Report 1 7/20/239X

There is a a sharp crackle of static followed by a content sigh and the tapping of fingers on metal.

"This is Doctor Ujiko and I must say that in all of my years of studying the effects and growths of quirks upon the human body I never thought I'd see how they'd be affected by something that…isn't human."

The tapping stops.

"Of course that does raise the question of where we humans stand in the grand scale of the universe, assuming there are more like this new subject that those thugs brought in but I am most certainly eager to see if we can't peck our way upwards with our new guest."

A low guttural growl emits from behind a wall

"Ah, it's awake now."

Clicks of the tongue

"This is Doctor Ujiko and I will report my findings very soon."