Death was among us.

It's once black eyes scanned the area, killing intent invading the area. Electricity surrounded his flickering body as he looked at the changes the strange mark brought to his body. What he didn't notice were the looks filled with fear. Friends and enemies alike looked at him like he was some sort of danger, an alien hell-bent on killing everyone here in the worst way possible.

« These changes were… Unexpected. » he remarked in a confused, calm, strangely polite, yet distorted tone. Said tone only scared his friends more : Sasuke Uchiha was known for a lot of things. Polite wasn't one of these. What was even more unsettling wasn't the polite tone, but the murderous intent behind it.

If death was a company, Sasuke just became it's secretary, constantly making sure clients get their proper appointments, so to speak.

« It seems that you're our host's enemies. » Sasuke's eyes were fixated on his three terrified enemies. « We could use some warm-up. »

And then, he vanished.

One of his foes, named Dosu Kinuta, never saw it coming. The mummified Oto genin couldn't do anything when Sasuke appeared in front of him, and grabbed his face. What followed, however, left a permanent mark on Sasuke's comrades.

Ino Yamanaka, Sakura Haruno, Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi and Neji Hyuuga could only watch in horror as Dosu's body suddenly started spasming. The Hyuuga wished for the first time in his life that he did not have the Byakugan. After all, it allowed him to see through the physical obstructions that shielded the others from the worst of it : he saw electricity slowly destroyed the mummy's body. Ventricular fibrillation, burning tissues, brain fried to bits, fourth-degree burns... It wasn't simply killing. It was needlessly brutal.

As Dosu's corpse was burning, Sasuke dropped his victim and turned towards the last two Oto ninjas. Strangely, the only girl of the group, Kin Tsuchi, had lost consciousness. Not that Sasuke cared. She was going to die alongside her friends whether she was awake or not. This left only one standing enemy, one Zaku Abumi. The spiky-haired, dark-eyed Oto ninja, surprisingly wasn't fazed.

« Heh. You think you're tough because you took him by surprise ? » snorted Zaku, with no care whatsoever for Dosu's death. Lord Orochimaru was so much worse in that regard.

Sasuke remained slowly walked towards Zaku, a murderous smirk distorting his otherwise handsome face. « Tell us when you're going to do something useful instead of whining. »

If Sasuke wanted to piss off Zaku, to say he succeeded easily was an understatement.

« That's it ! Extreme Decapitating Airwaves ! » Sasuke merely watched as Zaku pointed his palms towards him, before Zaku emitted a high-pressured mixture of sound waves and airwaves from the holes in the palms of his hands towards Sasuke, who… Stood still, for unclear reasons. His body, in contact with the soundwaves, started to distort, flicker and spasming before collapsing. Zaku then didn't wast time after his attack. Dashing towards the downed Sasuke, he stabbed him four times : head, heart and kidneys.

« Not so tough now are we ? » Zaku whispered. He was exhausted, lost most of his chakra, but at least the mission was done… Wait a minute. Something was wrong.

Sasuke wasn't bleeding for some reason. He was still flickering and all.

« OK. That's wrong. » Zaku looked at his pouch. Explosive kunai. If stabbing wasn't enough, then this one could be usef-

« We'll give you that. That attack was impressive. » Zaku didn't expect Sasuke to wake up so soon, let alone grabbing him by the neck. Sasuke then snatched the explosives from Zaku's pouch.

« Allow us to retaliate. » Activating the explosives, Sasuke stuck them on the unsuspecting Oto ninja's face. He then threw Zaku towards a tree, head first.
Perhaps, in a cartoon, it would have been comedic to see Abumi's face embedded in a tree. And Zaku's face did end up embedded in the tree.
But in real life, it was not so comedic, and Zaku's skull had been damaged on impact, and the teenager instantly died thanks to the head trauma. The explosion blowing up both the tree and Abumi's head reduced to zero any chance of survival.

Chuckling darkly, Sasuke looked at his handiwork. Nothing but ribs, chunks of wood and blood surrounded Zaku's headless body. His eyes turned towards Tsuchi. The one girl of the group opened her eyes, understandably horrified when she saw Sasuke walking towards him, as his right hand was full of electricity, ready to strike. The only reason she wasn't fried alive is because that pink-haired girl she had previously made fun of hugged Sasuke from behind.

« Sasuke… please. Stop this. » Sakura's words triggered something inside of Sasuke, as the Uchiha suddenly suffered a headache and started screaming.

« Aelita... Schaeffer? » A confused X.A.N.A. compared Sakura with an old enemy as Sasuke retook control of his body.

This world was fascinating. Humanity was stronger, it seemed. This world was open to new opportunities as well. New opportunities meant new plans. Could be interesting.

« … You really don't remember a thing ? » Sakura was puzzled. While she expected the Sasuke she knew to be horrified by the needless deaths he wrought, she didn't expect him to have suddenly forgotten.

« No. Not in the slightest. Last thing I remember, was when Orochimaru bit my neck. And then, nothing.

— You think it's due to the mark ?

— Perhaps... I don't know.

- Do you think we should talk about it with Kakashi-sensei ?

— … Yeah. Just, no one else. Not even Naruto. » Sakura was puzzled. Naruto was their teammate, their friend. Why they shouldn't tell him a thing?

« We don't need that knucklehead to worry about me, now do we ? » A small smirk graced Sasuke's lips as he looked at their unconscious blond teammate.

Sakura smiled alongside him.

« Yeah, let's just make sure he becomes Hokage. » Sakura muttered, thinking about her teammate's boasts to try and forget the horror she witnessed.

Naruto Uzumaki was a naive, idiotic loudmouth. Knowing him, he'd probably make a fuss anyway. But they loved him that way, something they'd never openly admit.
Why telling when showing was enough?

Having parted ways with Sasuke's team and Shikamaru's team, Neji looked unexpectedly worried as he moved towards the tower alongside his team.

« Hey Neji, what's wrong ? » Asked Tenten.

« It's about Sasuke… Something is wrong with him. We should avoid his team at all costs.

- The great Neji Hyuuga is afraid of a younger team ? What happened to you, huh ? » Tenten asked in a taunting tone. Neji worried ? That's a new one.

« Sasuke, somehow, used actual electricity.

— Is that really what you're worried about ? Everyone can use Lightning Style, and you have the affinity yourself. It's not that impressive.

— No. What I meant is that Sasuke can use actual electricity, not Lightning Style. »

Of all people, the ever-goofy Rock Lee looked now just as worried as his Hyuuga teammate.

« Ok, now that's wrong.

— Can anyone explain what's the big deal with electricity ? » Tenten looked exasperated, not understanding what her teammates were talking about.

« Gai-sensei taught me that Lightning Style was created because humanity couldn't properly control electricity. Chakra mixed by electricity allowed people to use it without much worry. As such, unlike other elemental styles, Lightning Style was originally created to subdue and not kill unless there's enough chakra or firepower put in the technique. Subdue and capture are things much harder to do with pure electricity. » Lee explained with an unnaturally straight expression on his usually hyperactive face.

« Pure electricity is much stronger than Lightning Style. While a powerful Lightning Style attack is certainly no slouch, pure electricity in itself is leagues deadlier. You can survive a Raikage's attack because you're strong enough, only to later die because you've been struck by lightning. » Neji added with dread.

« Ok. Now I understand… »

Tenten was now just as worried as her teammates: the Chunin Exams weren't going to be as easy as expected, it seems.

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