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Ch. 1

Rain poured over a quiet city. It was evening time but due to the rain, most of the people had already gone to their homes. Though, there was still few who shuffled through the streets, using their umbrellas as shields to protect from the wind that directed the rain at them. As the strangers walked through the streets, they all kept their attention straightforward, never bothering to deviate from their normal paths or routines. Because of this, no one ever turned their attention to the alleyways. They were just dead ends anyways with nothing but garbage and stray cats usually.

At least, that was the general assumption. Mostly everyone knew that there was the occasional homeless person who slept in the alleyways. With no home to go to, there was really no place else for them. However, what most didn't think about was if there was ever a homeless child. Someone that could not really help themselves or even know what to do. If any did think of it, they had it as a passing thought. No one wanted to dwell on such a saddening thought.

But down one lone alley, in the shadows of the buildings, there was a young someone. At the farthest end of the alleyway laid a small hideout, made from a few blankets and pillows that had been tossed aside by others. The makeshift hut was just within a small alcove against the stones, with just enough room to be covered from the rain. It was not much shelter, but it was better than nothing.

Wrapped tightly in the blankets laid a young boy, trying his best to get some sleep; though the pouring rain was trying to keep him from that. The crying sky had soaked the blanket that was used to shield from the cold, hard ground, which made things all the more difficult for the young lad. He tried tossing and turning, hoping to find a position that was more comfortable than the others.

But everything was just wet. It was wet and soggy, and each motion made a squishing sound, which reverberated through his ears. After a few more minutes, a small sigh was heard from against the pillows as the young boy turned back over on his back and then proceeded to sit up slowly. He started to open his eyes, but ended up blinking a few times to get readjusted to the light; or rather, the lack thereof. Though, it was lighter than the back of his eyelids at least.

Once he was finally ready, his eyes opened slowly, revealing deep golden-yellow pupils. The boy leaned forward slightly more, allowing the light from one of the nearby buildings to illuminate his facial features. Baggy eyelids decorated the area around his eyes, some dark spots able to be seen, indicating lack of sleep and nutrition. His hair blended well against the shadows of the night, being the same shade of black as the darkness he was in. The black stranded jutted out in several different directions, some spikes being larger than others with a few shorter pieces falling over the front of his shallow face.

The boy sat there alone, the wet pillows being the only thing that helped to shield him from most of the rain. He looked straight ahead, not bothering to focus on anything as he spaced out. Thoughts of being dry entered his small mind, along with ideas of having something to eat, as his stomach was starting to feel empty. However, it was the middle of the night and he did not want to go out anywhere. But the longer he sat there, the more prominent the feeling became.

His yellow eyes began to narrow and pupils started to expand as he could feel tears welling up in them. Though, the water from the rain that dripped down his face was able to partially cover his new tears that formed, but they still came anyways. He was hungry. He wanted to just get some good food so that he could try to sleep. He wished that someone would help him; anyone.

But there was nothing he could do at this hour. There was hardly anyone out and the weather dwindled the numbers drastically. It bothered him greatly, but he knew there wasn't anything else he could do about it. It wasn't like he could walk into a restaurant and order food.

He was only 6-years- old. He had no money or anything else. He only had the one pair of clothes that consisted of a dark grey ratty long sleeved shirt, and black pants, equally torn and tattered. He had no socks, but he thankfully had a pair of old, worn-out shoes. He had only those clothes and the pillows and blankets. He could only wish he had more. But as the days had passed, he saw a lot of what he wanted would be impossible.

The thought had crossed his mind before to try to go out into the streets and ask around for food. He thought maybe to just keep trying. But the times that he had done so before yielded no results, and sometimes he even was me with resistance and looks of disapproval from others. It was almost like they were scared of him, but in fact, it was the opposite. He wasn't too fond of adults or really anyone, so trust was something hard to understand. And yet, when it was sunny and bright days, he would still go out anyways, hoping that there would be some change.

So much time had passed since he ended up on his own that he lost track of how long it really had been. It was no longer a main concern of his to worry about that length of time, or even what he had left behind. The only thing that was on his mind was survival; however, the dwindling of hope with each day made him wonder why he was even trying to survive. Yet, against all logic, he did it anyways.

As the night wore on, the boy's stomach began to turn and twist, begging for something to be fed to it. He couldn't stand it any longer. The rain continued to pour down, not as heavy as earlier in the evening, but enough that the boy did not want to get wet. Not knowing what really to decide, he just continued to sit there in silence.

He curled up, bringing his knees to his chest. Another sob escaped from him as he let the feeling of complete hopelessness sink in. But then he heard a sound from a bit down the alleyway. Curious, he peeked around the corner of his hideout to look and saw that there was a door was open. Since he was in a backstreet, there were a few doors along the way as the back entrance to apartments.

There were times when the boy thought to knock on the doors and ask for food, but the thoughts of talking to adults still terrified him. He could never make up the strength to do it, so he tried to be content with just being on his own. But he always watched the adults from his shelter, just to see what would happen.

This time though, something did happen. An adult, the boy could not tell if it was a man or woman, stepped outside briefly to place a pizza box out on top of the garage can next to their door. They headed right back inside after that, closing the door behind them. The amber-eyed boy stared down the way at the box for a few seconds, almost entranced. Within a beat, the boy bolted from his seat, no longer caring about the rain coming down. He ran, even though cold rain soaked up in his clothes, making him shiver. He suddenly had some hope, which was something that he had been running out of, that there would be something, anything left.

He made it to the pizza box and opened it up, his heart feeling like it skipped a beat. But once it was open, he breathed a sigh of relief. Though there was little of it, the pizza box had several half eaten crusts scattered inside, along with a couple of almost eaten pizza slices. There was also a few mushrooms that had been put to the side, most likely due to a child being picking and picked them off. Even though the boy himself didn't like mushrooms, he immediately picked them up and ate them as they were the easiest to get to.

Though, with the rain still coming down frequently, he decided that it was best to try to take shelter again so that he nor the pizza would get any wetter. Quickly, he turned around and jogged back to his little hut as fast as he could, making sure to be careful with the pizza. After a few seconds, he was there safely with food in hand, taking a plop right down on the blanket and pillow he had there for a cushion. It squeaked with dampness, but he did not care.

He almost started to tear into the food since he was so hungry, but then he thought quickly that it might be best to eat slowly to savor it all. His patience was not the best, though he didn't want to eat it up all too quickly. Slowly, he picked up a piece of the crust and started to chew on it, trying to take as much time as he could to enjoy the little food that he had.

A few minutes passed by and the boy was now nearly finished with all of the food that was leftover. Every single crumb was about gone from the box now, leaving a grease-stained and empty cardboard box. He looked at it for a brief moment, before deciding that the box would be some good protection, as either a type of umbrella or mat to lay on.

Just as he began to undo the box, he noticed there was now silence in the area. Upon turning around and glancing out, the rain had stopped finally, which brought relief across his face. Maybe now he could finally get some decent sleep and not have to worry about getting wet.

After the box was completely opened and taken apart, he laid it out on the ground below the blanket, hoping that the cardboard would help to soak up some of the water. The blanket was slightly damp, so he tried to wring it out the best he could, with not much happening because of his lesser strength. Then, he laid the blanket back down and on top of the disassembled pizza box, leaving enough covering to be able to lay the other side over him. The pillows were slightly soggy but not too much, so he fluffed those back up that he had for cushioning to prepare his makeshift bed for himself.

The boy then took a seat on the blanket and leaned backwards until his back was firmly against the coverings that he had. Once there, the other side of the blanket was thrown over his body to protect against the mildly cool breeze that was whispering through the night. A shiver ran up his spine, partially from the cool air and also from the dampness of his clothes and materials, but he had nothing else he could do but to suffer through it.

Having a bit of food in his stomach made him feel much better, and also a bit more tired than before. He hoped that he could go off to sleep and get some much needed rest, even if it wasn't the best comfort in the world. Thoughts slowly entered into his mind of when he might be able to get a real home. If that was even possible. He was just a child. He didn't even know if it was possible for him to get a house to have. All of it seemed as though he had been that way for quite a while now, so he didn't know what would happen. To a young child, he had no idea how much time had actually passed. He had stopped paying attention to that, only hoping things would get better.

His eyes finally started to grow heavy then, and he welcomed the sweet embrace of sleep. He closed his eyes and saw only darkness, the back of his eyelids. The sound of nature around the area rang through his ears, as well as the sounds of passing cars and the occasional chatter from the buildings around him. However, all of that began to slowly dissipate and fade, and he finally drifted into sleep.

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