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Chapter 13: Legion of Pirate Villains Part 3

"Woah! This map room is awesome!" Cubby exclaimed. At this moment, he, Jake, Izzy, Captain Colossus and Gohan were in an underground bunker where Colossus' treasure was kept, and in the middle was a globe, showing the many places of the world. "A globe showing every place in the Never World. Cool!"

"Oh, it's cooler than you think," Colossus said walking up to it, and pressing his cane on some sort of button, which made the area around it glow red, causing the globe to twist and turn, before finally stopping, and splitting in half, revealing a treasure chest.

"The lost treasure!" the children wowed in awe, still unknown to them Captain Hook and Grim were watching them as Colossus walked up to it.

"Captain Jake, you and your mates must help me get the golden key back." He soon broke into a coughing fit, and Gohan could tell he wouldn't last long, by feeling his energy, which he couldn't. It would be so much easier to do, if there hadn't been an energy shield, which prevented Gohan from sensing anyone. "Without all three keys, I cannot open the chest." Colossus soon broke into another coughing fit.

"Jake, we need to move fast. I don't Captain Colossus won't last very long unless we get that chest open," Gohan told Jake, who looked and was incredibly worried about Colossus.

Just a second later, a familiar laugh was heard, as what looked like red balls rolled below them, and opened up, releasing colorful smoke, as Grim spoke.

"I am everywhere. I am nowhere. I am here!"

"Grim! No," Colossus exclaimed as he once again, started coughing and wheezing, until he finally fell as Wildfire squawked.

"Make way for the most devious crook, the great and powerful Captain Hook," Hook rhymed as he grabbed the chest with one of his hooks while Grim threw more smoke bombs, next to Gohan and his friends, who had their eyes shielded.

"No way!" Izzy exclaimed as he rubbed her eyes.

"I can't see a thing!" Gohan complained. Even though he was a Saiyan, it didn't improve his eyesight.

"Grim! You must stop this!" Colossus wheezed as Grim simply ignored him, while Jake and his friends ran to Colossus' aid. "No one can stop the Grim Buccaneer, for I am everywhere, and nowhere."

As Gohan, Skully and Wildfire floated above, the smoke seemed to clear.

"Darn, Hook and Grim are gone," Gohan muttered as Skully flew down.

"Coast is clear. Hook and Schnook are gone," Skully repeated, making a nickname for Grim, when Colossus noticed his treasure was missing.

"And so is my treasure. I can't let Grim get away with this. I must stop him." Colossus tried his best to get up to his feet with the aid of his cane, and while he got back on his feet, he started coughing again. It was painfully clear to them he was very sick, and not in any sort of condition to help, as he fell down, but not before Gohan caught him before his body touched the ground.

"Look, I know you want to help us, but look at you. You're sick, what good will you do. Just let us do it!" Gohan pleaded, but it would take a lot to get Colossus to stop.

Up above, Hook was pulling the chest with his hook while following Grim, as they seemed to be near where the bio-android was standing as it seemed he had finished his training regimen.

"To say I'm impressed is an understatement, considering you managed to get by the boy. Then again, if it weren't for my shield, Gohan surely would have been alerted of your location," Cell congratulated as he walked up to the humans.

"Yes, yes, anyway, the magic power inside must be extraordinary. Where are those keys?" Hook demanded as he held the chest in glee, as Cell raised an eyebrow.

"You failed to snatch those other two keys? How much of a cretin are you? I certainly overestimated the intelligence of a human," Cell taunted smirking, as stated before, he did not care for the treasure.

"I hooked the chest! You should've gone after the keys," Hook yelled, stirring up an argument with the Grim Buccaneer.

"No one tells the Grim Buccaneer what to do. No one," Grim snapped at Hook, before being interrupted, as ShiverJack and Dr. Undergear walked in, with the ice wizard speaking first.

"Hold on. You two weren't trying to cheat us out of the treasure, we're ye?" ShiverJack questioned, very suspicious as he shot ice down with his staff at Hook, who barely dodged it, as ShiverJack jumped down in front of him, and pointed at him

"We had a deal!" Hook then put down the ice wizard's hand, giggling. "We had a deal, all right. But Grim wasn't telling the whole story," Hook accused as he pointed at Grim, trying to put the blame on him as he pointed to the chest. "The treasure inside this chest is magic that will turn an ordinary pirate, or an extraordinary pirate like meself, into the most powerful pirate ever!" Hook gasped, now seeing Cell walking up to them. "Did I say too much?"

"The most powerful pirate ever, you say?" Cell queered, now interested. "If what you say is true, go ahead and open it. Should the boy and his friends fall, I would need a challenge to satisfy my thirst for battle."

"WHAT!?" Undergear and ShiverJack exclaimed.

Not even a second later, they all went for the chest, and started yelling and arguing, all while the ultimate creation of Dr. Gero watched the scene unfold, but came with great disappointment when the one after Dr. Undergear spoke. "Use the golden key you stole to open the chest!"

"It is useless without the other two keys," Grim exclaimed, before ShiverJack stepped in. "We'll see about that. Freeze snap!" He tapped his staff on the chest hard it became completely covered in ice, and melted, but didn't seem to open at all.

"Frostbite!" he cursed before the doctor who was much more stupider than the doctor who created Cell, as well as the rest of the Androids, stepped in as his machine grabbed the chest. "Oh, please. Let me try."

He then proceeded to throw the chest hard into a wall, but it was a futile attempt as it still remained closed, and bounced back to the same spot, which was even more incredible.

"Oh, scrap metal!" Hook then went in front of chest as he was done with this trivial game, and attempted to open the chest himself. "Step aside, fumblers." Hook used one of his hooks, which was a crowbar to open the chest from it's lid, but it still didn't budge. Not even in the slightest, while it bent the crowbar, a lot.

"Blast, barnacles, bilge water, pooh!" Hook shouted, as he came up with as many passive swear words as he could.

"I told you. We need all three keys," Grim quietly barked as the doctor complained.

"This is an utter failure," Dr. Undergear bawled, but Hook had other plans. "Captain Hook does not believe in failure," Hook hollered as the other three raised their arms and agreed. "Neither do I!"

Colossus groaned as he was sitting down with Jake and his crew, helping him.

"Captain, you need to rest," Izzy begged as Colossus spoke. "But I was so close to getting back my strength. Without my treasure, I have nothing. A bilge rat has a better future than me." But Jake wasn't giving up hope yet as he decided to cheer up his role model with some news.

"Not so, captain. My mates and I are here to help," Jake replied.

"Well, if you young heroes are willing to risk everything for me, then together we can stop Grim and... and we can..." He soon started coughing again, before speaking, and to say Jake and his friends were worried was an understatement.

"The cap's not gonna make it," Skully whispered into Jake's ear, but Izzy wasn't standing for it. "Never say never."

"But I already did."

"We need to get that last key," Colossus wheezed.

"But not without a plan." Everyone turned to Gohan, who had been silent most of the time.

"Cell's probably expecting us to come charging in, so I doubt we can just show up right in front of them."

"Forgive me for asking, but who is this Cell you speak of?" Colossus asked the half-Saiyan, but shrugged it off for now as there were more important matters to deal with.

"You'll see when we get there. Now..."

"My genius mind knew I should never have trusted any of you low-brains," Dr. Undergear insulted as they were still arguing with each other. "Grim's plan would've worked if it wasn't for this bumbling fool." He then pointed at Captain Hook, who was infuriated, while the Bio-Android found this amusing.

"Once I open this chest, I will show you what this bumbling fool can do!" Hook retorted, before they all started yelling and arguing as well as talking over each other, to no end, unknown to them, as well as Cell, who couldn't sense anyone at all because of his own energy shield, Jake, Izzy and Cubby came outside of the sea serpents' heads.

"Team, remember. We need to get the golden key, and get Grim and his villains away from the chest, and Gohan will handle the biggest threat," Jake reminded as Izzy and Cubby saluted. "We're off."

"Operation Vanquish the Villains is a yo ho go!" Immediately, Skully and Wildfire came flying out of the head Jake was in before, and Gohan came flying down from the sky, in his Super Saiyan 2 headed straight for Cell, as he simply frowned in annoyance all while powering up himself and taking to the sky.

Meanwhile, the villains ran while Izzy and Cubby threw some cannonballs to get the League inside, away from the chest, while Colossus came through a hidden door in the wall as Jake came to greet him, making sure he doesn't come between the crossfire.

"Belay, captain. It's way to dangerous for you to go out there."

"I do not care," Colossus wheezed, still coughing as he walked towards the chest. "I refuse to let Grim get the best of me. I cannot lose to him." However, inside, Grim laughed, as he could already taste the victory, as he also started giving orders.

"Ha! The fool has no chance of stopping me this time. Hook, you take on your friend Jake. I will crush Colossus. And together, we'll share the power of the chest," Grim lied as Hook agreed, having no idea Grim was actually going to keep it for himself.

"Grim, for a villain, you are quite... villainous. I like it."

Outside, Colossus was still watching everything unfold, as well as being astounded with the fight between Gohan and Cell in the sky. But he decided to be amazed later as they had to make sure Grim and the other villains were nowhere close to Colossus' chest, as Jake kept watch behind it.

"Captain, careful. It's not safe," Jake warned, but of course, Colosus refused. "I will never yield to Grim. Never!" he claimed until he heard laughter, which belonged to said person as he came out with a sword, along with Hook.

"Until today."

"En guarde!" Hook yelled as he charged for Jake while Grim charged for Colossus as they clashed swords, as unfortunately for ShiverJack and Dr. Undergear, they couldn't even get out as Izzy and Cubby kept making sure they were at bay.

"Puny pirate pipsqueak," Hook insulted as he clashed swords with Jake. "Right back atcha, Hook."

"I thought I'd never see you again, Grim. And now that you're here, give me back my golden key. Return my treasure and leave," Colossus ordered, and not a second later, Grim threatened him by pulling out a sword.

"Your time has run out, and mine is just beginning. I want the power I deserve." Grim held up the golden key as Colossus gasped.

"Grim, I once trusted you like... a son."

It was at this moment Grim stopped for a bit. "Son? I didn't know you felt that way. But..." he tried to say as he started stammering, but cleared all of his doubts from his mind in no time flat.

"Oh! No more words!" He then went Colossus down as he was back on his knees, coughing, realizing he didn't have the missing key on his hand. "No. The keys!"

"Soon, the power will be mine, too."

"Captain Colossus!" Jake exclaimed as he tried to help, but his path was blocked by Captain Hook. "Pay attention, lad. You can no more take care of that old man than you can take care of yourself."

"I can't believe what you're doing, Captain Hook. Teaming up with Grim."

"It was a choice I needed to make, for treasure, you know," Hook claimed.

"But you let your own crew get frozen," Jake scolded as Hook defended himself. "It wasn't my fault. They got in the way."

As they argued, they still moved around while clashing swords. "You didn't help them at all."

"I would have, but..."

"Heroes have to make hard choices."

"I am not a hero. I'm a villain," Hook claimed as he tried to hit Jake but missed as he jumped over him to dodge his attack, as Hook chased him. "The number one villain of Never Land."

"But you could be a hero, if you don't let Grim get what he wants."

"But I'm getting what I want, too. The power of the lost treasure!"

"No, you're not. Open your eyes!" Jake tried to speak, as all the meanwhile Grim was unlocking the chest. "The crystal key," he said as he held it above, and put it in the slot, as Colossus yelled. "No!"

A second later, the chest glowed a very bright blue. By now, Jake had through with this conversation, as he decided enough was enough. "If you won't stop Grim, I will." But Hook blocked his way.

"Not so fast, boy," Hook yelled as Jake then struck back with his own sword. "Don't you see? Grim isn't gonna share a thing with you."

"But without me, he wouldn't have gotten this close to the treasure."

"Exactly. He's totally tricking you."

"The golden key," Grim announced as he proceeded to deposit the golden key in it's slot, as the chest glowed yellow. "One more key, and I will have the power I need to rule Never Land."

"If we don't stop Grim, we'll all be in danger. You, your crew, everyone on Never Land." Now, Hook was starting to realize everything, as he gasped and thought of only the people he cared about. "Red Jessica, Cuddly Bear... Me mum?" He then bit his hook, as Jake continued.

"Captain Hook, it's up to you. Be the hero I know you are. Help us stop Grim." Now, Hook knew what he had to do, but immediately, Cell swooped in as he kicked both of them away, and charged immediately for Jake, as thanks to the training, he was able to hold his own, a bit as the boy and the giant clutched hands, but Cell had the upper hand.

"It seems the boy truly has been training you and your little friends. Here I thought you wouldn't be entertaining. But if you had much more strength stored up in that tiny body of yours, you would have proven to be a worthy challenger. And I suggest you need not worry about your other opponent. It's his own fault for daring to defy us."

"You monster! What have you done with Gohan!?" Jake demanded, as Cell's smirk grew. "Look above and see for yourself."

Jake proceeded to do such and saw the Super Saiyan 2 himself struggling with what looked like lots of Cell Juniors, who were all ganging up on him, but the number of them didn't reach double digits.

"He is not your concern. Your fight is with me!" Cell then brought an uppercut to the face as Jake went flying into the air. Cell then appeared right behind him, and sledgehammered him down to the ground, stirring up clouds of smoke, which Izzy and Cubby had noticed,

"JAKE!" They ran off to help their friend, but were finally blocked by ShiverJack and Doctor Undergear, backing the two kids up in fear.

"C-c-c-coconuts," Cubby stammered.

Jake was now getting up slowly, as bruises and blood could be soon on his face. It wasn't a second later Cell put his foot on Jake's back, making sure he didn't escape.

"If that was all you had to exhibit, then you are not even worth being considered as an appetizer, and try as I might, I can't think of any sort of reason to spare you, so say goodnight." Cell then charged up an energy blast, which was becoming more lethal by the second.

Now, Gohan had fallen down, and was in the process of getting back up, as some of the Juniors had been vanquished, but now, one each had grabbed his two hands and two feet as two others watched to make sure he didn't escape.

"No... Jake..." Gohan mumbled silently.

"The iron key." Grim started laughing once again as he held said key. "One more turn." But before he could even put the key in the slot, a yellow energy blast came out of nowhere, and landed between Grim, pushing him and Colossus away, while the others, even Cell looked to see who caused such a thing.

"What in Never Land? Cell! Was that you!?" Grim yelled.

"Don't be preposterous, why would I do something so trivial to myself!" After a few moments, the smoke faded away, and standing all the way on top of the giant structure, was someone Cell had not expected to see in a very long time.

There, standing before him, was a Saiyan, bathed in gold. Cell gaped, his jaw dropping in stunned fearful silence, as the others looked into confusion. As for Cell, he could not contain his shock. How could this be? It wasn't possible. Then, as the warrior spoke, it was as if hundreds of thousands of bells were ringing, triumphing the return of the Super Saiyan.

"Cell. It's been quite some time, hasn't it?"

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