Hermione narrowed her eyes at his tone. "Careful, Ronald, we both know what happens when you use that tone of voice with me."

The man flushed red and his daughter snickered behind him. When he next spoke his voice was softer. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Hermione approached him and laid a hand on his face. "Dear, I simply heard a rumor. I figured Hugo would tell us when he was ready and there was no point getting worked up until then." Ron sighed at his wife's calm logic and they all knew that she had won.

As the adults began cleaning the mess Ronald had made, and finished making breakfast (or remaking as the case may be), Peter approached Hugo. "So… what's the deal with Malfoys?" Hugo scowled at him.


Harry approached what very well could be a lynch mob with no small amount of trepidation. He'd been in far too many press conferences, but he'd never felt directly responsible for them. Indirectly, sure, and certainly guilty, but never directly responsible. Interspersed with angry shouting reporters were people who just looked betrayed and of course it was that kind of person that Hermione called on after saying her piece. They were doing their best to make it sound like it was an attempt at increasing the nearly shattered relations with the Americans. They pointed to the murder of an American journalist some seven years previously as the start of the devolution of their relations with the Americans who had before that been as supportive as they could be.

As for why they hadn't told anyone yet, well, they'd planned to, but someone had leaked the documents while everything was still pending. It was all a very well-planned idea, one that Hermione had gone over with him thoroughly. And yet he still didn't feel ready. In fact, he felt like he'd been hit in the chest with a curse at the first question. "And we're supposed to believe this isn't just another attempt to abandon the British public for the Americans again?"

It was a good point, and even somewhat based in truth. He'd of course never meant it that way, but there was no doubt that he was being quite selfish at the expense of the British public. Still Hermione had prepared a talking point and he found himself appreciating her for it. "I am absolutely not abandoning the British public, as you can tell by the fact that I'm here. It is my intention to split my time between America and Britain as evenly as possible."

The next question was one that he hadn't quite believed would be asked, though Hermione had warned him about it nonetheless. "And will the Americans be sharing Spider-Man with Britain?"

He swallowed his disbelief; he really shouldn't have been surprised. "For the time being Spider-Man is an American based superhero. However, if things truly become dire here and we have need of it, we are free to call on him." Over my dead body, he added internally. There was no way he would let Peter near them.

The rest of the press conference progressed as Hermione had expected it to. Not that Harry was surprised, at this point in her long political career, she was an expert at handling the press. That's what happened when you managed to be the Minister throughout and after the civil war.

Hermione called out that it would be the last question at a quarter till eleven. They had mostly moved past the fact that he was going to be a superhero, thankfully, and moved onto the latest in their talks with the goblins, and now were finally onto their continuing problems with getting dragon entrails imported. Despite that, the last question was directed at Harry. "Sir Potter, are you encouraging your godson to work at the dragon reserves in the hopes of encouraging the Reserves to have better relations with Britain?" Harry blinked at that, having truly not expected it. He opened his mouth to refute it when the press room began to flash red and several aids rushed into the room.


After breakfast, Peter and the Weasley siblings flood to the Burrow, with Ron going with Peter. Peter was apparently a squib, which meant that he could use the floo, but he wasn't allowed to go alone as squibs tended to get lost in the floo. He had forgotten just how disorienting the floo was, though, and decided he would rather just side along with someone.

They were greeted by the owners of the Burrow, Molly and Arthur Weasley, the parents of Ron and Hermione. Already present were a veritable crowd of people, only some of which Peter recognized. Still he smiled, the Burrow was always a fun place, no matter how many people were there. He was immediately found by the elder Molly Weasley, who was offering food to everyone as they came in. He accepted an apple and began to chew it as he was shuffled from person to person and reintroduced.

Finally, there was a call of Quidditch from someone and the group shuffled out. It was apparently a case of adults versus children. Ron was on a team with George, Angelina, and Bill. Opposing them were Dominique, who was younger than Teddy but older than Peter, Roxanne and Molly, who were both blipped away and thus were younger than they were supposed to be, with the vertically challenged adult Audrey joining the team to even out the sides.

Peter was unfortunately grounded with the other adults who didn't want to play, as brooms didn't work for squibs. It was a shame, as the game seemed fun. People darted around the air chasing after specially enlarged and charmed apples, whooping and cheering all the way. He tried to listen to the adults' conversation but most of it seemed to go over his head, either because he didn't know the people involved or didn't understand the magic. After a while of doing his best not to sulk, he finally accepted Hugo's offer to let him listen to his music. He was just starting to enjoy the rap when Fleur asked him for help in the kitchen for lunch. With nothing else to do, he accepted her offer.

He automatically dodged when his (not his Peter Tingles!) senses told him something was about to slam into him. He turned in surprise to find that Ron had tripped on his way running into the kitchen and had slammed into the counter where Peter had been cutting vegetables.

Ignoring his own fall Ron straightened and addressed the other adults in the room. "I've got to go. Emergency at the Ministry. An attack. I've got to leave the kids here."

The elder Molly frowned. "Be careful, dear. Remember who you have to come home to."

He nodded and dashed out, Peter hot on his heels. He yanked him away from the apparation spot. "An attack? What kind of attack? Let me come with you!"

Ron frowned at him. "Listen, I know that you're used to fighting crime, but this is a whole other thing. These are magicals."

Peter rolled his eyes. "And I've fought with gods, I can help!"

Ron huffed and glanced around for help. When none was forthcoming, he relented. "Fine. Your suit is at the Ministry. We'll have to be fast, though." To himself he muttered, "Harry's going to kill me."


Moments after they stopped spinning, Peter was off and running with directions to the Minister's Office. He hopped over a barrier for wand inspections and darted to where the stairs were off to one side, noticing how long the elevators stood open to allow people to enter and leave. He made it to the Minister's Office in record time, though he hadn't bothered to time it and so had no way to know this.

The secretary stood at the sight of him, but he easily hopped over her desk and banged his hand on the Minister's door. He dodged the spells that flew his way as he waited for her to open it. Finally, after he had already knocked four times and a guard had arrived, a harassed looking man opened the door. Before people's shouts could warn him to shut it again, Peter barreled through, dodged another spell, and rolled to a stop.

"Stop!" Hermione's voice was as firm as it was loud and made them all wince from the volume. Despite her words, three more spells had already made their way towards him and it was only his fast reflexes that allowed him to avoid it. Moments later, a box flew at him, but this time it was from the Minister so he caught it. "Tell Harry that this is Ronald's fault." He nodded and turned to leave.

Hermione huffed, "Let him through, he's a guest." The people in his way appeared weary of him, but did as instructed and Peter was off and running again, this time to a bathroom.

It was a scant three minutes after Peter Parker had left the Minister's Office that Spider-Man arrived in the Auror's office. Everyone was focused on the briefing at hand and so the room was mostly quiet and thus noticed when he slammed the door open, while also ignoring their secretary. Wands were automatically aimed his way, but they stopped with spells on the tips of their tongues when they spotted who he was.

The heavily scarred man they were all paying attention to spoke first, "I thought you were joking, Weasley…"

Ron stood from his seat, "I told you I wasn't Hardy. Everyone, as you've already guessed this is Spider-Man. He's on loan from America for a mo', mostly in case he was needed to smooth the whole 'Warlock' situation over. But for now, he's going to be on civilian duty. Obviously don't curse him and don't attempt to release his webs. Between Stark, Harry, and Spider-Man himself, this stuff is practically impervious to magic. There's one way to get it off and he knows it."

With that, they settled in for the briefing in the way only professionals who had gone into magical battles could do. They could turn people into hippos, a man spider was hardly the craziest thing they could think of.

The attack was on a skyscraper in the middle of London that the Magical Volunteer Service had outfitted with space expansion charms and housed over four hundred muggles and around a hundred magicals, of which a large population were women, children, and those who were not able-bodied. There were teams that were going to be reinforcing the building to prevent it from collapsing, there were teams that were to put out fires and any other magical damage that could spread to nearby buildings, there was a team dedicated to catching the people who are attacking, with lethal force authorized, and finally, there was the team working with Spider-Man to rescue civilians.

With the ends of each of their individual teams were portkeyed out, each outfitted with a bag full of portkeys to send the injured to the hospital.


It took Peter several moments to orient himself after arriving by portkey on the downtown street. By the time he had done so, his teammates had abandoned him like the drunken stumbling idiot he was. He shook his head of the last of the cobwebs as he took stock of the scene. The building itself contrasted heavily with its neighbors, and would do so even if it weren't under attack. Aside from it being on fire, it was also made entirely of stone and was a particularly long and thin pyramid, rather than the rectangular buildings that surrounded it.

As for the attack, the top portion of the building had been lopped off and had slammed into a nearby building, as their briefing had reported. That left the building open to the air, and the rain that was unfortunately hammering them. If only the rain did anything against the magical fires, but as it was it also did nothing to hide the skull and snake symbol that floated menacingly above the building, preventing direct apparation and portkey into and out of the building. It had been mentioned as a possibility in the briefing, but had not yet been confirmed. He also noted that there appeared to be no one on broom around the building, though they could be hiding in the rain.

With these facts well in hand, Peter shot himself upwards into the rain. He landed deftly on the building and quickly climbed it. He hoped that by entering in a different way than his teammates, he might be able to find some civilians that would have had to wait longer. There was no one on the top floor that he could tell so he easily hopped through a massive hole in the floor and was pleased to hear screaming. He'd been right!

Contrary to what he'd been ordered to do in the briefing, he could not cast ventilation spells to clear the air of the heavy smoke that occupied the floor. With almost no visual element available to him he had to rely on sounds and his 'senses.' He found a wheelchair-bound man, on the ground next to his wheelchair letting out a hacking cough. Peter gathered the man into his arms and launched them out the thankfully broken window, sliding down the side of the building.

He was pleased to note that they had adapted as they had been ordered to and half of the team was out running people back and forth out of the limited portkey and apparation range. The man was quickly taken from him and he rushed back up the building. He was searching the fourth floor from the top when he ran across an area of the floor that was suspiciously clear of smoke. Suspiciously clear because he knew the rest of the teams had not yet made it up to this point. And yet he heard nothing…

His mind fogged for a moment before the magic defenses Stark had built into the suit kicked in and he was informed that a repelling ward was in place. He charged forward, turned a sharp corner, and immediately heard and saw a woman screaming and writhing under a man's wand. A blood red beam of light was connecting the wand and woman and without thought, Peter tore the wand away from the man with his spider silk.

He automatically broke the wand before the man had even fully turned towards him and in moments the man was strung up to the wall by spider silk. The woman had still not stopped screaming and writhing despite the spell no longer being cast and it took Peter several minutes to get her to the evac team. He was informed she was likely undergoing the worst torture curse there was, the Cruciatus Curse.

With his stomach churning at this new information Peter forced himself to continue his rescue mission. He tried not to think about the fact that several people he found were likely always going to suffer lingering effects from the curses he found them under. Some went insane, the evac member had informed him. Too much pain does that to a person.

It was only when he ran almost face first into an attacking wizard, identifiable by their pitch-black robes, skull mask, and pointed hood, that he was able to fully focus. It was necessary when they were aiming those same curses he had been fretting about at him. He ended up spending several seconds dodging the man's fast paced spell casting. Finally, he managed to attach some silk to his legs and that was all it took for him to throw himself in a full circle around the man and pulled him to the ground.

Apparently, the wizard was not done yet though, for an exploding curse was flung at him next, shattering the wall behind him. It sent debris flying into the air and allowed smoke to enter the magically cleared air. Peter had stuck the silk to the ground and so the man couldn't move much, but he did manage to fire off several spells, each flying dangerously close to Spider-Man. And with the limited visibility, he couldn't see well enough to snatch the wand away without getting close or getting a lucky shot in.

Fortunately, a fellow attacker arrived to help the other wizard and got off an exploding curse. It was fortunate as Spider-Man was able to dodge the spell and instead the first attacking wizard's chest exploded outwards. With the companion wizard distracted by the fact that he had killed one of his own, he was easy pickings and was quickly strung up to the wall.

Peter forced himself not to think about the fact that they very well may have killed one of their friends or family members. They were the ones using lethal force, not Peter. He would never do that on purpose like they were. He dashed off and went in search of innocents.

He'd made it down to the fifteenth floor when he ran into some friendlies who were caught in a fire fight. The air was thankfully free of smoke so Spider-Man was free to do his best to tear wands away and trap people to walls. He tried not to think of his own fallen friendlies when two people dropped right in front of him, and instead launched himself across the considerably cleared battlefield.

The spells were thick and fast, his companions not stopping casting simply because he was in the midst of the field. He had almost gotten to the one who had downed the two irrevocably when something slammed into his side. He went flying to the wall behind the attackers and slammed into it at full force.

Before he could properly get his bearings, uncontrollable pain tore through his body, making it feel like the melting stone he'd seen so much of that day.


Roxanne and Molly II were blipped as was Arthur though it's not as noticeable.

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