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Chapter 4: An Unpleasent Greeting

Gohan had now landed on Tiki Island, for one reason.

To train.

He knew he would have to fight Cell again soon. But, he knew Cell was training as well, and he wasn't going to let the bio-android best him. Since he already mastered the first Super Saiyan transformation, he decided to master his new form.

Super Saiyan 2.

"Alright, here goes." Gohan said with complete confidence.

"HAA!" Gohan was then enveloped in a bright golden sphere, with his hair standing up and rigid with a bang in front of him. This form is very similar to the first Super Saiyan form in appearance and attainment. The difference is the power output is far greater, as speed, strength, and energy output are much higher.

"If I can try to master this form, then I might be able to stand a chance."

Soon, Gohan started his training session, kicking and punching the air in a very fast pace, as well as trying to move as fast as he can.

He knew all of this was necessary. He didn't want to increase only his power, but his durability and speed as well. He knew he would need all of those skills to go head to head with Cell.

Gohan then had another idea to train.

He then cupped his hands as he chanted this.

"Kaaa... meee... haaa... meee..."

A bright blue energy ball appeared in his hands, and he then shot it into the sky.

"HAAAAAAAA!" The Kamehameha Wave shot up into the sky, and then turned around, heading for Gohan's back side.

As the beam was a second away from hitting Gohan, he immediately turned around, and tried to hold off the attack, without moving in inch.

After a few seconds of holding his own, he brought the beam up into the air, disappearing off the face of the Earth.

Gohan then felt his strength increase.

"Alright, it looks like I'm making progress." But Gohan still had one thing on his mind. How was he supposed to get home? He wasn't in his home reality, and he was sure there wasn't anyone as smart as Bulma around.

But he knew that his family and friends would come looking for him. But he couldn't just leave this place, not when Cell is around.

No matter where the half-breed was, he would make sure everyone was safe.

Meanwhile, a certain evil pirate crew were walking around Never Land.

These were the Dark Pirates, consisting of Jake and his crew's evil counterparts. Blake, Lizzy and Charlie. They manly only had one goal. To make Jake's life miserable, and take over Never Land for themselves. But, they didn't know that today, they would run into a greater evil.

Right now, they were just simply trying to find some treasure, but they were not having some good luck that day.

"Are you sure you know where we're going?" Blake asked Charlie.

"Of course I'm sure. Why wouldn't I be?" Charlie retorted. He had usually been wrong many times and was hoping that he wasn't wrong this time. Usually, if he ever messed up, Blake would chase him to who knows where, and probably hit him hard with his hand, or if not, his sword or a stick.

Blake then snatched the map from his crew mate's hand, and read it carefully. Thankfully for Charlie, they weren't in the wrong path.

"You're lucky today, otherwise I would've decided to leave you behind." Blake spat coldly, giving the map back to the green clothed boy.

Then, they heard something. They turned back, and kept hearing some noises.

"Sounds like it's coming from Butterfly Bluff." Lizzy said.

"Then let's get moving then." Blake said, impatient.

It took a few minutes to get to Butterfly Bluff, and once they arrived, they saw something they have never seen before.

A bug-like creature, with green skin, pink eye orbs, and what looked like wings.

It was punching and kicking the air repeatedly.

It was none other than the diabolical bio-android himself.

He was training to get ready for his rematch with the half-Saiyan Gohan. He then ceased his training, when he sensed three little kids standing near him.

He looked back at the Dark Pirates, who were just staring at Cell, wondering what on Earth he was.

"Oh, it's just a bunch of kids playing silly games. Just what do you want? You're waisting my valuable time which I could be using to train." Cell complained.

"Oh, I see that we appear to be getting on the wrong foot." Blake said, walking closer to the incredibly tall bio-android.

"I'm Blake, leader of the Dark Pirates, and these are my crew members, Lizzy and Charlie. We couldn't help but wonder just what the hell are you. So, do you mind telling us?"

Cell didn't find this interesting. "Just how many meddling kids am I going to see here? I've already showed the green clothing cocky fly boy my power. Don't tell me I have to show more examples to children playing silly games."

Blake didn't take this that kindly. "Really, I don't see you as much, as you're just a overgrown bug. You're basically nothing."

Cell frowned. "You dare challenge ultimate perfection?"

"Perfection? Hah! That's hardly the word I'd ever use to describe something such as yourself." Blake retorted.

"You'd best mind your manners, boy, or do you have absolutely no idea who you're dealing with here?"

Blake took that as a challenge. "I think I know exactly who I'm dealing with here. A stupid bug, that I'll take pleasure in beating."

Cell found this amusing. "Is that so? Foolish human, nothing you can do can harm me."

Blake then looked at every part at Cell, scanning every inch of his body. "Your a disgusting creature, you know that?"

"Heh. If I cared, that would've hurt."

"Well then I, wait, did you say cocky fly boy earlier?"

"Yes, what of it? Does it concern you?"

"Was he wearing green clothing?"

"For the last time, does this concern you, boy?"

"Not that much."

"Then yes. I beat him."

Blake was starting to have second doubts about this creature. If he was able to gain his trust, he could prove to be useful. After all, he did defeat Peter Pan with such ease.

"You know what, I might have gained a bit of respect for you. Please tell me just what you are."

"Why gladly boy. I am Cell, created by Dr. Gero. I am the ultimate life form whose sole purpose was to eliminate the being known as Goku."

"Well, I don't know who this Goku is, so-"

"Don't interrupt me when I'm speaking boy. As I was saying, I was originally created to become the ultimate fighting entity with the sole purpose of eliminating a warrior by the name of Goku. My brilliant creator who goes by the name of Dr. Gero, although ignorant, made that my only purpose, but I came to figure out I am so much more, and that I could accomplish more. To prove that, I decided that this planet will be the first in a long list to be erased from the stars! It should also show off my perfection, don't you think?" He then raised an arm to inspect himself with a proud smirk.

"Well that's nice and..." Blake just did a double take.

"Wait... did you just say that you were going to destroy the planet?"

Cell thought thought he should try to get friendly with them, and so far, with what he just said, he knew he would be in trouble, but they didn't really pose a threat to him either way.

"You're probably just over thinking it boy." Cell assured, to make sure Blake forgot about all the destroy the planet stuff.

"Oh, good. I was worried for a second there."

"However, there were issues, such as Goku's son, Gohan, who has proved to be a formidable adversary. Once we were fighting, it seemed our clash has opened some sort of inter dimensional rift, which has brought me and Gohan here. So know, I have made it my purpose to best Gohan's abilities, and surpass his strength with training, which you impudent fools rudely interrupted."

"Well, sorry for being curious as to what you are and what you were doing here?"

"Anyhow, the warrior, Gohan as you've heard me say, has also been transported her along with me. As I've stated his power has exceeded mine. I require training in order to surpass him and ultimately defeat him. Then, I guess I could have some fun with you and your friends next."

As quickly as he spoke, silence took over. Blake felt uncomfortable with it, considering the position he and his crew mates were in. They had no idea as to what he was capable of since he never mentioned anything about energy or ki blasts. Blake had to break the silence with a question that bothered for a bit. "Well, what are you going to do now?" The bio-android's attention was quickly caught by this.

"I suppose I will continue training. Once I've figured out what I will do with Gohan when I'm positive I have grown more powerful, I will take my sweet time with my revenge."

"Actually, before you do, I have a favor to ask of you." This caught Cell's interest.

"You've piqued my interest. Go on."

"There's a certain someone, that I absolutely hate with all of my life, probably the same as you do with those people you spoke of before. Every time I plan something, he always gets in my way, and I just wish that damn goody two-shoes would die. That's where you come in, and I was wondering if you could do the job."

"And what's in it for me?"

"With him out of the way, I can finally rule this land, and you could rule it with me."

Cell was one of those villains who wasn't always overconfident or incredibly cocky, like Frieza. If this fellow always beat Blake, then he could probably be somewhat a formidable adversary, but not that formidable. Even though they were just humans, Cell knew how Krillin and Tien were human as well, and they were able to use such abilities.

"Is he strong?"

Blake did a double take. "What?"

"Don't make me repeat myself, I asked, is he strong?"

"Maybe not for your standards." Blake replied.

"So he's basically an impulsive weakling. Not really the kind I'd go for."

"But, he has an item, a sword to be precise, with many unique abilites, maybe that will prove to be a challenge."

Cell thought long and hard about this. Even though this offer seems worthy, he doesn't understand my true purpose. He won't get the chance to rule a land that is wiped from existence. The bio-android thought in his mind.

"Very well, I shall accept your request. Please give me the name, and description of this fellow, and I shall take care of him for you."

"It's good to see you're cooperating. Very well then, I'll tell you everything you need to know about Jake."

"So, Jake is this person's name?"

"Bingo, he looks exactly like me, but only with different clothing, and just like me, he has his own friends."

"So you want me to eliminate him, am I correct?"

"Correct." Even though Cell was in the middle of training, he couldn't help but skip the opportunity to take a life.

"Very well. I shall eliminate him for you. Now then, I would advise you to leave the area as I would like to get back to my training for the moment."

"As you wish." And Blake walked back to his crew as Cell then went back to his training regiment.

"So, what did you do?" Lizzy asked.

"Well, I think he'll be able to take care of Jake, for good, in no time." Blake answered.

The lovable pirate crew themselves had just encountered Captain Hook and his crew from taking away a golden cat earlier, which seemed to be valuable treasure, but they didn't know he actually found it fair and square. They just assumed he stole it, so they were now in pursuit, but it didn't seem like they were being successful, as this time, Hook was taking this seriously.

They then later found out, to their total embarrassment, that Hook got the treasure fair and square. The crew then apologized, but Hook replied he needed no such things from puny pirates. He probably had a lot of pride in himself.

They then had decided to go back to looking for some treasure. They were still thinking about Gohan though. He never really told anyone just who was the other being that landed on Crimson Isle, but they would ask him later tonight.

They were actually pretty quiet, since even though focused, they were all just thinking about their own things. Jake was thinking about what kind of treasure they could find. Izzy was thinking about Gohan, for some reason, that even she didn't know about. Cubby was just looking at his map, and Skully was just thinking about crackers.

And up above, a certain bio-android was watching over the crew, specifically Jake. He thought about taking his time with him, and then scanned his power level.

It seems the one in the blue clothing is the target, but his power does not meet my expectations. Pity.

Cell had decided to take a friendly approach, by landing nearby in the trees, and wait for them to pass by.

As he waited, he then saw the appearance of the three children, and what Blake told him was indeed correct. They looked exactly just like them, as if they were identical twins.

Perhaps now would be a good time to show my perfection.

"I know you're there, Captain Hook."

Cell looked and saw the three kids and a parrot staring at him. But it looked like they couldn't see his appearance completely.

Cell then decided to play along in this conversation with Jake.

"I am not this, Captain Hook you speak of, foolish child."

"Hook, you know very well you can't fool us with a voice change, so please give us back the golden cat, and we'll be on our way." Jake persuaded.

"For the last time boy, I am not, this Hook. Now be on your way!"

"Hook, please give us back the treasure you stole, and we can go."

"I am not, this Hook, and I have no treasure on me!"

"Fine then, show yourself, Captain Hook, unless you're too scared to face a child." Jake taunted. Cell knew this was the perfect opportunity to show himself to the cocky boy, and decided to do so. Cell then took ten steps forward and emerged out of the trees, and once he was fully visible, the smiles on the children's faces disappeared immediately, turning into faces of pure confusion and fear.

"C-c-c-coconuts. What, is that?" Cubby asked fearfully.

"Why, I shall tell you, foolish boy, you are looking at the greatest creation to have ever stepped foot in this world."

Now the pirate crew was confused. Just what was this abomination they were staring at.

"Just... what in Never Land are you?" Jake questioned without fear, as he tried to stay strong with his friends.

"Haven't I already made myself clear? I suppose I should tell you again, seeing as you seem to be a bit more intelligent than the short imbecile. I am Cell, a being of ultimate perfection, the ultimate warrior." Cell then stopped as he sensed someone coming and he knew who it was.

Great. That pitiful child is on his way. I suppose I should make this quick and leave.

"And, Jake, was your name, I suppose?" Cell questioned. Jake was now more surprised as to how the creature named Cell knew his name.

"I have my sources. And for the record, this isn't anything personal." Cell smirked evilly.

(DBZ Kai A Moment Of Shuddering OST Begins)

Jake was now more confused than ever. When, he then felt Cell's hand hold his neck, and lift him up.

"JAKE!" Skully, Izzy and Cubby screamed as they then tried to rush in to help Jake, but not before Cell took off into the air.

Cell was now enjoying wringing the life out of Jake, as he was gagging and hacking.

"If you're wondering why I'm doing this, I shall tell you. I was hired by a certain someone. Someone who happens to look just like you." Jake immediately knew Blake wanted this creature to kill him.

"Please... don't." Jake gagged, as his speech was very silent.

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you well boy, over the sounds of your hagging and choking. I was expecting a bit of a challenge from you, but then again. You're just a human. And humans are weak."

Jake then reached for his Mighty Captain's sword, and then tried to hit Cell with it. But alas, the boy failed as Cell snatched the sword away from him, and threw it away to the ground.

"You're starting to bore me, boy. I think it's time I dispose of you." Cell then formed a Death Beam in his finger as he prepared to fire at Jake, but he made it weaker than it would usually be, as he wanted to play with Jake a little bit more.

Cell then saw Izzy flying up to them using her pixie dust, when Cell then fired a beam at Izzy, but it missed and hit a tree, destroying it. Izzy then stopped, as she was too scared to do anything now.

"This doesn't concern you girl, so don't make me lose my patience! Otherwise I'll make sure you see him in the afterlife as well!" Cell threatened.


"I already told you, this isn't anything personal. I was hired to kill him."

(OST Ends)

Cell then turned back to Jake.

"Now then..."


"AAAAAA!" Jake yelled in agony and pain, and due to the massive pain he was in when the weak Death Beam fired through his chest, missing his heart, he was sent into unconscious.

"As, the sounds of agony and pain. By far, probably some of my favorite parts, but it seems you lost yourself. Even though I still want play with you, it's time I finish you off."

Cell was about to prepare the finishing Death Beam, when suddenly.


(DBZ Kai A Tough Struggle OST Begins)

Cell was punched down to the ground, dropping Jake, as he fell as well, but not before Izzy caught him in time.

Izzy looked up, and saw something she never saw before.

Gohan in Super Saiyan 2. His hair standing up straight, with one bang in front of him, a yellow aura surrounding him, and some size increase in his muscles.

Izzy actually blushed a bit at that scene.

Gohan floated down to Izzy.

He then took a good like at Jake. He had a hole in his chest, with blood seeping out of it. He was unconscious and badly hurt, but nothing a senzu bean couldn't fix.

Fortunately, Gohan had a senzu bean on him, but it was the last one. He was saving it for the fight with Cell, but he knew he could heal up himself, so he gave it to Izzy.

"Remember this? It's the senzu bean I used to get myself back to full strength. Once he wakes up, feed this to him and he'll be good as new, for now, get yourself and the others out of here and I'll take care of Cell." And Gohan floated down to where Cell was now getting up.

"So, it seems you arrived. Good, I was starting to get bored anyway, and this would be a good time to rest my strength before our actual rematch." He then boosted up to his most powerful form so far, Super Perfect Cell.

"Just to give you a heads up boy, let's not go overboard. We don't want to go down before our big rematch." Cell requested.

"So what are you saying? You think I'll spare you? Well if you think that, then you're wrong." Gohan assured.

"Well, we'll see about that. After my training, I'm certain my current power level right now is higher than yours, so we'll just see who comes out on top for our practice round."

Gohan got into a stance, and readied himself.

"Say your prayers, Cell!"

"I should be saying that to you, boy! But like I said, since this is a practice match, so I'll spare you. Now let's start!"

(OST Ends)

Gohan and Cell charged in at each other, for to what Cell saw, as a practice round.

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