Chapter 3 : Bails sombres

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Might Gai, an all-around hyperactive individual was now an all-around worried individual.

His optimism, far from utterly shattered, was nonetheless significantly shaken by the recent, unfortunate events that happened to his student Neji Hyuga. The latter, a dark-brown, white-eyed 14-year old boy, was in a hospital, in a critical condition.

The teenager, now in intensive care unit, had been horribly attacked. His jaw was broken, his entire body suffered from 2nd and 3rd degree burns, his legs and arms were shattered, his brain was damaged and his spine was more broken than Gaara's sanity, if there was any to speak of. Whoever attacked him did not hold back.

« Do you… Have an idea of whoever did that, asked Gai, horrified by the unexpected turn of events for the young Hyuga.

– As you know, the Forest of Death is full of cameras. We might identify whoever did that and why, replied a nurse, who was wondering whether she was indeed seeing a heavily injured teenager in intensive care unit or if she was seeing an autopsy in the morgue.

– Already done, interrupted one Anko Mitarashi, who's usual face of cheerfulness was replaced by a serious, neutral face hiding fear and apprehension. The Uchiha is responsible for Hyuga's current situation. »

Every single face in the room turned white. Now, Sasuke was indeed a prodigy, and is the best of his generation. However, he had been previously bested by one of Neji's teammates, Rock Lee, who never won against Neji himself. While Sasuke is known for constantly training, he couldn't have improved his skills that much by merely training in a day. Which means his power boost was probably given by someone else.

Which leads to the next question : Who gave him such power ?

Naruto was a confused kid.

The blond could only watch and follow as Sasuke and especially Sakura raced to the tower as if their lives depended on it. There was no threat to speak of. No weird nigh-invulnerable snake sicko, no merely creepy purple-haired snake lady and no overconfident Ame genin. So, what was the issue ? Sasuke trying to be like these bad guys he saw in movies ? Who could take him seriously ? These tattoos were ugly as shit and his deep evil emperor-wannabe voice sounded like a poor man's Hiruzen. And Sasuke, as cowardly and stupid as he was, was still on their side. So… Why ?

« Sakura-chan, Sasuke… What's going on ? Why are we running like crazy like that ?

– We'll talk about it later, Naruto, just run ! » Sakura's answer gave no room for debate, and Sasuke's thankful look to her didn't help either. All Naruto could do was to mumble about how he felt ignored as he did as asked.

« It's annoying, to be left in the dust like that… I wonder if it's any different from where I didn't knew I was the Kyuubi's Jinchuriki… »

Despite the « threat », the team managed to reach the tower without issue, leaving the blond disappointed by the lack of challenge.

« So… We just run away. Like cowards, lamented the blond. It's the snake sicko all over again, right ?

– Well, yeah. He totally crushed us last time and tried to come back for more. Either we choose to fight him and we die this time, or we flee and live to fight another day, partially lied Sakura. We can't always go into fights Naruto. A ninja must know where he's clearly overpowered so that he can flee or improvise. Next time, we'll be stronger, alright ? » The Uzumaki nodded, albeit reluctantly.

« When we'll be strong enough to kick his ass, it's going to mean that you're one step closer to being Hokage-level, got it ? » Sakura stated with a smile, hoping to take Naruto's mind off the situation and lighten the mood. A small, but determined smile indeed appeared on the Uzumaki's face, implicitly stating that Sakura succeeded in her objective.

« Besides, we have both scrolls. Let's just go to the tower and get it over with.» Sasuke stated. Said statement, however, proved that speaking of the devil could have it's benefits, as they had only to deal with a couple meters before reaching it.

Naruto Uzumaki was still a naive boy that, despite his numerous qualities, could be confused nonetheless. Said confusion only risen in intensity when the blonde heard these statements in the tower.

« Visual evidence and testimony from a trusted source has shown that Uchiha Sasuke dealt with events beyond his control that could affect him in the future if they aren't dealt with immediately. As a result, he'll be disqualified from the Chunin Exams. »

« What ? » Sasuke muttered in confusion and anger, while also trying to deduce who could've told the proctors what he did. That wasn't hard : Naruto had little knowledge of said events, but Sakura was awake during the whole ordeal.

Outwardly, Sasuke's face was neutral, emotionless, looking at Sakura as if she's no different from air. However, the boy's activated Sharingan showed the utter fury he felt towards Haruno, who, much to Naruto's surprise, glared back.

But while Sasuke's glare seemed to threaten Sakura with bodily harm for preventing him from fighting against strong opponents, Sakura's glare was more similar to an angry mom desperate to protect her kids, even if it meant hurting them.

And neither was going to back down on their position.

« You're dealing with something inside of you no one knows about, that could kill people whenever it wants, and you have no control over it whatsoever. This isn't a game. It could hurt you. It could hurt Naruto. I can't, no, I won't stand by ! » Sakura said, albeit her tears show she regretted hurting her crush. While briefly surprised by Sakura's willingness to stand in his way, Sakura's crush's anger only grew, leading him to attack Haruno.

Or, more accurately, to attempt to attack Haruno. The karate chop Kakashi gave him knocked him out as before he could reach the pink-haired girl.

« Don't worry about him », Kakashi reassured his remaining two students. « I'll take care of him » he added, before vanishing with the Uchiha.

The situation is critical.

The individual called Kakashi Hatake sealed the cursed seal on the Uchiha's neck, sealing us as well. We are no longer able to see through the Uchiha's eyes. Given that we're already unable to read his mind, we're going to have issues imitating him anytime we manage to gain control. Escaping the boy was also no longer an option for now because the seal was too strong. That left us with only one option. Use most of our power to fight against the seal and try to have some control over the boy whenever he was asleep or unconscious. While we would be as a result unable to use our abilities whenever an offensive is needed, we would at least be able to observe our surroundings, observe human behavior around the boy and act accordingly.

We shall put to test that theory now.

Juno Hyuga was a woman who believed she was used to stuff not happening as expected .

The 27-year old Branch member was a ridiculously short woman who had little to no interest in becoming a ninja. She'd have given up on her ninja career only weeks after her promotion to Chunin if it wasn't for the Third Ninja World War. It wasn't that she was bad. She just didn't care about the job, she found it boring. Every Hyuga under the sun wanted a ninja career. Juno was aiming for a higher, better way to use her Byakugan : saving lives. With her Kekkei Genkai and her knowledge in medicine and acupuncture, she quickly became the head nurse of the Konoha hospital. She was admired by several people, and few actually had a reason to dislike her, let alone hate her (with perhaps the exception of part of her own clan, who disapproved her life choices). She enjoyed the admiration without actually being in danger, but she wasn't a people person. Hence why she left the Hyuga compound long ago, instead settling in a dim lit apartment, and one of her neighbors included Uzumaki Naruto. She never particularly minded him. He was troublesome and it was kinda hard sleeping when living next to him, but he was cute and she enjoyed gardening with him. Even though they haven't spoken to each other for years. However, she was currently focused on Naruto's teammate, Uchiha Sasuke, whom checking his room to make sure everything is fine. Staring intently at the unconscious Uchiha, she remained emotionless, unreadable. She was known for being a woman who was hard to read. It was seen through several patients' accounts of her behaviors. A rather shy patient described her as motherly, gentle, soft-spoken. Naruto himself claimed she was outspoken, hyperactive and enjoyed pranks. Finally, a co-worker said she was no-nonsense and professional.

However, one could see surprise upon her face when Sasuke woke up. She didn't expect him to wake up so soon, especially in the middle of the night. His eyes were half-closed as he looked around him, as if trying to hide them for some reason, leaving the nurse puzzled, unsure of how to react, since the Uchiha wasn't making any particularly abrupt move, merely groaning and looking around him.

Activating her Byakugan, Juno was surprised by something unusual happening inside the Uchiha's body. It wasn't hurt, but it had no chakra network, it looked more like a spectral entity, something beyond an human. Juno could describe it as some sort of electrical, humanoid abomination.

Juno was even more surprised when all electricity suddenly died down, and Sasuke's body returned to it's usual self. His black eyes, instead of being merely half-open, were now fully open, with no sign of damage done anywhere near his body.

« W-What happened ? » the Uchiha asked, confused.

Our experiment was a success.

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