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It's morning in Rio, the family of Blue Spix's macaws are in Linda's house in Rio de Janeiro, which she bought so she didn't have to move all the way back to Minnesota.

Three Blu macaw kids looked out the window to the miserable pouring rain, there are two females and one male, their names are Carla, Bia and Tiago, They are the children of Blu and Jewel, Blu being a sort of shy, goofy nerd, and Jewel being a free and feisty spirit. Both of them are, admittedly, excellent parents.

The youngest of the kids, Tiago complained, "This is so uncool! We had a day of fun planned out, and of all the days to rain, it had to rain today!"

"Don't worry sweetheart, There's always tomorrow." said Jewel in a reassuring tone, gently stroking his head with her wing.

(Quick disclaimer, I'm British, we say "Mum" as opposed to "Mom" over here, but for the sake of the widely American audience of mine, I'll just stick with "Mom" same goes for American names for things, like "Couch" is "Sofa" over here etc.)

"But Mom! That's what you said yesterday!" whined Carla.

As Jewel tried to raise her children's spirits, Blu suddenly piped up, "Don't worry kids! The weather forecast is showing sunny spells tomorrow!"

"But dad! They've been saying that for days, and yet it's still raining!" said Bia, the brightest of the 3 kids. She then took the remote and and switched channels to something more interesting.

"She does have a point Blu, the weather forecast is never particularly accurate, Let's not give them false hope, Okay?" said Jewel who hugged Tiago to comfort him, as he was really looking forward to the plans they had in mind.

"Ooo, Look! The mean prankster is crying because he couldn't go out to play!" teased Carla to Tiago, who was still upset.

"Carla!" Jewel said sternly, giving that dangerous look that your mother gives you when you've done something wrong. Sensing this, Carla quickly apologised. "Sorry Tiago..." she said, her head hung low in embarrassment. Jewel uses her wing to lift Carla's head up, "Promise me you won't go teasing your brother like that again?" she asked with sincerity. "I promise" said Carla, bringing a smile to Jewel's face.

"Now that that's settled, I've been thinking, if we can't have a fun day outside, why not enjoy time inside?" said Blu, somewhat out of nowhere. His family stared at him.

"You mean... We play inside the house?" Said Jewel, puzzled.

"Exactly" said Blu, with a smile on his face.

A smile crept across Jewel's face and she said "Okay then kids, What shall we play?"

"Nice one Blu" Jewel whispered to him.

"Thanks!" he whispered back.

It was at that point when all three kids, who seemed to be communicating telepathically decided in unison what they wanted to play: "Hide and Seek!" they shouted, at once.

"Alright!" said Blu

"So, Who's hiding, and who's seeking?" Asked Jewel.

Sensing that a fight may break out over such a minor thing, Blu said "Why don't we play rock paper scissors for who gets to hide, and who gets to seek?"

"Good idea Blu! You're pretty good at this!" Said Jewel, still smiling.

"Who's up first?" said Blu

After a few quick games, it was decided that Jewel was going to be the seeker.

"I still think you cheated Tiago." She said, but didn't go any further, for the sake of an argument.

"Okay, Jewel, you have to count to 10 with your eyes closed, Got it?" Said Blu in an informative tone.

"Hah, I'm not a kid Blu! I may be a jungle girl to the core, but I do know what Hide 'n seek is!" she said with a laugh.

"Very well, my dear." said Blu.

"A'ight. Scram!" said Jewel as she closed her eyes and began counting.

"1... 2... 3..."

Carla hid under the couch.

4... 5... 6...

Tiago hid in a cardboard box and Bia flew into the kitchen.

7... 8... 9...

Panicking, Blu hid behind the Telly.

"10! Reaady or not, Here I come." She purred.

Jewel surveyed her surroundings, and began to pace around the room.

"Tiaago... Where aree youu?" she to herself rhetorically, pacing past the cardboard box where Tiago was hidden. He was trying to be as silent as possible, but unfortunately, his stomach give the game away. Jewel's keen hearing, soon detected the source of the sound, and whipped up the cardboard box where Tiago was hiding. "Found you!" she said in the tone of a good winner.

"Not fair! Stupid stomach!" said Tiago, in the tone of a bad loser as he hit his stomach. Jewel couldn't help but laugh at her son's cute actions. "There, There Tiago, it's just a game. If you're hungry, go on over to the kitchen and get yourself something to eat." she said, giving him a warm hug and a kiss. Tiago's frown disappeared in his mother's embrace. He flapped off into the kitchen, most likely to eat sugary cereal.

"One down, Three to go." Jewel purred.

Jewel flew into the sitting room and landed on the couch, this caused dust to fly up into the air, causing Carla, who was hiding under it, to sneeze, alerting Jewel to her position.

Immediately, she dropped down to the floor and said "Found you!" in another good winner-y tone.

"Aww man!" said Carla, frustrated at being found in the first 3 minutes.

"Never mind, my darling, why don't you join your brother in the kitchen, I'm sure he can use some company. But, no teasing though, eh?" She said, giving her a quick kiss before she left to join Tiago in the kitchen.

"Alrighty. Where are you Blu?" She said to herself.

She was padding along the sideboard where they had first started and without looking where she was going, she stood on the TV Remote, causing it to turn on. Unfortunately for Blu, who was hiding behind it, the thing currently being shown, was an obnoxiously loud advert, and he jumped in the initial shock of the sound.

"Found you, Blu." She said, helping him up.

"Am I the last one?" he asked her.

"No, You were the 2nd last though, I've still yet to find Bia." she told him with a smile. She gave him a quick kiss and said "Your children are in the kitchen, why don't you go and show some good sportsmanship?" "Ah, Good idea, honey." He left to join them, leaving Jewel with just one more kid to find.

"I never fell in love with him for his hide and seek skills, that's for sure." she chuckled to herself.

Again, Jewel surveyed her surroundings, and after looking in a few places throughout the house, she stumbled upon the bedroom. She eyed up a small crease in the bed sheet, and without warning, whipped it off and shouted "Got you!"

But to Jewel's surprise, it was an avocado which was making the crease in the bed sheet! Taking a step back, she heard a voice shout "No, I've got you!" it was Bia, and she jumped on her mother in a well planned tickle attack. Tears of joy streamed from Jewel's eyes as Bia began tickling her all over her body. Jewel couldn't contain her hysterical laughter, and she began shrieking for mercy. "Okay! Okay! Bia, you got me! Please stop!" she squealed, not being able to contain herself. "Only if you declare me the winner!" said Bia, naughtily. "Alright! Alright! You win! Just please let me go!"

It was at that point when Bia then decided Jewel had had enough and let her go. The tickle fight had been won, but Jewel fancied a bit of revenge, so she turned the Tickle war into a Cuddle war, and began to snuggle her daughter, "Your tickling is pretty powerful, but you're no match for my love!" she said, still cuddling Bia, who previously had her mother at her mercy. This was a much more relaxing experience though, so Bia simply retaliated by wrapping her wings around her mother, and enjoyed her warm embrace. "You got me good, sweetie! That was very cunning of you! I didn't expect a thing!" she complimented. "Thanks mom!" said Bia, who broke off from the hug, Or... Tried to anyway. "Where do you think you're going?" said Jewel. "Well, I still technically lost, so-" she broke off. "No. You won, fair and square." She said, giving her a kiss. "Now we can go and join the others!" she said. "Sounds good! said Bia, and the pair walked into the kitchen.

"Well, Well, Well." said Blu. "Who won?" asked the rest of the kids.

"Weeelll..." Said Jewel "That'd have to be Bia. I didn't even know what hit me."

Bia laughed mischievously "I ambushed her!"

"That, she did." Jewel confirmed. "I never even saw her coming."

"So, That's a wrap for hide and seek. What shall we play next?" Blu asked.

Good question. What should they play next?